MD #244: Final Meal
Final Meal
Summary: Rozzer gets ambused by people asking questions as he enjoys his last day aboard Orion
Date: 08/12/2017 (OOC Date)
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Mess Hall - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The Crew Mess on the battlestar is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.

With less than 24 hours left on the ship, Rozzer has finally managed to escape the toils of the Map Room and everything else associated with it. He's hungry, though, and found his way down to the Mess with his MP escorts. He doesn't look like anything terribly special except for the bushy beard that runs halfway down his chest. He is wearing an odd camouflage pattern that doesn't look like anything that those on the ship have seen and he is parked at a table with a big tray of food. The two Marine MP's are sitting at the other end, keeping an eye and talking among themselves.

Toby has heard that there is someone picked up from Golf-51 onboard, but hasn't managed to bump into them yet. However, as he fills his tray after a long shift he turns and spots the unfamiliar face, and the MP escorts, and pauses a moment to consider. There's two people he's aware of with such escorts, and since this guy doesn't look like any dead marines he remembers he decides to chance it and heads over. The marines are entirely ignored, unless they butt in, as he sets his tray down on the table opposite Rozzer, then throws his jacket on the back of the corresponding chair. "You mind?" he asks, possibly a little late on, but this way his tattoo is clearly visible, should such things matter.

Doctor Galen has been here grabbing a quick bite in between shifts in Sick Bay. Even skinjobs need to eat. The Two has already spotted their 'guest' and his escort, but he spends a few minutes finishing his own meal and putting up his tray before he approaches the man. Seeing Crewman Shackleton moving to sit down at the same table, Ambrose hangs back a bit, waiting to see if Rozzer is agreeable to any company before he bothers the man.

Lleufer is in line getting chow. He's off duty and in tanks, tags, fatigue pants and combat boots. Like Shackleton, his arms are bared showing off his CMC tat as well as his sun within a circle tat with the fainter mountains and stars of Piraeus as viewed from Sheridan, now lost to them within that circle with the sun centred over the edge of those peaks. The Gunnery Sergeant is as yet oblivious to the others, getting his tray piled up with protein as well as a few carbs, plenty of vegies, and of course his usual iced tea with frozen lemon slice. Ynyr then heads out to find a place to take a seat, his Arpay eyes picking out the MP's and the others.

Rozzer is busy eating and drinking his coffee when Toby invites himself down. The guy pauses through his sip of the thermos (apparently not a fan of mugs) and continues after Toby finishes taking the seat. He sizes the deckhand up, looking him over including the tattoo. "Sure. Have a seat." He goes back to eating and does a doubletake at Ambrose. Line. Replicant. Hrm. There's a slow nod to the man.

Since he's not been told to frak right off Toby pulls the chair out and settles himself down. He's just sorting out his fork to start shovelling food to his face when he spots the double take and turns his head to try and see what caused it. "One of the ship's doctors," he notes for Rozzer, "keen on faith and the like, but then I'm not sure how much of that is 'him' specifically, and how much is his Line's predisposition." He seems generally prepared to give Ambrose the benefit of the doubt mind, and is only distracted by Lleufer entering his line of sight. He seems to consider the MP for a moment then turns back to Rozzer, "you fed up of talking to people yet?" On a fundamental level he's making it clear he wants to talk, but giving the man in front of him chance to back out if he just wants some peace and quiet.

Ambrose notes Rozzer's reaction and quirks a brow. This man knows what he is? That makes the Doctor curious. And seeing as how Toby has already claimed a seat and broken the ice, as it were, the Two approaches the table. "Nature versus nurture, Mr. Shackleton. A debate for the ages." After commenting on the Deckie's remark, Ambrose turns to Rozzer. "Hello. I understand you're our Erfiki guest? I'm Doctor Ambrose Galen. I wanted to get a chance to meet you before you left."

Well, this might get interesting. Lleufer pauses to eye the Toby, Rozzer, and Ambrose equation and decides not to interrupt them. Instead the Gunny puts his tray down on a nearby table where he can take a seat more or less by himself. With his acute Arpay hearing, Lleu can listen in to what they say a little distance away and keep an eye on things quietly - so long as nobody very loud takes seats with him and require his attention in conversation. The Master-at-Arms begins eating, digging into the fish, rice and vegies.

Rozzer looks back at Toby and continues eating. He doesn't seem concerned about how long it takes him to chew, either. "No, not necessarily. Depends on the topic, I suppose." He takes another bite of the sandwich and swallows. Looking back to Ambrose. "That'd be correct, sir. I'm here for another twenty-four hours, then you're trading me in for a bunch of different ones." He doesn't offer a hand to shake but he's also eating so its not exactly rude. "Name's Rozzer."

Toby eyes Lleu briefly as the MaA doesn't join them, but then dismisses it from his mind and turns back to the table he's at. "Doc," he offers to Ambrose in a friendly enough tone, followed by "if you say so," regarding said debate, but most of his attention is clearly on Rozzer, he's just trying not to be too rude about it. "If you're fraking off again then I'll cut straight to the chase," he starts, blunt and unapologetic, but he does pause now and again to let Rozzer tell him to frak off at any point if required. "Probably a good one for the Doc too," he notes with a faint grin before asking, "The Soldier. I know that was a thing to Erfriki of old, is it still? When I met my first Arpay they seemed pretty fraking happy to see the mark again, but most Colonials have found a new faith, leaving few of us left who honour the old ways."

The passing Gunnery Sergeant is someone Ambrose recognizes, even if he doesn't know the man well, and so Lleufer gets a nod in greeting. Then the Two turns back to the table. No offense is taken at the lack of a handshake, if Ambrose even considers it a lack. Instead the Doctor offers what he understands is the Erfriki salute, double-tapping his fist to his chest. "Pleased to meet you, Mr. Rozzer. And belatedly, welcome aboard the Orion." Pleasantries aside, Ambrose gets to the question nagging at him. "Is it my imagination, or did you recognize me as one of the Lines?" His own curiosity aside, the Doctor is interested in what Toby has to ask as well, and he folds his arms to listen.

Lleufer catches Ambrose's nod and perhaps Toby's look as well. Ynyr gives them an upnod in return, "Ambrose, Toby, Roz." A fork is lifted by way of friendly 'salute' from the Gunny, without anything on it. A faint smile to accompany it, "Didn't want to interrupt any of you. I've had plenty of Rozzer to myself already. I don't need to hog his company." He scratches idly at one of the many scars on his arms and then resumes eating his meal.

Toby's quick-shooting remarks to the point have him quirk a brow. Rozzer may or may not recognize anything Toby says. With that much beard the man does not even have to try to hide his outward facial reactions. He sips his coffee and watches for a moment. "Seems like you're drawing a line between new and old faith. Can't honour one and honour the other. Binary." It almost seems like he seems to disagree with that. "If I tell you that my people worship some similar religion that you all do, will it entice you to return to this area of space and contact us?" He then looks over towards Ambrose and gives a slow, deliberate nod, "That's right. We call them Replicants. Petra gave me a list of what all the Lines look like. I saved the faces to my memory. It still unnerves when I meet one so close. It would seem the ones that came out to greet us generations ago aren't exactly honest or friendly, so I'm wary."

"That’s a point for debate," Toby notes, regarding the question of if one faith can be worshiped alongside the other. "My personal opinion? The Lords and Ladies of Kobol are precisely that, people. Way we see it, and, to be frank, we could very easily be wrong, is that they're the last of us to have kept certain abilities that we seemed to once have possessed but now do not. These abilities, and the power of legend, grew to worship and they became Gods. For me though, they're people. Not going to tell anyone," he jerks a thumb towards the MPs, "not to worship them, but I'm not going to." He's talking conversationally, just giving Rozzer honest answers to his questions, and if it upsets others around them, well tough. "If you tell me something like that then I'm going to want to understand your faith more. It's not going to impact on those who decide where the ship goes though, and I don't have independent means of transport, so I guess it's moot." He listens to the remarks about the Lines though, that’s interesting, and something he stores away for later.

Rozzer eats while he listens to Toby. Nothing said seems to draw a particular reaction from him. He mostly just sits there, staring at the Deckhand while he chews. It’s like looking at a horse. "Sounds like you got it all figured out and know what you think you know. Biggest hole in that is epistemology. You can't factor in what you don't know, nor can you account for it. What if these Lords and Ladies were real Gods and Goddess and followed and inspired Captain Kobol? What if The Soldier was a brother, not his own God? What if you're right? What if you're wrong? What if all of it is bullshit? What if my people disproved all of it millennia ago?" Rozzer reaches for his Thermos. "We worship nothing anymore. What my people know of the time of the exodus is scattered in myth and legend. Do you think these people are wrong for worshipping Gods and Goddesses? Yes or no."

"I've got frak all figured out," Toby replies, "just theories from cleverer men than me that seem to make sense based on what scraps of knowledge we have." It's quite clear from his expression that he has absolutely no clue what epistemology is, but he doesn't let that bother him overmuch. "Don't know if they've told you about Captain al'Yamoha," he replies as he shovels food, "but information from her and her people put the Lords and Ladies as later. After her lot split up from Kobol and the third ship." He can't remember the names off the top of his head, and mentally kicks himself for letting them slip away. The comment about worshipping nothing is given a nod, but he does add, "well, if you'd disproved it, I'd like to see that. Fundamentally though, if you'd asked me when I was young if they were wrong I'd've told you yes, every time, until I was blue in the face. Now though?" he shrugs slightly, "from our experiences with the Ghosts and whatnot, I'm prepared to take the Captain at her word that it's faith that matters, less so what that faith is in."

Rozzer doesn't seem to have any recognition for the name al Yamoha. "Yeah? Sounds like this Captain couldn't be wrong. At all." He does hold for a moment. "So the third ship did make harbour. Good." The guy looks to his thermos, then back to Toby. "I didn't disprove it personally. As a people we did. Religion divides and degrades. To even assert that thought can be grounds for social war. The topic is the problem. Ultimately religion is about two things: How to live your life and how your afterlife will be." He shrugs. "Do the options for Lords/Ladies really disagree with The Soldier? Does it matter?" The guy pushes back from his food, seeming to indicate that he's done. "You're talking about ghosts and faith and all over the map and talking to someone who doesn't worship anything. I have no idea what we are talking about. I'm not going to tell someone they are right or wrong."

Ambrose having been recalled to Medical or something, Lleufer finishes his tray and is sipping his tea as he idly listens to the others talking. He watches people coming and going from the Mess and gives a few a friendly hello nod, but talk turns to interesting things and draws his attention back to Toby and Rozzer. Ynyr eyes Roz at mention of ghosts, perhaps having his doubts that the other Erfriki get such visits, based on Roz's comments so far.

Ambrose steps aside for a moment after getting a ping on is datapad. A quick message to medical while he's keeping an ear on the conversation, and then he turns back to the table. "Sorry," he apologizes for the multi-tasking. It's a thing doctors do. "And sorry to interrupt your discussion, but there's an important bit of information." He focuses on the Efriki. "If your people have met Lines in the last 40 years, they're either refugees from Piraeus or Clerics forced to serve the Machines." Which is deeply troubling to the Two. "If they're Clerics, they are extremely dangerous. They can manipulate people's memories at a touch. Have you been given this information, as well as how to remove them from Skath control?"

Toby notes the lack of recognition of the name and ponders for a moment, "tell you what. Won't bother you with the details now, but if you're ever interested I'll fill you in on what I can." The guy opposite him clearly isn't going to offer any great new insights into the origins of his faith, so he'll leave him be. Letting Ambrose take over the conversation he turns back to his food, listening as he eats.

"The only thing I'm interested in is getting home and making sure you all don't come back until or unless the job is done. So if I have anything to say on religion or anything that might tie our people closer together? I'm definitely not going to admit it. I've already asked the most important questions for you. Which ones those are is on you to discover." Wait, was Rozzer telling the truth about believing nothing? Suddenly that all seems in question. His reasoning was explained if it were a feint, though. To Ambrose, he looks back and nods. "We've been given information on who and what they are. Six models arrived and told us that they were sent by you all to help us fight the Skath. They've caused us significant problems lately. Your people have provided myself and a few other people the proof we need. There's been a civil war brewing for some time over them and their political and religious pushes. This information has only hastened that eventuality. We're going to see you off safely and secretively from this part of space and then look inward. We have an infestation and their follows are not small in number. Much of our fleet and political leadership has already been compromised. I've no knowledge about how to remove them from Skath control. Is there something being withheld?"

Lleufer finally speaks up again, keeping his baritone low, "Not intentionally withheld. I mentioned before we'd turned the Lines when they were fighting for the Cylons in our last war. But we don't know if we can somehow use that to turn them away from the Skath a second time. I think the Ones will have taken precautions against that, if any such precautions are possible. Perhaps at the resurrection facilities. In time, it should be tested but as you say, for now it's wiser if we don't tip our hand too soon as to where we are or what we are up to."

Ambrose is clearly relieved that Rozzer has been told about the Clerics and their dangers, but less so for the lack of information that might help save them. Was that withheld? "I don't know," the Two admits. "Possibly it was an oversight." He taps a sequence of numbers on his datapad and shows it to Rozzer. Yes, they're doing this right here in the mess hall, though Ambrose attempts to limit who can see the small text on the display. "Can you memorize these coordinates? If not I will write them down for you." Data compatibility being an unknown, paper will serve. "That is the location of Piraeus. The world where the Lines were created. If you can get Clerics onto the surface of that world and leave them there for a few days, they should be … reset." For lack of a better term. "I suspect the Skath know this, so presumably the Clerics do as well. They will not want to go there, so it must be done very carefully." Then he nods for Lleufer's comment, and indicates both Toby and the Marine. "It's possible it won't work anymore, but both these men and our own Command can vouch for my information. It worked once before, or I wouldn't be here, Mr. Rozzer."

Toby pauses in his chewing long enough to eye Rozzer for a moment, trying to work out just what the man is on about. "What job?" he asks, fairly certain the brass know, but less certain that they'll share. He then tilts his head slightly at the comments about the lines and replies, oh so cheerfully, "why? You take them to see Captain al Yamoha, that’s how. She's good like that, get 'em all sorted and right in the head again." Then, as Lleu speaks he nods once, "well, as he said, thats how it worked last war anyway, as he says. Broke One's control nicely."

Rozzer glances over his shoulder to Lleufer, looks down, then back to Ambrose. His eyes even scan the coordinates. "When I get home my whole memory of this is going to be erased by my own people to protect your mission. None of what you just told me is going to be remembered or seen by anyone else. If it wasn't handed over in the initial information exchange, my people are never going to get it. I hope your commander understands that. But we have no ability to leave this space anyway. Get someone to those coordinates?" The chuckle is dark. "Might as well wish for a pot of gold." He rises from the seat and he uses a napkin to clear crumbs from his beard, tray then taken up. "We only have one way to sort the folks that are getting violent, and their replicant overlords." He then looks over to Toby as he gets ready to depart. "You all are going where we no longer can, downrange. It was originally our mission as the last hope to stop the flood into two other galaxies. There's nobody left. And then Orion appears in the sky overhead. The Hunter Stalks Again." His eyes roam the three of them. "Good luck. Kill 'em all for us. The eyes of several hundred billion are on you." He taps his chest twice, the first time anyone has seen him do that, and he heads for the hatch after dumping the tray.

Toby listens, but only understands about half of what’s said. Oddly, he's not been included in the Erfriki internal politics briefings. As Rozzer stands though he does too, and returns the salute while muttering, in his heavily accented Arpay "Sol Invictus". He watches the man depart for a few moments, then takes his seat and resumes his dinner.

Lleufer moves to stand and return Rozzer's chest tap, then looks to the others, "I actually hope it's true they'll erase his memory. I hate to say it, but our mission is too important. We can best help them by defeating the Skath. Then /if/ we can do that, we can go help them and deal with the Kedder as well. Maybe." Ynyr picks up his own tray and heads back to drop it off.

Ambrose is also less than enlightened by what Rozzer has to say. Memory erased to protect our mission? He doesn't bother to ask 'what mission' but it's clearly not something he's been briefed on. And then it gets even more cryptic, and the Two frowns to himself as he listens. A quick glance goes toward Lleufer to see if the senior Marine NCO might be in on this, and the man's words are given some serious thought. "I hope you're right, Gunnery Sergeant. I hope you're right."

Toby doesn't look like he approves of the idea of wiping anyone's memory, that sort of thing isn't generally on. Not that there's much he can do about it mind, especially with Rozzer gone and Lleu leaving. Instead he turns to Ambrose and, looking faintly confused, asks "who the frak are the Kedder?"

As Ambrose heads off without answering Toby, and may not know the answer himself, Lleufer returns with a cup of coffee. He takes a seat this time with Shackleton himself and cautiously sips his hot drink before he replies. "The Kedder are the people who attacked the Orion recently and tore us up. Killed two of our Raptor crews, and whom we recently bombed the crap out of on Golf-51 where we picked up Rozzer. That's the name Rozzer's people call these other people, who apparently are human but very hostile. Golf-51 is apparently a Kedder prison plant where they keep slaves, like Roz's folk."

Toby is most of the way through his meal, never really having been one to stop to savour his food. He doesn't particularly slow when Lleu sits with him either, but he does at least listen. "So the frakers with the stealth ships then? Good to finally have a name for them, easier to curse them with a name." He takes a drink then asks, "so the Kedder aren't his people who've fallen for One's lies then? So he's got two wars to fight? Lucky bastard…"

"Exactly." Ynyr confirms. Lleu drinks his coffee, relaxed. "Most people on this ship may continue to call them the Haters. As for Rozzer's people, I'm not sure yet what they call themselves officially, but they do consider themselves to be Erfriki and they did have contact with the Arpay who hustled them out of the system to protect them from the Skath. Only, they got found elsewhere and wiped out, and came back in a last ditch effort to hang on. Only then they ran into the Kedder. They got some plan from the Arpay though, who never mentioned them to us before, probably to protect them. And now Roz's people have shared the plan with us so we may take it up in their place. To try and destroy the Skath." A glance to Toby, Lleu's hands wrapped around his warm cup, "Naturally, it's going to be risky, but it's the best lead we have so far."

"Yeah well, the Arpay didn't mention to Command that the Erfriki were Mithrains either," Toby replies, not sounding overly surprised that things have been kept from them, but not exactly upset about it either. "So we're going to go somewhere else to kill the Skath, rather than just kill the ones close to hand? Whys that then? We leaving Ostia?" Lleu might notice that there's a slight change in his tone when he mentions pitchfork, the knuckledragger is in someway invested in it it seems.

"Are they? Did Rozzer tell you that?" Lleufer drinks some of his coffee "He sounds like he was trying real hard to suggest they didn't have religion. Or did you not believe that part? He did sort of … hint at the last a contradiction. But Mithrans?" The Gunny frowns, "I don't know the details of the plan myself, yet. Something about hitting certain key Skath communications." Marines did go with Petra and there is scuttlebutt. "So, less killing Skath I think and more hitting certain of their sats or other installations." A shrug, "We may go visit Pitchfork in route. Where /precisely/ we'll be going or what Command is doing in detail or what order, I don't know yet."

"According to the Arpay doctor they are," Toby replies in explanation, "or fraking close at least. Maybe in the same way that The Captain's people are close but not quite. She knew the symbol on my arm though, and the words Sol Invictus, knew them and was fraking happy to see them. Just she called him The Soldier, rather than by his name. Showed me old footage of the Erfriki with the symbol all over the place though. Maybe Rozzer's lot have lost it, maybe not, but they certainly did. Next time you see her, ask her yourself."

"Sol Invictus?" Had Toby ever mentioned those words to him before? Lleu pauses to think, trying to remember if he had or what the second part means. A slow nod then, "I didn't know Captain al Yamoha had said that. Makes sense though, I suppose. We were one people, originally. Who the hell knows where and how the Kedder fit into our distant family tree." A brow raised, "So they both call him the Soldier." Interesting to absorb. "If I ever see her again, if I'm ever fortunate enough to set foot on Piraeus, you mean. I have some doubts any of us will, but who knows?"

"No, not the Captain," Toby corrects gently, "the Arpay Doctor, Becks?" HE can't quite remember the name, but reckons Lleu likely will. "Lilah spoke of a legend of her people which involves Mithras too, but again, not by name. Hence the working hypothesis that our faith is the older, and the Lords and Ladies came later. If you heard what I said then that was Elias Grey's theory, and I've heard no better yet." Talk of Piraeus directly seems to sour his mood a fraction though, "no, again, our Arpay friend. We'll be back to Piraeus though, even if only when we die. We'll go home."

"Ah, Jimenez, yes. I can ask her, thanks." Toby certainly -has- Lleu's attention, listening. "It is an interesting theory. I don't know, but what research I was able to do through ship's library also clearly said that it was the older belief, one that used to be very common among us. The same founding principles the Fleet, and particularly the CMC, are supposed to honour and uphold. So I believe it comes from our roots." No argument there from Ynyr. "Home. Piraeus was home to me. I miss it." Lleu looks at Toby, "One of my regrets in my life is that we didn't find a way to bring you there. I know Piraeus meant as much to you as it did to me. I should have asked Bennett to appeal to have brought you to help her with her SAR business after the war." Water under the bridge, now. Long past. "You shouldn't have been banned. No matter your discharge, you put in your service and earned it. Anyone who'd thought you might have ill intent, myself included, need only to have left it up to the ghosts of Piraeus to judge your soul."

"No point saying what you should have done," Toby replies, doing quite a surprisingly good job of sitting on the bitterness he still has for the whole affair. Finishing his food he leans back in his chair a moment, looking at Lleufer, but apparently he's not going to take umbridge at anything today and says instead, "if we're going 'downrange' as our friend said, does that mean we're not planning on going back to the colonies yet? I mean, I know they said it'd be a while, but there frak people" he puts upwards to indicate the brass, "need reminding off if we ever do end up back that way."

A hand is raised to rub over his buzzed skull, "Well, I am sorry and I wanted you to know that." Whatever it's worth. Nothing, really. Ynyr shifts his jaw, "I don't know. But I heard something about Skath mines being associated in some way with these communications arrays. I have no frak'n idea how, as I wasn't with Commander Petra when he briefly met with Rozzer's people. But if Skath mining may be linked, then recall we located at least one Skath mine on Piraeus. I really don't know. We'll go where ever we must to take out these communications relays. If it works and cuts off the Skath from the core, then that should help the Colonies as much as it would help Rozzer's folk, and us. If it was up to me, I'd not be giving up on our own colonies. A lot of us still have family back there."

Pushing his chair back and draining the last of his drink Toby stands, clearly done for now. "I hope so," he notes as he retrieves his jacket and picks up his tray, "I really do. You hear of anything heading back that way though? Either let me know, or if you can't," he does understand operational secrecy, "then remind those frakers with their golden collars that Minos exists would you? Not sure if they just forgot about us last time, or simply didn't care. Not sure which is worse either, but there was no recce done. You know how your colony is faring. I don't. The people I lived and worked with for twenty years? No one went to look, that's how much we mean to them." Now the bitterness is coming out, and recognising that he can't stop it he turns to leave instead.

Lleufer watches Toby get up and hears him out. "There's a lot of places we didn't go check on. Minos isn't the only one, Shackleton. But fair enough, you have people who are like family to you. They don't count one bit less than anyone else. -I- will be happy to remind Command of that. I probably owe you that much after all the shit you've been put through. /Including/ their turning you down for the CMC." Even though Lleu knows perfectly well that Toby was too old for it. Still. He finishes off his coffee and gives the Tauron a nod. "We'll see what happens. I'll keep you in mind for any mission planning, if Deck are needed. I know one op we might yet do later I was working on that we will." Ynyr doesn't say what that might be. Might not happen anytime soon anyway. With that, the Master-at-Arms heads back out to return to whatever it is he needs to be doing this shift.

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