ALT #424: Feel Free To Join Me
Feel Free To Join Me
Summary: Mess hall conversations between deck and pilot. No punches thrown.
Date: 06/Mar/2014
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Luc Toby 
Mess Hall - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The Crew Mess on the Orion is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
AWD #424

The mess hall is busy. A lot of people running around and the line being long. In the corner, sitting at a table, is Luc. A sandwich and juice on the table. Eating calmly. Eyes studying the people coming and going.

The tensions between some sections of the crew and the marines seem to be ever present as Toby studiously ignores the young corporal behind him who's trying to get past to get at the coffee. Taking his time to select a dessert, and then get a mug of caffienated joy himself he eventually moves out of the way, but only in so far a finding himself a seat. There are a few around, and he heads for the nearest one, concentrating too much on griefing the marine to notice Luc's presense at the next table until after he's sat down.

Luc is fine to not be in the middle of tensions for once, sitting and just watching the others. "Well hey there." He offers with a smirk towards Toby. His favorite crewman, or somesuch.

Toby is just tucking into his meal as Luc speaks, and at the sound of that oh so familiar voice his head snaps up and round. He says precisely nothing for a few moments, although it's fair to say that he's thinking a couple of choice cuss words really quite loudly. Swallowing his mouthful and reaching for his coffee he gives the pilot the merest of nods, barely acknowledging him with a somewhat less than truely respectful, "sir."

Luc grins as he leans back, finishing his sandwich before taking his juice. "Going well?" He asks, raising a brow at him. Not seeming to care too much about what Toby does. Just studying him a bit. "Feel free to join me." Knowing he won't though.

Toby ignores the invitation to switch tables with the same well practiced ease as he'd shown with the marine trying to get past him. Sipping his still hot coffee he lifts an eyebrow to mirror the pilot's before answering shortly, "ask me after we've caught and spaced the bombers."

Luc nods a bit. "Ah, sounds good then." He offers, allowing his expression to turn a bit more serious. Downing the juice quickly enough before just sitting there for a moment. "Hopefully it won't be too long." He offers, sighing as he pushes off to take the tray and put it away.

Toby sets his mug down again and shovels another load of food onto his fork before offering Luc a brief shrug. "Doesn't take a genius to work out who did it, fraking skinjobs, but try telling that to anyone. Marines are still sheltering their's, and frak knows where the other one is."
Luc has partially disconnected.

Luc chuckles and shrugs a bit, "PErhaps it is. Just need to prove it." If they are agreeing, then that has to mean the end of the world. Though mostly Luc seem to not be certain of who did it. Studying Toby a bit, tilting his head.

"Who the frak else has motive?" Toby states decisively. "One's a marine, so he could get excess to shit like explosives and grenades and thanks to the Brass no one bats an eyelid when they're wondering around the ship. Motive, means, opportunity. Right there."

Luc shrugs. "Someone who want to get control of the ship, and get rid of skinjobs?" He suggests. "I know there are a lot of weird ones, wanting to use chaos to serve themselves. Though I don't doubt it could be skinjobs." He agrees, nodding a bit. "See to limit them then, without being frontal about it. If people try to stop you."

"And the Mallfut?" Toby asks, "who else has the motive to destroy our armourment supplies but the toasters?" Another sip of coffee and he frowns at the suggestion, "limit them? How? They've got the brass wounded so tightly round their finger they can't see the danger. We raise a finger to them we go straight to the brig, no quetions asked."

Luc grins and nods, "Indeed. Hence we make them slip up." He suggests in a low voice. "Though it is only if it is truly them. As for reason, depends on what they wanted to happen."

Toby just eyes Luc for a few moments, not looking entirely convinced but willing to see where the pilot is leading. "And just how do you suggest getting them to do that then?" He's watching the pilot now, not expecting a workable plan, but willing to risk the chance that there might be one.

Luc chuckles and shrugs, "I am not the best at planning. Maybe set up something that they can't refuse. Something similar to what they blew up." He suggests, shrugging a bit. "Maybe something we 'found' recently." He offers, shrugging. "As I said, not a planner. Or you could just fiddle with their gear. Tracker or something. Either in all the weapons or something else."

"Yeah, cos I can pull of that sort of shit," Toby replies, sounding annoyed, "go take that suggestion to your squadron leader, he might be able to pull it off." More coffee and then he starts on his food again before it gets cold.

Luc chuckles and shrugs, "Well, you could probably screw around a bit with locks or something, can't you?" He suggests and shrugs. "Besides, I just offered what could be done. Not that it would be easy."

"Screw around with locks a bit?" Toby repeats, still sounding annoyed. "No, actually, that's not what I do. I play around a bit with your fraking Viper so it brings you back safe. Course, I could stop doing that if you like, but somehow I think not. Now, like I said, I don't have the clout to pull of shit like that, so go talk to the Major about it."

Luc chuckles and nods, "Well, continue about. But as I said, you need to think outside of what you do if you truly want to do something about it other than talk." He says and shrugs a bit. Starting to move to leave, noticing the annoyance on Toby.

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