AWD #329: Feats of Strength
Feats of Strength
Summary: After Elias returns with the Twelve, the CIC trust has a few things to discuss.
Date: 16/05/2016 (OOC Date)
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Map Room
Dominating the room is the large bottom-lit map table in the very center. Ten feet across and eight feet the other way, the table can gather a large number of people around it while still accommodating enlisted and support personnel in the small riser seating behind the table. The risers are done in single-piece desk sections that run the width of the seating area and have small reporting displays built into them along with communications ports for headphones. At the head of the room are two very large LED displays that can have almost anything put on them, including projections of what is on the map table. A single computer at the support seating controls this and in the rear of the room is a large, locked case that holds maps and table models.
Thu Dec 01 2005 (AWD #329)

Really, Petra ought to just toss a cot in here. Does he ever leave anymore? At this particular moment, the hatch is open and only one MP is on guard outside, Petra himself just having stalked back in from CIC with the completed Watch report from second shift tucked under one arm. First order of business is a new pot and mug of coffee - there could be a live snake on the table, but oh no, we're going to need caffiene for this…

There was a rumor going around that Elias had left the boat. Seen leaving on a long-range raptor in the company of some Marines, they all returned the next day with a prisoner/guest. A Twelve. Since then there has been a blizzard of paperwork flying around, including other revelations about Cylon technology come to light. So there is no shortage of things for the Intel officers to discuss with the Colonel. "TACCO in?" he asks the MP outside, then slips through the hatch after he gets the affirmative answer. "Colonel? I think we need to talk." And then he gets a clear look at the papers Petra has in hand. "When you have a moment?"

Oh, lovely projecs and technology. Skyler would much rather be preparing for her trip to those ruins on Piraeus, but no. She got to poke and prod at the lovely inside bits of a Raider. Not the gleaming, mechanical compartment she expected, no. But something that was oddly reminiscent of what one might expect if a large beast, such as perhaps a whale, were to be opened up on one side. The woman is just further up the corridor when she spots Elias making his way into the Map Room. As such, Almaeda picks up her pace — slightly, cane and all — to follow him through. "Sirs."

With a clipboard full of papers, Petra waves people in while he finishes pouring the mug and picks it up to taste. Only then does he turn around to face the table, grunting softly as he does so, "I'magine so. Everyone lit a fire under everyone's asses this weekend, apparently." He hooks a chair with one foot to drag it closer, then drops his clipboard on the table while he parks his rump in the chair rather heavily. Eyes close for a moment while he sucks down a large portion of coffee from that mug, followed by a deep breath that's released as he opens his eyes, "Alright. Where are we going first, kids?"

Seeing Skyler coming up behind, Elias offers her a nod in greeting and then waits at the hatch until the Lieutenant has passed through. Then he gently swings the door shut behind them both. "It has been eventful," he agrees in a dry tone, sidling over to the map table to plunk his own 'clipboard' (Standard issue tactical file cabinet) down. The Major scans the list written on his top sheet of paper, but initially defers to his junior, and looks Skyler's way. "Anything to report, Lieutenant?"

The joys of being the junior. Going first. Setting the bar for things to come. Skyler opts for a chair and sinks into it. The cane has, thankfully, been cleaned since prodding at the Raider. "Nothing too major. I'm both relieved and bothered by your report of the Twelve. It's not an ongoing traitor, but still. How many do we really have within our fleet, enacting such plans?" It's disturbing to consider. "Had we gone back to the Pulse High after what we saw in the nebula, we might have had him sooner, but I felt the risk was too great." How was she to know or even begin to consider that a skinjob would have killed the traitor and then turned themselves in? That's a new one in the proverbial rulebook. She has her own clipboard and sets it down. "I… haven't started a report on the Raider in the Hangar. They've only just begun and to be honest, I don't know how to report it." Her gaze shifts to Petra here. Elias got a glimpse. "They… don't appear to have pilots, sir. There's no hatch to be found and once you see the inside-" she shudders, a bit. "It's all biological. I saw what looks like it could, maybe, possibly be a brain. Medical is going to start dissecting it soon. I've requested an MP be assigned to watch over the area it's being kept in." Because dividers won't keep everyone out. Curiousity runs rampant, after all.

Petra shakes his head lightly at Skyler, "Don't go down the hole of what could have happened if we did something differently. We have what we have now…we need to understand what that is and how best to use it, which is what I'm depending on you two for." He nods slightly at her information about the Raider and slumps back in his chair to take another drink, while he consders, then adds, "Make sure Medical understands, if they start getting any wierd readings or their systems start behaving erratically, it will all need to be isolated. Just in case there's any sort of code still surviving in…whatever it is." Then he arches a brow and looks at Elias, "What's on the top of your list, Major?"

"Mmm," Elias makes wordless agreement for the Colonel's advice to Skyler. His own contribution is on the Raider 'corpse.' "Unpleasant surprises are the order of the day with the Cylons, I'm afraid. But try to stay focused on the goal — How do we destroy them more effectively." His own top item? No surprise to anyone present. "The Twelve, sir. If you haven't both read the interrogation transcript, I have a copy here." Elias hands them out as needed before continuing. "His story checks out, in the sense that it matches what we know happened and explains the 'how' without any loose ends. As for his stated goals, they're in my report: Meet with Sergeant Knox, visit Piraeus, work with us to uncover the truth about Libran. And the names he's provided … I recommend we check those out immediately, under the guise of a 'new personnel review.' If he's told us the truth about the agents, I think we then consider granting one of his simpler requests. Sir."

"Aye, sir," Skyler says of the warning. "Hopefully the Chief Engineer will have that cargo hauler converted into a quarantine unit soon enough. We can move projects like this over there for added safety." A small note is jotted down; it's almost time to check in with Captain Tremaine. The transcript is accepted and she leans back to read it over. There's a slight pull of her mouth in a grimace. "I'd be curious to find out what he already knows about Libran. Like those satellites. If he wants to work with us to find out the truth of it, then he should be willing to show what he has so far from…" there's a slight scoff, "his independent research."

Petra licks his lips lightly as he listens, and takes another drink. The mug is finally put down when Skyler finishes, "Keep in mind, he could be completely full of shit and playing us. If I was a skinjob and wanted to collect information on the enemy, this would be precisely how I'd do it. Pretend to be a defector, give you information that doesn't benefit you at all, such as a catastrophe that…shucky darn, he didn't get there in time to prevent…asking about one of our primary sources of information about the Cylons, and then wants to go back. Just be very very careful what you discuss with him, even casual conversation. Have either of you told him that Knox is gone, yet?" He glances between both, one brow raised in curiosity, "Indeed, get everything you can out of him, but we haven't seen this line before and don't know the personality we're dealing with yet."

"There's some discussion of that in the transcript," Elias answers Skyler. "But he claims the Ones have Libran 'locked down' and that the Twelves aren't allowed there. A few other pieces. But yes, I agree. If he can't provide useful information I'm not inclined to share the results. Should there be any." Hypothetical results are not something he cares to dwell on. Then he nods at Petra's observations. "It is convienent, yes sir. If he is here to gather intelligence, it will be the location of Piraeus that he wants." The question about Knox causes the Major to quirk a brow. "I did not. Given that I wasn't aware the Sergeant was gone. Sir." And while there might be just a bit of an unasked question in there, Elias does not ask, nor seem to expect an answer. "It might be interesting to have Lieutenant Almaeda speak with him. He /should/ believe she's dead."

"Oh, I don't propose giving him anything. If he truly wants to work with us… He knows the position he's in. The position we're in. If he truly wants to know about Libran, he should be willing to lay out all his cards so we know he's willing. If I speak to him, I won't tell him anything he doesn't need to know." Which largely answers Petra's other query, regarding Knox. The jig hasn't spoken to the Twelve yet. There's a glance towards Elias and the woman tilts her head that way. "That… I think I would like to see how he reacts to that, yes."

Petra nods slowly, "Piraeus is probably the ultimate goal, but anything useful will be a benefit, so just go over anything brought into a conversation with him - assume he can read any paper you bring with you, even if you don't show it to him, and so on. We have no idea how good the models upper limits are, only that we know they are stronger and tougher than humans…its a safe assumption they can hear and see better as well." He pauses there with the topic of Knox, chewing on the side of his mouth for a moment, "Like I said, fires under everyone's asses all at once. Sergeant Knox and I have spoken before about what he would do if he downloaded - when Ceres was killed and we saw the defections her rejoining the Collective began causing, the course of action was clear: If he returned, he needed to stick his size twelve in that crack in the Collective and make it wider." He pauses there for a moment to take in a breath, then continues, "Militarily, you both realize we wont ever end this war, right? We can beat the Cylons back, we can blow up their basestars, we might even pull a giant rabbit out of our asses and push them out of the Helios Systems, but the war wont ever be over. Just like the first war, they will regroup and come back. They are a computer program, and unless we wipe out every line of code, it will just replicate, rebuild, and return. And if the collective is smart, they have at least one copy of every line in safe keeping somewhere we will never, ever get to. So that leaves us either…losing the war, or convincing the Collective we need to stop fighting. Cooper decided he can do more damage now on that side of the fence than this one."

"In comparison with the few other models I've questioned in the past," Elias says in response to Skyler's point, "this Twelve is the very model of cooperation." Still, he's far from convinced. "But I agree with you there. Evasiveness won't get him what he wants, I suspect he knows it all too well." Petra's initial instructions are recieved with a simple, "Yes sir." The news about Knox? At the beginning Elias' widened eyes might betray a small amount of surprise, but then his lips press together tightly and the Intel Officer looks vaguely perturbed. He simply nods for the Colonel's observation about the course of the war, showing he is in agreement. In the meantime? He needs a cigarette. The young Major distracts himself lighting up. After a few puffs he seems as composed as ever. "Are you aware of Doctor Tamsin's prior mission on Picon, Colonel? I can forward you the relevant files if not, but she went back as well. Right at the start of the invasion. It's how we know where their facility there is located." There's a glance towards Skyler, including her in this topic. "You should probably be brief on this as well, Lieutenant."

When Petra explains the wherabouts (more or less) of Knox, Almaeda looks surprised. She'd heard the rumors that Fairfax had him transferred- this goes contrary to it. The woman doesn't protest, however. Acknowledging that they may very well be unable to win this war is something most likely came to terms with long ago. There's so many of them, so few of us. She turns her pen in her fingers, exhaling slowly and looking between the two men. Her gaze lingers on Elias at the last, brow arching. "They have a facility there? Why hasn't it been destroyed?"

Petra furrows his brow a little, "Acually, somehow it escaped me that Dr. Tamsin had returned, but that's my problem for not staying up on your reports. Either way, only Captain Fairfax knows what's really happened to Knox, and he's going to help keep his cover story intact…so only him, the three of us, and the admiral and commander know." He thinks about that for a moment, his gaze falling to the table while he purses his lips, "Alright. So we're getting the cargo hauler set up to move the Twelve there, and you two are going to be tag teaming him to get information out of him? Just let me know if or when we get something interesting out of him. What else do we need to discuss, or at least, what are you waiting on me fore?"

Elias gives Skyler a level look, then takes a drag on his smoke. "Because I was able to convince the Admiral that it is more valuable intact. At the moment it's surrounded by a Marine security force under Spree's command, and I would not be at all surprised if Admiral Jameson doesn't have a nuclear missile set aside with the coordinate already locked." It's certainly a valid question, and one Elias believes has been given due consideration. Then he offers Petra a faintly apologetic smile. "I wasn't aware you were thinking along those lines or I would have brought it to your attention sooner, sir. My mistake." And then, despite the topic, the young Major looks vaguely amused. "I'm glad I didn't have time to confront Captain Fairfax about transferring the Sergeant off the ship." As for the cargo-hauler topic, he seems less well informed. "The Lieutenant is leading on that," he passes this to Skyler with a glance. "As far as other things to discuss, I'll need Tactical to cut orders for the personnel review. Intel can distribute the a separate briefing, and the names, if you'd prefer. The only other immediate item was my recommendation on the Saloo and Pennibaker, sir. I think it's a story that deserves to be told."

"I'll be asking for updates on the cargo hauler. I can ask the Captain to see just how tough of a cell she can have built. We don't know exactly how strong these skinjobs are, but it might be prudent to try to craft something with their strength in mind." Skyler seems a bit less certain of herself in regards to the interrogation aspect of things. Collecting and processing information? Sure, she dealt with that as a Raptor pilot. But gathering intel from a thinking being? That's new. The woman worries at her lip a bit, staring down at her notes. She does look back up, with regard to the hauler. There's a gesture with the pen. Vague. "I spoke with he Chief Engineer. She and deck are working on it. I don't see it being a very quickly done thing, but I'll check in with her in the next few days. I believe she's tasked to be going to the ruins with me, so there will be time."

Petra taps his fingers on the table when Elias talks about orders for the review, "Done. I'll sign them when we're done here. As for the announcement, I'm going to resume my status updates for the fleet, so I'll end my next one tonight with the Saloo and Pennibaker." He trails off again to listen to Skyler. He nods slowly, "We're going to need a containment and isolation ship for that thing out around Ragnar anyway, so even if we don't end up using it for this Twelve, we will still need it. Make sure Deck stays on it. If something else is holding them up, tell me what the obstacle is, and I'll remove it." He stops to rub his fingertips together and look down at them, like someone does when they have a bit of schmutz on their fingertip and are trying to get rid of it, "You're both doing excellent work. Don't think it isn't being noticed. We're just drinking from the firehose at the moment and occassionally I forget to stop and breathe and say it. Keep it up. And if you run into any problems, just let me know. I dont give a frak if I have to piss someone off to get something going." Another pause, "Anything else?"

"The feats of strength I've seen from them …" Elias starts to describe the skinjob's capabilities, but he is forced to think a moment to find the words. "… border on the unbelievable." Not exactly the sort of 'by the numbers' evaluation he prefers. An affirmative nod is sent Petra's way for the orders the Colonel says he'll sign, and Elias is quickly flipping papers to have his draft copy ready at meeting's end. It's the suggestion that they're doing good work that gets his attention away from his paperwork, and the young Major listens to the rest with a closely guarded expression, puffing on his smoke. "Yes, sir," he acknowledges the final instructions, then shakes his head. "Nothing from me." He looks to Skyler to see if she has anything else.

"The primary purpose of the cargo hauler is isolation for both technological and biological items." Which, well, the Raiders now count as 'both.' "But I can ask for them to try building a cell. Would Doctor Tamsin be willing to perform some strength tests, so we can start finding their limit?" Largely, she doesn't seem to have anything else. These are all queries for her update with the Chief Engineer. There is a moment, however, before she glances to the two of them. "Since I was on the Libran recon, should I speak to the Twelve about it? And-" a glance to Elias. "if so, do you want to be there to see how he reacts to seeing me?"

Petra murmurs, "Whatever the Chief thinks he can come up with…" He trails off when Skyler asks about Libran, and he seems to deflect that to Elias, glancing at the Major and lifting one brow, "Well, finding out about you is PROBABLY unavoidable, Lieutenant, unless we want to really cripple our intel efforts and make the Major do everything, so unless Elias has different thoughts on the matter, I'd say go for it and make sure you do it on camera, just in case." In case of WHAT, he doesn't elaborate.

"You're welcome to ask Dr. Tamsin for her help," Elias suggests to Skyler, "She may not be willing, but we can always ask." It does not sound like he thinks it likely. And then he nods agreement with the Colonel's assessment about Skyler meeting the Twelve. "I'm perfectly willing to accompany you, Lieutenant, but I won't interrupt." A promise he almost immediately amends with, "Unless things go horribly wrong." There's a thin smile of dark humor around his cigarette before Elias goes on. "I want to see if he's genuinely surprised to see you alive. And I'd like you to tell him the complete truth about what happened to your raptor. I want to see what he makes of /that/. Libran … I don't think it's wise for us to reveal what we know about the situation there. Not yet."

"I'll ask her. Maybe she will. If she's not keen, maybe this guy will be willing… Down the road." It'd be too easy to be lied to this early on. Another reason to miss Knox, perhaps. Skyler lifts a hand and rubs at the side of her head. She wrinkles her nose slightly, but ilts her head in a nod. "I'll tell him what happened after we made that jump. As for Libran… I'll just say I've been looking into it myself and ask what he can offer. That's providing nothing more than giving him the person that he would be working with if we decide to allow it. It's not much, but he might be a touch more amenable." Since they've largely covered everything and it's late in her day, Skyler does shift to her feet. "Just let me know when, sir, and I'll head to the brig with you."

Elias lets the subject of skinjob strength go, as if it were a topic he prefers to avoid. Handling the Twelve, that he has more definite thoughts on. "Be sure you cover the Linten incident first," the Major instructs. "If you want to cut the interview off after that, it will be your call. If you do want to go on, then tell him you've been tasked with gathering the available information on Libran And that you're starting with him." He pauses to take a puff. "I don't think he expects us to have answers at this point, but it certainly makes it clear you don't intend to provide any." As for the timing, Elias suggests a brief delay. "Get some sleep first, if you think you can. Definitely get a meal, a shower, and a fresh uniform. Oh, and he smokes, or at least pretends to. I'll give you a few cigarettes before hand, if you're short."

There's a few notes jotted down. Just references to keep in mind. Skyler will likely go into the meeting with just a blank notebook, per Petra's instructions. A place to take notes as they talk, but with nothing prepared beforehand. The woman grabs her clipboard and cane, shifting her stance. "I picked some up on Piraeus recently." Ohhhh, bartering. "But I'll make sure to bring a few with me. Hopefully he is as he says and will give us what we need to know. At least some of it."

"Mmm," Elias agrees about the cigarette plan. "I rather suspect he will balk at telling us more. At least right now. He's given us the name of fifteen traitors, whereas all we've given him is a cell in the brig." He takes a deep breath, then slowly exhales. "Given that Sergeant Knox is not going to be meeting with him anytime soon, I suspect we'll need to arrange him a trip down to Piraeus. But that can wait." At least something can wait, for once.

"Meeting Knox was the easiest of the three requests," Skyler admits, leaning a bit on her cane. "Shame there couldn't have been a few more days in there." The woman considers, glancing sidelong. "If we do take him to Piraeus, maybe somewhere outside of Sheridan? Under guard, of course, but the fewer chances he has to interact with civilians, likely the better. Make it away from either of our… current sites of interest, too."

"Yes," Elias agrees, and this time there's more than simple agreement there. He's clearly less than pleased. "But what's done is done. And given the limited information we have, I think it's best if we don't try to interfer in the Sergeant's mission. Or mention it to the Twelve." Piraeus however, is less problematic. "Agreed. His stated interest is to 'stand in the light of the star.' I think he'll be satisfied with any location we choose. The opposite side of the planet from Sheridan should be as good a place as any."

There's a nod, slowly. Skyler drums a finger against the side of the cane. "I won't mention Piraeus, obviously, but I think the opposite side is good. If he's as keen on it as he implies, maybe he'll even prefer to see it… ah, untouched. Natural beauty, they call it." The woman shrugs a bit, glancing to her clipboard. "I'll rest up and eat. Once I'm ready, I'll let you know and we can see about heading down there." Because frak the Twelve's 'schedule.'

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