PWD #04: Fayth
Summary: Lt. Garrido seeks out Sister Iphigenia to discuss his dream.
Date: 01/01/2013 (OOC Date)
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Iphigenia Augie 
Chapel - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The chapel is one of the few quiet places to be found on a battlestar. Even rarer still, it's one of the few places that doesn't look like it's part of a battlestar. Heavy blue curtains have been hung from the walls, obscuring the bulkheads. The lights are kept low, adding a certain mystery and gravitas to the space. The central altar is made of a pale grey wood, as are the several rows of pews which extend from it. Laid against the far right wall is a long, low table with several rows of simple white votive candles to be used as vigil lights. Centered among them is a brass plate for burnt offerings from supplicants. Several cushions rest on the floor before the table, where the faithful may kneel to offer their prayers to the Lords and Ladies of Kobol. On the left wall are several compartments which have been sectioned off for private use.
PWD #04

Iphigenia is on her knees in front of Zeus' statue, her hands out in front of her in supplication to rest on the thunder god's feet. She is singing in softly in old liturgical Gemonese. She looks tired but determined, and seems mindful of what's around her.

The footfalls are loud, Augie can't help it. Heavy feet, heavy boots. The DCO is humming to himself. Not a song of any importance, but it's the same three chords, over and over again. He pauses at the statue to Aphrodite and kneels down to leave a small token there. "Don't know what ya were tryin' to tell me, lass, but I hope I learn quick." he closes his eyes, murmuring a soft prayer, before he starts to move back up to his feet. The token in question is a small silver ear cuff, made for a woman. It's a dragon, it's claws are used to hold onto the ear as it stares with ruby eyes, and small emeralds trail down its back.

"You might start," Iphigenia suggests, her tone a little wry, "By not referring to her as 'lass'. Old men in pubs call younger women that." She chuckles as she straightens up.

"Well, Aphrodite and I talk to each other in a way I can understand." Augie smirks as he folds his hands into his pockets as he pushes himself up and chuckles. "Didn't mean to disturb ya, Sister Geni. Ya get my note earlier?"

As he tries to put his left hand in his pocket, he realizes it's a little tough to do with his hand completely banaged up. "Frak." he mutters.

Iphigenia grins at that and moves to sit on a pew, with a gesture inviting him to join her. "Dream interpretation is not an exact science." she says. "Or even a science, really. It's generally your subconscious trying to send you messenges. In as much can also be signs from the gods."

Coming over, he goes to sit down next to the sister and leans back, placing his hand in his lap. "When ya have a weird frakkin dream like ya ain't never had before, it's confusin as all get out, Sister." Augustus admits as he ends up folding his hands behind his head, careful with the bandaged hand. "Most of my dreams involve trips to the Pink Moon, the Jiggle Hut, or that one time on shore leave with those bridge bunnies from Daedalus." he comments casually. "Sometimes I have a nightmare from my days on Impervious, but I ain't ever had a frakked up mess of a dream like I did last night."

"What can you recall of it?" prompts Gen, putting her hands in her lap. "Did you write it down?"

"Can I smoke in here?" Augustus asks, fishing a cigar out of his pocket. "Ain't inscence, but it smells really good." He sticks the cigar between his teeth. "I write about as much as I drink these days, Geni." he admits as he gives it a thought for a moment. "I'll tell ya as much as I can remember, and we'll see where it goes from there, fair?"

"Of course." she says, to one question, or perhaps both. Her expression is patient, receptive as she waits to hear what he has to say.

"I was on the Impervious." Augie starts off with the first thing he can pluck from his mind about the dream. "At least I think it was her. I remember the smells of her fires as her ammo storage started to blow." he draws in a breath, and lights his cigar to draw in a deep breath off of it.

"Anyway, that one.. was kinda usual. I've seen that before." he admits as he considers the smoke he blows from his nose. "Except it wasn't the same. There was this song playing. The same three or four notes, over and over again. It sounded familiar but damned if I could place it. Anyway, I was clearing the deck, and I heard the giggle of a child. I went to it, and there was this child, dancing around a body, asking it to play her another song. The body was burned to crisps and dead. It was me.." he starts off.

Crisp, burned bodies. Second verse, same as the first. Gen's features remain serene and receptive as she listens to him, not offering commentary yet, just nodding encouragement.

"So, I gathered up this child, and I try to get us out the same way that I got off Impervious when she blew in dry dock - smashed out a bridge window and made my way down. But when we jumped out and landed, we weren't in the shipyards on Scorpia."

"Hades, Geni, I have no frakkin' idea where.. or when we were. But I had a wife. And littles, two gals - Imogen and Fayth. I couldn't see my wife's face, but she looked familiar, somehow. We were in a home, somewhere. Lots of pine trees and hills. But as we laughed and talked.. damns, Geni, it felt so real…" Augustus trails off for a moment, then continues.

"There was this whine in the air. It grew louder and louder. Now, I ain't never seen nothin but film of nukes when I was in EOD class, but it was just like that." he comments, another draw off of his cigar, before he fishes a second one from his pocket and offers it to the Chaplain.

She shakes her head, lifting a hand to defer on the cigar. "When you consider where we are, and the nature of this place," she means Piraeus, "Our minds bring us to these dark places."

"Hell, that's it.. that house.. was here. Holy frak." It suddenly snaps into place, and he shakes his head. "Anyway, the sky went dark, then the shockwave hit and I was blasted to pieces.. and woke up in the Hangar of Orion with the boarding sirens going off, Geni." Augustus says, drawing himself up a little in his seat as he puts the cigar away. Now he's getting close to the meat of the story.

That's…a new variation on what she's heard thus far, as she silences and continues to listen.

"Only weapon I had was my fire axe, but I could hear the firefight and smell and feel the heat, Geni. Orion's back was broke and she was listing bad. I went lookin' fer survivors, but all I found were bodies made of ash. As I'd come across one, these shadows would form, and blast the body. I watched people I just met, people I've known since they come on this tub blasted to bits." he says, jaw-line clinching for a moment, then unclenches. "These shadows, there were chanting, Geni." He rolls his eyes upwards in thought, and finally finds the words, "Hunter shall hunt no more. We shall find you. You will burn like the rest."

"Thought I was dead, Geni. Knew I was dead. And then this gal steps into the hall, and raises her hand, and the shadows are all blasted apart." he turns his expression towards the Chaplain, and it's downright pale. "I ain't saying for sure it was her.. but I believe it was. Aphrodite. And she spoke to me."

"What did she say?" Iphigenia seems…careful, about all of this. People claiming to have seen the gods in their visions is something to tread carefully on.

And Augie ain't the type to go saying he saw gods in his dreams. Triplets and jiggles and good times by all, sure, this, this is serious business. And his words come forth, crystal clear. "Come Hunter, I will show you the way. You must trust me, it is the only way to show you. They will find you. They will kill more of you. But you must not give up." he says to the Chaplain.

"Before I could respond, she was gone. And in her place was Ceres. She'd taken a shot and was dying out. I lost it at that point, Geni. I went charging in against the shadows. They kept going on about 'Hunter, you shall fall.'. I felt the fires, the heat as they burned and cut through me, Geni. I felt my eyes boiling out of their sockets. And then I woke up.."

"And realized I'd nearly broken my hand trying to smash through the wall of Ceres' bunk and scared the crap outta her." With that, he quiets, and puffs on his cigar.

Iphigenia blinks a bit at, of all things, the mention of Ceres. "I hadn't realized." she murmurs, but then focuses on the rest. "It's hard to interpret dreams." she admits. "What do you think it means? Interpretation always starts with the dreamer."

"Somethin' big and bad is comin', Geni." Augie says simply. "And if we ain't ready for it, it's gonna run us the frak over." with that, he looks to her. "It sure as hell wasn't 'I'm gonna have a long life, marry Ceres, push out a couple of bebes through her and have a house on the hill and sing hymns on worship nights.'." He gives a smirk at her, and finishes off his cigar.

Iphigenia smiles faintly. Damn, someone teach this girl how to play cards, because she's got her some pokerface. "I understand the feeling. And it's not uncommon with this kind of mission, considering the purpose of Piraeus."

"So, what do ya think it means, lass?" Augie decides to ask. "Or was this 'let Augie get it all out of his system and see if he needs a tissue when he's done' time?"

There's a soft exhale from her lips. "I think it means for one thing, that you're on board a ship whose purpose is to be a fall back point, and your subconscious mind is picking up on that. I think it means that if something like that were to happen, you are in a position to be part of what may be the best chance we have. But there's also, I think some stress in there about…well. As you said, you're generally not the man who thinks about the house and hearth and a wife and babies."

"Fair enough. And I'm in no rush for 'em, either, Geni." Augie points out as he snuffs out his cigar finally. "And with Ceres? We're just barely dating, sister. Don't tell her about that part cause she's got enough going on without worryin' about me and some dream that was probably fueled by a bad midrat."

"Everything will work out the way it's supposed to." Gen says reassuringly. "All of this has happened before. If something were to happen - well. You can't say you aren't on the best ship in the fleet suited for dealing with such a situation."

"Well, shit, Geni, I know that." Augie grins as he starts to rise. "I've been on this tub since her shakedown. Anyway, thanks for letting me blather about my dreams. I'll make sure to bring the guitar with me next time." a wink at that.

Iphigenia lets out a soft laugh at that. "You should." she says. "This chapel could do with more music." Only when his back is turned is there the briefest flit of concern over her face.

Augie flits two fingers over his shoulder in a salute, and leaves that unlit cigar on the altar of Aphrodite. "Thanks for the advice, lass." Who he means? Who knows, as he strolls out, humming those three chords again.

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