AWD #040: Favors
Summary: Zachary comes to Samtara to ask a favor. Seems there's plenty to be asked and given in return.
Date: 15/02/2013 (OOC Date)
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Sickbay - Battlestar Orion
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area.
15 February 2005

Zachary has been squirreled away in his office for most of the last twenty-four hours. After a long day on Piraeus, he arrived back on the ship and after yet more time in the CAG's office, he finally arrives in the Sickbay, and asks at the desk. "Who's the doctor on duty?" he inquires. In his right hand, a Biohazard bag, sealed tight. Inside. A floppy stuffed rabbit, it's little black eyes staring out soullessly.

Iphigenia is off to one side by a bed, leaning over a marine's bed. She has both of her hands over his, and she is singing one of Apollo's hymns softly to him in a mellow alto. She lifts her gaze and studies the new arrival briefly without stopping the hymn until she completes it.

Seated at a empty bed with a stack of charts that she is sorting though, Dr. Nadir looks up when Major Sheperd enters the sickbay, his words drawing her attention. And, while she is certainly not the only doctor on duty at the moment she is the one not currently with a 'customer'. She takes off her reading glasses, tucks them into the breast pocket of her labcoat and rises to her feet, "Major Sheperd, how may I be of assistance?"

"Doctor." Zachary offers. He catches the glance of the Chaplain and nods, but doesn't interupt her at the moment. "I have a couple of things to ask. Lieutenant Arden sometime back presented a proposal to switch our focus on rescue missions to making sure children are a priority. With the find of the ships recently on Hbernia, I think we can make this a priority - I plan on seeing if we can ground one of the ships on Piraeus to convert to something of an orphanage or transitional home for those women that we may come across that are pregnant, or become pregnant in our own ranks." he starts off.

Gen's ears start to burn, but she stays her course until finally the marine has gone to sleep and she straightens, turning to drift in that direction.

Dr. Nadir's eyebrows arch subtly upward as the Major speaks, following his words from one end of his opening remarks to the other. She absently clicks the ball point pen that she's holding in her left hand a few times while he speaks before saying: "Felicitations by the way, Major, and congratulations," she replies, "what would your question - or questions - be?" she wonders, eyeing the sad looking floppy eared stuffed rabbit.

"Thanks." he says simply. "Part of this is for that. It's probably greedy to ask." Zachary admits quietly. "Eden's having a hard time of it - she can't keep anything down, and even water is an issue. The doctor dirtside says if she doesn't get vitamins and emetrol soon, the baby and her could be in distress." he says, but just like that, he powers through and continues. "I need a list of supplies that will be need to be scrounged for when we're searching for things - gear them towards pediatrics. I know you're not one, but you're the best I have until we find one."

Gen drifts closer, but inobtrusively, staying at the edge of the conversation.

"Find a pharmacy and raid it for pre-natal vitamins," Samtara says promptly. "We can make the compounds from scratch if we need to, but it'll take more effort to go the long route when you can raid a pharmacy for what's already made. A lot of teas will have a good amount of the basic vitamins required, but folic acid is important as well for the development of the fetus, er, child," and if Dr. Nadir sounds over technical, it's - literally - not her specialty. "And you're right, I'm a surgeon, not a pediatrician or obstetrician. But we have a whole library full of books that are adequate reference material." Again the absent clicking of the ball-point pen, "The Emetrol is to handle the nausea," she tucks her hands into her pockets while considering the store of medical supplies, "is it all day that she's struggling with it or just in the morning?" Her attention shifts toward the chaplain, a cordial nod, "If my memory serves.." her voice trails off before she says: "Up to 90 percent of women have some degree of nausea during pregnancy, with or without vomiting. It most commonly occurs between weeks 5 and 18, and symptoms are usually at their worst around week 9. Although pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting are often called morning sickness, it can arise at any time of day, and about 80 percent of women affected feel nauseous throughout the day."

"My mother had three children," Iphigenia remarks quietly, "And during her morning sickness she often said perppermint tea soothed her nausea. I'm not an obstetrician, of course, or even a medical doctor, but it may be of help."

Zachary totally sees Geni drifting in like a small moon around the orbit of the serious conversation. "Come join in, Sister. I'm taking care of some of the personal stuff before we turn to the serious stuff." He nods slowly to Samtara's words and lets out a breath. "I think there was a few areas on Virgon that I may go looking into." he admits thoughtfully. "She's had it on and off all day, she says. She can't keep anything rich down - and we tried some broth and water, but even that was making her queasy. She's about nine weeks along now, but.." he trails off, and shakes his head. He's trying hard to change the subject, the crinkling of the plastic as his fingers tighen on the bag as he abruptly switches gears. "I'm going to try to land one of the liners we found on the surface to be converted over to a children's home. Would love for you to be hands on with the conversion, Sister." he says to Geni, the stress of the earlier conversation pulling the wrinkles on the corners of his mouth severly as he lets out a breath. "And I'll see what I can do about finding the teas." he says, and continues. "Pallas has survivors, there is sure to be children among them, plus we're going to use Captain Cole's rescue as a chance to perhaps test your idea of evacuating children."

"Frankly, I have very little experience in this area. My OB rotation was brief as was my pediatrics rotation, I know precious little about children, even pediatric surgery is a sub-specialty that is a niche focus," Dr. Nadir admits, eyes again drawn to the sad looking bunny, "and why is the bunny in quarantine?" she asks before shaking her head. "Do a DB search for pharmaceutical companies, then narrow it to ones that compound/distribute vitamins and go do a raid on the actual distribution center instead of trying to pick through what is likely already looted pharmacies themselves. When in doubt, Major, in medicine, go straight to the source." She fiddles with the pen again, "I wouldn't recommend using the liner as a long term home, but that's not my department, It'd be better if we actually built housing geared toward group homes for children and women who are pregnant and such, it'd be easier to care for them in a setting with a communal focus instead of having to go door to door. Just my opinion, mind, and the teas," she nods at the chaplain again, "there's a whole library full of research as to the medicinal purpose of teas and frankly a lot of so called modern medicine is nothing more than highly distilled and refined versions of the same properties found in plants, herbs, leaves and compounds of the like. Don't go chemical if there's a natural solution seems to be a prevalent school of though. Again, I'm a surgeon, but I'll help where I can."

Iphigenia's eyes drift to the bunny in the bag, blinking furtively, but for the moment, not inquiring. "I'd be happy to help, of course. You realize of course you may encounter resistance if you attempt to remove children too abruptly. But if you're just going for a small handful to start, I believe Piraeus could accomodate them." There's an intake of breath, as she asks with restrained interest, "Does this mean Captain Cole's rescue has been officially placed on the board?"

"In seventy-two hours." Zachary offers to Iphigenia, his smile tries to warm, but it's still tight and strained. There's a lot eating at it at the moment. When inquired about the bunny, he ohs, as if forgetting he was holding it. "This is Flopsy." he comments. "She was on one of the liners we came across on Hibernia, and she lost her owner, so I've been keeping her company." The reason for the bag is not explained as he nods towards Samtara. "I know you're telling me to do all this, but I do have a wing to run, can you please assemble a list for me?" he asks as he turns his attention back to Geni. "..we might start with picking up Cole. Ask on Picon at the command post if there are any children we can ex-fil. It'd be good to have someone along to help keep them calm and explain things better than I could." Did he.. just slip her an inivitation?

Iphigenia's brows hit her hairline. "I'm…sure you can find someone appropriate, Major. Someone good with children." Instinct might shriek at her to jump on that, but for some reason she seems hesitant, or at least unwilling to push herself onto the mission. Wildly inappropriate!

Dr. Nadir takes a small notepad from one pocket, the ball point pen being employed in a linear fashion - i.e. note taking. She jots down the names of major pharmaceutical companies that she's aware of that have distribution points on Virgon, brand names of medicines, generic names, substitutes and any other useful compound she can think of. The pen hesitates over the pad of paper before she lowers it and eyes the Major, "Major, if I may speak frankly? This would be a lot easier if you could identify any of these warehouses still standing and allow me to ride along with. It'd go a lot faster if I could just pull the supplies myself. But," and she tears the piece of paper off and offers it forward, "all of these are what you want." Her expression is carefully contained, almost - but not quite - blandly neutral - she's of Picon too.

"We're going to try Virgon first for the supplies, Doctor, but yes, you can come along if you want. I'll make sure the Marines listen to your directions." Zachary offers as he looks between the two woman and grips the bunny just a little tighter against him as he lets out a breath. "Thank you for volunteering." he offers to Samtara, before he nods to Iphigenia. "I am hoping that perhaps someone will volunteer that will be good at that stuff, I will have my hands quite full as is. There's a POW we have to secure as well. But, we will be bringing a few Raptors to keep the Raiders off of us and drop off supplies. Means lots of empty room for the trip home." Come on Geni, take the hint. He can't order you along.

"Marines don't listen to physicians, Major, until or unless they're bleeding, but I'm willing to suspend my standard operating parameters of disbelief in this area," Dr. Nadir replies, a trace of humor in her tone of voice even as she nods slowly. "And it's not volunteering, I already volunteered," she plucks at the sleeve of her uniform lightly, "this is merely expedient and I'll be the only one to blame if we find a warehouse full of supplies and I miss the stuff we need. It's far more linear this way," she adds before casting a sidelong look at the chaplain. "Having someone who isn't geared up in tactical kit and everything will probably be more reassuring and familiar for any kids they pull off of planet in the ex-fil," again her hands are tucked into her pockets, "we can ask around any of the other medical staff. I'm not honestly fond of children so I wouldn't willingly put myself in a room or a raptor full of them. But if you need another hand," she turns back to the Major, "I'll help where ever I can."

Iphigenia finally does speak up, seeming to have resolved her internal conflict. "Major, if my department clears it, I'd be glad to go to Aerilon."

"Of course, Doctor. Thank you." Zachary offers, letting out a long and slow breath. "Anyway, I'll make sure that Flopsy here gets a good blessing back at the chapel to keep an eye out for her owner." He pauses, and nods to Geni. "Excellent." he comments. "Consider it practice for Picon." he says to her.

"You might want to," Dr. Nadir suggests in voice that isn't quite a mutter and doesn't quite twitch, "clean it before you reunite it with it's owner, Major."

"I'll do that." Iphigenia says. "We'll need to make sure we account for the room we'll need if we do have any come back with us. Aerilon's also fairly fertile land; we may be able to do a quick survey for remedies there."

"We'll have more time on Virgon, there is no known Basestars in the area." Zachary points out. "Aerilon will be rushed." he admits. And he nods slowly again. "Sure, Doctor, of course." With that, he looks between the two. "Thank you for the help - and please, put in a prayer for Doctor Sheperd, Sister." he requests as he starts to turn to leave.

"Of course. Actually, if there's opportunity and you don't think she'd object, I'll pay a call." Iphigenia suggests as he retreats.

"Sure, I will talk to her about it, Sister. And let you know what she says." Zachary says with a slow nod of his head before he withdraws.

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