Commander Gillian Faulkner
Faulkner2.jpg Faulkner, Gillian K.
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Executive Officer
Age Sex
55 Female
Hair Eyes
Black Green


Gillian Devita wasn't old enough to serve in the First Cylon War, but that doesn't mean that she didn't fight in it. She'd known almost fifteen years of life by the time the war ended, which meant she'd been old enough to hold a rifle for three of them. Although they are not her favorite memories of her childhood on Tauron, they are some of her most vivid. She never speaks of them, but whatever she saw was enough to convince her that if only they had fought smarter instead of harder, that things could've been better, that the streets of Olympia might not have been painted red with blood, that the names of the dead would not have seemed like an endless flood pouring into the river Styx.

Whatever she saw, it was enough to convince her to devote her life to the Colonial Fleet. It has required more sacrifices than she expected. And she has made every one.

Her career has been long and, in certain circles, storied. From her time as a midshipmen at the Colonial Fleet Academy on Picon, she has proved both competent and clever. This extended into her time as an intelligence operative and exfiltration specialist, to her service aboard several ships as an intelligence officer, and finally to her foray into command. She is known as a woman capable of dodging landmines, of turning the best of a pile of bad options into something workable, and of salvaging missions otherwise doomed to fail. Her dedication has earned her the respect of admirals and crewman alike.

It has also cost her her marriage. It almost cost her her family.

After sixteen years of marriage, during which the Fleet always came first, her husband was finally fed up. He waited until after their son's thirteenth birthday to file the papers, though. Gillian was always grateful for that. And she never did stop loving him. It may be why she still carries his name. It may be why she still wears his ring. That, or to remind her to cling to what little she has left.

Her posting to the Orion is expected to be her last. The Commander's plans for "retirement" center around returning to Tauron in order to be closer to her family. Given her drive, this also includes plans to serve as a military advisor to one of her home planet's representatives on the People's Council, who has already offered her the position — unofficially, of course. It is widely rumored that this is little more than an excuse to groom her for the posting when his own term ends.

That the woman considers a career in politics a 'quiet retirement' should not be overlooked.

Immediate Family

Name Relation Notes Status
Lorraine Varley Sister Receptionist Alive
Joseph Faulkner (Ex) Husband Construction Supervisor Alive
Greg Faulkner Son Database Designer Alive
Sonya Faulkner Daughter-in-Law Payroll Clerk Alive
Jacob Faulkner Grandson Age Two Alive

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