PWD #01: Fans and Shredders
Fans and Shredders
Summary: Wake confronts Knox about The Letters.
Date: 04/01/2013 (OOC Date)
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Wake Knox 
Marine Country
Its a hallway.
04 JAN 2005

After grabbing a shower and getting dressed for the day, Knox exits the barracks and heads off down the corridor. As usual, he didn't shave this morning (its mostly and every other day kinda thing) and he needs a haircut. The uniform is faded from wear but the boots are spitshined to perfection and he's hauling a SINGCARS radio pack over his shoulder as he rounds through the maze of corridors.

Tracking and catching something is hard work. Harder still when you have a rabbit's warren of a battlestar to maneuver. Still-if you know what you're looking for, and where you're looking. You can find about anything or anyone. Dressed down in crisp Navy Blues, Lieutenant Wake-likely doesn't stand out too much. He's just another officer on another mission-with a folder all clasped in his hand. A different path-and there he catches it. A sucking in of breath, as the intel officer backs up and takes off. Hurrying to catch up to Knox. The Wirelo pack-enough to signal it is likely one of the three JTAC's on board. "Sergeant. A moment?"

The Marine turns, a smirk on his face and he nods to the officer. "Mornin', sir," he says quietly. Just loud enough to be heard. "I got a few, sure. Just on my way up to get a bagel before rotation." He glances to the folder with a friendly expression as he reshoulders the radio. "What can we do for ya, Lieutenant?"

Wake stares at Knox for a moment, before his own smile shows easy and casual. "Thank you." comes the usual affable Aerilon drawl, as the Lieutenant comes along closer until he is able to walk along with Knox, leisurely. "I'll try not to keep you." he adds. "But, I thought you and I could have a little talk. See. I've heard rumors on board running' round. And knowing how dedicated you are. I figured you'd have the best ear to the ground.."

Knox turns as the man comes up along side and continues on. The Sergeant moves at a pace probably better reserved for a surfer heading out for a few dives before class. the questions seem to surprise him, though, and he blinks. "Well sir, all I can really say on /that/ is that you have a better chance of learnin by listenin than by talking. Don't know that I'm better than anyone else, though. Anything in particular, sir?" he offers, glancing back to Wake.

"Letter." Wake says with a glance back towards Knox. His eyes watching the other man. Even the laid back attitude could be a shell. No way anyone is this frakkin' zen. "Some folks apparently complaining about Kreskas-one of your Officers." he adds. "I am just curious, given the runs we got you boys in, how Morale is looking."

There's a nod in confirmation and plain recognition in his eyes. "Letter, aye sir." He knows /something/ about letters. "Complaining about Kreskas, though?" He looks dubious. "Like I told the Major the other day, sir, the skipper is good people. Course he's a Captain, and kind of a stickler, and some junior enlisted hate that. But that's pretty common. You know how it goes, sir. Longer time you have in, the better an understanding you have for the system. Morale, though? Dunno, sir. My and the other two are technically attached to Dog platoon, but we're JTACs, sir. We're not the normal crowd. You'd honestly have better results talkin to probably the Platoon Sergeant or other squad leaders."

Wake nods. "You would be likely correct, Cooper." Wake says as he keeps pace with the JTAC. "But, I am still asking you none the less." Wake informs as he slows down and looks back to the other man. "Maybe not just Kreskas." he says as he looks back towards Knox for a moment, eyes in careful Study. "Maybe, about the state of the Corps. Or the Air wing." With that he is looking back down to his file in hand. "You have any clue what I am talking about, Sergeant?"

The use of his name seems to catch him off guard before he smirks and slows to a stop, nodding. It seems like maybe he was expecting this and its a little funny. When asking if its about Kreskas or not, his eyes look back to Wake and he reshoulders the radio, hanging a thumb through the strap. "Kreskas. Readiness. You know my name. Look, el-tee, I know what I'm talking about. But I'll be straight honest with you here." The hand looped through the strap splays a bit as if to say 'whatever'. "I've been briefed about some shit, and I know some other things I've seen. Neither, of which, I have any authorization to talk to you about. So until I know who you are and that you're cleared to know what I know, go ask Major Petra up in Tactical." He glances to the file. "Unless you're going to show me something, sir. Then maybe we'll have something to talk about." He stares back at the Tac officer with the perfected look of challenge that only a Marine Sergeant could have perfected. Knox knows what's going on and he's a good Marine. This guy knows better than to make assumptions. "Sir," he finally finishes.

"You've been briefed, or you've been writing?" Wake says quieter, there's a glance as he drops the conversation. Some PO running off in another direction-which causes the Lieutenant to look back towards Knox. "I've been cleared." that is much as he offers before he is raising a brow. "You can check with Petra, but I'm Lieutenant Thomas Wake." his introduction there. "Intel." that should give some indication as to why the Lieutenant has shown up. "I have things in here. Things I am on my way to talk to the Major about-and they concern you." he states. "I believe in laying all our cards on the table-specially right now."

"I've written a lot of things, sir. But I've been briefed about a lot of things as well." Knox isn't one to talk about what he knows, apparently. Wake tells him to check with Petra and what does Knox do? He looks to a phone on the wall ten feet away and points to it. "If I pick up that phone, /sir/, and find out you aren't cleared? The next call will be to the Military Police and I'll have you in shackles, sir. That's not a threat. I take this shit seriously." Knox's previously relaxed state is gone. This is far more like what Wake is probably used to dealing with as far as Marines go. But the LT continues on and he glances down to the folder and quirks his brow. "Okay. You have my attention, sir." Its said evenly.

"Make the call Sergeant." Wake says as he watches the other man for a moment, before he is looking back to the folder. "What I have in here, puts your prints on something, that they should not have been on. UNless there is a reason." He glances up. "And that is what I need to know. I need to know, what you've been briefed on by the Major. And I need to know why I have your fingerprints on this thing." Still he isn't showing it to Knox right now. "I'm sure you can fathom what I am talking about here, Sergeant. If so, you can appreciate the sensitivity here."

Knox stares the Lieutenant down, even after the man continues on speaking. The Marine is trying to gauge whether or not this guy is bluffing. But he eventually blinks and looks down to the folder. "Well sir, you mentioned a letter. Considering what I read, that's what I would imagine you are asking me about. Given what Petra briefed myself and Corporal Noble on, and I briefed the Captain on, that just confirms the whole godsdamned thing." Knox's jaw locks. He looks like he wants to punch something, balling his fist around the strap of the radio. He ends up lashing out with a boot and mule-kicking the wall right behind him. "Man, what the frak?" he whispers hoarsely. "What about our families, man?!" Knox looks pissed. He turns, almost stalking away, but he stops himself and looks back. "Yeah. Yeah I read something. Made me sit the hell up and take notice. I asked a few questions. Listened. Watched. Decided maybe it wasn't bullshit. You wanna know what I've been briefed on, you can probably godsdamned well guess. 'Readiness'." He nearly spits the word. "Like the wing loading up bombers is just for show, right? Anyone who deals with aircraft knows how dangerous it is to leave all that shit parked, armed, and fueled on a hangar deck."

Wake stares right on towards Knox. "You read this before the Major came and started asking you about shit?" And it's there the Aerilon drawl, loses it's friendly tenor. "You know where it was before you go it?" These things, are of course important. Still despite the actions of the Marine, Wake maintains his composure. "I can, but I like to hear it." And there comes the word. Readiness. And there's a grim line taken in. "Keep it down, Sergeant." Though the man in whispering. The Lieutenant closes the brief. "You see-I need to find this writer, because all this readiness?" a vague motion made back in the direction of marine town and of course the deck. "Will mean shit. If something is brewing." Which likely Wake believes it is. "..then we need as much information as we can get before we go screaming in with our pants down and cocks out."

"What're you talkin about, man? Askin me /what/? I found a godsdamned letter on the ground, sir. Damned thing was open, half hangin out. It was supposed to go to out Deputy S3. I read it twice, restuffed it, stuck it on a crate by the SecHub door like mail to be delivered. Damned thing was sittin on the ground, man." Knox looks fairly intense. Its not hard to imagine this guy in combat. He's got the stare and carefully timed outlets for frustration and anger. This is Knox, combat mindset. "Well what the frak, man? Good luck, then! Meantime, myself and a Corporal are busy trying to unass a whole company while Kreskas is trying to kick the officers over. Its about as much fun as frak-startin a chipper shredder!" Knox purses his lips so tight they turn white, staring back at Wake. "Petra didn't tell us shit for details. He told us he needed the Corps up and moving and that he didn't want boot-shine readiness, he wanted combat readiness. Door kicking. That means we aren't looking at inspections, sir. Man knows his game and how to say plenty without sayin anything, el-tee." Coop is barely restrained. He probably needs something to put ordnance on.

"You found it here in Marine country- or where was it, when you found it all hanging out?" Wake asks, with a brief glance given to Knox. "That's important to me." If anything it might get or give him some clue. "I know what the hell you're doing Sergeant. Please remember that." he adds before looking back to the folder briefly. "I know it." he adds before glancing up. "You tell anyone about the letter-or you just watch?"

"Sittin in a hallway down near SecHub, sir" Knox's anger seems to fade a little bit. "Just sittin on the ground. I don't know man, I walked while I was readin it. Freaked me the hell out and this whole convo doesn't have me settled too well, either." Probably an understatement. Of the year. He just watches Wake until the last. "Man, I wouldn't even tell you what I knew without meeting out somewhere between. You think I'm gonna tell anyone about that? You know how many of us got families? You know whatgets people killed more than bullets? Panic." He stabs a thumb in the air towards his chest. "/I/ won't be the cause of panic, sir."

"Well, I need you settled and calm when you go up. If someone gives you shit. Tell, I told you to shave or some shit. I don't give a freak. But, it is imperative, that no one knows we talked, beyond the Major. Copy, Sergeant?" As for the rest, he merely nods. "Thank you." There's a glance to his watch. "Folks will wonder why you are running late." Apparently Wake knows his man, in this case. "I'm going to let you head along, but you will hear from me soon. And in a more secure manner." With that he watches the Sergeant for a moment before nodding. "Head on, Cooper." Thom states.

"Yeah, real zen right now, sir. Man.." Coop looks away for a moment and then back at Wake. "Yeah, whatever. I'll make up something or just tell them its none of their business." He hears the comment about the watch, though, and shakes his head. "You spooks are unbelievable. Chasin assholes with a quill rather than pickin up a rifle to stand a post. I hope the view is real nice from your perch if this shit hits the fan, sir." Coop's mouth twitches before her turns and heads off, seething.

Wake snorts. "Sergeant. You hand me a gun, and I'll be there." That's as much of a farewell and dismissed the Sergeant gets, but as he turns off Seething, Wake merely smirks. Before he is turning and heading on towards his other destination.

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