AWD #008: Family Therapy
Family Therapy
Summary: A long scene in the Fitness Center
Date: 14/01/2013 (OOC Date)
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Fitness Center - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
13 January 2005

There are probably things Leo Tiptoft should be doing right now, but after clocking a double-shift in the sims last morning and the requisite time on CAP this morning, he's decided to postpone his paperwork and take a well-deserved break. Which is why he's sitting cross-legged in the middle of one of the Orion's Pyramid courts with three binders surrounding him: one red, one black, and one bright Mustangs blue. About six or seven different varieties of writing implements are scattered around him. He's currently chewing — hard — on the back end of a wilting dry erase marker, which he's applied with abandon to a big whiteboard laid out on his lap.

Augustus arrives in the fitness center with his right arm tucked against his chest in a sling as he listens to the commotion coming from the reconfigured Pyramid court. Sadly the court being out means the sparring and boxing area is out and he settles down a little, pausing as he notices Tiptoft. "Evenin." the large DCO offers as he leans back on his heels. "What's got ya eatin erasers?"

Watching him for a moment, Eden tilts her head curiously, "Are you propositioning me, Captain?" A dark brow rises higher yet before she starts to rise from where she sits. "You are an interesting cook, pilot, man, sir." She says and glances out over the scene, stepping forward to cross her arms and get a look at the storm with a bit more of a view.

"Mmph. Yo." Tiptoft spits out his pen and offers the other man a wave. Dark eyes narrow slightly as he places the face with the disturbance in the observation deck — but seeing as this time Augie doesn't reek of blood, he's invited into the court itself. Come into the sanctum. "Got some free time on my hands and the sims are all booked up for, like, the next thirty-three hours. Plus, the berths are kinda … grim right now, yeh?" What with the news from the recent recons. This is unsaid. "So figured I'd come out here, clear my head a bit." He gestures to the whiteboard, which he's covered with a mess of circles and arrows. "Plays. For Pyramid. Got a lotta rooks out there who wanna learn my game, yeh? Gotta rank them up some, and that means trying to get them to do something that's not 'run real fast and chuck the ball in the head.'"

"We all have our ways to do that." Augie admits as he comes out on the court. "Ain't never had much of a taste fer the game myself." he comments as he looks down at the board. "And I wanted to apologize fer the other night. Didn't mean to freak ya out. Just was hurt and gettin to my gal just seemed to be the natural thing to do."

"Shit. Me? I was good. Not the first time I've seen someone get wrecked by a knife." Tiptoft shrugs artlessly, chucking the whiteboard aside and pushing himself to his feet. A convenient excuse to break eye contact. "You scared Midge well and true, though." The orange-clad deckie who probably vomited after running out for a medkit. "Gotta say, though, humans are all frakked up. Got the Cylons running train on us out there and we still keep killing each other."

"Gal lost it when her husband went code blue. She went after the doc. Tried to stop her, and it didn't work." Augie lets out a breath. "Damn doc bled out in my arms. Still can't shake that thought." He shakes his head. "Prolly been giving Ceres a headache she don't need."

"Lots of thoughts we can't shake." Tiptoft grimaces, turning away from the big man to amble over to the nearby goal. He plucks a Pyramid ball from its cage, gripping it tightly in his left hand like one of those stress-relievers. "Never got introduced to you that night, by the way," he calls. "Name's Leo. Leo Tiptoft. But everybody calls me Thumper. Or Tippy. Or Tips. Or Tip. Or — yeah. You get the idea."

The hatch opens to admit a pale, sunken-eyed Holtz, in off-duty tanks and a gym bag over one shoulder. He directs a bloodshot stare around the mostly empty room as he walks stiffly towards the exercise equipment, his steps taking him not far from where Augie and Tiptoft are standing and talking; his head cranes to look at Tiptoft in particular, or more specifically, the binders he's studying. "I'd ask you if you ever got sick of that shit, Tip, but I think I know the answer." Holtz's usually smooth voice is dry and guttural. "The frak is all that, anyway?" He drops the bag down on one of the nearby sparring mats, pulling the tanktops off over his head. Augie gets a nod. "It's Garrido, right? How's the arm?"

Augustus extends his left hand to the man. "Augustus Garrido. But Redux is the only one that calls me that. Augie for everyone else. I'm the ship's Damage Control Officer." Which probably explains a lot. "Nice to meet ya, Leo."

"It's fine. Sorry about bleedin all over yer pilot get together." he comments to Holtz as his arm is in a sling and the arm is stitched from elbow to underarm.

"You ever get tired of your ass getting beat on the court, Storm?" The jibe is half-hearted, and delivered in a somewhat muted tone. Meanwhile, Thumper steps forward and shakes the officer's left hand with his right hand. "Plays. Trying to put down everything I remember from Coach's old playbook. Then I'm gonna start coming up with my own shit. Some basic shit, some more advanced shit, and so on. Gotta train you assholes up or I'll get bored." Tiptoft grins, spreading his hands wide.

Sebastian arrives from the Recreation Hall.
Sebastian has arrived.

"Not your fault some crazy bitch got stab-happy," Holtz says to Augie with a shrug. "Dunno if we've been introduced. Kurt Holtz." He snorts at Tiptoft. "If you couldn't beat the likes of me on the court, Thump, I'd say you sucked even worse than I remember from your playing days." Holtz's tone is as leaden as Tiptoft's, though; he doesn't seem to have his heart in the usual banter between pilots. He begins a series of stretches, starting with the arms.

"Augie Garrido, DCO." Augie offers, and moves out of the way. "I'm not much good with the busted arm, and I promised the doc I'd not push it too hard for the next week." He just seems to want to sit around and watch for the moment.

Thumper's chuckles send shivers down the massive muscles of his torso. "I was doing some thinking, yeh? Shit, after I lost my appeal I went home and put up a photo of the Commish on my wall. Then I frakking punched it so hard I broke my godsdamned hand." The same hand that reaches up to clutch the dull silver medallion hanging around his neck. "But I thought about it some last night after getting all frakked up in Butch's sim sesh. If I hadn't juiced, maybe I woulda still been on Gemenon, playing for the Twins. Maybe none of this woulda happened. And, well." Everybody knows what happened to Gemenon. "So, uh." The big man draws to an awkward halt.

"Thank the gods for small favors, I guess." It's said cynically, rather than devoutly, as Holtz continues to work through his stretches. An eye catches Sebastian's entrance, and he freezes for a half second before greeting the ECO with a tiny nod of his own. "You're not the only one to think about that shit, believe me." He steps onto the mat, striding towards one of the punching bags. His loose stance and lack of gloves suggests not a trained boxer, but a street fighter. The man's tattooed arms flex as he suddenly starts raining a cadence of heavy, furious blows upon the bag.

"So say we all," mutters Tiptoft, the skin of his right hand rippling as it tightens around his medallion. Holtz may invoke the gods lightly; he, at least, will not. And that's about all the time he has for such recriminations, at least for today. A booted foot kicks his folders and pens to one side so Augie can reset the mat if he wants to. Though he's keeping the ball. It's comforting.

"Something brought us all here. And it's our job to kick the shit out of the tin cans fer what they did." Augie comments as he watches the Holtz hit the bag. "Pull yer feet in tighter, yer losing the power to the punch with that stance."

Sebastian hesitates as he makes his way to his usual cardio machine. His attention is on Holtz, his expression tinged ever so slightly with regret. Maybe he should have lied to the pilot. He lets out a huff of air and finds a corner to stretch in, keeping half an eye on Holtz.

"I ever tell you how I ended up here?" Holtz's question is rhetorical, his words punctuated by sharp breaths as he continues to attack the bag. In his short time on the Orion, he really hasn't discussed his past with anyone, save Phin, his wingman. He doesn't answer Augie directly, but he does pull his feet in slightly as he delivers another punishing combo against his target. "Divorced the wife, she got custody and the house. So, I reactivated my commission." He gives a shout, and gives the bag a snap-kick. "I'd only been back in uniform a frakkin' month when the tincans came back."

"Better." Augie caught the motion as he watches the interactions of the others, leaning against the wall with his arm still in a sling. "I've been on Orion since her maiden flight. Probably know every bolt on this tub. I suffer the usual curse of a DCO, you settle in, you learn your boat, and you find it impossible to leave."

That decides it. Sebastian stops his stretching and makes his way towards Holtz, his expression one of quiet determination, his dark eyes still full of empathy. "That bag isn't doing it for you, is it, man?" He asks, "Want something more satisfying to punch at?"

"Lifer, huh?" This, to Augie. "Me, I was on Solaria. Two years with the Ragin' Rams. Heard they got hit pretty bad after contact, but shit." Tiptoft spins the ball on his index finger as he steps over his folders, sending it up into the air before catching it behind his back with his right hand. "Breaker, Stinker, Backwash — best pilots I ever saw. Even better than you, Storms, and you were rock-and-rolling up there. Might still be out there punching holes in bugs. Like Picon, yeh?"

And then, belatedly, to Sebastian: "Uh. Yo. You thought that one through, dude?"

"Make sure you wear the full sparring gear." Augie says to the two. "If ya break yer nose and yer a pilot, a lot more than the docs are gonna frown at ya."

Slipping into the fitness center with a faintly distracted stride, towel over her shoulder and dressed in shorts and tanks. That messy braid bobs against her back as she moves. Its only after a few feet in that she pauses and gives a glance up towards the others. "Hey DCO, sirs."

"I know exactly what I'm doing." Sebastian says to Tiptoft and Holtz in that quiet, calm way he has. He eyes the Tauron man. "You think I can't take it?" He gives Augie a hint of a chin lift to acknowledge what he said.nods her head to the pilots at large and steps off to the side to stretch for the time being, but her attentiont drifts to them in their conversation. "Oh, hey Kurt." Holtz is recognized.

"Hi, Afton," Holtz says to the braided blonde, his eyes wavering from the bag long enough to offer her a glance and a nod. "I… " Holtz hesitates, his arms falling back to his sides as he considers Sebastian's offer. "You sure you want to do that?" His eyes are hooded as he asks the rather loaded question.

"Hey Jumper." Augie offers to Afton as he leans against the wall, arm still in a sling. "I ain't givin sparrin lessons tonight, sadly." he comments as he watches the other. "But maybe one of the gentlemen will fill yer dance card?"

"Martyr, huh? Well, Fleet takes all kinds," mumbles the rather bemused Tiptoft. "Sheeeyit." And then, with a sudden twist of his very large body, he fires his Pyramid ball into the wide-open head from twenty feet out. It takes a wicked curve to the left before crashing back into the cage. Stumping back courtside, he bends down to retrieve his folders and stuff them into his gym bag.

"Is that so," She eyes Sebastian and Holtz as she curls her lips. "You can take Kurt, sir." She doesn't know Sebastian but she gives him a vote of confidence. "Just aim for the stomach." Making a mock blow with her fist, her braid sways and she grins a bit more, green eyes flashing with mirth before she watches Tiptoft through that ball. Pause. He looks familiar. Eyes narrow in study before she turns back to Augie. "Next time, I am sure you will be up for rending me into mush later."

"I'd offer to fight ya one handed, Jumper." Augie smirks. "But between that cray cray doctor that stitched me back together and Ducks, I'd piss off two to many girls." he says with a chuckle as he remains leaned up against the wall. "Nine more days, and then I can go back to bein myself."

"It's not you I'm worried about, Booboo," is all Holtz says to Sebastian. He snorts in Afton's direction. "Yeah, well, don't expect that to work again next time, Afton." Holtz puts as much mirth into his tone as he's capable of, which at the moment isn't much.

Tiptoft slings his bag over his shoulder, gathers up the rest of his gear, and pads as quietly as he can to the hatch. (He's actually quite loud, all things considered.)

Call it excellent timing but Dr. Nadir steps into the room to the sound of 'crazy crazy doctor …' (so called by Augie) and looks slowly around the room, the expression on her face is one of calculation and speculation as she eyes the smelly fitness center.

"Don't worry, Holtz. I promise not to break your pretty face." Sebastian tells the man wryly, as he looks around for the sparring gear. "You need this." That's added in a more serious, soft tone. He winks at Afton's encouragement.

"Well then in nine days I will see you again, Augie…but now, I am curious to see how this goes." Meaning Sebastian and Holtz. Afton rises, stretching her arms over her head as she lifts a brow at the lack of mirth in Holtz mood. Her gaze narrows slightly but she doesn't say anything in fact she notices Nadir and smiles, "Doctor."

"Have fun." Augie says, letting Afton go. And he wiggle fingers at Samtara, casually remaining against the wall.

Just as one leaves another enters. Chase, a newer arrival wrinkles her nose slightly as she steps into the fitness center, taking only a moment to see what she was looking for as her gaze settles on the weight machine. With measures steps she weaves her way through the room, nodding briefly to any she passes.

While running idle calculations as to the sheer number of bacteria on every available surface Dr. Nadir nods in return to Afton while saying, "Officer St. James," in greeting. Her hazel eyes lift from Afton toward Augie, "Lieutenant," said with another nod as she taps the fingertips of her left hand against her hip, not quite ready to commit to germ covered surfaces.

Holtz shrugs. "Fine. Suit yourself." He steps away from the bag onto one of the empty mats. What he doesn't do, however, is move to pick up any of the sparring equipment. The muscular Viper pilot spreads his arms wide in an almost welcoming gesture, his features hardening. "Whenever you're ready."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sebas=melee Vs Holtz=melee
< Sebas: Success Holtz: Good Success
< Net Result: Holtz wins - Marginal Victory

The quiet, dark-eyed ECO considers Holtz, pausing as he holds a sparring helmet in one hand. His eyes are full of empathy, before he shakes his head… And abruptly throws a right hook with the hand not holding the helmet, letting it fall to the ground as he abruptly starts the sparring.

The weights had been her intended destination, up until she sees the sparring. Halting nearby, Chase stands in a casual stance, hands clasped loosely behind her back, bag dropped by her feet, eyeing the two with interest.

Afton stays somewhat close to Augie so that when Nadir speaks to him, Afton casts him a glance and notices his arm. "So that was you, the other day in medical." She presses her lips into a thin line and ponders something, brows furrowing. She gives a shrug of her shoulders and then rolls them back.

Stepping in from the outside, Fischer looks around for a few moments. The tall corporal should be a familiar sight to those who as been here since the Orion started on its mission out here, although not everyone might remember his name. Pausing as he sees the sparring, he heads over in that direction after a few moments of pause, steps a bit slow now.

Sebastian's strike is true, but Holtz brings up an arm to deflect the blow, blocking it almost contemptuously. His lips are set in a thin line as he strikes with a powerful right of his own, hoping Sebastian's attack will leave the ECO out of position to defend.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Holtz=melee Vs Sebastian=melee
< Holtz: Good Success Sebastian: Good Success
< Net Result: Sebastian wins - Marginal Victory

"No, that was twin brother Octoberus." Augie smirks. "How many huge people do you know on this ship?" he asks her with a smile. "Hi, doc. See, not using the arm." he promises her, as he watches the two fighting. "Move your feet! Don't be a statue, statues get shat on by pigeons!"

"Your restraint, Lieutenant, is admirable," Dr. Nadir replies, a touch of dry humor in her tone of voice, fingertips still tapping against her side until she quells the movement with a effort of will. "How are the stitches holding?" she wonders.

Although he lacks the power of the bigger man, and the skill, Sebastian is quick. He doesn't attempt to absorb the blow, but dodges, side-stepping. He keeps his gaze focused on Holtz, though, retaining his usual calm and planning his strike with the same cool deliberation he'd use planning a jump or striking a line of Centurions with Javelin missiles.

Ygraine arrives from the Recreation Hall.
Ygraine has arrived.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sebastian=melee Vs Holtz=melee
< Sebastian: Success Holtz: Good Success
< Net Result: Holtz wins - Marginal Victory

Chase watches the quick movements by both of them, the quickness of one, the solid strength of the other. Somehow she just manages to refrain from choosing one side or the other, just listening to conversation around her while she watches.

Removing the arm from the sling, Augie holds it out to the doctor for her to study the stitches. They're holding strong. True to his word, he hasn't tried to use it too much. "It's a pain in the ass in the shower. Ya got anymore baggies to wrap it up in?"

Ygraine meanders in. Don't ask where she got the chocolate bar, or why she's eating it in the fitness center. But there's a crowd, and there's good looking men groping each other, and clearly the universe means for Yggy to be there for it. PREDESTINATION.

Afton steps back, watching Augie and Nadir a moment before she wipes her hands to her towel and lifts a let to stretch. She smiles as Sebastian seems to get a few small licks and she whistles in appreciation. A look to those just entering and a nod is given.

Kalum arrives from the Recreation Hall.
Kalum has arrived.

Holtz makes a noise as Sebastian dances around his opening blow. He again blocks the ECO's attack, but doesn't return the attack right away; instead, he circles around his foe, taking Sebastian's measure before suddenly shuffling his feet and charging in, fists leading the way.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Holtz=melee Vs Sebastian=melee
< Holtz: Failure Sebastian: Great Success
< Net Result: Sebastian wins - Crushing Victory

Sebastian is almost contemptuous as he ducks and dodges Holtz, even going so far as to swat the pilot on the butt. SMACK. "Come on, Storm." Sebastian says, voice calm and almost conversational. "Stop holding back. I'm just as much a man as you are."

Fischer steps further towards the little fight now, looking around for a few moments. Pausing a little as he spots Chase, he starts heading in her direction now, keeping quiet for the moment.

Blinking out of confusion as Sebastian manages to one up Holtz, Afton actually begins to laugh. "Oi…!" She calls out, rather amused at the moment as she stands on the periphery of the spar near Augie and Samtara. A shake of her head sends that messy braid into motion and she places a hand to her hip, stilling her own prep to watch with a little less distraction.

While the doctor checks his arm, Augie eyes the room. Glancing next to him, he opens up a cabinet and pulls out a long blue rifle. He lifts it to his free shoulder, and aims, and aims, the barrel flashing in the light as he draws a bead on Ygraine and holds his aim on the farm girl. He steadies himself, holding there, holding it.. and he draws in a breath and squeezes the trigger. Click.

Poof. A nerf dart flies out of the barrel and spirals towards the ECO.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Augie=firearms Vs Ygraine=alertness
< Augie: Great Success Ygraine: Success
< Net Result: Augie wins - Solid Victory

So far, Holtz doesn't seem to have his head in the game. Or Sebastian's just that nimble. In either case, Holtz's blows fail to land, and his lips contort in a silent snarl as he turns to put the ECO in his sights once more. He charges in again, aiming a quick one-two at Sebastian.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Holtz=melee Vs Sebastian=melee
< Holtz: Great Success Sebastian: Success
< Net Result: Holtz wins - Crushing Victory

The hatch to the Fitness Center opens with a dull thump, and Petty Officer Kallum drifts inside. Quickly he sees that a fight is going on, and starts over to watch. Nerf darts are shot. The PJ drifts over to one side, and makes his way towards Afton. "So much for a quiet work out," he states in a low and quiet voice to the other PJ. "What prompted all this?"

Dr. Nadir walks around Augie's side and examines the under side of his arm, eyes narrowed slightly while checking the line of the stitches that run from just below his elbow all the way up nearly to his arm pit. "Packing tape," she says while she turns his arm slightly from side to side. "The clear stuff, you'll probably get some from requisitions, but a strip of it down the length of the stitches will be water resistant long enough to stand to showering. Just peel up the edge when you're done. It'll sting but it'll do the job."

Bop! Ygraine is thunked by a nerf dart! Looking down at it, she shrugs, wraps her chocolate, and sticks it in her pocket. Then she bends down to collect the dart, and once secure in her hand, shoves it right in the middle of her cleavage. The culprit is going to have to wait until two hot men from the Air Wing stop groping each other in manly ways for her entertainment.

Chase grins appreciatively as the spar seems to pick up as far as rivalry is concerned, warm brown eyes not missing a move. They do however miss the tall Corporal approaching her. It seems to be an evenly matched pair.

The familiar voice next to her brings Afton's head about and she smiles at the man beside her. "You ask that given all thats happened?" A wry brow perks over one green eye and she flexes her hands. "Good to see you out, Kalum," She says and tilts her head, considering something. "Want to have a go?" She asks, a tightness at the corner of her eyes.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sebastian=melee Vs Holtz=melee
< Sebastian: Failure Holtz: Good Success
< Net Result: Holtz wins - Solid Victory

The blow that Holtz throws lands true, connection across Sebastian's jaw. He stumbles back, nearly falling down. The ECO reaches up from where he's fallen to one knee, checking his lip to make sure it's not split. "Better." He tells Holtz, voice slightly slurred as he favors the side of the jaw that Holtz hit. But he's still calm, conversational. And he slowly gets to his feet, and attempts to throw another punch.

Shouldering the rifle, Augie shrugs as Ygraine just shoves the dart between the bunny slopes and goes back to nodding to Samtara. "Packing tape. Ya got it. And I can handle a little hurt. Those pills ya gave me mess with my head."

"IT's a coin toss, pain meds wise," Dr. Nadir explains to Augie as she takes a step back, nodding at his arm, "you're either going to feel a measurable reduction in pain OR you are simply not going to care that it hurts. Coin toss, every time."

"The Docs had me count all the pills in the sickbay. Wanted a hand count so that we know what to look for if we end up planet side. Long story short we need everything we can get our hands on." Kalum says quietly to Afton. "Scuttlebut says 'Who know when we'll be able to resupply.'" The PJ's pale eyes return to the fight going on infront of him. "Now if it were different times I'd take you up on that offer Afton, but you and I don't need to be nursing bumps and bruises and torn muscles right now. Folks will need us at our best."

Holtz sees something in Sebastian's stance, and he's ready when the ECO moves in on the attack. He ducks slightly to one side to avoid the blow, that cold expression still plastered on his face. Suddenly, in a snap movement, he aims another punch at Sebastian's face and follows it up with a leg kick aimed at the back of Sebastian's knee, aiming to knock the other man to the mat.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Holtz=melee Vs Sebastian=melee
< Holtz: Great Success Sebastian: Success
< Net Result: Holtz wins - Solid Victory

"Aww, man." Yggy raises her voice, "Not in the face, Holtzy! The guy's getting married!"

Stopping right behind Chase now, Fischer takes his eyes off the fight for a few moments to study her. After a brief pause, he chuckles a little. "Seems like quite an entertaining fight," he remarks.

"Copy that, doc." Augie says and puts the rifle away as he settles back to watch the fight for a moment longer.

The blow to his face is dodged, but it puts Sebastian in a position he isn't able to side-step the kick at the knee. And he lets out a little grunt as Holtz' kick connects, falling down to the ground as he loses his balance. Thankfully, however, there isn't the crack of a broken bone. He stays on hands and knees for several moments, before he wobbly gets to his feet, favoring the leg and looks at Holtz, expression calm and collected as ever. "Not done yet." He tells the other man. "We're just getting started."

Green eyes glance to Kalum and she gives a sympathetic look. But at his comment about them nursing bumps, she shakes her head. "I promise I wouldn't hit you that hard, Kalum." She intones but there is mirth only in her voice. "Better this than the alternative. With the death of the Doctor in sickbay a day ago…" She trails off, wincing as that last hit is made and she takes a step towards Sebastian, "Sir, I think thats enough." She glances to her fellow PO to help.

"I'll take you up on that offer soon, Afton." Kalum says taking a few steps back here. "I'm going to grab some shut eye, and come back to lift when the place is less busy. Place always fills up after new years." The PJ claps the other on the shoulder, and then moves to step out.

"Yeah," Chase agrees immediately, turning to see who is addressing her, "It really d…" Several emotions war over Chase's features at once, recognition, disbelief, awe.. followed up by fear to all be quickly replaced by neutrality. "Edward Fisher, of all places, here." There's not even a flicker of her attention on the sparring now. "What are you doing here?" As if it weren't obvious.

"Get up, godsdamnit," Holtz growls as Sebastian stays on the floor a moment, and Holtz hangs back, fists up and at the ready. But then the ECO is back on his feet. The anger and — is that pain? — in his voice seems uncharacteristic for a mere sparring match. "Now, for frak's sake hit me." Oddly enough, it sounds almost as if there's a hint of pleading behind that growl. He charges in once more, ignoring Afton in the heat of the moment as he strikes again.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Holtz=melee Vs Sebastian=melee
< Holtz: Great Success Sebastian: Failure
< Net Result: Holtz wins - Crushing Victory

"Aw shit." Augie drawls and pulls away from the wall and thunders, "HOLTZ! THAT IS ENOUGH!" His left hand balls up in case he needs to yank the pilot away as he runs towards the runamuck spar.

Sebastian takes the blows like a champion, he really does. He attempts to dodge Holtz's rush, but the blow to his leg took his biggest strength, his speed, away from him. And so the zerg rush happens, and the blow lands, splitting the ECO's lip open. How unhygienic. Even as he's reeling back, Sebastian tries to do what Holtz begs, and throws a blow at the pilot. "S'okay." He slurs at Afton and Augie both, "Needs this."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sebastian=melee Vs Holtz=melee
< Sebastian: Failure Holtz: Good Success
< Net Result: Holtz wins - Solid Victory

Holtz catches the ECO's clumsy blow and is about to give Sebastian's arm a vicious twist when Augie's shout finally seems to yank Holtz out of whatever it is that had suddenly possessed him. He releases his hold on the other man, and takes a step back, a stricken expression on his face as he abruptly seems to notice the extent of the other man's wounds. "Gods above," he whispers. "Seb, I…" He trails off, clearly aghast.

Fischer is unable to hold back a brief grin as he sees Chase's reaction. "Me? I don't know, I just live here," he offers, before he adds, "You know. Eat, sleep, drink, play guitar, that sort of thing." That's said a bit lightly, and with a straight face, before he smiles. "I didn't know you were here. It's good to see you again."

Ygraine looks for a moment like she might try to yank Afton away from the fight, and in fact gets so far as to reach out a hand to Afton and just maybe touch her shoulder. "I would - " but then here comes Hurricane Augie, and he is mighty.

Looking back to the small ECO, she is quite surprised as well and she gives the young woman a nod of her head. But as Holtz comes through, the PJ is there and stepping in swiftly. "Kurt, go walk it off." She says softly and reaches her hands out to grab for Sebastian carefully. "Hey, sir, how about we take a walk and sit over here on the bench so I can check you for a concussion? Do it for me." She offers him a smile.

Chase doesn't know whether to hug him or kick his ass. There is serious consideration to both. "Right.. The guitar. How had she forgotten that about him? "So this is where you've been hiding out.." copping a deceptively easy smile. "It's good to see you too, Fischer."

Slowing his roll as Holtz come to, Augustus lays a large paw on the pilot's shoulder. "Hit the showers." he offers gruffly. "Ya done enough, and there's a lot of shit fer that type of emotion." His voice is firm as he drops his arm to the side. He glances up to Afton and gives a grateful nod.

For a long moment, Holtz can't take his eyes off his own handiwork, as much as he might like to. Finally, though, he tears his eyes away from the wounded Sebastian and offers a jerky nod to Afton and then Augie. "Yeah. Yeah, I think I'll do that." His voice is distant and wooden as he slowly turns away and walks stiffly towards the hatch, not even stopping to grab his shirt or his gym bag as he leaves the fitness center.

"Hey, Stormy - you want I should walk you to the head?" Ygraine, now assured that Afton won't be on the receiving end of an accidental punch, starts to follow the tattooed man.

With her thumbs hooked into her front pockets, Dr. Nadir is observing all of this with a frown. Officer St. James has the issue well in hand so she doesn't barge in and, having found a good vantage point, observe the interaction much the way she would observe some particularly surprising experiment. Social interaction, always unexpected.

"Needed it." Sebastian tells Holtz, dark eyes so damn serious and, despite the rung bell, full of the same empathy they had when he told Holtz what happened to his home colony. "He needed it." Sebastian repeats, louder. "Sorry couldn't give you enough, Storm." The ECO docilely lets himself be lead away to be checked over, though.

Holtz grunts noncommittally over his shoulder to Ygraine, but the man does slow his steps slow a bit, just enough to allow her to catch up. If she wants to accompany him, it doesn't seem as if he's going to stop her. He can't quite bring himself to respond to Sebastian. Not at the moment, anyway.

"Hiding?" Fischer offers this a bit lightly, before he adds, "Well, I guess so. How about you? It's good to see you made it out from back home as well." A brief pause as he studies her, for the moment.

Afton gives Holtz a look before she studies Sebastian and helps him sit. Her finger lifts and she holds it up. "Watch this for me, please." She begins to move it from side to side, up and down in a slow methodical pace while asking. "How are you feeling?" Its a question asked as she studies him closely.

"Next time ya think this is a good idea, Sebastian. Let me handle the punches. A'ight?" Augie asks the wounded ECO. "I'm built from sterner stuff."

Sebastian rolls his eyes at Afton, with a hint of a wince as he sits. "I'm fine." He says, voice strengthening enough for him to articulate enough emotion for wryness. His dark eyes follow the finger, side to side, up to down. "I'm fine." He repeats, and his eyes flicker to Holtz. "Frankly, I'm probably better than some." He grunts slightly as he raises a hand to his lip. He then eyes Augie. "He's Air Wing. Family. Family helps family, and takes the punches when they need it."

"I enlisted several years ago but missed the first eighteen here. I'm here now though, for the long haul." Chase breaks eye contact to look briefly around the fitness room as if just remembering where she was. Her smile comes easier next time she offers it to him. "Been awhile, Fischer." She could probably tell years and months if asked. Tilting her head to the side she nods in acknowledgement to her own silent musings. "You look like you did back then."

"I'll bring back your missile later, Augie!" Ygraine calls out over her shoulder. She hooks an arm around Holtz's and lets him take the lead.

"Just don't lose it in the head when yer in a rush to strip!" Augie yells after her as she leaves.

And with a Yggy locked in step beside him, Holtz finally finds his way out of the room.

Sebastian gets a look from the Jumper, something incredulous. "Family yes, its commendable but how about next time you find another way, sir?" Afton states evenly. A long breath is let loose and she nods her head, "Sir, I may not have right to order you to sickbay to get yourself something, but I know there is a Doctor here that can."

"I'm not made of glass, Petty Officer." Sebastian doesn't raise his voice, or shout, or growl the way Thaddeus would. But there's a definite hint of steel there, in his calm, conversational delivery. "I'll go to sickbay." He checks his lip. "Might need a stitch or two on the lip."

"And you haven't changed much either," Fischer replies, studying Chase carefully for now. "Well, you may have missed the first eighteen, but now you're here, at least. Welcome aboard," he offers to her, with a bit of a smile.

"Not saying you are, sir." Afton quips back before rising. "Thank you, I would appreciate it if you would. Family. Got to take care of each other." She echoes him. She lingers a moment and offers him a hand up should he need it. "You did good by him though." She means Holtz.

"Alright, now that we're done with all the touchie feelie after-school special bullshit, I'm gonna go find Ceres and see if she'll let me spoon with her tonight." Augie grumbles, turning to walk out of the fitness center, looking over at Chase and Fischer. "And ya two, if yer gonna frak, make sure yer bunk doesn't squeak!"

"I'm the one that told him his home world was destroyed. That his wife and his child were either dead or dying." Sebastian says quietly, closing his eyes. He winces slightly as he gets to his feet, flashing a quick smile at the offer but refusing it. "Only right I help him purge his grief. Gods. This is what I get for skipping PE as a kid." He then smirks at Augie. "Go do that. I just hope Thaddo doesn't break my other leg for this. Ow."

Chewing on the inside of her chew, Afton nods at Sebastian. "Not an easy thing to hear…" The PO agrees. "But the news would find him sooner or later, better you tell him I think." She breathes and there is a tightening at the corners of her eyes and then she blinks. It takes her a moment and she turns suddenly, giving the pilot his room back as she moves for her towel. "Think the pool sounds better."

"He threw a couple of tables, with a single manly tear, and then screamed about blood calling for blood to the sky." Sebastian says, conversationally and a hint critically. "I'm frankly surprised he didn't break any bones. Thankful, too." He shakes his head, and gives Afton a quick, sad little smile. "Have a nice swim, Petty Officer. Sorry if I scared you with that."

"Oh I have changed," Chase grins, sort of a cocky manner. "Thanks for the welcome. Looks like we'll be living in close proximity for more than a couple months this time." Hearing the tease from one of the guys, her lips quirk. "What if it's your bunk?" Chuckling, she looks back at Fischer. "Plan on squeaking?"

Fischer nods a little bit, "Everyone changes from time to time," he offers a bit thoughtfully, before he nods, "And yes, it will probably be far longer than just a couple months this time." Looking over to Augie, he is unable to hold back a bit of a smile as he shakes his head lightly. "Duly noted, sir," he offers, a bit lightly, before he looks back to Chase. "I seldom squeak, you know," he offers.

Augie grumbles something about rabbits and frakking and making sure that the shooters and cooters are protected from stuff bleach can't get rid of as he wanders off.

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