PWD #44: Familiar and Not So Familiar Faces
Familiar and not so familiar faces
Summary: People meet in the Athletics area, each of them with their own goals. Some know each other, some others don't.
Date: 23/Nov/2012 (OOC Date)
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Battlestar Orion — Deck 3 — Fitness Center
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removeable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugelist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
November 23, 2004 (PWD #43)

While the smell of sweat and grease may be bothersome to some, Phin is apparently taking it in stride. He's breaking in the Pyramid equipment, practicing taking shots through the hoop and handling the ball up down at one end of it. At present he's playing with himself. There aren't many others in the center. With the ship docked, many personnel are finding excuses to spend their off hours at the anchorage or planet-side on Virgon.

One does get used to the smell, true enough. One that got used to it a while ago already is Richard Duke and he looks around the place for a moment as he steps in, possibly looking at his preferred equipment to see if it's being used. He is wearing his off-duty gear and is carrying a white towel that rests on one shoulder while a bottle of water can be see on his right hand. The interesting thing about this specific period is that, new people are starting to come in, which is always both interesting and dangerous. He spots Phin working with the Pyramid equipment, he stops for a moment, lightly narrowing his eyes as he looks at him, he definitely knows this one. However makes his way to the Treadmill and sets his towel on the handles while he begins punching the codes for a saved program. After that is done, he turns to approach the younger pilot and offers "Ensign Phin McBride"

Phin shoots at the head. Phin…misses. And the ball bounces off the wall back at him. Maybe he was distracted by someone calling his name. After picking the ball up again he turns, spotting Duke. "Yeah?" It plainly takes him a second to place the man, but recognition finally seems to click into place behind his blue eyes. "Captain Duke?" He tucks the pyramid ball under one arm and strides to the edge of the playing area he's staked out for himself. "Hey!" His other hand, his right, is extended for shaking purposes.

Richard Duke nods his head and offers "So you decided to jump in Orion as well?" asks the man now, extending his hand for a firm handshake. There is actually, a bit of a smile on his lips now, one that hasn't been showing for a while now. Now, he nods his head and takes a deep breath "So, full fledged Ensign…did anyone give you a callsign yet?" asks the man now, curious about this matter. He looks at the Pyramid play area and then adds "You are going to have quite a few playmates, right now it seems to be pretty slow but it's going to pick up again soon."

Phin pumps Duke's hand firmly before releasing it, grinning some himself. He shakes his head. "Nothing that's stuck. Just came aboard when the ship docked at Virgon. And yeah. I got my orders after I finished training. Finished it all official-like a couple of months ago." About the slowness, he shrugs. "I'm still not really sure what to expect. There's obviously more to where we're stationed than some 'mining mission,' but I don't know quite what we'll be doing out there just yet."

"I see" says Duke after learning that no callsign has been provided. "This brings endless opportunities, I'm sure we'll find you something appropriate" Now, he clears his throat and takes a deep breath, finally asking "I hope you had a good set of last months, I am not sure who took my position back in Hermes…but, good to have you here, McBride" Now, as for the whole 'what to expect', the man just shows a very faint smile and offers "You'll learn, in time…I'm assuming there will be a briefing of sorts." But he switches the subject "Say, have you been assigned to a Squadron yet? I'm with the Lucky Strikes"

"I got some initial info. I'm still not sure what to make of it, or what all the Vipers'll be tasked to. It seems like it could be dead boring in a place like that, even outside all the high-secrecy stuff." Phin shrugs. "Mostly I knocked around Picon. Hung out with the guys from my class while we were all dispersing. Got to do some surfing, which I hadn't had time for in awhile." As for what he's doing here, "Nice! I'm with the Strikes too. The D-CAG, that Wisdom guy, wants to make sure I can do a pre-flight without breaking a plane, I think." He smirks. "Captain Delacroix, one they call Redux, is going to take me out. Put me through my paces."

In this case, Duke makes no comments on the tasks that the Vipers are assigned to, or…well…about anything related to the mission. "Well, it's a good thing that you did that…this whole deep-space concept does a bit of a number on the chances of seeing family and friends" He shows another faint smile and then nods at Phin's words on Wisdom "And that's fine. I mean, I know you are a good pilot of course, but there's always that need to make sure that everyone new that comes in can handle what they do. And it's not just for Vipers, its everywhere, all positions." As for working with Captain Delacroix, the man smiles and nods his head "Good, she is really good, she'll take care of you"

Phin shrugs one shoulder. "Not much family to speak of. Apart from my brother, and he's tasked to the Marines here. That's why I put in for it. We wanted to serve together. I figure I can deal with not seeing much else of the colonies for the next year or so." He nods, about the captain. "She seems all right so far. Haven't gotten to fly with her yet. I'm hoping we can get down in atmosphere a little. It'll probably be the only chance I get to see what Virgon looks like from that angle for a long while. So you been here the whole time? Since you've left Picon?"

"That is probably a wise thing to do, you know, to join along with your brother" says Duke "I got back from Aerilon a couple days ago, took this chance to see my parents and help with a few things around the farm." Yep, the Captain is a Farm Boy from Aerilon. It is possibly that Phin has seen a very particular picture of Duke when he was around 14 years old, sitting in the cockpit of an old Aerobatics airplane and another in the cockpit of a cropduster. "That wouldn't be a bad idea, and Virgon does look rather pretty, this is true." As for his last question, the man just nods his head and says "Yeah, since Orion departed for the first time…I signed up when I got the notice. More money is always a welcome thing" adds Duke with a faint smile, but doesn't mention his real reason for leaving. However, it could be possible that word on the why spread out at the Base.

"Did you get to fly that cropduster you used to talk about?" Phin asked. "When you went back home?" The ensign is nothing if not intrigued by slightly off-norm civvie aircraft. "And yeah. The cubits are definitely a plus." He might eye Duke sideways some when he cuts his explanation for leaving so short, but he doesn't press. He was never exactly an open book about his own personal life, and he seems to allow for the same from others.

"Yeah, I did a few jobs for my father. He hasn't been well so I told him to stay in bed. It's really nothing major but he is not a young man anymore and can't be forcing himself, so I took all the jobs that were scheduled…should help until he gets better" says Duke, smiling at this, knowing that he does love to flight pretty much anything. "Had to fix a few things before getting the old lady back into shape but my father had ordered the parts in advance so, everything was ready when I got there." It does seem that it doesn't bother him in the slightest, the fact that he worked most of the time while visiting his parents. "I'm actually going to see if I can buy an old Mark II, with whatever money I get from here…or something else with jet engines" Now, he looks at the younger man a little more fully and asks "What about you? Any plans on what to do with all that money? I wouldn't advise gambling, I would hate to take that money away from you" And now, now there's a smirk.

"Oh. Sorry about your dad," Phin says. "I hope he's doing better now, at least. As for the money…I don't know. I haven't given it much thought yet. It's not like I've got much to play with now, so I'm just looking forward to having some cubits to spread around." His interest perks at mention of buying an old Mark II. "Do they really have hardware like that floating around on the market? Though if you could get it, it'd be pretty sweet. I kind of liked the Mark Twos we got for training flights back on Picon. I mean, I can see whey they still bother to keep them in service. The Sevens are choice, but it's sort of…fun. Y'know? To get in something that's not going to do so much of the work for you."

"You could…possibly get one that is pretty much unusable, or considered scrap metal." says the Viper Pilot, pressing his lips after that as if considering all the work "It would be a project, I believe…time consuming…but rewarding in the end when that damn thing fires up. We'll see…but in the meantime, there's plenty of Vipers here to fly around, which is always a good thing." When Phin comments on the Mark VII vs the Mark II, Duke just says "The Mark VII do have their own charm, it's a very nice piece of hardware and I enjoy flying them both. Heck, I would get one as well but getting my hands on a Mark VII would probably be a lot harder" And now he goes back to his father "Thank you. But worry not, nothing more than a regular cold, it's just that the old man is stubborn enough"

"What'd be really fun is to get something totally out of circulation, like one of the old Mark Threes," Phin says. "I read some of the specs on them when I was studying the Cylon War-era planes, but I never got to fly one. They must've been all kinds of buggy if they've scrapped them but kept the Twos. It's funny what lasts and what doesn't, I guess."

"Hmm, it would be really hard to find a Mark III, they were apparently destroyed after the Cylon War…I wouldn't be surprised to see some of them in a Museum. I do believe that old training modules were designed to work with the Mark III" says Richard Duke, now thinking about that old old bird; well, not older than the Mark II tho. "Well, the Mark IIs are not used as much as they used to, but to be more than fair, they can still do a hell of a lot" Now, he just shakes his head and says "But worry not, McBride, you will get more than a share of Viper flying…you've got a long career ahead of yourself"

"It's weird to think about how much tech like that was scrapped after the war," Phin says. "One of the new ECOs, they call him Peacock, was talking about it. Well, kind of. Not Vipers, but computer tech. But I figure it's the same principle. Networked internal systems and automation and everything. I think he's hoping the Navy'll get more into developing more stuff like that again, now that it's been so long since the war."

"Look at it from this point. Human advancement in technology lead us to create the Cylons, you know, to help and make things easier for ourselves. But oh frak, it was so damn advanced that they were able to think on their own…and then shit went down" says Duke, just throwing his two cents out there. "I'm not saying everyone of course, but this would definitely scare people away from technology. But yes, it has been far too long already. However, we have been doing quite a few advances, navigation systems, targetting systems…I would say we are getting back in track with things" And then he adds "I met that ECO, I was inclined to give him the callsign 'Honeybun' but then I learned he has one already" he clicks his tongue and adds "Regardless, it can change"

Iphigenia has arrived.

"Honeybun?" That makes Phin laugh. And wince. It does not bode well for whatever he'll get stuck with. He's at one end of the fitness area, near one of the hoops set up for Pyramid. Though he's just standing with the ball under one arm now, talking with Duke. The place is sparsely populated, with so many of the crew using their off-time for leave planet-side. "Heh. Anyway. Yeah. It's not like the Sevens aren't a major upgrade from the Twos when it comes to how they're wired. Things're changing." Which he sounds like he more or less welcomes. "Peacock. Yeah. He picked it up when he was doing his flight training, I guess. You never did tell us why they called you Bumper when we were on Picon." He's not quite asking for the story, but he'd plainly like to know.

"Yes, I found that he was rather inclined to talk about how amazing some honeybuns were…they ended up being old, preheated ones" says Duke, just shaking his head at this "Alas, Peacock it is I guess" Now, onto the topic of Vipers "There are both Mark VIIs and Mark IIs aboard the Orion, I figure you'll get your chance at both of them" he shrugs at this and adds "I've said this before in Picon, I'm just a man who enjoys flying, so while I do love Vipers, they are my favorite piece of aircraft, I can fly whatever needs flying. I don't have dual qual for Raptors tho, as an Viper Instructor, it is better to focus on one frame" And then, the question on his callsign "I didn't?" asks the man now and then shakes his head "When I was a Nugget in the Airbase, I got perhaps a little to excited to go out there and I pushed the throttle a little too much, what caused my Viper to bump the Raptor that was being piloted by the Airbase's CAG. So the guy made a small video with the nose cam and the helmet cam, showing the hit and my expression at that moment. Aaaaand he sent it to my new CAG at the Battlestar Universal. I got my callsign before even getting there, and she showed me the video just to let me know why I was being called 'Bumper'"

Iphigenia emerges from the pool entrance, skin flushed warm from her shower and wet hair braided back away from her face. She's in off duty clothes of course, and clearly seems finished with her athletic efforts for the time being. The pair of familiar faces near the pyramid court prompt her interest, but about halfway there she's approached by a marine, giving her pause to spare a bit of time and conversation, during which Geni reaches out and touches the woman's shoulder, smiling and speaking reassuringly.

Phin tries not to laugh at the story too much, but he can't help but chuckle. "He made a video?" He shakes his head. "Nice. Well. Not so nice. But I guess it's…a weird sort of compliment? That he went to that much effort. It's hard not to go as fast as the Vipers can take you. That's a hell of a rush. But…yeah. Not ideal all the time." He's at an angle to spot the chaplain when she emerges from the pool when she looks their direction. He offers her a polite nod. Then says to Duke, "Anyway, I should get back to my rack. Log some time there before I'm supposed to be on. It was good seeing you, sir. Good to see any familiar faces aboard."

"Yes, and the old bastard has a mocking grin on his face when he first called me Bumper in person, when he called me back to the Airbase to work as an Instructor" says Duke, half chuckling at this. Good memories, the CAG of CFAB Hermes is a good man. When Phin nods at someone, he looks over his shoulder and sees the chaplain. He too offers a nod to the woman but then looks back at Phin as he speaks again. "Get as much sleep as you can, McBride…I would even say that's an order, but in truth, it's more of a recommendation. You'll need it" There is a bit of a smile there and then he adds "Likewise, good seeing you as well."

The conversation with the marine seems to end well, and Iphigenia approaches the pyramid court. "Am I just missing you, Phin?" she asks converationally, seeming to intuit the young man's eminent departure. "Sleep well, then. Evening, Bumper. Don't let me interrupt your regimen, I was just stopping to say hello."

"Lieutenant. Evening," Phin offers to Iphigenia. "Yeah. I struck out with the Pyramid hoop, so I was just getting back to my bunk. Later. And later, Bumper." That last one to Duke. And then, off he goes. He does deposit his ball back in the bin where such things are kept before exiting the fitness center.

Bumper nods his head as Phin departs and then he looks back at Phin "Lieutenant, good evening" says the man, offering a polite nod now. He looks at the Treadmill he was setting up to use and then back to her, shaking his head and offering "Worry not, nothing that can't wait a little longer. I have CAP in a few hours and was aiming to get some workout done before that" Now, he turns to see her more fully and asks "I trust you are doing well?"

"I'm fine." she says. "Not terribly eager to take updated firearms certifications, so I'm going to be signing up for some range time soon, but otherwise well." She adds, "If it makes you more comfortable to call me Lieutenant that's fine of course, but you are well come to call me Iphigenia, or Gen." She pronounces it 'Jen', naturally.

North has arrived.

"I should get that done at some point." admits Duke about the need for firearms certification. And now that she says that last, he just nods and repeats "Gen" Short and simple, that works for him. "It seems that you were doing a little bit of work just now" says Duke, nodding his head towards the spot in which she was standing with the Marine. Both Iphigenia and Duke are standing right next to the Pyramid equipment, not really playing but talking to one another. The scene around the area dictates that a lot of people is currently out on leave and only a few remain in Orion. So…all the machines are available!

"Well, one may offer the argument that a chaplain's work isn't terribly hard." she says with a wry smile. "Of course, one who may offer that argument doesn't understand what a chaplain does, but suffice to say, it's a position in which one never really is off duty. I can delegate my time if it's not a crisis, but if it only takes a moment to offer an encouraging word, I'd be remiss not to give it. Your job, however, is one that certainly requires a bit more of a compartmentalisation of your time."

Duke listens to what the woman is saying, pressing his lips together in thought for a few seconds. "Offering comforting words can be actually rather tricky, specially because the /right/ words are required, otherwise, things can be done or undone rather easily. Is it easy work? I don't really think so, it requires an understanding on what makes people tic…that's not easy" says the man now, nodding his head as if in agreement with his own words. "Furthermore, I'm sure you've had your fair share of the complicated type" Example? Himself. There is a faint smile after he says this and then he just clears his throat, adding "But even a Chaplain needs some time off, we all do. You are not going for shore leave?"

"You'll have no argument from me on that score." agrees Gen regarding her duties, and then says reassuringly, "Oh, I've been planetside and back, more than once, even. And likely to go again before we finally push off. My family will have a fit if I don't."

"Mh. I've went to Aerilon, to see my parents and help with the business. My father hasn't been keeping well but, he is getting better." says Duke, shaking his head afterwards "Nothing bad, just a cold that hit a little heavier than usual, but he is not a kind anymore and should not be outside doing work. So, I took that part while my mother was taking care of him" Then there's that last bit she says that does bring another point that he hadn't really thought about "And, I do think I might head back there before we leave, I need to speak with the CAG and see if it is possible"

"If there's something I can do to assist with regard to that, please let me know." Iphigenia suggests. "Not to cast a bad eye on the situation, but if you're concerned about his health…" she trails off, not wanting to finish the sentence. He gets what she's saying, right?

"With regards to what?" asks the man first but then, when she explains "Oh." he now shakes his head and offers "No, there's no need in this case…he's an old stubborn man who is strong as a bull, but he finally understood that he needs to rest if he wants to get better. Besides, I covered all his schedules for the next coming weeks so, things should be fairly alright" Nope, he doesn't like talking about his problem…that much we all know.

Speaking of health, shore leave can really do a number on even the most able-bodied soul. Stumbling out of the locker room with a watchful Marine guard in tow, Dr. Catarina North looks well and truly hung over. Dark circles surround her bloodshot eyes, and a pair of nasty bruises blooms black-and-blue on the skin of her left wrist. She's just come from a swim: her ponytail is tangled up like a clump of kelp, and beads of water cling tightly to her exposed arms. A pink-and-orange towel is draped around her shoulders, clashing terribly with her baby blue tank top and comfortable white sweats. "Shit," she mutters to herself. "Gotta sit down." And hey, look at that conveniently empty bench near the Pyramid courts, not ten feet away as the crow flies.

Iphigenia was just at the pool herself; at least from her post pool shower, anyway. Her wet hair is braided back and her skin is flush from the heated water. "Well, I hope you find you have the time and the opportunity nonetheless." And of course, there's no way to miss Catarina. Gen's brows lift as she looks the scientist's way and offers, "Doctor North, you appear quite unwell. Perhaps a visit to medical is in order?"

Duke just nods at Iphigenia's first words and then his attention drifts towards North where she makes, an entrance to behold. Now that the Chaplain walks towards the other woman, he does the same but following a few steps back, definitely curious about the Doctor's current status. The Viper pilot looks at her Marine escort as if magically looking for an explanation but then looks at North "Everything alright, Doctor?" asks Richard Duke, tilting his head as he finds those bruises on her wrists "Had some trouble during your leave?"

Catarina wasn't so much showering as she was vomiting. But thanks to some mouthwash she nicked from a pilot, her breath's minty fresh! Thank the Gods for science. "Hey," she manages, her voice feeble. "Nah, no need to bother them. I've been worse. Oh, shitthat'sgood." The last is spoken in a quick rush of words as she closes the distance and, finally, sits down. "Hey, Joe — " This, to the private assigned to be her bodyguard for the day. "Get me some tea? Look, I'm not going anywhere, and if I try to run, I guarantee I'll pass out before you have a chance to shoot me." At that, she offers the chaplain a wan little grin. "Don't worry, hon. I won't spill."
"She got trashed with her girlfriends at some dive," Private Joe offers helpfully, shaking his head as he ambles away to find some tea. "I hear she was cradling porcelain all night."

Iphigenia's mouth curls into a scrunch, and she says with some humour and a lot of reluctant wryness, "Thank you. I appreciate that." She doesn't clarify as to what - obviously it's on a need to know basis. The chaplain does fix a mildly disapproving look at the marine escort, though.

"I see" says Duke, and that's pretty much all he says for a little bit as he looks at the status of the Doctor. He nods at the Marine as a thanks for the information and says "Potentially something that won't upset her stomach" Which he has no idea what type of tea would that be, but still. As for the comment on cradling porcelain? Heh, he is familiar with that so he shows no disapproving look. Now, he just looks at North again and asks "Well, there's still some time before Orion leaves again, I take you are perhaps planning on going down to Virgon again?" Don't call him enabler, don't…he is just asking out of complete curiosity and not planting a thought that might cause for another drunken party down in Virgon.

Private Joe sobers up quickly at the chaplain's look. "Just thought you might want to know, sirs," he mutters, pink cheeks reddening. And then: scurry, scurry, scurry. Off to find some hot water and some nice, headache-dulling chamomile.
As for Catarina? She looks from woman to man to woman to man to woman before the bright lights get to her head and she's forced to bury her face in her palms. "Uh … yeah," she confesses, in response to the man's question. "They've got good karaoke. Also, cash prizes. For, uh. Dancing. Or something. Somewhere." Beat. "I forget." Then, very apologetically, she lifts her face up to where she assumes the two people are standing — but keeps her eyes closed. "If you've got a Thing going on, don't let me interrupt. I'm just going to, like. Sit."

"Not a thing." Gen says, so mildly that it must be true. "Let me guess. Nightclubs on the West End in Boskirk?" she hazzards. Now she moves to take a seat on the other side of Cat, whether or not she's endangering her off duties given the doctor's tendency to project liquid onto her may be up in the air.

"Cash prizes for dancing…" repeats Duke that now tilts his head. His mind may or may not be picturing things. He doesn't make comments on this matter. When North speaks about things going on, the man just shakes his head and offers "Was just planning on doing some workout before heading out on CAP, I have a long night ahead of me, sadly enough." Yeah, he was hoping to get some more sleep. Hey, this might be another good reason to head towards Aerilon for a couple more days. He follows Gen with his gaze as she sits next to North. And in his case? He just angles a little differently to avoid any possibly projectiles, just in case. "You should probably lay down, instead of sitting"

"Hey, seriously — I'm good." The barest hint of an edge enters Catarina's voice, which rasps like sandpaper across rust. But it's gone almost before it appears. "Nothing a bit of tea and a ten-hour nap won't solve. In my duvet. Oh, Gods, my duvet." She hugs her beach towel around her closely, as if it were a substitute. But at the mention of the clubs, she perks up. "That sounds right. You go there much? Didn't know it was your scene."

"It's not, not really. But I have siblings who enjoy the area's offerings regularly." Gen says. "The tea is on its way though, and once you've finished it, the nap will certainly be in order."

Duke nods his head at North's first words and offers "Fair enough" Then he looks at the treadmill and at the time. He clicks his tongue and shakes his head "Well, I better head out and start getting ready for CAP, and have a few cups of coffee as well, I could use the extra boost." He licks his lips and then nods "North, Gen…good evening to you both" is said in a very proper manner in a very noticeable Aerilon accent. After this, the man just heads towards the treadmill, getting his towel to then head towards the exit. Coffee must be had, yes.

"Next time I'm down, you and they should totally come with!" How Catarina manages to muster that much enthusiasm in her state, no one knows. Yet whatever plans she's about to spin are forestalled by a departure. "You should come too, Mister — " The scientist opens her eyes just wide enough to take in the man's face, but by then he's already striding off. "Nice to meet you," she calls after him, a little plaintively. Then, when she's sure the guy's out of earshot: "What was his name?"

Iphigenia mms? "That's Captain Duke." she says as she watches him depart. "He's a viper pilot." An apologetic smile is flashed North's way. "The clubs really aren't my scene. But if there's an opportunity perhaps we can arrange for you to meet Lydia, and I'm sure she'd be delighted to convey you."

"Ooooh. Viper pilot, huh?" Count Catarina impressed. "I've only seen them from a distance. Vipers, I mean. They shuttle me around all day on those big brown buses instead." Idly, the scientist's scarred fingers begin to squeeze the remaining water out of her ponytail, which darkens the fabric of her towel where it hits. "Was Lydia you met up with at the track, the other day? She seemed, um. Fun?"

"That would be my sister Lydia, yes." Gen sighs a little, and casts a glance heavenward. "She's really good hearted, just a bit…wild."

"I have to tell you, wild wasn't the first word that came to mind. More like, 'Holy frak she must have lots of money.'" Despite herself, Catarina giggles — right as a sudden burst of pain lances through her head, causing her to wince. "But that's like eight words." And then, suddenly mortified: "I mean. She was dressed nicely. That's all I meant."

Iphigenia looks slightly awkward for a moment. "Yes. Well. My family has been very fortunate. I don't precisely hide my background, but it's not something I wish to have widely advertised. Things don't really need to be more awkward here then they have to be."

"Yeah, I knew some girls like that back home. They'd always come by my place on the bus instead of in their fancy cars. Didn't want to show off, you know?" Catarina's smile is somewhat wistful. "So, uh. Don't worry. I won't tell. And sorry for bringing it up. My mouth works at FTL; my brain works at sublight. As the pilots say."

It's at about this time that Private Joe returns, a hot steaming mug of tea in his hands. "Sorry it took so long, Doc. The frakking machine broke so I had to use the one down the corridor. You know what they say: the gear in here was all made by the lowest bidder."
"Guess I better get off this bucket before it rusts over." Catarina groans as she pushes herself to her feet. Whoa — whoa — ah, got it, with just a minimum of flailing. "Hey, nice seeing you. Don't be a stranger?" Then, she's shuffling off for a bit of rack time, her garish towel fluttering in her wake.

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