AWD #598: Facepalm
Summary: Sgt. Ynyr sets up a problem solving scenario for Doctor Nadir on Picon in Marine Killhouse fashion. Fellow Marines help out. Samtara really blows it and Lleufer facepalms. Ugh, there isn't much time left to make sure she can get it right.
Date: 09/02/2017 (OOC Date)
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Abandoned Farm House on Picon
Grassy expanse with rolling hay fields, cattle, a small ramshackle farm house, barn, shed and so forth on Picon. Not far from Crandal, Marines use it for training purposes.
Sun Aug 27 18:04:12 2006


Once everyone has come down on a Raptor, the Marines are briefed. Ensign Flynn has been recruited to pose as a human who is friendly to the Arpay and trying to assist Samtara with her medical care. Sergeant Lleufer has had them both show up in civie attire, no body armor, "You are permitted a knife or a pistol but should keep them concealed. The small house is believed to be one main room, one small bedroom where the woman and children are being kept. Conditions are primative." Ynyr eyes Samtara, "You and your inside help have to decide how to get in and whether or not you will get the woman and children out, and how. You know there will be at least two guards, armed in some fashion. There could be more you don't know about. It is probably a set up to lure the husband and trap him but there has been no sign of his showing up."

Lleufer checks his watch for the time, "Samtara has a limited medical kit of anything she could carry in a bag or pack, nothing more. Are you two ready?" Just beyound them is a small ramshackle shack on the edge of what used to be a Picon farm. There are a few other buildings, including a barn, a small corral, a storage shed, and no sign of any vehicles. There's no sign of guards outside of the small house.

"By us he means you figure it out," Randy leans to whisper to the taller woman. "What do you want me to take? Pistol or knife?" Randy holds up a finger to Lleufer and says, "One second Sarge. I need to see what the lead on this mission wants me to bring to the party." She's wearing black jeans and a tank top with her boots and a hoodie.

Angling her head toward Randy, Sam frowns then gives a short nod, "Knife. I have to carry at all times, so not carrying would literally be a violation of the terms," and she hands over the knife to Randy before she turns to check over the pistol that she's carrying before she secures it in the holster at her side then tugs the edge of her shirt forward so that it's concealed and buttons the shirt partway to lend to the concealment effort. She shoulders the bag with the medical gear, slinging it cross body style to keep it in position and checking the quick release clasps on both ends of the carrying strap, just in case she has to ditch it fast, while listening intently to Ynyr's briefing.

Randy takes the knife and sighs. Melee isn't her strong suit, but at least this will give her some practice. "Well that settles that," she perks up again. She looks at the prop knife and presses her lips together. She did not come this prepared. She drops to conceal the knife in her boot and then gives a thumbs up to to Lleu.

Sergeant Ynyr waits quietly for them to sort it out, aware of Doctor Nadir's Arpay instructions but leaving it up to her whether she remembers them or not. "All right then. When you are ready, decide how you will proceed. I'll just take a seat over here and watch." Lleu has an ear bud and at the Raptor there is some other equiptment so he can keep tabs on the action as it unfolds in the house.

Between Samtara and Randy there is knee high tall grass, a dirt road that runs in front of the house to the barn, a ditch along the road, a few scrubby bushes, but no trees except close to the buildings. The wind blows over the hay fields and hot wire keeps cattle in their pasture. First thing they need to decide is their approach - in plain sight or sneaking. It is late morning.

Penta is in civvies, black pants and a blue T-shirt. He's inside, holding a big machete as he innocuously sips a cup of coffee.

Mallas volunteered for something? He must have thought this was going to be easy duty, hanging around on the planet playing OPFOR for the Doctor. He's wearing Marine BDU pants and combat boots, but with a very non-regulation gray hoodie. As soon as Lleufer briefed them, he went to pick over the available weapons, shoved something under his shirt, and then ambled over toward the house with Penta. And now he's somewhere out of sight.

Eyes narrowed as she surveys the house, the bar, the scrubby bushes, the lack of trees for significant coverage and the cattle enclosed in their pasture. "Diversion," she says and opens the kit at her side and lifts out a water tight container of matches and seals her pack again. "We set the barn on fire to draw their attention and see how many other men are inside that building along with the hostage and her children." She snugs the bag just a bit tighter to make sure it won't move when she does, "Check the barn first to make sure that there's no other hostages or livestock inside," she moves her shoulders, flexes both hands, "so we get to try sneaky but fast. On my mark."

<FS3> Samtara rolls Stealth: Success.

"But you know we can't actually set the barn on fire right?" Randy arches a brow. "And…also, what if the civilian family needs that barn for business?…I mean I suppose I should know these things as your local contact but. Plus what if the fire gets to the house. There's a lot of brush here and the field, and then the wind." Effing former EOD is a major buzzkill. When Sam seems ready to go, Randy's eyes widen. "Ah….okay." If Sam pushes forward, Randy will have to commit, and she knows that.

<FS3> Randy rolls Stealth: Failure.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls 5: Success.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls 4: Failure.

<FS3> Penta rolls Alertness: Success.

<FS3> Randy rolls Alertness: Good Success.

<FS3> Samtara rolls Alertness: Success.

Penta speaks quickly to Mallas. "I just spotted movement, go check and see if it was human. I'll stand by to dispose of the hostages."

"Right. Over kill," Sam saves the round of 'critical assessment and critique' for later when she's not trying to hustle and sneak. Which are two things she's never actually had to do in tandem before. "New plan," she says as she reaches the side of the barn and frowns, "Movement in the loft," she adds in a low voice as she does a quick skim around then hurries toward a long . . container that holds the dust and remains of what is probably food. "Small fire, in the bin, lots of smoke. Will you check the loft to ensure there's no one up there?" is asked of Randy as she continues with Plan B. Lacking the term to actually accompany the implement (trough) she looks around in the same hurried movements and grabs an arm full of the hay and tosses it into the bin. A feed bag is added over top before she grabs the nearest rake and scrapes the area around the trough as clean as she can. Only then does she crouch down and use a single match on the side of the case to set fire to the hay and carefully VERY very careful exhales to lend oxygen to the effort.

While Samtara works to get a small contained fire started, there is the creak of a weight on the floor boards of the loft above. It sounds like there's definitely something up there that moved.

"Could be person," Randy adds quietly, but even for how small she is, she isn't exactly blending in with the terrain. She nods to Sam's question of her checking the loft, interpreting it into an order. Pulling her knife from her boot, she carefully tries to sneak into the barn without opening the door more and causing a whole lot of ruckus.

<FS3> Randy rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Brina leaves, heading toward the Tinyplot Room Nexus [Out].

"Yeah, yeah," Mallas grumbles to Penta. Even as a thug he has officers bossing him around. Getting up from his lounging spot, he heads for the door and starts to open it, preparatory to looking out into the yard.

As Randy moves to climb up into the loft, no one attacks her. It also doesn't take her long to spot a boy trying to hide in the hay. Hazel eyes watch her beneath a thatch of dirty blonde hair in a face of a skinny lad who can't be more than maybe 9 or 10 years old.

Penta listens to his earbud. "Someone in the barn. Kill the hostages." Simple but effective. With those words, he steps to the locked door, beginning to unlock it.

Lleufer quietly shifts outside and speaks low into his com to give some direction to the crew in the house.

"Hey," Randy whispers to the little boy, keeping her knife handy but the blade hidden behind her forearm. "Just stay right there okay?" Then she relays to Sam quietly, "It's a little boooy. I don't know if he's supposed to be part of this exercise. Did Ynyr recruit locals for this?"

Penta listens to his earbud. "Movement in the barn," he says to Mallas. "Not the husband."

With the smoke going, proto-fire that it may be, Sam waits for Randy to report from the loft as she does another quick look around and eyes the house through one grimy window. "I have no idea," Sam admits then rubs one hand along the side of her face. "Presume yes. We add the boy to our extraction scenario. Bring him down out of the loft, we'll go out through the back then circle around to the house."

Mallas turns and looks back over his shoulder to Penta, then gives a shrug. "Right." He pulls open the front door and looks around the yard, then over toward the barn. And there's smoke drifting around. "Something's burning." Takes a few steps outside the house to get a better look at the barn interior. Then Mallas presses on his ear and mutters something.

The kid stays put, watching Randy like a hawk. He's skinny, dirty, and pretends to look scared.

"Kid, we're here to help, but if you don't get down or get out of here, that fire is going to light this whole place up." Maybe it won't, but Randy knows threat of life is enough to get most people leaving. She approaches the kid, but then looks back over her shoulder and stifles a cough at the smoke from the diversion.

The moment Randy tells the boy to come out, he gets up and puts his left hand to the ear bud to reply to a question those in the house had asked him, "I don't know. Some woman." And -then- the boy lunges at Randy with a fake knife to try and stab her! He pretends to look scared, not very skilled, and intent to get past her to try and leave the loft - unless she's blocking the way down.

Keeping a wary eye on the smoke as it begins to rise and drift around the main floor of the barn. Smoke - rise, so far so good. She has the pistol from her side, the weight reminding her that it's paintball not real ammo. Not real ammo. Not even training ammo. She eases along the inside of the barn, working her way around the assortment of tools and . . stuff then takes a knee just inside the door of the barn and sights on the outline that she sees in the doorway of the house. It's less than ideal, and she remembers at the last possible second not to tense up and let the muscle twitch skew the angle before she takes a quick shot that she tries, equally, not to hurry.

<COMBAT> Samtara takes careful aim at Mallas.

<COMBAT> Randy tries to subdue Boy Kid but fails.

<COMBAT> Boy Kid attacks Randy with Knife - Moderate wound to Left Arm.

Hearing what the kid says, and seeing smoke, Mallas grimaces to himself and spits. "Frak." Reaching under his hoodie, the young 'thug' pulls out a billie club and starts towards the barn, moving warily and listening. "I'm gonna go have a look," he calls back toward the house.

Penta hears more from the earbud and, true to his training, doesn't leave the shack. Instead, he begins moving things to fortify it.

The boy is fast and ducks, evading Randy's attempt to get hold of him. Her hand gets his shirt but he slews around and 'cuts' her with the fake knife a good solid stab to her arm. There is no blood of course but if the blade were real, that would have opened her up. Knives can be nasty and this one doesn't look very clean. The lad manages to rip free of her and makes for the ladder, trying his best to get down it without falling.

"Incoming. Knife," Randy whispers to Sam down below tries to double back and follow after the boy to stop him, but it's not like she can drop down on him without making a whole lot of noise. Instead…she's just hurries…hurries quietly Maybe she can grab him by the scruff of his shirt on the way down so he doesn't run off at the bottom. Frak.

Steadying her hands, which is more challenging than anticipated, and quelling the nagging instinct to do something rash instead of reasoned, Sam waits it out as Mallas moves away from the house and begins to approach the barn. It's math, and that thought alone steadies Sam's hands. The closer he gets the better the odds are that she'll do more than just annoy the snot out of him with a winged paintball shot. Hearing the sounds from the loft, however, "Incoming? Got it," she adds hastily, adding yet another thing to her list of stuff to learn - this being correct com protocol, she's certain there's something else she's missing. This is, however, inspiration to act sooner than later and with a steadying exhale then hold she fires at Mallas with the paint gun.

<COMBAT> Randy subdues Boy Kid!

<COMBAT> Samtara attacks Mallas with Pistol Ap - Light wound to Chest.

*Splat* Mallas is grazed by a paintball that leaves a dribble of paint across his flank. "Ow!" A bit less painful than actually being shot, at least. "Gun! Gun!" The club-weilding thug dashes to one side, trying to reach the barn wall while staying out of the doorway. "Guys! Backup all-frakking-ready!"

"Watchers! Assemble on the barn!" Penta calls. "I'll watch the hostages, make sure they don't escape."

Penta says, "Watchers! Assemble on the barn!" Penta calls into his earbud. "I'll watch the hostages, make sure they don't escape.""

The boy squawks when Randy gets hold of him and drops down the ladder to land on the floor. Not quite on top of him but she manages to knock him down. He drops the fake knife and tries to scramble for it, "Let me go!"

Forget that she actually hit him, because holy crap she actually hit him. But she hit him but didn't actually do any real take down damage. What's the word the marines use all the time? Frak. She exhales that, with appropriate emphasis, and tries again, shifting the aim upward because a chest wound isn't a critical hit for the purpose of this exercise.

The only other person on the property pushes open the shed door and staggers out, zipping up his pants as though he'd just been taking a leak. For real. He looks dark and scruffy with a hint of beard, dark clothes, and pulls a knife. "There's a gun!" He starts running for the barn but towards the side to evade being an easy target. Go in through the back, while Mallas heads for the front.

Randy quickly gets control of the boy and puts him in a hold, but she's not strong enough nor knowledgable enough to hold him with one hand and make him shut up with another. So it's both hands on and her trying to not do anything stupid like actually suffocate him or anything.

With the task of barricading the hostages in their cell complete, Penta runs out of the house, running towards the barn, his knife unsheathed.

Randy just takes the boy and 'bonks' his head on a bale of hay. "Knockout!" she whispers enthusiastically and then whisper as she lets the boy go, "Pretend that was a wall." It shouldn't really hurt him given the force she used. It was more of a pantomime through the action.

<COMBAT> Randy subdues !

<COMBAT> Samtara takes careful aim at Mallas.

The boy is fake whacked silly against the 'wall' and then lays there stunned. He slips the Marine a thumbs up and a grin, then sticks his tongue out and plays like he's out cold. Meanwhile the bin is smoking with the contained fire just as the second man arrives at the back door to the barn and begins to push it closed with a rumble. The smoke begins to fill the barn on that end…

Mallas runs out of sight from inside the barn, stopping against the front side of the building. He leans into the big sliding front door and gives it shove, starting to slide it closed as quickly as it will allow. "Somebody go around back," he says to the other two running up.

Penta does as Mallas directs, heading around to the back from the left side as he approaches the barn.

"Bring the boy," comes Sam's voice over the Com, "new plan, exit the barn with the kid and get him clear of the smoke." She is going to really regret adopting those two words to every say, in tandem, out loud. She sees the door starting to swing closed and realizes that smoke is filling the barn. Instead of letting the door swing closed she does the math to determine it's rate of closure vs time it'll take to actually close then does the most illogical thing she can think of on the spur of the moment. A quick surge to her feet and she slams her shoulder against the side of the door, hoping momentum will drive it open again while letting the same momentum spill her forward and out of the smoke that's billowing out once she shoves the door open.

<FS3> Randy rolls Body+Body: Failure.

Randy bends down and murmurs, "Sorry," to the little kid and maneuvers him up onto her shoulders…this little boy, but he just does the dead weight wet limp noodle act and slides off her shoulders. "Oh my gods." Instead she just grabs his arms and drags him out. Scoot, pull. Scoot, pull. She's so vulnerable like this.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Samtara=Body Vs Mallas=Body

< Samtara: Failure Mallas: Failure

< Net Result: Both Fail.

<FS3> Samtara rolls Samtara+Body Vs Mallas+Body: Success.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Samtara=Body+Body Vs Mallas=Body+Body

< Samtara: Success Mallas: Good Success

< Net Result: Mallas wins - Marginal Victory

Mallas has the door half-way closed when it suddenly becomes a lot harder to slide. "The frak …" He sees the hands on the other end of the door and gives a snort. *SHOVE* The door slides a bit more closed, despite the resistance from whoever's inside. "Hey! Give it up already!"

Meanwhile, with Penta's help, the backup guy with the knife gets the back barn door not only closed, but latches it and jams it with a good sized rock to help be sure it's hard to open. Then he looks at Penta, "Let's go around and help." He turns and starts moving.

From his observation point back up with the Raptor, Sergeant Lleufer Ynyr watches. He lays his face into a hand for a moment at the antics going on below on the training ground. Now he knows how Amos feels.

Penta follows the backup guy, keeping his eyes open for running-away hostiles.

"Smoke is filling the barn," Sam retorts, coughing loudly for emphasis, because - again - smoke IS filling the barn. "If we don't get out of the barn it's a real hazard. Trust me, I actually know what I'm saying," and she shoves the door again, letting the alarm in her tone of voice carry.

When Randy bumps into Sam, she drops the boy's feet and elbows the straining doctor lightly. When Sam starts to cough, she nods and starts coughing more too. "Let us out!" Meanwhile, she draws her knife again.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Samtara=Body+Body Vs Mallas=Body+Body

< Samtara: Good Success Mallas: Good Success

< Net Result: DRAW

Mallas keeps shoving the door, though now progress is stalled as Sam seems to have found some leverage. The suggestion that he let them out is met with a hoarse laugh. "Throw out the gun first!" he offers, still keeping his weight on his end of the door and force it closed.

Samtara however is a crappy fire starter. The hay she put into the feed trough has already gone out. The feed bag is smoldering but it's full of feed so it's not doing much either. It is smoking but the loft bays above are still open so the smoke isn't any real threat as the small fire is dying down.

Randy sees the gap of the open door and darts for the opportunity to try and simulate a slash to Mallas' groin. Hopefully she's not over-zealous or Sam's arms give out and she gets squashed or….

But then, Mallas isn't right there. Of course he isn't, but it's too late and Randy has to commit to an attack so she zags towards the guy once she's free of the gap.

And, as the door is stalled between two equal but opposite forces (physics for the win) Sam sets her shoulder against the door, one foot jammed against the door as well, her other foot braced against the door frame itself. She takes aim at Mallas as she leans out and, adjusting for Randy's trajectory, fires at Mallas again.

<COMBAT> Randy attacks Mallas with Knife - Light wound to Left Hand.

<COMBAT> Samtara attacks Mallas with Pistol Ap - Light wound to Chest.

<COMBAT> Mallas attacks Randy with Club and MISSES!

There's another "Ow!" for Sam's second paintball that glances off his shoulder, and then Mallas smirks as Randy takes a slice at his left hand. The hand that's missing part of a finger and already scarred to hell. "Help!" he yells, "I'm being attacked by a midget!" Maybe the Private isn't taking this exercise very seriously. "Aaaaaaaahhhhhhg …" He flails dramatically, slumps against the barn, and slowly slides to the ground. "They got me."

Sam shoves the door open with a grunt of effort once she sees Mallas on the ground with his dramatic slump, turns to check to make sure the kid is clear of the smoke and then darts out of the barn and taps Randy on the shoulder then points at the house and angles in that direction as fast as her feet can carry her. Long legs, don't fail me now.

"You bastard," Randy simulates an over the head knife stabbies and then someone taps her on the shoulder now that she knows he's out of the training exercise. "Oh yeah. Sorry…was busy killing Mallas," she whispers as she scurries after Sam, keeping an eye on their six for anyone with a gun.

Penta turns the corner….Just in time to see Sam running like a rabbit! So he chases, running as fast as he can!

The backup guy comes around the barn with his knife drawn and seeing the two gals making a run for the house, and Mallas down, he starts after them! He's a little behind Penta and huffing into his radio pickup, "Yeah, send some Machines! Bitches are making for the house!" Oops, maybe the gig is about to be up.

"Cardiovascular workout is the key to over all health!" Sam calls over her shoulder as she books it like mad toward the house, calling this toward the guy who's having to huff and puff a bit to pour on the speed.

"Shut up. You're giving away our position. There might be more in the house," Randy hisses at Sam as they hustle across to the house….and presumably into it.

"Sir." she adds.

"Right, sorry," Sam apologizes as her boots kick up dust and she reaches the threshold of the house, shoves the door open, waits until Randy makes it through the door too and then she turns and slams the door shut and if there's a lock? locks it.

The interior of the house is a small main room with a hearth for cooking. No modern appliances. A table sits in the middle of the room with a few chairs off to one side, a pantry and side table with water basin, and the shed outside lets down into a root cellar most likely. The bedroom is off on the other side of the hearth with a door set to one side of it. Penta has blocked it with the heavy oak table and chairs.

From somewhere behind the door there is the crying of a small child, toddler age most likely.

As Penta will suddenly find the door slammed in his face, the other fella with him doesn't even try it. Instead, he stops and laughs, "All we need to do is keep'm inside and not let'm out with the woman and kids. Backup will be here in a few minutes, sir."

Penta nods. "So that's what we'll do," he decides. There are no other ways in or out, so it's a safe choice.

"Right. Ok. So," and Sam leans back against the door for a moment. "Please pull the table and chairs away from the door and see if you can get it open. I," and she twists slightly toward the nearest window, "will ah, shoot anyone who tries for the door. Right, I need one of those chairs, too, please."

Up by the Raptor, the Marine Sergeant looks at his watch to check the time. A few minutes left to see what happens before he'll end the exercise. Into the com, Lleufer speaks low, "15 minutes."

Randy gets to it. If she were really wounded, it wouldn't be so fun given the boy slashed her in the arm, but she seems eager to follow Sam's orders and hops to work, first getting Sam a chair, then hustling back to move the rest of the furniture out of the way, grunting a bit with the desk.

Grabbing the chair as soon as it's within reach, Sam works the angle and jams it beneath the door handle (handle/latch/knob/peg what ever) before she hurries across the room, grabs the desk and drags it across the room too and adds it to the effort to keep the door closed and leans to the side to check the view from the window. Seeing both Penta and the other guy just standing outside, she frowns, eyes her watch then frowns even more intently. If such a thing is possible.

Once the door is opened to the bedroom, a middle aged woman lies in the bed with makeup on her face to simulate horrible bruises and a swollen eye. She does not get up out of the bed but does turn her head and try to lever herself up. On the floor are two young children maniquins, one a toddler sized stuffed doll in clothes that might be about a year old and the other more like a child of maybe 4, sitting with a tape playing of soft crying. (not real children)

Once they get the desk fully cleared and the rest of the debris, Randy wedges the door open. She slips in and takes in the scene. Her eyes sweep the room and she takes in how many. Then she moves over to the woman and says softly, "It's okay. We're here to get you out of here. Can you walk? Who /can't/ walk? Besides your…toddler."

The guy outside digs out a pack of cigarettes and offers one to Penta before he produces a lighter. "Smoke, sir?" Once he's lit up, he starts walking around the side of the house to see in through the bedroom windows.

The woman starts crying, "Leave me. Get my babies out. I think they broke my leg, maybe my ribs… they'll kill us. They want my husband!" She is not ambulatory without help. If Samtara pulls the covers back there is a note that she has a broken tibia that has not been set, cracked ribs, and a fractured ulna.

A single look is sent around the room. "Ok. That's diabolical," Sam decides even as she's hurrying toward the first of the windows. "We have to go out these windows and out of the house," shared with Randy even as she angles a nod at the woman. "Ma'am. Sorry for the chaos. We'll carry you, and the," mannequins, "children as well," and she prudently walks over and taps the power button and is suddenly reminded of a poster that espoused the notion: 'In case of emergency, we evacuate the women and children first so that we can think up a solution in peace and quiet.' and quite suddenly understands the sentiment.

Randy mumbles something about wishes and charges when she sees the note. She points to the note and whispers, not quite whispers to Sam, "What if her leg falls off when we're stuffing her through the window?" She knows the mission as a whole is botched, but she's not giving up on challenging Sam. Still, Randy moves over to the side of the window and peeks out through the window to see if it's clear from the side (she doesn't stick her head out of it).

Penta shakes his head. "Nah, but thanks for the offer." Meanwhile, he walks around to the back of the house. He'd seen the windows, see.

Outside, there is the rumble of the Raptor taking off. Sergent Ynyr directs it to make the short hop flight from the top of the low ridge and to land in the dirt road out front of the house. Once down, he stops off and nods to Penta and the other Marine, "Time's up. The serious backup arrives. Open the door and call them out. By this point reinforcements would arrive and it's over." That's a wrap!

Penta does as ordered. "Intruders! Come out with your hands up! You are surrounded!" he calls.

"It doesn't actually do that," Sam begins and five words in, realizes that Randy isn't being serious with the question. Then straightens with a sigh as the alarm goes off on her wrist watch and realizes that the time has elapsed. She scrubs one hand over her face, "Tell me that someone got this whole thing on film?" she asks in a low voice and extends a hand toward the woman helping out in this scenario. "Thank you for your time, ma'am," said before she aims a wry twist of a smile at Randy, "yours too. Sorry I blew it."

"Too bad Machines don't value human life. We could've taken that boy hostage as a backup," Randy mutters to herself, but realizes instantly, it wouldn't have mattered anyways. She grins to Sam and says, "Let's go meet the 'Machines.'" Then she grabs the toddler bundle and heads out of the house. It takes time to get the barricade down, but when they do, Randy opens the door and throws the 'toddler' out at whoever is there. "Baby attack!" She just offers Sam a smile once she's out too, "Thanks for ordering me around Doctor."

Mallas leaves, heading toward the Tinyplot Room Nexus [Out].

Randy and Samtara /both/ get the Marine Sergeant's SCOWL when they come out of the house. Lleufer Ynyr may not be able to chew out an Ensign but if Flynn wants his feedback later, he give it. You -know- the Major will be getting it, even if it must be worded politely to the officer. That should be fun, later. Lleu sighs, "Everyone load up. We are done here." He climbs back up into the Raptor and waits for everyone else to load up.

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