AWD #042: Exit Wounds
Exit Wounds
Summary: Cole is taken to sickbay after he is rescued from Aerilon.
Date: 17/02/2013
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Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area.
AWD #42

As the Morpha starts to sink into his system, Cole's chapped lips spread into a slow smile. "Take me drunk, I'm home." He murmurs, looking at Afton with a few heavily laden blinks. "You're beauti…" That sentence never gets finished as the Viper Pilot can finally succumb to the taxation his body and soul have endured for over two weeks.

The chaplain has spent hours in sickbay. She's not idle, of course. She sits with patients. Prays with them, talks with them, makes sure they are comfortable. And every patient she speaks to gets her undivided attention. But in the minutes between each visit, and in prepend to each and every prayer, Iphigenia Arden is eyeing the sickbay hatch doors like a hawk, until she finds the resolution to move on to the next thing. It's how most of her day has gone.

Arriving with Nicodemus to get his wingman back to health and ready for more is Luc. Wandering inside and checkin on Nic as he does. Glancing around to the others as well. For now wanting to make sure that he is safe before any and that he will be treated for his injury.

Help was found on the hangar deck and now Captain Cole is brought in on a stretcher, the PJ having left her gear on follows to give information about his state when they arrive. As a Doctor moves to intercept, she continues to walk with and explain. "He appears to have sustained damage from his initial ejection from this Viper…there is some head trauma and now his pulse is faint. He is exhibiting signs of an accute infection and was shot in his right arm. It has been field dress and is not life threatening. He is running a fever and somewhat delirious." She explains and glances up as they move him to a bed and begin to prep him for IV.

Nicodemus is alongside Luc, still in his flight suit. He's unzipped, and his right arm is out, covered in blood, his undershirt tattered and crimson. Seeing Cole, he steps aside, and looks at Luc. "I'm fine. Maybe I'll just come back later…" He smirks.

Delirious? Maybe. "Delicia, delicia. Assim voce me mata. Ai se eu te pego, Ai ai se eu te pego." Or maybe just high on Morpha. The singing Janitor is brought in on the stretcher, though the lyrics are more just muttered rather than full on sung. He's muddy, and dirty and an all around mess after being plucked off the surface of Aerilon. But at least he can rock a beard and not be considered out of uniform.

Luc chuckles and pats Nic's back. Already having something in his mouth and chewing. Most likely gum. "Just get in there. There are enough medics to help all out." He tells the younger man with a grin. "Stop whining now." A wink at that. Although he does not seem to want to be in the way. Sticking around but drifting to the side. Keeping eyes on Nic.

There is no doubt about to be a flurry of activity around Cole, by those who are capable of quite directly seeing to his medical needs, and so Iphigenia stays out of their way, at least at first. Once there's some space cleared though, she is unable to resist moving to the bedside, reaching out to press her palm to the side of his face. "Ari? Can you hear me? Aristides?" Her lips are pressed together in a thin line as she studies him carefully.

Nicodemus rolls his eyes, "Thanks, Lieutenant." He shakes his head. Making his way into the med bay proper, he's quickly taken by a medic and sat on a bed. The medic begins checking his arm. "You're not amputating," Nic tells the med.

Luc laughs at Nic's words and shakes his head a bit before offering a rather casual salute. "See you once you are patched up, Bats." He offers and let his eye land on the others as well. Not wanting to be in the way though as he starts heading out.

Afton steps back a moment once she is not needed any further. She has a report to make, really. She glances over to the others and rubs a hand to her bald head, scratching at it a moment as the sister closes in on the injured pilot. SHe lets out a breath and smiles faintly before the PJ nods her head and rolls her shoulders back. More pilots. More injured. Lucky PJ this time around it would seem. Standing in all her gear yet, she rubs her hands down over it and moves to help the next in line, this brings her over towards Nic. "How can I help?"

"Y de ay vamos para la luna, Scorpian women sexy traiga me una. And let me, and let me play with her maracas. And if she, and is she roll I'm a rocker." Seems Cole has horrid taste in music when he's semi-conscious. He's already been cut out of his clothing, and an IV has been started in Cole's arm by the time there is a break in the crowd for Iphigenia to slip in closer. Hopefully the priestess doesn't get offended by a naked, dirty and very earthy smelling man. "Sacerdotisa….can I play with your maracas?"

"You can decide whether or not you want to ask me that again when you're healthy and sober." Iphigenia says wryly. People come into the world naked and fairly dirty and smelly, so Gen has no problem dealing with Cole on those terms. She's trying to be mindful of what the medical staff needs to do, but she seems highly reluctant to leave the Captain's bedside. She starts to smile, just a little bit. If he can make jokes like that, he's going to be alright. Surely.

Nicodemus sighs, and looks at Afton when she approaches. "Raider blasted the side of my cockpit." He grimaces a little, lifting his arm a bit for her to look. His arm's tore pretty good, and there are a few pieces of metal stuck in the bloody mess. He smiles at Afton, "Kiss me and make it better?" he asks, with a playful charm.

Stone arrives from the Fore Corridor.

Stepping into sickbay is Colt Stone. Once again to check on someone, but not a marine it seems. Eyes going towards Nic. Glancing around a bit and studying the people present.

"Everyone is a card today," Afton retorts and then moves in to help with Nic. The PJ smiles softly and she adds, "How about after we treat the wound, sir. Then we can talk about a kiss." She offers and then is taking a pair of scissors to cut up the arm of the flight suit. "Lets get a look here…shrapnel likely." The bald woman, likely not on purpose has her own beautiful claw marks, puckered pink scarrings going vertical up and down the right side of her face. She steadies his arm and then reaches for a swab to be begin to clean up and care for the wound so that she can get to the shrapnel buried.

Emerging from the surgery theatre, which is really just a set of sealed rooms set aside for procedures that can't be done in the middle of the sickbay, Dr. Nadir is stripping off a pair of gloves before shedding a blood and other fluid smeared smock. She stands aside as the soldier she just operated on is carried to the recovery ward, "Next?" she says, or, rather, mutters quietly before rubbing at the back of her neck and casting a long look around the room. A lingering look is cast at the Chaplain, puzzlement in her eyes, before she eyes the recovered Captain Cole that St. James is already working on. She moves forward then, "Status?" she wonders in a quiet voice once she's near enough to speak without having to shout through the room like some sort of cattle barker.

Nicodemus winces a little as she works the wound. "Whatever you like, ma'am," he responds with a smile. "I'm Bats. Or… Nic. Whichever." He watches her work, and then glances at the door, noticing Colt. "I've been hurt worse," he mumbles, staring at his brother, perhaps not talking about the wound anymore.

Jess arrives straight from the deck by all appearances, helmet tucked under her arm and flightsuit unzipped to show tanks beneath, but still on. She stops in the doorway, eyeing the bustle in the sickbay before venturing in, careful to try to avoid getting in the way of any medical personnel going about their jobs. She heads towards Cole or, more specifically, towards Iphigenia, who she assumes correctly is standing near Cole. "Chaplain," she says as she approaches, "How is he?" She must have missed the singing.

Glancing up at who Nico is speaking to, Afton offers Stone a smile. "You like to hover in medical." She observes with a faint smirk before she glances down at her work. Focusing, she pulls at the skin and grabs a forceps and begins to carefully remove the shrapnel. It did damage but from what she can see is the only piece. "Get the suture ready." She reports to the nurse and begins to clean up the wound as it wells up with fresh blood once the item is removed.

It is more accurate to say that Gen is hovering over Cole, one of her hands pressed to his cheek. She looks up as Jess makes her presence known, and starts to move her hand away. "He'll survive." she says, sounding strained but certain. "Gunshot to the arm, one of his shoulders is very strained, I think I heard one of the nuses saying it might have popped out of socket; some stitches - but he's feverish, and likely has an infection. They've just put him on antibiotics, and he's," she looks down again, brows lifting, "I'm afraid he's a bit delirious."

Thick bruises criss-cross Ari's tattooed chest, now greenish in their healing process. Laying on his sternum are the hexagonal tags that mark him as military and a leather strap of a necklace. A pendant of a perfect shell lays in tandem with a wedding ring striped with red. Already a prickle of gooseflesh rises on his fevered and exposed flesh. "Maracas." Ari mutters blearily as Samtara and Jess' faces come into vague focus in his field of vision. "So stingy." The nurse rattles off Ari's condition to the doctor, stepping aside to allow Samtara a better vantage point. His right arm has been field dressed but will need stitches, and the wound on his forehead will need debridement and real sutures instead of cotton thread. "RAT BASTAAARD!" Ari raises his left hand a few inches off the bed, fingers fisted together in an empowered (but lame) gesture.

Stone nods to Nic and shrugs, "I suppose so." He offers and his eyes scanning wound and all. Not approaching his brother though. "At least you're fine." He offers. Not sure what else to offer in the current situation. Instead just hovering and keeping an eye on them all.

Nicodemus grimaces as the metal is pulled out, "Ow!" And then he laughs, "You didn't tell me you liked it rough, ma'am." He smiles at Afton, and then shrugs a little, glancing at Stone. "I'm fine. You don't have to check on me." He looks down at the bloody arm, and then strangely adds, "I took out three Raiders," glancing again at Stone, almost as if for approval, before looking back at his wound.

"Gunny," Dr. Nadir offers in passing as she reaches where Gen is standing and eyes the wounded Captain. "I agree, rat bastard maracas are terribly stingy, but being maracas they don't have a lot of option to do more than just make annoying music," she remarks in a tone of mild amusement as she pulls on another set of gloves. She runs through the wounds as the nurse rattles off the captain's condition, "Antibiotics already on board?" is asked, the sutures examined and the dressing lifted - the edge peeled up to get a better look at the wound beneath. "Ma'am, I'd be happy for another pair of hands to help clean up the wounds," she asks in a low voice of the chaplain.

"Oh, is that all?" Jess laughs a little at Iphigenia's rundown of Cole's injuries, though there's a false note to her humor, more anxiety just barely relieved than actual amusement. She smiles, though, and says of delirium, "Really? Who could ever tell?" And then he's muttering about maracas and she cants her head and allows, "Well, maybe so." The grin when Cole curses at her is real, though, and she reaches out to bump his fist gently. "Hey, asshole. Didn't think you were going to get out of our next game that easy, did you?" She looks over at Samtara and side steps to get out of her way, asking, "The infection's nothing serious, right? Antibiotics'll knock it right out?"

"Your flyboys are always such wimps," Afton teases and continues to clean and wipe to keep the area ready. The suture handed to her, she begins the slow process of stitching the wound together. "I would suggest talking to your friend." She says in regards to Stone. The first one is made, the first stitch and she slowly works, trying to keep the scar minimal. "Chicks dig scars..that is what everyone says." SHe tells Nico in a conspiratol tone.

"Gladly." Iphigenia says to Samtara, relieved. Jess is given an equally relieved smile, and she lets a nurse hand off what she needs to do the job as requested. As she works, her gaze drifts briefly to the shell next to his wedding ring, but aside from a few blinks, she has no open reaction to it. She just begins to get him cleaned up, working carefully when she has to get close to any stitches. She does note to Jess as she works, "I've only seen the one other pilot come in. Everyone's fine, then?"

Stone smiles to Nic. "I check up on all I should. Need it or not." He tells him. As for him taking down three raiders he nods, "Nicely done." Eyes do shift to Sam soon enough though. Nodding to her. "Doc." As for Afton's words, he shakes his head a bit. "Brother." He explains.

Nicodemus smiles at Afton, "Scars are just roadmaps of where we've been, ma'am. Some of us travel more than others." He looks back at Stone's note that they're brothers, and he simply responds, "Better or worse."

"Scrub, scrub, scrub a Janitor. Now that's irony." Cole's in pain as the doctor and priestess work on him, that much is clear, but the Morpha is keeping it a distant spec on the horizon. Right now, he's just happily flying his kite in the ether. "What the frak took you so long. Always late, Nags. Always late."

"Brothers then," Afton says softly and continues to stitch up the wound slowly, taking her time. A glance over towards Cole and all his visitors brings a smile and the PJ goes back to her work. Falling to silence before giving a glance between Stone and Nicodemus. Interesting. "Scars are a lot more than that…but good job on your splashes. Helped bring me and the Captain home." She explains and presses a finger to the side.

"Have all the wounded come in?" Dr. Nadir wonders quietly, glancing across the captain to the chaplain, "I was in surgery when the group came up." She casts aside the dressing that was covering his right arm and sets to cleaning it - not a pain free process but she hits the captain with another smaller dose of the morpha to take the edge off. "We'll need to reduce the shoulder joint and pop it back into orbit, but the swelling needs to come down first," she explains after eyeing the shoulder in question. "And how," she wonders with a glance toward the woman identified as 'Nags', "did you earn that call sign, if you don't mind the question?"

Phin makes his way into Sickbay with Holtz. Maybe a step behind, but the older pilot is his flight lead. Force of habit. He's still in his flight suit, albeit unzipped. He's got an Argentum Bay Silverstars Pyramid t-shirt on underneath it that probably isn't strictly regulation.

Holtz still hasn't changed out of his flightsuit, but by the time he makes it down to sickbay, his case of helmet hair has at least subsided somewhat. Said flightsuit is unzipped to the waist, his copper-colored dog tags hanging against a sweat-streaked undershirt. He makes his way through the crowded sickbay; the big Tauron gets a few dirty looks from medtechs and nurses who have to step around him to get to where they need to be, but he pays them no mind. He, with his wingman a step or two behind, seems to be looking for something or someone in particular.

It is likely Cole would be enjoying his sponge bath far more if he wasn't doped to the gills; than again, maybe not. Iphigenia is actually tending to him, washing the dirty away from both his undamaged skin as well as his wounds. "Not that I'm aware of." she admits to Samtara as she works carefully. Jess is also quite close by the captain's bed.

"Came as fast as they'd let me," Jess replies to Cole, resting her knuckles on the edge of his bed but otherwise keeping back. "As far as I know everybody else is alright," she tells Iphigenia and Samtara, "I know Bats over there," she jerks her chin towards Nicodemus, "Took a hit but nothing serious. Not sure about the rest of the ground team but I didn't hear anyone else was in a bad way. I think this is probably all of them." She twists to scan the room, looking for other familiar faces, and then turns back with a slightly puzzled look at Samtara's question. "Long story, doctor," she replies, "And Janitor here might have a heart attack if I gave it up now after I've made him keep guessing all these years. You wouldn't want that."

Stone is mostly just silent as he keeps out of the way. Although eyes always studying all the people and the smaller details. Grinning at Nic's words. "I suppose so. Or both better and worse." Looking towards Afton as well. "It's been awhile since we met before Orion though." He admits.

"Excuse me," Phin mutters politely to the medtechs and nurses that Holtz strides past. The ensign is also headed toward Cole's bedside, but he's more diffident about it. He offers a quiet, "Hey, Nags" to the other pilot as they approach. "How's he doing?" He tries to keep his voice low.

"There you are, you sandbaggin' sonuvabitch," Holtz booms out as he finally spots Cole's bed and moves towards it. Subtle, he is not. Storm's tone is full of mock severity, but his cool grey eyes show a certain amount of relief at seeing Cole in one piece, even if the other captain is banged up and drugged out of his mind. Depending on the state of said mind, Cole may or may not register the change in the pins on Holtz' collar.

"Good," Dr. Nadir replies and, while cleaning the bullet wound on Cole's arm, adds, "did the round go through the arm or did it have to be fished out of the wound?" she wonders and begins the process of scraping away the damaged tissue so help reduce the risk of further infection. Or, maybe, just worse infection, when it comes down to it. Nags words actually bring a quiet chuckle from the surgeon, "Got it. I'll let the mystery stand," she adds before looking up as the booming voice of Holtz cuts through the din of voices and conversation in the sickbay.

Nicodemus nods at his brother and then watches Afton work. He just sits there silently then.

"SONOFAZEUS'TRYST." Cole sits straight up, or at least tries to, when that wound on his forehead is tended to by the priestess, or maybe it's when Samtara gets to the gun shot wound on his right bicep. Hard to tell, with them working in tandem. "Godsdamnit. Evil temptress. Succubus slut." He's starring wide-eyed at Holtz for a long three seconds before he eases back down against the pillow, eased by that booster shot given to him by Samtara. "Stormy weather…always raining…" Seems that Ari defaults to song lyrics when he's doped up.

"He'll recover." Iphigenia assures both men, or starts to when Cole sits up, and she presses against his chest to aid him in easig back down. "As you can see, he's his usual articulate self." Her mouth twists wryly, though it softens as she resumes her work.

Finishing up the suture with as much grace as she can muster, Afton looks at the slightly crooked stitches and frowns. "Well, it will heal." She admits and wipes some gauze over it and draws back, giving it a look before glancing to Stone. SHe offers a smile before stepping back and scrubbing a hand over her scalp once the gloves are torn off. "I think you are good for now." She says. "You will ikely be cleared for light duty right away by one of the doctors, but that's out of my hands."

Stone smiles and nods to Afton. Sticking around for a bit though. Gesturing with his head to Sam. Since she can clear Nic, as soon as she isn't busy with others that is.

Jess shoots Iphigenia a smile for that crack and then turns to greet her fellow pilots, "Hey Storm, Dolly. He'll live, like the chaplain says. He's high on morpha or antibiotics or something at the moment, probably having the time of his life." She drums her fingers on the edge of the cot, lingering for a second before saying, "'scuse me, I'm going to go say hi to Bats." She heads across the sickbay, lifting a hand to Nicodemus as she approaches. "Hey," she says, "Fancy meeting you here."

"Hey, Janitor. You're in good voice, man," Phin says to the wounded pilot. A little dry, though he can't manage actual laconic sarcasm just now. A slight smile comes to his face when he sees the guy alive. Whatever shape he's in. A slight smile and nod to the chaplain at her assurances.

Holtz grunts as he examines Cole. Yeah, he's seen that look before… morpha, and lots of it. "Well. Good to see some things never change," he says oh-so-dryly to Gen. "Wrong kinda storm, Janitor," follows a moment later in the same tone, as his brow rises slightly. Then, suddenly, he chuckles. "Unless you're callin' me a force of nature." That, he could get behind. A nod goes to Jess after a short pause. "Yeah, I should probably make the rounds here m'self in a bit," he replies, for the moment thankful that Nicodemus seems to be the only other pilot around in need of medical services.

"Is there a sit and stay command that he responds to when he's delirious?" Dr. Nadir wonders in a voice that conveys a trace of mild annoyance, keeping hold of Cole's arm when he does his fancy sitting maneuver. One hand on his arm and the other pressed to his chest she exerts enough pressure to /encourage/ him back to the table he's on. "Hold still," said as she goes back to work, cleaning out the wound and discussing the merits of adding a few stitches to the wound with the nurse at her side.

Nicodemus grins at Afton, "Thanks." He watches her clean up, and then shrugs, "I'm holding you to that offer," he notes of the kiss later. "If you'd rather, I could be twisted to start with just a drink, though." He nods, "I'm sure I'll get the clear as soon as possible. They have their hands full." He purses his lips a bit, "Though, I'd really like to get to celebratin' with the squadron as soon as I can."

The last bit of fight that Cole has in him is given in a huff or two of breath, his wild eyes searching and searching and then finally fluttering shut. Janitor is finally down for the count with a few more muttered nonsensical words, "Blood. There was so much blood." And then he's asleep with the help of some heavy drugs to let the trained staff work in peace.

Laughing softly, Afton eyes Nicodemus for a moment. "Very well, once you come in to get your stitches out, we will talk about that offer." Its said with a bit of a tease before she nods her head and steps back. "I need to go debrief from the ground mission." She offers a nod, "Sir…Gunny." She smiles to the two Stones and moves, moving to leave the sick bay with another glance back to Cole. Mission accomplished.

Afton leaves, heading toward the Fore Corridor [FC].

Iphigenia's expression becomes briefly pained as she hears Cole's last words before he finally falls to sleep, and so she quietly tends to the duty set to her before settling down to pray by his bedside.

Holtz purses his lips as Cole's eyes flutter closed and the wounded man falls silent. "Yeah. Knock him out," he says in a deadpan with a gesture towards the bed. "That seems to work." He taps Phin on the elbow. "Let's let 'im sleep, Dolly. There'll be time to pester him later." With that, he turns away from the bed and walks across the sickbay towards where Afton just finished patching up Nicodemus, joining Jess beside the other pilot's bed. "You really cleaned up out there, kid," he remarks, that deadpan still in full force. "Coupla kills and some scars to show for it. Not bad for a first run. Civvie girls'll be all over you." He snorts. It's mostly sarcasm, but there's honest congratulations in there somewhere.

Phin nods to Holtz, muttering a "Later, man" to Cole. Whether Janitor hears it or not. Then he meanders over to pay Nicodemus a visit. "Hey, Bats. Sweet flying out there."

Stone chuckles and shakes his head a bit at how Nic talked with Afton before moving over as he is patched up. Smiling a bit proudly of his brother perhaps as Holtz compliment Nic. Grinning at the sarcasm as well.

Nicodemus lifts his brow, looking at his brother. "Did she just call you 'Gunny?'" He smirks, "How quaint." Then Holtz approaches, and he laughs, "A couple? It was THREE, Captain," he corrects with a wide smile. "Thank you, sir. Thanks, Dolly. We gave 'em a run, all right."

When the captain falls asleep, or passes out - the sum amounting to the same result for the moment - Dr. Nadir makes a quiet sound that's part amusement as she places a small number of precise stitches along the bullet wound in his arm. "On the up side, he won't complain when I pull the other stitches and clean the head wound," she remarks, shaking her head slowly as she proceeds to do precisely that.

"Take what you can, man. We did that tonight, at least," Phin says to Nicodemus. "Anyway, don't lay around here too long. We'd miss having you ready to fly out there."

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