AWD #634: Exit Interview
Exit Interview
Summary: Jameson wants a word or two with Toby
Date: March 2017 (OOC Date)
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Jameson Toby 
Admiral's Stateroom - Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
The largest solitary berthing on the ship, the quarters of the ship's Admiral is warm and plush in ways that the rest of the ship is not. Just inside the door is a large wooden table with seating for eight, the walls that flank it holding plexiglass display cases. The interior of the cases are filled with lovingly and carefully built models of Colonial fleet ships as well as classic Cylon examples from their own fleet and air defenses. Farther in it opens up with a small personal bar used as a room divider. On one side is a large, plush leather couch that is built into the curve of the wall, books lining the shelf behind it and a few stacked on the table in front of it. On the other side of the room is access to a personal bathroom as well as the desk, the latter being stacked with several reports and folders stamped 'Classified'. The bed, easily large enough for two, is built into the wall behind the desk with a blanket that very obviously is not fleet issue.
02/Oct/2006 (IC date)

He needs to pack his bags rather soon and get off the ship. He knows it. But Elias did pass along the word that the Admiral would like to see him before he goes - but that it was a request, not an order. Given who its coming from, that's worth a consideration. When he shows up, he isn't escorted but the Marines outside give him a pat-down just to be sure since he did just get out of the brig and is about to be off the ship for good.
Once inside, Jameson is sitting on his couch with a stack of files nearby and he's finishing a sandwich. It looks like the same fare the crew eats, the biggest perk for him being that his food is served on a nice tray. And his coffee is better, the liquid in a glass press to the side and still steaming. Little things. He's in his blues but the front is left unbuttoned, likely while he eats. Seeing Toby inside, he's still chewing but gestures for Toby to come over and take a seat in a chair cross the coffee table from him. Overstuffed and comfortable.

Toby had packed before going to see Elias, although all his worldly possessions manage to fit inside one small daypack with room to spare. He's also already in civvies, having taken the Major at his word of 'effective immediately' and thus signed all her uniform and tools back into stores. He's still in fleet issue boots though, justifying it on the grounds that they aren't really the type of thing you can re-issue. It's largely curiosity that’s brought him here and once he's through the security screen he takes a second or two to glance around the stateroom. How the other half live.. At the gesture though he focuses on the Old Man and heads over, taking the seat indicated, but letting the Admiral speak first.

Jameson finishes chewing and washes it down with the coffee. "Want a cup? I steal some of this stuff from Elias to make." He sips the mug again and holds the sandwich with another hand. "I appreciate you coming up here. I wanted to talk with you, not to you. To my reckon you've had enough people talkin' to you." He doesn't bother waiting for a reply. "I'm not looking to change your mind or tell you what’s what. You're Tauran. I'd have better luck castratin a horse with a butterknife. Most I wanted to ask you what happened." He chews a smaller bite for a few moments. "You don't want recognition for anything from the fleet, which is your own thing. No judgment. But some of the things I have seen your name attached to… Makes me wonder why you did these things? Personal interest?" There's nothing demeaning in his tone, just some low end confusion.

Toby isn't sure for a moment, but then decides to just take the Admiral at face value for now, unless his actions or words end up indicating other wise. "Sure," he replies with regards to the coffee, although a faintly amused smile is added when he's informed of it's origins, "you tell me that after I've spoken to him for the last time.." He doesn't dwell on that though and moves on, although before he can start answering the questions posed he has to ask for a few clarifications, "happened this week? Or in general?" As in, what set him off against Kapali, or the deeper history. Followed by, "not entirely sure I know what things you've seen my name attached to," he admits, "bar being told you wanted me to speak to Captain Al Yamoha for you." With nothing to lose in asking though he checks, "I mean, do you mean the project work, or the disciplinary record?"

"Toby, I'm a pilot. We are expected to be out fighting. See, here's the thing. You're a firebrand. Marines hate your guts for the most part and you hate them back. I don't give two shits for a rock why. The beauty of being in command is that I get to choose what I do and don't care about." Jameson chuckles a little with it, fully appreciating that fact. "Mostly I'm referring to your project work. We ask you to do certain things, you leap to it. Get along with crew… not so much. Your work with al Yamoha may have made a huge difference not just for us as a people, but also in terms of being able to fight the war. But you never want anything. I tried to promote you three times, your boss always telling me no because of some kind of issue or because you just don't want it. Are you mostly just motivated by getting back at the canners for what they did to Tauron?"

"Pretty much," Toby replies with a slow nod, it's not a bad assessment after all, "and the Chief was right, I didn't sign up to get progressively bigger pins in my collar." Holding up one hand so Jameson can see the ever-present gloves he explains, "our dead can't rest until they've been avenged. It's an awful lot of dead, and no way I could do it myself, so I've been here helping you do it. You have a fleet, and weapons, I have the clothes I stand up in." Or sitting down in as the case may be. "Wasn't a difficult choice, nor was leaving now the war is apparently over." With the generalisms out of the way he does his best to recall a list of projects he's been assigned to, and rattles through brief motivations. "Now, Shepard's raptor, he was an arse and left thousands to die needlessly, in finding him we avenged them, so they can now find their peace." Simple, and he doesn't even attempt to hide his disdain for the former CAG. "The chlorine work was just a way to kill hundreds of centurions in one go, with minimal effort. The few times I've been out with a 50cal have been very satisfying, but with the number of canners out there it's just not efficient enough. You'd run out of bullets." It's quite a clinical response, but then it is centurions he's referring to. "The firefighting balls? Well, I've seen what happens to people caught in fires, spent years working to prevent them and where that failed, fight them. I'm not just going to sit on an idea that might stop them before they can take hold." Then, having saved the most difficult to last, he tries to in someway put into words about the Ghosts. "Captain al Yamoha and I, I guess we have a sort of understanding. We have similar faiths, and can talk freely about them, and other issues. She doesn't care that I'm Tauran, or that I hate the marines, or anything else, and if helping her helps you, then great, win-win as they say." There's a few other minor things he's been involved with, but he figures that's likely a good enough list so stops there and ask simply, "does that answer your question?"

Jameson eats while Toby enumerates the points. There's lot of consideration there. The Deckgang member has a point. Eventually the guy relaxes back into his couch with his coffee and chases the food with the savoury liquid. "Marriage of convenience between Toby Shackleton and the Colonial Fleet. That's a damned shame. We needed and still need someone like you, but the reality with the fighting and all that." He flits his hand. Not why Toby is here. Bah. "The fleet has done a lot of things in its days, Toby. Being on Tauron I'm guessing that you could probably educate some folks." He sounds a lot more frank and honest here. "I'm not in the business of apologizing for things I didn't do. What I am in the business of is choosing the direction of this fleet. The Admiralty sent my old ass out to Piraeus because they needed someplace to put me. They also knew that if something happened while we were out there at P, I probably wouldn't let it stand. There were those within the fleet that felt the Navy and Marines were groups without a mission. Listless. So they needed to get into the business of police actions. Getting involved in business that they got no truck with. I had a real problem with that. Always have. Can't change the past, though." Legs cross, an ankle resting on the other knee while one arm goes over the back of the couch. "I never felt we needed a mission. We have one. Our job is to fight for people who cannot, not fight the people who pay our taxes. No frakkin moron hands over money to be oppressed and doesn't have a right to yell and fight about it." Another sip of the mug. "War is basically done, like you said. But there's gonna come day when it won't be. Might be the canners, might be the sheens, might be something else we've never run into. And we're going to need people. I'm not saying you personally, I'm saying in general. But its something to keep in mind."

"Problem with trying to educate people is they have to be willing to listen," Toby replies, apparently entirely missing the irony in his statement. "I can think of perhaps two of your crew who did, both pilots as it turns out, so I guess not all the stereotypes are true." Phin and Kelsey, damn it now he misses Phin, and reaches forward to take the previously offered coffee rather than dwell on what Kels might make of him now. He listens to what’s then said in silence, although the comment about not being able to change the past gets the faintest of grudging nods of agreement. Not being able to think of anything in particular to say in return, since Jameson can't apologise, and he couldn't accept for his planet even if he could, he decides to let the older man's words close that section of conversation. "War's done," he says simply, "I'm done." Maybe just a little earlier than he might otherwise have been. "If new situations arise then I'll assess them individually. I don't expect I'll find myself rushing to get back into bed with the people who.." Just starting to go into the 'killed my family and friends' rant but catches himself and gestures apologetically, "we can't change the past. If the canners come back, then maybe, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see."

"Son, you're telling that to someone who has been dealing with Admirals for the last ten years. The only people more unwilling to listen, than Admirals, are dead people. Dead ain't got the care, Admirals are just obstinate. You got better luck matin with a mule." The guys smirks with it. "Don't mistake what I'm saying as an invitation back. You uninvited yourself from this party. I'm not in the habit of overriding Major Gray. But again.. not here for that." He watches Toby for a second. "Toby, the people on this ship aren't the ones that invaded Tauron. They might wear the same uniform but these are good people. Hell, half of them weren't even in grammar school yet." He keeps his voice low and conversational, not stern and lecturing. "I'm pretty sure Major Gray wasn't done flickin boogers at girls in class when it all went down. I'm there with ya on gettin back at the cans and giving the souls some retribution. Any warrior who says they aren't a fan of revenge is either lyin' or actually a politician." He pulls another slow sip of the coffee. "Keep that in mind when you're out there, okay? I'm not looking for you to have some sort of revelation or any dumb shit like that. Mostly just remember that we're tryin' our best in a shit situation." He considers. "Did you attend that little briefing on the Erfriki that Doctor Jimenez gave?"

"I dunno," Toby replies, although the faint hint of a smile will likely indicate that he took the admiral's words as they were meant, "last dead person I spoke to was more than willing to listen." Listening as Jameson continues he takes onboard more coffee and enjoys sitting in a genuinely comfortable chair for the first time in almost two years. "At least one of the pilots I mentioned wasn't even born then," he states, feeling suddenly old again, "but don't worry too much. I'm not going looking for trouble out there, quite the opposite, but if it hunts me down I'll give it as good as I've got. A couple of months or so ago a kid asked me what I wanted to do 'when I grew up'," you know what kids are like, "said I wanted to be somewhere where I didn't have to fight. It's all I've been doing, in one form or another, since I was twelve, and I'm tired. So, your marines," well, it's mostly marines, and he's talking CMC not just Orion's complement, " don't give me shit, I'll leave 'em be." The final question though has him shaking his head, "I was working, she did have a brief conversation with me about the Ghosts before that though, well, sort of conversation, the language barrier didn't help."

Jameson actually chuckles a little. "You can't prove they are dead. Just like we can't prove they are alive." He aims a finger with it from the coffee mug, grinning. As he continues, Jameson seems to understand the point of view. Or at least gets it. One thing with becoming old is that you have a lot of experience with different people. "That's some heavy shit for wanting to grow up. Hell, I might want to adopt that myself for when I grow up. Might be nice." He lifts the mug in cheers before sipping again. "I ask about Jimenez because she said something at the briefing that caught my ear. You came to mind when I heard it and I had been hoping you were there for it." A long breath taken. "She said that we're all Erfriki. We all come from the same group of war-like people who refused to quit and never could stand for being kicked. According to the Arpay, the Erfriki are the only branch of humanity that's ever demanded to fight alongside them and actually done so with any success. The Colonials are descendants of those people. Now you said you like al Yamoha? She's also descended from the Erfriki. Jimenez was showing the connections and actually pointed something out that makes more sense for you, Toby. She said that given what she had known about our culture, the Tauran people most closely resembled who the Erfriki were originally. They don't take anyone else's shit laying down. Neither did the Ys'rali - Piraeans." He'll leave Toby to make the rest of the connections.

Toby already knew some of that, at least the fact that Humans and Ys'rali were from the same stock. Since he's in short sleeves, a Tauran Bulls pyramid top to be precise, he shifts the fabric up a fraction so the admiral can see the 'sol invictus' tattoo. "She recognised the symbol there," he points to the dot, "as Erfriki, and gave the same chest thump salute as al Yamoha and her people." While the conversation may be light, he doesn’t risk a joke about the defunctness of the Lords and Ladies now, not knowing how Jameson would take it. "Not that all Taurans are Mithrian mind," he clarifies probably needlessly, "but it's another link, another explanation. I think we kept the faith more than many others, Tauran and Libran, if what my old Pater said was accurate."

Jameson shrugs a little. "I think that it all plays together somehow. Little things have a way of shaping big things. And sometimes the big things are disguised as little things. Too many years in the pit tells me to trust my gut. My gut tells me there's more here than is readily available. Truth be told, I think al Yamoha is dead. I think what we are seeing is some kind of ghost. But I'm also a crazy old man. And nobody is going to believe you if you tell anyone I said that." Jameson smirks again and sips the mug. "Look, point is, there's a lot happening. I think we're too small to miss the larger considerations. I think what you connected with al Yamoha on was important, though. It might still be in the future. So do me a favor out there and keep yourself out of trouble, okay? Even if it comes looking for you, just walk away. You put on a uniform and served in combat. Probably lost friends. You did more than the vast majority. And that is what I wanted to convey. The circumstances of your departure frakking suck, but the past cannot be changed — for good or bad. Nobody can take away what you did and how you helped us, Toby. You read me loud and clear on that one?"

"I think she's dead too," Toby replies, "or at least, that she died. Beyond that?" He shrugs, he's not a philosopher, or a biologist, or a quantum physicist, it's all well beyond him. "What I saw of Shepard’s death though? If she's not dead then she certainly has contact with those that are." Another shrug, he's not a pater, he can't make sense of it, but he accepts it all the same. As for the Admiral's request well, he nods once. "Don't reckon I've all that good a record on walking away," to put it lightly, "but you're supposed to get wiser as you get older right? Can't say there won't be some lines I can't walk away from if someone crosses 'em, but we'll see. Like I said to that kid, I don't want to be fighting all my life."

"I don't either." Have good record on walking away. "We had orders to open if the colonies ever suffered a cataclysm or came under major attack. I opened 'em on Warday. I don't even remember what it said but it was something about holding in place and rebuilding or some such bullshit. I didn't read most of it. I balled it up and threw it out and we went to war." The guy spends long seconds sipping the mug and contemplating what he's drinking. "Point is, its a battle that I picked. Being wise about this stuff isn't recognizing the battle brought to your door. Its recognizing the ones that need to be thrown down on." Looking back at Toby, "You said you've been fighting all your life so far. You're probably pretty godsdamned spent. No wonder you've got a short fuse. Keep something in mind: If you're always fighting, you might not have the energy for the main event when it arrives. And you might miss the important things in between if you're too distracted." It might be nice to have someone in pins not tell him to cut the shit, just be ready for the fights. "Some lines cannot and should not be crossed. Never. Just ask yourself why the lines are where they are for you. Your answers are your own, Toby. I just know that we are losing someone and we shouldn't be. Sound good?"

Reaching the end of his coffee and setting the mug back down on the desk Toby nods once. "Sounds good," he replies simply, not entirely sure there's much else to say, unless the Admiral is going to come up with something else. He does briefly consider pointing out that he'd be gone as soon as they allowed demob anyway, but it doesn't seem to be the time or place to make that point. He is however, acutely aware, that just sitting there saying nothing isn't helping much either so he asks something that had occurred to him only after signing all his gear back in. "One thing, quickly. Before I go, do you mind if I hit stores again? Only one thing I didn't have with me when I enlisted was a coat, and it's coming on winter." There's likely ones to be found aplenty in abandoned shops and towns, but they'd require finding first.

Jameson waits to see if there is more. The request has him nod a couple times. "I'll call down there and tell them to give you one. I think you've earned at least that much." The Admiral finishes his coffee and rises. He taps his heart twice to Toby, "Good luck out there. And be safe." H reaches across the table to offer a hand to shake as well.

Toby rises as Jameson does, grabbing his rucksack as he does so and slinging it over just one shoulder for now. The salute is clearly not something he was expecting, and it makes him pause a moment before he returns it in kind. "Thanks," he replies simply as he takes the offered hand, "and, I guess, keep fighting the good fight. The emphasis is very subtle, if there'd been much background noise it would have been lost entirely, but it's there, as a recognition that this has been just that. A good fight. Then, with that being done, there’s nothing else to do but head for the hatch, and out to freedom. Via stores.

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