MD #209: Exercise Time
Exercise Time
Summary: Ambrose and Atticus come face to face for the first time.
Date: 03/11/2019
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Atticus Ambrose 
Pool - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The floors of the whole room — including the bottom of the pool — are made of poured concrete, and the pool itself is designed to accommodate barriers and other obstacles used to simulate operations in high-pressure environments. A large sign on the aft bulkhead warns visitors that no lifeguards are available, and that swimming is done at each person's own risk.

Its 'night' shift onboard, and the whole rec centre is quiet. Not deserted, it's never deserted, but it is quiet. There's a couple of marines getting in some sparring practice, a few navy-types on various machines, and three figures in the pool area. Two are clearly on-duty and armed MPs who're standing together talking a few feet from the edge, the other a young man who seems to be casually swimming laps of an unorthodox, but seemingly effective stroke.

Medical hours being no more regular than any other department, Ambrose has just finished his a duty shift come down to the fitness centre for some exercise. Wearing the regulation swim trunks, the off-duty t-shirt, and running shoes, the Two is dressed down to hit the pool. Swim cap and goggles in one hand, towel over the opposite shoulder, he pauses when he sees armed MPs in the compartment. There's a thoughtful look toward the man in the water, but no obvious concern as Ambrose proceeds to strip down to his trunks.

The pool isn't vast in size, and it’s not long before Atticus is turning at the end of his length. Spotting a new arrival he pauses, holding onto the wall as he vaguely recognises the man, but can't place where from. His gazes flicks quickly to his minders, but since they don't seem overly bothered for now he turns back to Ambrose. Unsure what pool etiquette is he gives the medic a brief nod to acknowledge his presence, then starts swimming back towards the other side of the pool.

Ambrose is getting his cap and goggles ready when he sees Atticus looking his way, and so he answers the man's nod by raising one hand in greeting and offering a good-natured smile. The Two snaps on his swim cap and settles his goggles up on his forehead before making his way to the edge of the pool, taking a lane one over from the swimmer already present. With only the two of them, he can leave room so there's no danger of clashing arms or legs. Without further ado, Ambrose hops into the water feet first. He sinks under and bobs back up again, sputtering out a breath as he adjusts to the water temperature.

It's probably a good thing Ambrose keeps at least a bit of distance, the MPs aren't fond of Atticus getting to close to people, potentially in situations that could easily turn dangerous or violent. For now though they're just watching, although they are watching particularly carefully, given Ambrose's heritage. For now though, the knight seems to be showing no sign of violent or aggressive thoughts. Instead he just reaches the end of his lap and eyes the googles for a moment before asking, "do you use those so it doesn’t sting your eyes so much?" It's something he's found mildly unpleasant, given he's used to swimming in open water.

Ambrose doesn't seem particularly concerned about a possible threat from Atticus. Perhaps he's an overly trusting sort, or simply trusting in his inhuman strength should there be an unarmed attack in the pool. He turns to the other man and offers a nod to answer his question. "Yes. The chemicals in the water help prevent bacteria or fungal contamination, but repeated or prolonged exposure can be unpleasant." The Two slips the goggles off his own head and holds them out to Atticus. "Would you care to try them?"

Atticus is not perhaps entirely sure what 'bacteria', or 'fungal infections' are, but he nods slowly, then reaches out equally slowly to take the goggles. The speed is for the MP's benefit, so there's no sudden actions to make them jumpy, and then he's treading water as he tires to work out how to get them sorted. It takes a couple of goes, his head being a different size to Ambrose's, but then he gets them settled and ducks his head underwater to try them. Surfacing a moment later he glances round with them on, getting used to the altered vision, then turns back to Ambrose, and offers a polite, "thank you." Slipping them off so he can pass them back, he notes, "I will ask Commander Marcus if the ship has any I might borrow."

Ambrose offers a few suggestions on how to adjust the straps and slip the goggles on, then smiles and waves off the attempt to return them. "Why don't you keep those for now. I have several pairs and I'm not sure if the ship stocks swim goggles." One hand still on the rim, the Two looks down the length of the pool as if ready to set off. Then he pauses and looks back to the other man. "You're Atticus Ommanney?" It's more a statement than a question. He hasn't met the man but there are only so many prisoners being escorted around by MPs. "I'm Doctor Ambrose Galen."

Doesn't seem to object to keeping them, although there is another brief struggle to put them back on again. Keeping them resting on his forehead for now he nods once to confirm his identity, mentally noting another crew member who didn't seem to just instantly recognise him as his father's son. "I think I saw you around medical," he says, still not entirely sure why the man's face is familiar, but not apparently reacting as badly as he did when he recognised Clara as a line. "If it bothers you I wouldn't worry, I don't expect I have much time left. I'm allocated limited time here." Not that he's saying that in a tone that suggests he's unhappy with the limit, it's merely an explanation as to why he'll likely be going soon.

"Yes," Ambrose confirms, "Sick Bay is where I spend most of my waking hours." Then he shakes his head, holding up one palm to indicate he's all right without the goggles. "I'll be fine. I have a relatively high tolerance to adverse environmental conditions. Compared to the average human." But understanding Atticus only has so much time for exercise, the Two gestures for him to swim on. "And I understand. Please go ahead. I don't want to waste your exercise time."

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