AWD #001: Everybody Loves A Wedding
Everybody Loves A Wedding
Summary: Sebastian seeks Iphigenia out to ask for something special. Cole does his best lapcat imitation.
Date: 06/Month/Year (OOC Date)
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The chapel is one of the few quiet places to be found on a battlestar. Even rarer still, it's one of the few places that doesn't look like it's part of a battlestar. Heavy blue curtains have been hung from the walls, obscuring the bulkheads. The lights are kept low, adding a certain mystery and gravitas to the space. The central altar is made of a pale grey wood, as are the several rows of pews which extend from it. Laid against the far right wall is a long, low table with several rows of simple white votive candles to be used as vigil lights. Centered among them is a brass plate for burnt offerings from supplicants. Several cushions rest on the floor before the table, where the faithful may kneel to offer their prayers to the Lords and Ladies of Kobol. On the left wall are several compartments which have been sectioned off for private use.
AWD #01

The chapel is, suffice to say, busy. Many people are praying. A few are sitting and staring at nothing. Some are in tucked away conversations with chaplains. There's just enough people for there to a murmuring hush going on and plenty of room to move, and at the same time it's probably the most the chapel has been voluntarily in a long time. Most of the chaplains have had their turns at the various altar, and a little station has been set up so that as people come in, it's first come, first served unless they ask for someone specifically.

Sebastian makes an unusual entrance, but then again, he's a fairly unusual guy. The Canceroni slips into the chapel quietly, a covered tray carefully balanced in one arm. He holds the door open for a couple leaving, and then catches the attention of a chaplain. Who points him in the direction of Iphigenia, wherever she might be.

Sebastian makes his way over, and pauses just shy of Geni's personal bubble, tray in hand. A tray that smells suspiciously like a Virgon-style tea service.

"Lieutenant Teague." Iphigenia looks tired - sure, who doesn't right now? But that smooth serenity is draped over her like a veil, as her brows lift and she regards the tea. "Oh, is that for me?" It's hard not to sound hopeful.

"Mess said you hadn't eaten in almost twenty-four." Sebastian tells the cleric, with a hint of a wry smile. "I imagine you've simply forgotten." His own expression is steady as well, although tired and strained around the edges. It's what you'd expect from a man that, scuttlebutt has it, took a lone Raptor into Caprican airspace filled with Basestars and Raiders to get information, all without once losing his cool.

Off is whisked the top of the tray, showing a traditional Virgon Low Tea with an assortment of little snacks, a pot of Iphigenia's favorite tea, and two cups. "Those who tend the spirit sometimes forget the needs of the body." He notes, and then adds, "And I wanted to talk to you before you were too busy."

Cole arrives from the Fore Corridor.

Iphigenia eyesballs the little tray Sebastian's brought. It's basically a well cobbled together low key. "Sebastian that looks wonderful, and no, I haven't et." She starts to reach for it, then pauses, a brow lifting. "You know, there's considerate, and then there's the fine line that usually comes when someone wants things." She really wants to break her fast, though.

The ECO laughs, and reaches to pour the Chaplain a cup of tea. "Nothing sordid like that, Sister." He says, with a quick, wry smile. "I just figured you'd be more likely to take time to eat proper if you felt you were doing your duty at the same time." He rather pointedly puts a cup down in front of her, and adds a few dainties to a plate, sliding it over to her. "I know it's awfully cliche, but I wanted to discuss a marriage ceremony with you."

"Now see, it's quite sordid that you'd accuse me of thinking what I was thinking was sordid." She plucks the cup up, accepts the tray, and with a tilt of her head, gestures him over to one of the pews with lots of room for a quiet conversation. Also, so she can scarf. One would think delicate Virgon ladies don't scarf, but while Gen is a lady she is not delicate, and so she scarfs. "Marriages aren't cliche. The timing is a little surprising, but it's certainly not cliche. Who do you have in mind?"

"Historically speaking, after a disaster, marriage, pregnancy and suicide statistics go through the roof." Sebastian says wryly, "People either want to hold on to something steady, bring new life into the world to restore hope, or find an end to the darkness." He takes a sip of his tea, "So in that regard, while it isn't cliche yet, I expect it will be soon."

He is silent for a few moments. "Another officer in the Air Wing. An old friend of mine. We served together on another ship for several years. Captain Thaddeus Kostopolous."

Aristides slept in the chapel last night, leaving only when he had to report to duty. And now he's back, without the benefit of a shower or fully having shed his flight gear perhaps to retake the pew he claimed as a bunk. Scrubbing his face with his hands, there is a new growth of stubble. Seems dress code is a little less stringent after the possible end of all worlds as they know it. Hearing the name of Thaddeus is what garners the stick jockey's attention and he looks in the direction of the Priestess and a mildly familiar face of Sebastian.

"Dub." Iphigenia's smile increases by some degree. "He and his sister and I have had some lovely circulations of letters. I - " she halts that line of discussion with a brief frown, which promptly settles into a more pleasant expression. "Is this the I Haven't Asked Him Yet discussion or the He's Said Yes; What Do We Do Now? discussion?"

She looks over to the man lifting himself up from the pew. With a soft sigh, she says, "Ari, come share my breakfast with me. Booboo was kind enough to bring it by for me."

"Yes. Marie." Sebastian grins wryly at mention of Thaddeus' sister, and nibbles on a little sandwich. Ari's gopher-entrance is met with a raised brow, and he turns another tea cup over, lifting it towards the Viper pilot consideringly. He then glances at Geni, a hint of a smile lingering on his lips. "The later, Sister. There's a distinct lack of rings, but we'll make do."

Ari gives a muted congratulations as he approaches the pew and hears words about marriage and rings and breakfast. He takes a few more steps then crawls the rest of the way onto the pew, resting his head on Iphegenia's thigh. A blind hand reaches up, fingers opening and closing for whatever gets deposited there first: be it sandwich or tea. "Nearly dinner."

Iphigenia starts to reply, in earnest really - but then Cole puts his head in her lap and for a moment she seems to have gone into the pinball form of TILT. There's a blink, and then her brows raise as she looks down at the dark head. The corner of her mouth quirks, and she quite calmly proceeds to start stroking his hair, like he's a lapcat, though the motion appears a touch rote, or mechanical. "Don't spill tea on me." she tells him, and then looks up at Sebastian while picking up whatever passes for a crumpet. "I hope you're not in a rush. We have the required paperwork for you to get your sign-offs from in the administrative office; but it's going to be so very busy. And I appear to be whatever the Aristides Cole form of 'catted' should be called."

"I've known Thaddo for years, Sister." Sebastian says with a small shake of his head. "I'm not in any rush, especially for what has become meaningless legalese." Cole is given a quirk of one brow, but otherwise ignored. For now. "The important part is the spiritual recognition of our relationship. Would we have to wait for the paperwork to have a ceremony?"

"I'll catch the bouquet." Ari mutters, so tired he's mostly tuned out to the conversation. He doesn't even bother to lift his head to drink, just sort of touches it to his sideways lips and slurps. There is an mmm in his throat, much the contented Ari-cat that Iphigenia makes him (and pets him) out to be. "Thaddo." Gets repeated.

"You know full well that you do." Iphigenia says, not liking to disapoint the man. "But let me cheer you some; aside from Hera, which Lords would you and Thaddeus wish invoked during the ceremony?"

Sebastian flicks the Ari-cat a quick wink as he repeats the nickname. "I understand. I've some favors I can call in to try and expedite things." There's a hint of distaste at that; Sebastian is almost paranoid about nepotism. But some things are worth it. "I'm not terribly religious myself. I attended an Athenian Academy on Canceron, but am not sure about Thaddeus' Patrons."

"People do stupid things when they're in love." Ari's voice is pitched low, "Stupid wonderful things." Like marrying someone without understanding their religious beliefs. Cole lifts his head, taking another drink from the tea, this time gulping until it's finished. As far as food, he doesn't help himself. "Thanks." He stretches out an arm, plunking the cup back on the tray and then his head thuds back into Iphegenia's lap. Turning over, belly towards the ceiling, he slings an arm over his eyes.

"If you feel no need to call on any, we need only call upon Hera and Dub's Lord of choice." Gen says easily. When Cole lifts his head, she lifts her hand, once he re-settles, so does her hand, though now it's simply placed, rather than petting. She is apparently acclimating to having an oversized labcat while sitting in the middle of chapel. "You understand the ceremony may have to be small and perhaps not as…celebratory as you would want? You deserve whatever it is you both want most out of it as far as all the trimmings, but…" And again, she looks apologetic. "But I'd be honored to officiate and if any of your friends want to try and arrange something special for you, I'll be glad to work with them."

Sebastian's jawline tightens a little at Cole's interjection, but he keeps his cool, instead shaking his head at Geni. "I'm a fairly private person, sister, and don't really feel the need for a huge celebration." He says, shrugging one shoulder. "Thaddo isn't much different."

Cole murmurs something along the lines of, "I'm sorry, I should go." Though it's followed quickly by a little fit of snoring that makes his throat rattle.

Her eyes drop down to Cole for a moment, something a little sad passing over her face before she lifts her eyes to Sebastian, cool and calm again. "I'll bring you the paperwork tonight. Once you have it completed, we'll see you two wed." She smiles, genuinely but also tiredly. "Not that you're doing it for that reason, but it will be good for morale."

Sebastian gets to his feet, and nods towards the tea service. "If you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to try and sleep." He smiles, a quick, wry expression, "Considering the things going on, I'm probably not the only one having trouble."

"It's been a steady stream." she admits, lifting her gaze to Sebastian and giving him a vague, wry, forgive me if I don't get up gesture. "You know where to find me if you need to talk Sebastian. This is," she says after a moment, "A strain on everyone."

"I'll be sure to arrange some care packages, Sister." SEbastian says wryly, and glances at Cole. "For you and anyone that might currently be in your lap. You need to take care of yourself, sister. If not for your own sake, then the sake of those that need you."

Ari's lips smack together, "More cookies." He demands, someplace in the middle of asleep and awake. And now likely he'll be dreaming of sugared confections.

Iphigenia doesn't blush, but she does swallow and try to look a bit dignified despite there being a viper pilot in her lap. "I'm fine, thank you Lieutenant." she manages, with all that received pronuncuation to help with the dignity thing. Except for the viper pilot in her lap.

"More cookies it is." Sebastian says with a hint of a grin and a quick wink towards Iphigenia.

Ari lifts his arm from his eyes, if only because he suddenly has an itch that needs attention. Of course short stubby fingernails don't seem to do the trick through the thick material of his flightsuit, so he ends up grumbling and getting frustrated and wiggly. "Cookies." He mutters. "Wedding cookies. With that powdery sugary stuff on top." He twists and turns, flopping like a fish out of water in Iphigenia's lap.

Iphigenia looks down at Cole sort of helplessly; he is very much like a cat, in that she's more compelled not to move and feeling kind of helpless about it, despite the fact that all she needs to do is give him a good shove. So she nibbles on crumpet instead as she confides in Sebastian quietly, "He slept here all night, in one of the pews."

Iphigenia looks down at Cole sort of helplessly; he is very much like a cat, in that she's more compelled not to move and feeling kind of helpless about it, despite the fact that all she needs to do is give him a good shove. So she nibbles on crumpet instead and looks down at the sleeping form. "Ari," she says with a bit of reluctance, "Perhaps you should go sleep in your rack?" Oh, that hair. She pushes a lock of it back.

Maybe it's his inability to get comfortable, or perhaps it's hearing his name through his sleepy haze. Either way, Ari slowly lifts his head up from her lap and props himself onto one elbow. His hazel eyes come to life with a slow lift of dark lashes. Does he even see her when he looks up at her? His gaze seems completely unfocused. "The ferryman's going to be very busy." Gets said out of no where, particularly when he was musing about dream cookies a moment ago.

"I know." she says softly. "There aren't enough coins on this ship. I don't know if there are enough coins…" Ever. It's not entirely out of nowhere, not to her. She is conflicted by wanting his company and assuring that he sees to his duty. "Will you be alright like this, when we're in Condition Two?"

Cole grinds one of his palms into his eye socket, "M'fine. Just tired. Gotta get sleep where and when I can. Thanks to the alert status we were practicing, most of us should be used to this by now." His voice comes a low grumble that's laden with the cobwebs of sleep. A yawn shows far too many teeth, "How are you holding up?" He blinks a few times then looks back to Iphigenia's face.

"Daniel Aios was a dear friend." she says, and that's all. Her expression is so composed; she could be an example poster for Stiff Virgon Upper Lip.

Cole drags himself to a seated position at that admission from the priestess. His feet plop to the floor, one heavy boot at a time and then his arm is twining around her shoulder and drawing her tight to his chest. After so many 'sessions' with Iphigenia, both under orders and of his own free will, he's taken to asserting some familiarities with her as he would any that he's friends with. And as likeable a fellow as he'd like to think he is, friends are few and far between for him. "He'll be missed." He murmurs, kissing her temple.

"So say we all." she murmurs into his chest. "Redux is carrying his coin. It's right." She doesn't weep. She's not in the habit. "How are you holding up?" she asks, tilting back so she can look at him.

A big paw of a hand pushes back Iphigenia's hair when she looks up at him. "Waiting to hear word of Virgon. My mother." It goes without explaining. "Mags and Ivy are still safe, so I've been able to keep my shit together. Others aren't fairing so well. We're all going through the motions, not sure it's all sunk in yet." Ari smirks partially, just one corner of his mouth quirking. "You didn't answer my question."

"Didn't I?" she replies, smiling faintly, and then admits, "Waiting to hear about Virgon too. My siblings may have been abroad to other Colonies, though. Aquaria for the skiiing and Picon for the beaches."

"Still not an answer." Ari admonishes, "But I won't press you further. A woman who listens to everyone else's problems must be used to shoving her own feelings to the side." The man takes a deep breath and gives her one last squeeze. "I have a briefing to get to, and then…you know I'm quite sure I stink? In fact, I'm almost positive." At least he refrains from holding up his armpit.

"I'm holding up. I am what I need to be, and more importantly, what I need to do. I spent a great deal of my life putting my own needs first and it never occurring to me that the other way around should be the truth." She reaches out and squeezes his arm. She leans forward, like she's about to kiss his cheek, and then wrinkles her nose. "Oh, Ari. Yes. A visit to the head is certainly in order."

Ari gives her a shove, followed by a laugh that doesn't quite fully form. "Brat." He grumbles before slipping to his feet. "Keep my pew warm, yeah?"

Iphigenia makes a frowny face at him briefly, "Brat. Really." He'll pay for that later. "Of course I will. Be safe."

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