AAR: Event Horizon

An exploratory mission returns with new friends.




FR: Lt. Edison Pratt
TO: RADM Jameson, CMDR Faulkner
CC: MAJ Gray
RE: Event Horizon


On July 28th, 2006, our mission group was tasked with travelling to the astrometric reference point referred to as 'Rally Point' with the explicit instructions to investigate what and who, if anything, was at this point, and attempt to establish contact in the hopes of returning to the Colonies with assistance for the war with the Cylons.

In addition to the Orion personnel listed in this AAR, the research vessel Erol was tasked to carry two of Orion's Raptors and make the jump of 30,000 light years from the Cyrannus System to the Rally Point. A jump of this length had not been attempted before that the CDF is aware of, but theoretically the jump would consume more than half of the Erol's tylium fuel, meaning the team was aware that, if they did not find a source of fuel upon arrival, the trip may not have a feasable return path. As long as help was found and sent back, however, the mission would still be considered a success.

Upon completing the job, one of the Erol's drive engines ruptured and destroyed itself, perforating some of the tylium holding system, the resulting explosion and decopression killing 12 of Erol's crew. While the immediate danger to the ship was halted, it was assessed that the damage far exceeded the repair ability of the ship. The jump was assessed to have been off by less than 2 light years, but it was immediately apparent that there was nothing in the immediate vicinity of the coordinates we had been given as the Rally Point. The decision was made to continue withe the mission with a 2 factor search: to find another source of tylium, and to search for any sign of those the Rally Point referred to.

On Exploration jump 157, our Colonial Raptor under the command of Major St. Clair, encountered lead units of what we know now are the 'Arpay', a militaristic society who use the Rally Point as a staging point for other races that are fleeing the Machines. They did not speak Colonial Standard, but with hand guestures and a pre-recorded message on their part, they were able to direct us back to their primary station, where Major St. Clair was able to land the Raptor.

We were escorted into medical isolation and given what we were told was an innoculation for the diseases we carried that would harm them, which constituted of a small cansiter of gas and a breathing mask. After this was done, we were approached a Commander and a Major and spoken to at length about our situation. The Arpayans agreed to retrieve the Erol and tow it into a drydock to repair the extensive damage the ship had suffered, while we remained and attempted to learn as much as we could about their society.

The team spent 4 weeks as guests of the Arpayans, and the sheer amount of detail concerning what the team experienced, as concerning their technology, their military hardware, their medical procedures, even down to the Arpayan's language and appearance, far exceed what can be included in a standard AAR. Some of the crew have been offered special equipment, technology, and medical improvements that are pending medical clearance by Orion's CMO before any work is to be done.

At the end of the 4 weeks, the Arpayan's decided they would send some of their command and medical representatives back with us. The Erol was not ready for flight, so the decision was made to leave the Erol and its skeleton crew with the Arpayans, so they could oversee the repairs and upgrades to the captial ship's systems, while the rest of us returned on an Arpayan cruiser.

The Arpayan Commander, Major Valloy, and Doctor Jimenez returned with the mission crew. We safely jumped into Picon space and met with the Orion and Baker Bay. This successfully completed the assigned mission.



  • 12 crewmembers of the Erol, KIA


Please see Part 1 attached and Part 2 attached.

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