AWD #379: Escape from Medical
Escape from Medical
Summary: Amos meets Ariadne
Date: 04/07/2016
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Amos Ariadne 
Recovery Ward - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too
AWD #379

Amos has served his 24 hours concussion watch and then a bit more, as someone wasn't happy with some indicator or other last night. It didn't make a lot of sense to him, but then they were talking in medical, which is basically a language all of it's own. He's been feeling awake and alert enough to catch up on his paperwork though, and no one has come down to complain about it in the hours since he submitted it, so likely it isn't too off the wall. Having acquired a clean pair of his greens he's sat on his bunk reading a book. It's not a very exciting book, but it's more exciting than staring at the ceiling so it'll do. He's sitting still though, for these still brusing on his ribs where his armour stopped a bullet, and a great white surgical plaster stuck to the left side of his head.

As doctors are apt to do when they're busy, Ariadne has kept an eye on Amos' case since she's been made aware of it, but has yet to drop by while he was awake. One reason might be because when she enters the ward, the doctor has bags forming under her eyes. Her feet don't take her to any of the other beds. Instead, the doctor walks briskly towards Amos' bed, snatching up his chart. She's in her scrubs today, her black stethoscope draped around her neck. Without saying a word, she starts to read through, flipping the front page over the back. "When was the last time someone told you to follow a light around with your eyes?" She skips the medical mumbo jumbo for the neuro exam, lifting her eyes to look over at the marine. "Excuse me. My manners seem to fly away sometimes. I'm Dr. Forrester, neurosurgeon." She steps closer to Amos' bedside, seemingly not aware that interrupting someone who is reading is also mannerless. "Good book?"

Amos glances over the top of the book as he hears footsteps, then slowly lowers it to his lap as Ariadne engrosses herself in his notes. Her first question prompts him to check the time before he replies, "around four hours ago." Then, as introductions fly he adds his own, "Captain Ommanney, S3. And no, not particularly, but it passes the time, and isn't paperwork." He doesn't seem too put out by any errors in polietness from the doctors, he's used to Samtara after all.

Ariadne takes a deep breath and lets the tension roll out of her body, taking on a more relaxed posture. Then, she does something most doctors do not. That is, looking Amos in the eye, and smiling. At least it isn't a big smile. "So, it's good for falling asleep. Maybe we should keep the /almost/ worst of the worst books left on hand?" she wonders aloud to the Captain, her expressions lively and warm despite her obvious need to make up a few winks of sleep. "So, no dizziness, nausea, wooziness? Any slowness? Slurring? Small beasts with rainbow colored fur running around where they shouldn't be?" Completely deadpan as she checks to see if he's been weaned off any meds yet to give herself context to whatever answers may come. Then she reaches into her pocket and pulls out a penlight. "You know the drill by now. Just follow the light as best you can." Then she sets aside the chart and leans closer to shine pen light in his eyes, looking for his pupil response first.

Amos does indeed know the drill, this is not his first headwound, nor indeed, his most serious. Letting go of the book for now he lets his hands rest in his lap and gets ready to track the light when it starts to move. "None of the above," he notes as he stares at the light, "splitting headache last night but that's settled. A touch of dizziness when I stood yesterday evening hence me still being here, but nothing since, and I've been vertical since then." Then, with the business out of the way he taps the book cover without looking down, "a stash might not be a bad plan, I had to send a passing private to the library. Or maybe just magazines, like they have in th rec room? Something readily available though."
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"It feels weird without something. I'm used to treating civilians," Ariadne explains as if that means it's obvious they would require useless reading material. "Yeah, I'm going to send you on your way because you're largely in the clear, but I won't recommend anything in the field until you've sweated it out a full twenty four hours symptom free. Paperwork is fine and what have you. If you have anymore symptoms or worsening symptoms, you are to return here /immediately/." Ariadne pins the Captain with a skeptical look, squinting her eyes as a grin plays at the edges of her lips. "Got it? If you don't experience anymore symptoms, just check back with me in 24 to 48 hours. Then gods, willing, I never see you again," she teases with a soft smile.

"Twenty-four free," Amos repeats, a trick he's learnt to quickly prove to doctors that he was actually listening, "and back here in twenty four to forty eight. Unless I notice symptoms." See, some marines do pay attention. "Thanks Doc, I'll take it slow for tomorrow. As good a time as any to see how my staff can cope on their own for a while." One of the perks of being S3, he has staff, but only becuase there is so much of the job to do. Slipping the book under his arm he starts to slide himself off the bed. "Thanks Doc. I'll be sending one of my marines to talk to you in the next few days by the way. She was unhurt, but was right next to one of the aircrew that died when he shot himself. She's tough, but I know what sort of thing that can do if it's left to fester."

Ariadne steps back to clear the way for Amos and folds his chart in under her arm with a twist of her wrist. "Perhaps it will give you insight into new areas your staff needs to strengthen in their skills." At the Captain's revelation of the circumstances surrounding the incoming marine, she presses her lips together and there's a concerned look that pops up. "Indeed. Thank you for heading that off…as much as one can head off such things. It's not like we have spare /minds/ hanging around. We only get one afterall. If I may, what's the marine's name? I want to keep an eye out for it, make sure it's prioritized in the session schedule once they get in here."

Once on his feet again Amos straightens his uniform and drops the book into a pocket in his trousers. It might not be the greatest ever, but he's still going to finish it. "Corporal Kapali," he names when asks, "Penelope I believe. She had the luck of the gods with regards to bullets so is back on shift as normal. I'd like her to speak with you before I send her into combat again though, and as S3 I can clear her schedule to suit your needs."

"Let's try and get her in as soon as possible. It's easy for some individuals to push things down." The modulation in her language and politeness to avoid making sweeping statements as fact seems to come easily to the woman, born probably more from her upbringing than her training. "And you Captain? My door is always open, except when I'm in surgery," she adds with a casual tilt of her head. For clarification, she says, "Just don't make me write a prescription for you to have a beer with a friend." Her tone is serious even if her choice of words are good natured. It's another hallmark of her non-micro-managery style.

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