AAR: Erebos Reconnaissance


13 March 2005

FR: LTJG Gabriel Raynor
TO: RADM Louis Jameson, CMDR Gillian Faulkner
CC: MAJ Zachary Shepard, LCOL Marcus Petra, CPT Kurt Holtz
RE: Recon of Erebos, the last unsurveyed stretches of the belt.


On March 11, 2005, A group of six vipers and two raptors did a recon of the last stretch of the Erebos belt that had not yet been surveyed. This while having the light cruiser Cygnes nearby and waiting. Holding control with vipers as outriders to keep the raptors safe, who had the mission to provide surveillance and status updates although the minerals and metals within the astroid belt did make such things hard. Myself and ensign Agrippa had one of the far sides.

It started with a generally safe tour and not having much in the ways of issues other than the rocks around us. The one leading the operation, lieutenant Linden, did thereby decide it to be safe enough to conduct practice for the raptors. Allowing them to lock in and train on their targetting. This however backfired as a raider showed up and caught us by surprise as it fired and took down lieutenant Linden's viper.

Upon clearing the path, and with the loss of the former leading officer, I took charge. The path bringing us to what looked like a refining and storage facility. A spot though that seemed to have been the location for a previous battle as their were multiple holes from heavy weaponry. What seemed most likely like a trap did turn out to have a few ships laying in wait although we were able to deal with it without much harm being done to us.

By the time we had reached the facility we had lost contact with Cygnes and it was not until right after our attackers that such were able to be restablish and right on time as they reported a Cylon baseship and contacted their own retreat as to which we did much the same as the baseship was apparantly closing in on our location. Thus allowing us to take our own retreat out of harm's way and not risking more pilots for nothing.




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