Major Epiphany "Goose" Arrington
Epiphany1.jpg Arrington, Epiphany
MAJ Airwing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position CAG
Age Sex
34 F
Hair Eyes
brown hazel

Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys; look on them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death.

-Sun Tzu


She was supposed to ease her way into retirement. The advancement pipeline on Caprica was clear. Continue teaching, get promoted, eventually retire comfortable in a job well done. Have a nice little garden and more kids.

Instead she was on Picon when the Cylons returned and she has no idea if her husband and young daughter even survived. Like many who have lost, Epiphany deals with it in her own way and that way has seemed to be ensuring that humanity has pilots to serve.

Now, after serving Spree at Crandall, she's been transferred to BS Orion. It's almost a year since the war began and she has to somehow not just fit in, but also help lead people who have formed some unbreakable bonds…

RP Hooks

  • Arrington Farms: A family-owned and operated venture on Leonis. Their products were staples in many kitchens and restaurants in the colonies and some considered them on par (in the snobby fashion) with Leonis wines. Sure, some on Caprica thought them cute and kitsch, but it didn't stop the money from rolling in.
  • Picon Rebellion: Were you there? Maybe fighting with the good ol' civilians? Or perhaps you were at Crandall? Epiphany was providing air support for a few farms until BS Orion came in and provided enough support to clear things up. She served with Spree until being called out to Orion.
  • Flight Academy, Caprica: For about four years up until War Day, Epiphany was an instructor. Did you attend in that time? Maybe she taught you some of the ropes.
  • Mother, Wife: Chances are, her husband and daughter didn't make it. Caprica's definitely seen better days. Until someone convinces her otherwise, however, she's going to go on believing.
  • That's Not My Name: Don't call her Pippi, Pip, Piff… Seriously, don't. Captain, Arrington, or Grey will do. She may even respond to 'Mom,' if rumor from the Academy and Crandall have it right.

Recent Events

Date Event Relevant Log
AWD #301 Transfer to BS-114 Orion N/A
AWD #338 Promoted to Major <coming soon>

Service Record & Medals

Year Rank Station Notes
1988 Midshipman Fleet Academy (Virgon) Student
1992 Midshipman Fleet Academy (Virgon) Flight School
1994 Ensign CHC-1092 Demeter Viper pilot
2001 Lieutenant Fleet Academy (Caprica) Flight Instructor
2005 Captain Picon Resistance Fighter
2005 Captain CFAB Crandall Viper pilot & instructor
2005 Captain BS-114 Orion Viper pilot
2005 Major BS-114 Orion CAG


For overall Air Wing Quals, see Air Wing Qualification Chart.
Qualification Date Earned Notes
Air-to-Air Officer 1998 aka Dogfight Officer, earned aboard the Demeter

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