AWD #045: Entirely Too Girly
Entirely Too Girly
Summary: What started as a friendly bout of catching up between Ygraine and Cassie turns into something much different when they're joined by Maia
Date: 20/02/2013 (OOC Date)
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Mess Hall
The Crew Mess on the Orion is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
AWD #45

It's been the majority of a day since Cassie has been seen around, the pilot having hit her bunk right after she got off of CAP yesterday only to sleep right up until just before her sim time this morning which has only just ended. Thankfully sheh as some downtime before her next bout of business, giving her the chance to eat for the first time in almost twenty-four hours. She's in line, tray in hands, trying to be patient with those in front of her.

Ygraine is in the mess already, some kind of purple drink along with a stack of egg salad sandwiches in front of her: sugar and protein are apparently her essential nutrients. Looking up, she waves to Cassie before munching on a sandwich. The gesture is both a hello and a c'mon over if the viper pilot is so inclined.

Cassie is definitely inclined, that gesture caught just as she turns beckoning her over quickly. "Hey, Shakes," she greets the blonde warmly while parking her carcass, the ability to relax welcomed as is the company. "How are you doing, huh?" Her own choice in food is similar to Ygraine's although her own sandwiches are ham and cheese and her drink choice is water today.

"Pretty good." Ygraine says cheerfully. "Me and Phinny went down to Piraeus yesterday afternoon. Met up with Ceres and Augie. Couldn't drink, which kinda sucked, but it was nice to see blue sky. Sup with you, Shoes?"

Maia arrives from the Fore Corridor.

"Ah. Drinking's over-rated anyhow, right? But am glad you got to enjoy some downtime." One half of a sandwich is taken in hand and nibbled upon for a few, eating giving Cassie some time to think. "Not much is up with me," she eventually says while looking up towards the ceiling. "Just been flying and training. Need to make some free time for more fun. All I do is sleep, eat and fly and the first two aren't always a given, you know?"

Cassie and Ygraine are sitting at a table together, both with a tray set before them.

Ygraine blinks. "Drinking's overrated?" That's news to her, and she grins. "Clearly you ain't ever had a proper fifth of good ol' Leonis moonshine." She giggles. "I just opted out because I knew I had a work shift and wanted t'be clear-headed." She then pffts. "Gotta be more to your life than that, or you'll go bibbledy. How're things with Colonel Petra? He's got a super hot chin."

Having been out of commission for a couple of days now, Maia has stayed mostly to herself during that time. Now she has got to do away with the crutches, she wears a simple brace on her knee as she walks through the line and comes out with a tray and juice, looking around for a place to have a seat. Multiple choice. Seeing the two other pilots, she makes her way over, a little slower than usual, trying to be careful so she can get healed. She was sooo over downtime. Standing nearby, she offers a friendly smile. "Hey there. Mind if I join?"

Cassie grins, waving the last bit of sandwich in her hand at Ygraine as if it is a scepter or something else meant to give the impression of royalty. "We can go drinking sometime soon. I think I'll need it after this week's over. If you're free let's shoot for this weekend, hmmm?" Maia's approach and following query has her smiling. "Sure. Come and claim a chair."

"Hey hey, Maia Papaya!" calls out Ygraine. She has a stack of egg salad sandwiches and some kind of purple sugary drink. Because everyone wants Ygraine hopped up on sugar, yup. "How's the knee? I can't be your ECO if you're a gimp, ya know. Work on that, lady. Yeah, sit down. What's up?"

With the invitation given, Maia does slip into a chair somewhat awkwardly with the brace, getting it bent. There's a sandwich, a banana and juice on her own tray she places on the table. "Sounds like a fun weekend is being planned." Hearing that nickname brings a chuckle, "Papaya would be pretty good about now." Stretching out her leg now, she sighs in relief. "It's almost there, remind me never to fight someone so tough. It was a nice challenge, but obviously I didn't rise to it so well." Lifting the fruit first, she begins peeling it, looking at the food on the others trays, "Should be all good to go by tomorrow, if I keep the brace on. How are you both doing?"

The obvious difficulty in which Maia sits gets a sympathetic wince from Cassie. "Man, I get that you were having fun but you really should stick to sparring other Wing peeps. Anyone who works a wrench for a living's bound to be on the strong-as-frak side, you know?" The advice is dispensed with a grin. Leaning an arm on the table, Cassie finishes that last bite of food before answering. "Not much here. Just been busy. Trying to keep myself busy at the same time I attend to my duties, you know?"

Ygraine makes a fussy face and wafts her hand back and forth dismissively. "Augie was golden gloves champ back on some other assignment, I don't know which. He'll drop just about anyone except maybe Storm like a rock. There's a fight I'd want to watch, though. I'm good - went to Piraeus yesterday afternoon and hung out with Phinny an' Ceres an' Augie, speaking of. We're discussing how to best get Cassie here t'do something other than sleep, eat, an' fly. What are y'all doing for Colonial Day? I want to go on a dress scavenger hunt. Also, we gotta find a wedding dress for Ceres, you two game to help?" This is Ygraine. This is Ygraine on sugar based drinks.

Maia gives Cassie an easy going grin. "I think that's the best advice I've heard yet. I plan on keeping with other Wing people for sure." Hearing her mention how busy she's been she looks a little wistful. "I've been so idle the past couple of days. It's making me feel lazy." Ohh the cure for laziness has presented itself in the form of a wonderful, sugar hyped Yggy. "A dress? Ohh, I have a few things, I just arrived recently and brought most everything I could carry with me. I've got an extra, maybe two," waggling her brows to the two. "We could try them all on and see what looks best on who." Though the mention of a wedding dress gets a quick flash of a grin. "The dress I wore when I married would never do for a temple wedding. I'll help, sure!" Maia loves, loves, loves dressing up.

"A dress?" Cassie's not exactly sure, her expression skeptical and tone unsure, the idea of wearing a dress not exactly something she's keen on. "I was just going to wear my dress blues or something. I…" Faltering, she looks between Ygraine and Maia, her expression thoughtful. "Oh… okay," she eventually relents, doing so preemptively to stave off protests or prodding made with by the others. "If we can find something that fits me, I'll wear it." Siiiiiiigh.

Ygraine gives Cassie a funny look. "No one's gonna twist your arm." she says. "Some women feel good when they wear dresses and some don't. If ya don't wanna, it ain't a thing, but if ya could help with findin' one for Ceres' wedding, I'd be obliged." She then ooh's at Maia. "Beggars can't be choosers, I bet th'Lords won't mind if she really likes it. But I think I'm gonna spread the word for Colonial Day at least, for them that wanna, we can pool our clothes and get everyone who wants to," subtle look at Cassie there, "Somethin' pretty."

Maia isn't one to force things on people and she smiles a little indulgently at Cassie. "Dress blues are nice too." Nope no prodding or preemptive pleading on her part. She lifts her banana and takes a bite of the fruit, nodding with her mouth full to Ygraine, agreeing completely about feeling good wearing dresses. "I'll throw mine in with the lot of pooled dresses too, but I think I already have my favorite one chosen."

Cassie is already thinking of what she has with her, her own stock of civilian clothing mostly consisting of jeans, tees and pyramid jerseys and other casual clothing, nothing that is formal in design. "I might have a few pairs of heels I can donate," she eventually offers. "Nothing very pretty but they'll work." At least she can help that way.

"Sounds like a plan." Ygraine says agreeably to Cassie. "How do ya feel about mani-pedis? Or gettin' your hair done? There's still all sorts of stuff ya can do for CD and the weddin' if ya think you'd enjoy it." To Maia, "Wanna help me keep track of everythin'? I could use the help."

"Heels.. I love heels." Maia is distracted with shoes, lovely heels. Eyes sparkle a the thought of dressing up for the day. "I wonder how long it's been since I've actually gotten to wear heels." All girly-girl, Maia grins as she puts the fruit aside. "Definitely have to do the mani-pedi and hair thing for the day, I want to feel all beautiful. And definitely, I'll help you keep track of everything. This is going to be fun."

"I can handle having my fingernails done and my hair but think that's where I draw the line," comes answer from Shoes. "My feet are super ticklish and I loath having them touched." Another half of a sandwich is claimed and eaten, this one consumed in several large bites. "I don't know how to do anyone else's hair either so…" She's going to be pretty useless, it seems, much to her displeasure.

"Y'all gonna take a fella, or go stag?" Yggy asks them both. "I mean, we got a whole month and everythin' t'prep but I'm thinkin' stag may be the way t'go so I can dance with whomever I want." She grins suddenly. "Eh. Yeah, stag is probably best. Unless somebody asks me outright." What is she thinking? Whatever it is, she looks like a cat with a bowl of cream and a feather in its mouth.

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