MD #005: Engineering Security
Engineering Security
Summary: MP's and extra Marines continue to swarm on Deck 4 to search for explosives and up security measures. It's not so convenient for those who have work to do in Engineering. Ynyr meets Henry.
Date: 13/04/2017 (OOC Date)
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Lleufer Henry 
Aft Corridor, Deck 4 - Battlestar Orion
The hallways are the standardized thoroughfares found on nearly every ship in the Colonial Fleet. Tall enough to accommodate heavy equipment, their half-diamond arches rise almost twelve feet off the decking. About a quarter of the overhead bulbs are Vitamin D lamps, smoothing out the harsh edges of standard-issue fluorescent bulbs. Wired phones are posted every hundred yards and in adjoining halls as well. Heavy bulkhead doors section off the ship into different areas, and each hatch is clearly labeled no matter how large or small.
Sun Oct 29 14:01:08 2028

The past several days since the hangar bombing, Deck 4 has been getting some serious Marine and MP attention. Security has been hopped up big time. Lleufer Ynyr has been down here a great deal doing inspections, conferring with the Marine teams and MP's. People have been getting ID's checked and searched to pass into Deck Four's Reactor and other critical areas. Daily. It's slowing things down at the hatches and even officers aren't immune to the checks. People have been a little tense but no explanations.

The Master at Arms comes down from the Security Hub yet again. Lleu is a somewhat tall, broad shouldered man with blondish hair buzzed very short. His Arpay eyes and ears stand out as being somewhat strange. He also has a bullet wound scar both in the front right upper side of his forehead with a matching exit wound scar in the back of his skull, faded with the years. The Master of Arms, like all the on duty MP's goes about armed. This particular veteran may look to be in his 30's but his side arm has seen a lot of use over the years.

He carries a data slate as he comes onto Deck 4. Ynyr starts going through to check with his teams of both Marines and MP's but stops in at the Chief Engineer's office to see if the Chief is in.

Henry has only been on the Orion for a few months now as a Watch Officer. Before his assignment here, he was hopping around Battlestars to do shakedown cruises on the Arpay tech. Now, this seems to be the ship he'll be stationed on for the war. So, Henry has been getting to know the Engineering crew for once.

The checkpoints? A major headache. Dealing with delays gets the Engineering staff pressure from above to get their asses in gear, which in turn is relayed with gusto to the MPs who /insist/ on overkill security. Henry is one of the few who doesn't say much about the checkpoints. Occasionally, when a search goes on for longer than is necessary, Henry prods them to hurry up, but that's about it.

Today, Henry has just gotten on watch, and is in his Captain uniform with overalls on as he heads for the reactor.

The chief of course isn't loitering around in her office at the moment. So Ynyr pulls out a tiny paper nodpad and pen and scribbles something. When he's done he folds it up and drops it into the drop box folder next to the hatch where he knows she'll check for any messages or folders dropped off for her. The dataslate now clipped to his belt that also carries handcuffs, tazor, pistol and other items, Lleu tucks the notepad back into his shirt pocket.

The MP turns and stops suddenly when he realizes that there's a Captain he was about to walk into. The Gunnery Sergeant side steps to get out of Henry's way, "Sir." As it happens, the Master at Arms is the very man in charge of all of these MP's on board the Orion and what they are doing. Lleu's own silvery grey eyes with over large, dark Arpay pupils study Henry closely and particularly the scar on the man's face. "I don't think we've met, Captain. ID please." Yep, going to check Henry right here and now even though he's already on Deck 4.

There's a stop, then a look to the man. A look to those eyes and ears, then to his uniform. He pulls it out, and all but slaps it into Lleufers hand. "I've been checked getting down here already, but I'll indulge you." Henry states in a calm, collected voice.

Lleufer smiles, "I'm not going to frisk you, Captain. I just want to know who you are." He loos over Henry's Fleet ID for a moment and then hands it back, "Thanks. I'm newly aboard and taking over as Master at Arms now the current MaA is dead back at the hangar incident. I'm Gunnery Sergeant Lleufer Ynyr and I'm the former MaA from the last war. So you will be seeing a lot of me down here for a while. If you see /anything/ at that looks wierd, or anyone acting suspiciously, please report it to the MP's at once, sir."

"Oh, good. I was wondering when the strip searches would start." Henry drily states, completely straight faced, before he grabs the ID back and pockets it. "Now, if you don't mind, I have a reactor to run a daily diagnostic on. If you want to come along and chat, that's fine." Having just gotten on duty, going over the daily checklist is a pretty big priority for Engineering. Henry takes a moment to settle his uniform before he heads in.

"No strip searches yet, Sir." But no promises. Ynyr looks amused and turns to walk with the Captain, "I happen to be heading that way myself. You been on board long, sir?" The big Marine refuses to take a rise out of any of Henry's wry comments. The MaA former war veteran is keeping strictly professional.


Fusion Reactor Deck 4 - Battlestar Orion

The reactor compartment is built purely to be functional, not aesthetically pleasing. Entering involves passing a posted Marine guard as well as a small maze of hatchways to get to the constantly-manned reactor control room. From there, one can overlook the actual reactors, of which there are two, that are encased within their own ceramic domes. Piping runs from all over the ship to this area. The reactor room itself is accessible via catwalks and steel-plated grates.


"I've been moving around as watch officer for a few months here, Sergeant. Spent the last two years otherwise doing shakedowns for various Battlestars." Henry answers as they head through the hatchways, coming into the reactor control room proper in short order. "This will be my first real posted assignment." Henry heads for one of the larger consoles overlooking the reactors, and inserts a data chip. "You were on the Orion during the resistance days, then?"

Lleufer comes along into the reactor area where more MP's are posted. With Ynyr walking with him, the MP's look especially sharp and alert but do not stop Henry to check his ID yet again like they would otherwise. Otherwise the usual Marine guard is here as usual but they are staying out of engineering's way while they keep a close eye on things. A couple of pairs of MP's are patiently going through everything one section at a time to continue conducting detailed searches of every nook and cranny possible, with an engineering tech assigned to them to ID things and tell the MP's what they shouldn't mess with.

Ynyr's attention skims over various points of interest and then come back to Henry, "Yes, sir. I was original Orion crew from before the war started, with project NOMAD. Very few like me managed to stay alive through the war and stick with the Orion until the end, but I did. Then I became a Marine Drill Instructor for a while until a desk was looming in my future if I'd been promoted much more."

"I was on Leonis duriing all of that." Henry gives as he starts to type into the console, a bunch of very complicated looking displays pop up as he works. Then, he looks to one of the Engineering staff, "Mackinsie, I need a sitrep from the engine crew. I've got some unusual readings that might be a bug or not." The crewman he addresses the Captain with a salute and "Sir," before he heads out. Henry turns his attention back to the console. "I never did manage to talk to any of the NOMAD people, but I did at least manage to find a resistance base. Seen a lot of ground combat, then, Sergeant?"

"Yeah, seen a lot of ground combat. We liberated Picon and that was very bloody. Kept on going from there." Llue gives Henry an upnod, "Seems you've seen a little action of one kind or another somewhere yourself, Captain. Where'd you get the facial scar, if you don't mind my asking?" A glance back to his MP's he came to check on and then back to the Engineer, "Won't stay in your hair. Just curious, before I leave you to your work and I to mine, sir."

"It was a parting gift during one of the bloodier raids we did on a supply depot. I was with my mentor at the time and pushed him out of the way of a Centurion machine gun. I was lucky my whole cheek didn't get blown out." Almost absent mindedly, Henry brings up his hand to his cheek and rubs the scar. "We needed the ammo badly for our tanks, so it wasn't a situation we could just walk away from." More typing, before Henry turns to face Lleufer. "Leonis has been hell for years now, Sergeant. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The APF just made it more subtle."

Henry gets a nod, "No, I know. The past two decades while I was 'retired' I have beem helping to deal with the APF on Aerilon. I am well aware." Lleufer keeps his baritone low. "Anyway, pleased to meet you and glad to know you aren't green as a newborn foal to combat, Captain. Doing our damnest to keep you and your people down here alive. Right now the engines and reactor are likely targets number one on this ship. So I mean it. Tell your people to watch everyone closely and keep checking for anything that's where it's not supposed to be. Don't want anyone setting explosives down here." With that, the MaA turns to let the Captain focus on his work, and Lleu to get back to his.

"Sure, sure. We already do it, but I can do it harder." Henry quips. "I'm not completely useless in a ground combat situation, but that isn't what I dealt with in the resistance, or what I signed on for in the Fleet. Good day to you, Sergeant." Henry turns back to his console, typing some more. "Things need more redundancy." Henry mutters under his breath.

Henry gets a thumbs up from Lleu and then a moment later he engages a pair of the Mp's who are trying their damnest to find explosives. You'd think they knew some C4 bricks were missing or something.

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