Private Emily Benning
Emily1.jpg Benning,
Recruit Marines
Station BS Orion
Position Rifleman
Age Sex
18 F
Hair Eyes
Brown Blue


Emily was born after the Orion vanished and about one year before the Skath landed. She doesn't remember the time before their influence was felt. The first eight years of her life were spent working in hard conditions, both she and her mother employed at a local hotel that had been turned into a tavern of sorts. There was very little education, but there was enough to get by. Emily heard endless stories about the world before the Skath. She heard about people and deeds, and heroic efforts that paid off in miracles. She heard about the Marines. But it was all gone. Humanity on Picon had lost everything. There was no sense fighting sine there was no way off the planet and the Skath were just too powerful. …Which was something the Clerics had so carefully left in the minds of so many with just a brushing hand. Better to acknowledge the need to resist and let the humans despair.


One night it all changed. The Clerics 'killed' her mother right in front of Emily. The girl watched her mother beg and scream, terrified of what might happen to Emily. And Kelly Romo died right there. Born out of that chaos, Queen Madilyn would bring Emily with her to their new home. King Kendrick Benning had chosen Emily's mother to be his wife and she simply needed to be 'reprogrammed' to a more fitting persona. Emily was referred to as her adoptive daughter, a kindness Queen Madilyn would harp on. And despite living in a beautiful tower and having every comfort Emily could reasonably ask for, she was never more than a kept setpiece until her teen years. The Clerics found use for her and wiped any memory of what she'd done so she would simply go about her days as innocent as possible. It went on until she was caught so far deep into something that her Mother could never forgive her. Emily's bags were packed for her. The King bestowed a title of Lady on her before sending her off to be married to a wretched man. Of course, as mother had so cruelly pointed out, the Clerics would need to ensure she was ritually cleansed for her husband first so she could be an adoring wife. Emily had never been so sure her mother had died more than a decade before.

With a trusted knight, Sir Atticus, escorting Emily with militia they never actually made it to the wedding. Colonial Marines interrupted their journey and cut the cord on her possible engagement. They grabbed everyone they could and took them back to the Orion. Since then Emily has apparently been cleaned out of her Cleric corruption and completed training in the Colonial Marines. She's since been wounded, shot at, killed, and been all manner of terrified. She also found out she's the granddaughter of a Seven. Its taken a lot of getting used to. Getting some counseling has helped smooth things over for her.

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