Captain Emilia "Ironhide" Hallick
emilia.jpg Hallick, Emilia
Captain Airwing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Raptor Pilot
Age Sex
37 F
Hair Eyes
Dark Brown Brown


Born on Aerilon, Emilia Hallick made clear from an early age that she was going to make a life for herself away from the colony. The child of two teachers, she had access to more education than many and worked hard to get an appointment to CFA: Virgon. While not a standout cadet, she was capable and earned a spot in CFAB: Nike where she trained as a Raptor Pilot. Excelling in this training, she graduated near the top of her class and began a respectable military career in a variety of duty stations.

She seems to be all about her job; there have never been any rumors of significant relationships and she has not been married nor had children. She rarely has returned to Aerilon since leaving for the Academy. She's known in the fleet for being damned good at handling paperwork and has often been consulted by members of her squadron or ship—she seems to have an instinct for navigating bureaucracy and a certain satisfaction for it as well. Those who have been in a unit with her know that she hides a love of reading badly. This has earned her a variety of call signs including "Prof", "Professor", and "Teach". Her recent habit of getting horribly wounded but surviving with sass has lead to a new call sign of "Ironhide".

Recent Events

Most recently, Emilia had been posted to a duty station at Colonial Fleet Command. She had not been especially pleased about the assignment. She was on Picon when Warday came and was thought lost. She survived Warday with her ECO Damon "Chatterbox" Evans and fought with Col. Bancroft's Resistance Force on Picon. Increasingly paranoid tendencies on Bancroft's part lead to her eventually being shot down by ground forces on Picon. Once there, she met up with LtCol Petra and PCO3 Wescott (who had also been shot down). The three made their way through hostile territory and eventually got out off planet, though Emilia was wounded severely in the process. Healed up in Orion's sick bay, she's been assigned to Orion's Gentlemen Ghosts.

Date Rank Station Notes
Aug 1986 Cadet CFA: Virgon Middle Third of Class
June 1990 Ensign CFAB: Nike Near Top of Class
Jan 1992 Ensign Battlestar Athena Rookie Raptor Pilot
Jul 1995 LtJG CFAB Anchorage Raptor Pilot
Mar 1998 Lt Battleship Deimos Raptor Pilot
Feb 2001 Lt Escort Carrier Bay of Rezaei Raptor Pilot
Apr 2004 Captain Colonial Fleet Command Raptor Pilot
Jan 2005 Captain Picon Resistance Force Raptor Pilot
Feb 2005 Captain Battlestar Orion Raptor Pilot

Recent Logs


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