AAR: Emergency Aerilon Recon Team Medevac

Orion Marines visiting Picon are called upon to perform a medevac for a discovered Aerilon recon unit.



13/03/2006 (AWD #431)

FR: SGT Randolph Kae Flynn
TO: CMDR Spree, LOL Petra
CC: MJR Alastor Fairfax, CPT John Amos Ommanney
RE: Emergency Aerilon Recon Team Medevac


CPL Kapali and I were with SGT Knox while on Picon to help out with one of their radar systems when an alert went out for immediate medevac and support on Aerilon. Crandall's Marine forces were already deployed. We were able to gather some supplies and meet a Crandall Raptor crew. With the LZ lit up by SAMs in the area, we did a hot drop without landing. Though with the Raptor being under-armored, it was destroyed quickly after. At about a hundred feet up, the pilot ejected but was unable to detach from the seat before being caught in the SAM crossfire. When the pilot ejected, the ECO jumped from the hatch, but died on impact from a head first landing. The Raptor impact was at a safe distance about 300 meters off, north west of the LZ. Previous intel from our pilot gave us a 20 minute ETA till relief could be scrambled from the primary battlegroup.

SGT Knox radioed a sitrep and requested immediate evac and air support at our location.I ordered CPL Kapali to frag the incoming wave of Centurions to provide cover for our advance to the recon team deeper inside the treeline. SGT Knox marked targets for incoming air support while continuing to lay down cover fire, suffering multiple GSWs. Once with the recon team, it was clear they had taken heavy casualties, but had locked themselves into position to support the Medic working on their team leader. I moved up to bolster the team's front line to support evacuation while CPL Kapali spoke to the medic to confirm the survivors.

With about 60 or 70 Centurions advancing from the west, I took provisional command over the recon team. In order to maintain a safe distance for the incoming air strike and secure the medic as a key resource to reduce overall casualties of the mission, I ordered medic to abandon her resuscitation of the Staff Sergeant and retreat immediately. At this time, CPL Kapali suffered a serious GSW to the neck, treated herself, and managed to evacuate the medic. I also suffered a serious GSW to my shooting hand. The air strike began just as we were beginning our retreat.

What was left of the recon unit held the position during our retreat to a position flush with SGT Knox where he was directing our evac bird. The medic continued working on the Staff Sergeant until the last possible moment, and was briefly able to revive her, so once I deposited my wounded at the extraction point, I went back in for her while CPL Kapali and SGT Knox protected the LZ and Ensign Heron landed the evac bird. After returning to the extraction point and loading the Staff Sergeant, I provided cover fire and helped load the remaining wounded. We were able to return home without suffering anymore air casualties.




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