Major Elias Gray
elias04.jpg Gray,
MAJ Tactical
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Tactical Officer
Age Sex
28 Male
Hair Eyes
Brown Blue


Elias Gray escaped from Hades. Hades, the capital of Canceron, that is. Strong academic performance earned him a scholarship to the University of Hades, but a financial downturn during his Junior year cut his scholarship, and his college education, short. Undaunted, he enlisted in the Colonial Fleet, planning to stay in just long enough to pay for the rest of his education. During basic training he was able impress his instructors enough that they suggested he apply for OCS, and to his surprise he was accepted. He never would finish that college degree.

Opting to join Fleet Intelligence, Elias passed through Advanced School and was assigned as an analyst on the staff at the 7th Fleet Anchorage. Excellent performance and dedication earned him a unique opportunity to join the <REDACTED>. This lead to an assignment as part of <REDACTED>, <REDACTED> <REDACTED>. He spent several years on detached duty until he was injured in raptor accident in 2004, resulting in several weeks of rehab in the 7th Fleet Evac Hospital.

After recovering from his injuries, Elias Gray opted to transfer back to a desk job serving under his first CO, who was now in charge of the Intel Staff for CFAB Euterpe, on Picon. And then there was War Day, and everything went to Hades again.


Year School Department Notes
1995 - 1997 Univ. of Hades: Canceron Economics Degree Incomplete

Service Record

Date Rank Station Assignment
JAN 1998 Recruit Canceron Fleet Boot Camp
MAR 1998 Officer Candidate Canceron OCS
JUL 1998 ENS 7th Fleet Anchorage Intel A School
FEB 1999 ENS 7th Fleet Anchorage Analyst
SEP 2001 LT JG 7th Fleet Anchorage Classified
OCT 2003 LT JG Detached Classified
JUN 2004 LT JG 7th Fleet Evac Hospital Rehab
AUG 2004 LT CFAB Euterpe: Picon Intel Staff
APR 2005 LT BS-114 Orion Intel Officer
JUN 2005 CPT BS-114 Orion Intel Officer
DEC 2005 MAJ JTF NOMAD Intel Officer
APR 2005 MAJ JTF NOMAD Tactical Officer

Recent Events

WAR DAY: Elias was on Picon when the Cylons struck. He eventually joined CMDR Spree's HQ at Anvil.

APR 2005: LT Elias Gray is transferred to the Orion at the request of ship's TACCO, LT COL Petra.

JUN 2005: Promoted to Captain and appointed to head the Intelligence section aboard the Orion.

DEC 2005: Promoted to Major and appointed to head the Intelligence Section for JTF NOMAD.

APR 2005: Appointed as acting Tactical Officer.

JAN 2007: Honorable Discharge.


2005 04 15 - Analysis of Enemy Fleet Deployment
2005 04 18 - Intel Summary: Major Brandon Flynn (CMC)
2005 05 10 - Possible Cylon Response to Fleet Offensive
2005 05 20 - Intel Summary: CAPRICA
2005 06 10 - SIGINT Reconstruction of Colonial Fleet Action, CAPRICA, War Day
2005 07 14 - Interrogation Report: Major Brandon Flynn
2005 09 15 - Intel Summary: Humanoid Cylons
2005 11 07 - Intel Summary and Recommendations for Future Operations.
2006 01 12 - Intel Summary: LIBRAN

Recent Logs


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