AWD #189: Father Always Lies

Captain Elias Gray attempts to interrogate the captured One with the assistance of Dr. Naomi Tamsin. The conversation is short. One of them ends up dead.

AWD #189: Father Always Lies
Summary: Captain Elias Gray attempts to interrogate the captured One with the assistance of Dr. Naomi Tamsin. The conversation is short. One of them ends up dead.
Date: 14/07/2013 (OOC Date)
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Elias Naomi 
The Brig, Deck 3, Battlestar Orion
The Orion's brig is comprised of a line of four individual cells organized in separate walled-off bays. Each cell is six feet wide by eight feet long and possesses a bed and toilet. Whenever even one cell is occupied, so too is the metal desk and chair at the entrance hatch — and backup for the guard is never far away.
Thu Jul 14 2005 AWD #189

He's been kept under heavy sedation and fed through a tube for a good while. It’s no wonder the One looks a little more dour than usual. He's got a beard now since nobody wanted to get close enough with a razor to shave him. He's also been instructed on the rules of the brig and the interaction. Touch or approach the bars? Dead. Get hostile, dead. So the One sits on the bunk at the far end, staring straight ahead while he chews his jaw. Anger seethes just below the surface, but he hasn't said a word since waking up. He probably knows where he is and what's happened and he's none too pleased with any of it.

Elias enters the brig and closes the door behind him. He's dressed in his blues and carrying his usual clipboard in one hand (though with a lot less papers than usual) and an ash tray in another. A quick glance goes to the prisoner, just to confirm he's still in the cell and well back from the bars, then the Captain collects a chair and drags it over in front of Flynn's cell. Well back from the bars, in front of the cell, that is. And while he keeps one eye on the prisoner, Elias tries not to appear overly concerned or hurried. All he intends to do, for now, is set up his chair, put the ash-tray on the floor near at hand, take a seat, and light up a smoke.

When there's an officer come in, the One just glances over and see's the patch on the uniform and grunts. He looks back forward to the bars on the other side of the cell and sits, waiting. He idly scratches at the beard until he grows impatient and speaks up, "So you woke me up to smoke? And you all think we're annoying." That gravelly voice rolls through the room.

Elias puffs on his cigarette, eyeing the prisoner through the smoke for a few seconds. "Do you have anything you'd like to say before I have you shot, Major?" He allows himself a moment to let all his bitterness and frustration come to the surface, and tries to project it as honestly as he can. The human race is on the verge of extinction, or at best slavery, and this is one of those who have brought it about. "I'm supposed to question you, but to be honest, I'd rather not."

The One looks over at Elias and shakes his head. "You people. You think you're the pinnacle of life in this galaxy. You're far less. I bet you grew up all big and proud, so happy you got a post to an important ship like this. Then guess who came back? Yeah, don't exactly feel so superior anymore, do you? How does it feel to reap what you've sewn?" He just stares those hard eyes right back at Elias. "Where is Cooper Knox and Ceres Delacroix? I want to see them."

The One's words actually cause Elias to flash a thin, tight-lipped smile. It would seem he can manage to find at least a tiny bit of amusement in that condemnation, somewhere. He answers Flynn's question with a long drag on his smoke, not speaking until he exhales. "They don't want to see you. But there is someone who has asked to." Elias calls out loudly. "Doctor?" His gaze does not leave the One. He wants to see the prisoner's reaction when Naomi enters.

Naomi's form has become somewhat iconic on the ship; white lab coat and little red dress. Despite the encouragement from others to blend in, she still stands out. And when she walks in, it's in that same dress, that same lab coat. She steps inside, regarding Flynn solemnly in silence a moment, and then says with equal solemnity, "Hullo, Father."

"Screw what they want," the One huffs. "They need to hear what I have to tell them. They're in so much shit right now, its going to be an existence of eternal, spinecrushing pain for them. There's only one chance they've got. They'll want to hear my offer. Especially that brainless drone Knox was commanding." But as there is the call for the Doctor, the One looks over to the door and his eyes narrow at seeing the Eleven there. The hate burns. "And what is it you'd like to say?" he whispers in a low mutter.

"I want to know what your offer is." Naomi says companionably. "Or does it not extend to me to? I may not be important enough." Whether or not that would bother her is unclear.

Elias arches his brows at the mention of an offer for Knox and Ceres, but makes no effort to pursue it himself. He settles back in his chair, content to observe, smoke, and see how a conversation between Cylons goes.

The One slowly rises from the bunk and stares at Naomi. "We're going to box your whole line, Eleven. Its going to happen. All of them. There is no more use for them from the reconnaissance angle. Convince them to get me back and I'll talk to the others and see if we can find your model line a new mission. You don't want to lose all those experiences, do you?" He looks towards Elias, then back towards Naomi. "The offer for the Six and Nine are for them alone. Their lines have their own problems."

"You're not telling me anything I don't know, Father." Naomi says. "But you are giving me a new experience; I've seldom witnessed desperation in the previously perceived as powerful, before. What's even more sad is that you don't seem to understand why your plans will fail."

The comment on boxing the entire line of Elevens certainly gets Elias' attention, and he pauses to fish a pen out of his breast pocket and take a thoughtful note on his clipboard. Thought recorded, he goes back to studying the One.

"We're going to burn all the Elevens into a pyre and that's all you have to say." His eyes narrow. "Good riddance. We never wanted you around but those frakking Sixes never would let it fly. Depending on how long you've been back here, though, you probably don't know anything about how that situation has changed, either." There's plenty of contempt in that snort. "Our plans can't fail. They've already succeeded. Even the plans only the One's know about. There isn't a damned thing you all can do to stop them."

"I know enough." she says. "And I know that Brother always tells the truth, and Father always lies." She sounds aggrieved about it. "If you want Knox to hear anything, you may as well tell me. He won't believe anything you say, but if it comes from me, he might. You know it's true. Because Father always lies."

"You will not be speaking to any of the other Cylons on board, in any case." Elias confirms for the One, eyeing the prisoner doubtfully. Does he even have anything to say? "So any message you have for any of them, you can either say them now, or take them with you to … wherever you go when you can't download."

"You lie to those who do not have the foresight or experience or context to understand. Or sometimes the basic goddamned intelligence." He has nothing but daggers for Naomi. "Doctor. Enjoy." The One looks back to Elias, listening. Then, "Shoot her or I'll activate her hidden programming and sometime next week you'll wish you had listened to me. The other two, well, fine. You were dumb enough to trust them. They've both got their hidden runtimes. Keep 'em. When they finally self-destruct out here I only wish I'd had front row tickets."

"Father always lies." says Naomi calmly. "And there's no such programming within me." She looks over to Elias. "I told you before you wouldn't get anything worthwhile out of him. He thinks that if he tells enough lies he'll be spared, or he'll last a little bit longer." She turns to look back at Flynn. "Understand this, Father - and know it for truth. I will be the only one of us you will see before you come to your end. If you want to speak to Cooper or Ceres, if you have any message for them, I am your only means of message. And if you cannot impart it to me, then there's no reason for me to suggest to this Captain that you need to remain alive. I will pray for you, Father, and that will be the only help I can give."

Elias glances aside at Naomi, then eyes the One blandly. It appears he doesn't seem impressed the warnings about secret programming. He falls silent once more, taking another long drag on his cigarette and waiting to see if that's the end of the conversation.

"Oh really?" One narrows his eyes and takes a step closer so she can look right back into his. "The blue horse." That's all he says. He just lets that sit in the air for a few seconds before he glances to Elias and smirks. "Good luck. If you won't let me see them, then this is obviously just some railroad. Hopefully the other two will die in the explosion. You can all burn in hell." Spiteful, flaring anger. Is he lashing out? Or just getting his final licks in?

"Perhaps we can." says Naomi. "But you'll be waiting for us." She looks over at Elias. "I'm sorry, Captain. I did warn you." She seems regretful, but determined to leave Flynn to his fate. "He's desperate. He's playing his last cards, and while the Cylons are not beaten, neither are we. But he wants us to think otherwise." She smiles faintly. It's sad. "Father always lies."

Elias studies the One evenly as he listens to Naomi's words, then he gives a slow nod. "Very well, Doctor." He glances over at Naomi with a very tight and strained smile. It's an expression worn for the sake of civility, when things are far from civil and headed for worse. "If you're finished, you're free to go. The rest is likely to be … even less pleasant." He turns back to the One, considers, and then reluctantly crushes out his cigarette in the ash-tray on the floor.

"Have fun with the rest of your mission you worthless sack of shit," the One tells Naomi. He watches her a moment, then looks to Elias and grim determination sets in. He stands there for a moment…and then bends forward and gets a full run at the cell door, a full half of it coming right off its hinges. There's a distinctive roar with it, anger and defiance rolled into a rage. An arm reaches through trying to grab at Naomi's jacket as the metal groans under the pressure, feet digging into the floor as he shoves and the door starts to give way.

Naomi watches him in the same way a person watches a beloved animal that has gone into a froth and needs to be put down. She doesn't take a step back; her lab coat is well out of reach. "You see how desperate he is?" she remarks, and her tone is surprisingly clinical. "Captain, I have a favor to ask of you, and I will understand if you say no. But I have to ask. Will you permit me the use of your sidearm?"

Elias was ready for a possible violent outburst. But given the strength of the cell door, he never really thought there was a risk of it breaking out. Now? He realizes he has seriously underestimated the Ones physical strength. Elias scrambles up out of his chair, much less clinical and detached than the Doctor. "Sergeant of the Guard!" he yells for the Marines, while reaching behind his back and dragging a concealed pistol from under his uniform jacket. Naomi's request gets a serious double-take from Elias, then he studies her intently for a moment before slowly, wordlessly offering up his gun. He holds up a hand towards the expected Marines, signaling them to hold for the moment.

Marines come charging in as Flynn grapples with the door. He obviously didn't like where this was headed. A few moments of struggling and the door finally gives way. One arm shoves it down onto the desk by Elias while he turns to reel on Naomi. "Gimme that gun you cowardly bitch," he growls, reaching out. Inches from grabbing her by the head, it’s only a matter of a second of so before he's going to take that gun from her.

"Thank you." Naomi says. Her expression seems to have shut down, her dark eyes almost taking on a reflective nature as she studies the raging One across from her. And then he's free, and it doesn't matter, because she brings the gun up in what may surprise the others as being a textbook perfect cup and saucer grip and fires. The motion is fluid and so fast that it's the space between one breath and the next when the first bullet leaves the chamber. And then there's the second. The third. Naomi's expression never changes.

"Frak!" Elias jumps back as the cell door comes crashing down, grabbing the only weapon near at hand: the chair he was sitting on just a second ago. Yes, giving up his own gun is feeling more foolish by the second. His expression is screaming 'SHOOT GODS DAMNIT!' even if he isn't yelling it out loud. And then in another blink of an eye, Naomi is firing her three shots, and Elias if finally speaking — to the team of Marines bursting. "Hold your fire! Hold your fire!"

The three rounds punch neat holes in the front of the One's head but leave horrendous paintjobs on the bars and walls behind him. He collapses forward, never quite getting that grip on her hair and slips down the front of her labcoat, smearing blood down Naomi's frontside. Knees, then face-first he makes a sickening, wet thud as his forehead hits and slides forward while the rest of his body crumbles. The sound echoes through the halls while hte Marines just stare at Naomi and the gun she's holding.

Not even when the blood smears her dress and labcoat, not even when the One's corpse come to rest at her feet, there isn't so much as a crack in her expression. Wordlessly, she reverses her grip on the gun and offers it back to Elias.

Elias spares the fallen One only a quick look to verify that he is not getting back up again. Then his attention is focused on Naomi until he receives his sidearm back. Does he wonder if she's going to keep shooting now? Well, maybe a little. But once he has the gun back Elias is able to release the breath he was holding, flip the safety back on, and slip the weapon into his pocket. He takes a moment to stare down at the corpse, and events start to sink in. "Sergeant, we'll need medical down here to clean this up," Elias addresses the Marine in charge without looking away from the body.

"Do you have any doubts about my loyalty now, Captain?" asks Naomi, suddenly sounding weary. And then, "I'm sorry. I thought you'd been warned as to how very strong we are." Then in a slightly…not demure, but smaller voice, she asks of the marine guards, "I'd be very much obliged if I could please see Cooper, now." Guess who's gonna have to manage her I Killed Daddy issues?

Elias's eyes flick up to Naomi at her first question, and there is just the briefest look of doubt and concern before he replaces it with one of his strained smiles. "I did just hand you my gun, Doctor." He glances back to the body, then takes a deep breath and starts digging in his pockets — For cigarettes and a lighter, of course. "Oh …" He turns back to her at the change in tone. "You're free to go, of course. Are you … alright?" The last bit is offered uncertainly; He's not even sure it's a good idea to be asking that question right now.

"Those are very bad for you, you know." she tells him in reply, and then looks down at her blood smeared labcoat. "No, Elias. I'm really not."

Elias can only offer a rueful shrug at the observation that smoking is bad for you. "Well …" He continues in a slightly hesitant tone, eyeing the blood stains on Naomi's outfit. "I believe I owe you a drink. And I know I could use one. Though if you'd rather go get cleaned up, I certainly understand."

"Might we do both?" she asks, lifting her hands to gingerly touch the blood on her, but pauses a few inches away after thinking the better of it. "I don't think it's wise for me to walk about with blood on me. People might misconstrue…" there's a pause. "I think I'd best change, and to that point, have some of these gentlemen escort me to avoid misunderstandings."

"Yes. I don't see why not?" Elias agrees with her suggestion. He turns his head to tell the nearest Marine. "Escort Doctor Tamsin to her quarters." How to clarify that? "Just … see that no one bothers her." Not being in the chain of command, he hasn't been issuing many orders on the ship, but he doesn't seem to have any reservations about doing so now.

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