Electra Rutlii
Pic1.jpg Rutlii,
Civilian Civilian
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Physical Therapist
Age Sex
23 Female
Hair Eyes
Brown Blue


Electra Rutlii, more popularly known as Ellie to her family, was born and raised on Troy. Her father and brother were killed in a mining accident two short years after her elder sister Seraphina Rutlii enlisted. Surviving only by the money her sister sent home, she went to college to be a Physical Therapist and when the Cylons attacked, their home planet and her mother was assumed dead. Just recently rescued from Picon, she is now on board the Orion, brought with all of the other refugees. She's determined to find her sister and make the best of whatever she can salvage of her former dreams.

Recent Events

April 6. Jailbreak - Picon, rescued

Service Record & Medals

Year Rank Station Notes


Name Relationship Status
Seraphina Jane Rutlii Sister Deck, Orion

Extra Info

Recent Logs


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