AWD #599: Elective Arpay Surgeries
Elective Arpay Surgeries
Summary: Four volunteers go to the Weller Hill Arpay ship with Doctors Jimenez and Nadir. There they receive the eye and ear grafts that finalize their genetic modifications. Life as they knew it will never be the same again.
Date: Fri 02/Feb/2017 (OOC Date)
Related Logs: Anything to do with the Arpay, but especially as concerns the elective surgeries for Arpay eyes and ears.
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Weller Hill, Arpay Ship in Picon Orbit
Medical facilities on board with impressive high tech. Read the set pose.
Mon Aug 28 18:41:14 2006

All the volunteers were changed into hospital scrubs on Orion then had to sign their permission slips to travel to the Weller Hill — the Arpay ship. Jameson was there to shake their hands and see them off before departing. It wasn't official but had the right feel for it. They all take a single Raptor over, with just one change of clothes, and Sam with whatever surgical stuff she couldn't assist without. Some people prefer their own tools. Jimi don't judge (that stuff).

Landing on the carrier is an experience. The flight pod at the top doesn't have actual structural seals - just some sort of phased 'shield' against the vacuum of space. It looks like you could walk right off the end of the ship flight deck. Meanwhile the Arpay walk around without helmets on. Most of the deck crew isn't even in pressure suits. But there's a big line of those Hornet fighters sitting on Alert Five. A nurse from Medical leads them down to the bay.

Set up very similarly to the Orion's medical facilities, there is a very similar feel. However, there are electronics everywhere. There are very few papers to be seen. Screens are built into the wall and there are even a few positioned at the beds. The recovery area has been completely cleared out, as well. Jimenez is already here and waiting. She's already in her surgical scrubs and greets them all with a smile. "Hiya! Welcome to the Weller Hill. You'd have a hard time believing how thrilled I am that you all have volunteered and been approved. My hope is that when its all said and done, you're just as pleased with the results."

The clothes they had to change into are strange. Scrubs. Ynyr is a uneasy but he'll accept Jameson's hand, meet the old man's eye, and thank the Admiral with all due respect in his quiet baritone. Then the ride over, the Sergeant dead silent. Watchful. At least the Weller Hill is familiar, even if maybe he'd expected the surgeries to be done on the Orion for some reason. Foolish, that assumption.

So much worry that Amos wouldn't sign the paperwork, and now they are here. Lleufer stands with the others after disembarking the Raptor and watches Jimenez. Ynyr tries to smile a little at her enthusiasm. A little strain, a cautious glance among them for Major St. Clair. Then he quietly studies Angelis. Doesn't say anything, waits for instructions.

Carrying a bag that holds a sealed pouch with her own set of scrubs and the short list of things she may find useful, Sam steps down out of the Raptor onto the deck and takes a long look around again, still wearing that slightly wide-eyed look when she looks to long at the shield that protects the deck from the vacuum of space. A mild twitch of a shudder is given before she follows the nurse from Medical and shares a smile with Jimenez, "We share the same hope and the excitement," before she glances back over the assembled volunteers, rather oddly feeling like she's led a gaggle of geese into the spotlight.

Miri is used to scrubs. She isn't used to seeing surgeons so excited to get to work. She can't help but marvel at all of the machines in the medical facilities, resisting the urge to wander.

Angelis is definitely a little uncomfortable in the scrubs. Her hair out of its usual braids and secured in just a single long braid down her back. She's also not exactly thrilled that the surgeries are happening off of the Orion. The young Marine is quiet as they move down to the Arpay's sickbay, fingers rolling the fabric of the scrubs back and forth, worrying at the seams as her eyes scan the room, searching. Jimi's smile is met easily enough and returned, if somewhat briefly, along with a nod at the doctor's enthusiasm. She meets Ynyr's look for a moment, then looks away and shifts restlessly from one foot to the other.

Jimenez nods easily to Sam. "Of course, Major." She then takes a long breath and looks to the volunteers. "I have the final forms to sign. If you wish to back out now, there's no shame or poor diplomacy inferred. Now, we will do the surgeries here and then as they are completed you'll be transferred back to the Orion for recovery one by one. You'll likely be too exhausted to be conscious or sedated for that. I'll follow behind with the last patient. Come with me." She leads them further back into Sickbay and past the offices to a set of wall monitors. "Each of you, please place your hands to the monitors and speak your names to the monitors. These will be the final releases. Simply press your thumb to the indicated box. The screen will take a photo of you doing-so to prove you were not coerced. The photo will be attached to the log and sent to the Orion CIC immediately. Sam? Do you want to go change while they do that?"

"Yes," Sam confirms with a nod as she turns to study each volunteer in turn, each face each individual before she gives another of those shallow nods. "I'll be back in a few moments," seeing in each face a different reason and varying degrees of resolve before she glances back to Jimenez. "Which way?" she wonders, glancing around again with a somewhat surprised curve of a smile as she doesn't actually know the layout, which is a unique experience.

Lleufer follows where Jimenez leads. He listens to the instructions and after the part that they will be transferred back to the Orion for recovery, he gives a nod of acknowledgement. At the final instructions, he says, "Understood, Sir." A glance at the others, then he'll go to one of the monitors and lay his hands where indicated, "Sergeant Lleufer Llewellyn Ynyr." After he then presses his thumb to the box he'd been told to and looks at where the camera is most likely set to record his image doing so. He tries to smile a little. There's a look to the direction Samtara had gone, then Lleu gets out of the way for the next person to record their permission. The MP Sergeant clasps his hands loosely behind his back and waits at parade rest he knows where they are to go next.

Miri mouths 'Lleufer Llewellyn'. That's a lot of Ls. She steps forward and presses her thumb to the monitor. "Specialist Miri Tamar Zahav," she says simply, facing the screen. When she is finished, she steps back.

With a silent nod, Tabi does as she's told, stepping up to one of the monitors. Pressing her thumb firmly in the spot designated, "Lance Corporal Tabitha Angelis." She doesn't even attempt to smile, but at least she doesn't look completely freaked out or frightened. Just… pensive. This is serious business, after all. Then she steps back and waits for the next set of instructions. Her fingers resume their restless rolling of the scrubs between her fingers.

Jimenez points to an office where Samtara can go get changed. She stands to the side with her own tablet, watching each of them move through the process. Its simple enough. Once Samtara is done, she leads them all further down the hallway to a meeting room. How the hell do they have so much space for all these rooms on this ship? Its about the size of the Admiral's Ward Room on Deck Two. A nice table, flags, comfortable chairs. "There's water in the pitcher. I brought over some small cookies from the Orion's mess as snacks. Good for blood sugar. Doctor Nadir are going to go scrub in when we leave. Now.." She looks at each of them. "Nothing would be worse than being stuck in this room, waiting your turn. Staring at each other, then the last person sitting in here alone. Thus, we'll be sedating all of you at the same time and keeping you sedated until it is time for nerve growth. Specialist Zahav, you'll simply be left to wake up on your own back on Orion when your eyes are finished." She takes a breath. "I will be performing all of the operations as the lead surgeon. Doctor Nadir will be assisting me every step of the way. The intent is not just for her to ensure your safety, but also to learn how we do this. Does anyone have any questions before we leave you alone for a few minutes? The next person you see in two or three minutes will be a nurse to bring you to your beds for sedation."

Lleufer has taken a seat at the table. He doesn't touch the cookies but if there is water, he'll pour himself about half a glass. "Understood, Doctor Jimenez. Thank you." A look to Miri and Lleu tries to give her an encouraging smile. Very low he says, "See you on the other side." Hopefully. That faint smile includes Angelis and then Ynyr is left watching Bennett, his smile evaporated. Might be his gaze lingers on the Major, then he picks up his water to drink it.

"See you on the other side," Miri echoes. She pauses. "Am I the only one not getting the ears? Is… is it too late to reconsider?" She presses her lips together. "I'll do whatever's best for the war effort."

Angelis is never, ever one to pass up food. Even under circumstances such as these. So she helps herself to a handful of the cookies and starts scarfing them down, in between sips of the water that she pours herself. She doesn't say anything, and doesn't sit. Keeping on her feet and shifting from one foot to the other, looking around a little, then fixing her gaze on a blank point on the wall and continuing to nibble down the cookies, functioning on automatic.

Jimenez is about to go when Miri speaks up. "Uh." She looks surprised. That was unexpected. She looks down at her pad and frowns. "Uh, I suppose. You will have to go last since it will take several hours to print your ears. …Are you sure?" It isn't that she is going to talk Miri out of it, she just still seems surprised. She taps her pad as she looks down to it and sighs, frowning. This is going to require extra paperwork. What the fuck is Thranduil going to say? She wants ot pinch her nose but refrains. Jimenez then steps over to the table and offers the pad out. "Sign all indicated boxes, then state your name, then your thumbprint and photo again. As soon as its signed, the orders will be emailed to the printers and the organs will be constructed."

Having changed into her scrubs, Sam enters the room again, setting the small duffel bag aside as she sweeps a look around the room and is in time to see the frown on Becks face. "What's amiss?" she wonders and glances from face to face.

Bennett has been compliant and fairly quiet throughout this process. She's always one to play her cards close to her chest, though there's a hint of nerves now and then in the flash of her eyes or tightening of her jaw as the procedures are explained. She too chooses not to eat, though does sip some water when it's offered. Lleufer's glance is returned and held for a beat, before her attention shifts to the not-quite-departing Jimenez.

Miri presses her lips together. "Is there any chance I could use that time to observe or assist with the other procedures?" She's pressing her luck, but damn if this isn't fascinating.

Jimenez looks back to Samtara. "Specialist Zahav is changing her mind and has also requested ears." She then looks back to Miri and shakes her head. "Nobody in the surgical room except for those involved with the operation. I'm not prepared to accept observers. The additional paperwork would.." She takes a breath and shakes her head again, looking to the tablet on the table, waiting for it to get signed.

"Indeed?" Sam says, surprise shading her tone of voice and expression and she turns slightly study Zahav, frowning for a moment before she shifts that same look back at Jimenez. She makes a quiet, slightly off pitch, hum of sound before she simply nods. "The appropriate paperwork will all be in order, though. I'll simply amend her record as well to reflect the last minute decision making." The glance is leveled more on Becks than on Zahav, "There's time to begin the process to print the ears while all the other procedures are in motion?"

Miri signs the damned paperwork.

His water gets finished off. Lleu shifts in his seat with Bennett next to him as they wait. He watches as the extra paperwork is set up and Miri signs of, having to go back through to be recorded all over again. A small delay. Maybe no one will notice if Ynyr slips his hand under the table to give Bennett's fingers a squeeze, trying to be encouraging and keep her from getting too nervous. As if it's all going to be just fine.

Becks watches the signatures get completed. "Yes. Zahav will just go last while the ears are being printed. I can have a technician perform the quality tests in that timeframe. We can print ears in a couple hours. It isn't like a bone or a whole limb." She takes the tablet and ensures its all done and swipes on it. Paperwork complete. "Alright. Doctor, lets go scrub up. I need to introduce you to some of the tools we'll be using, too." She moves for the door and will close it behind her once Sam is out with her, leaving the group alone in the room. 2-3 minutes or so, then that's it.

Bennett is doing a rather admirable job of keeping her anxiety in check. Though sedation may be a non-issue with those dark circles she's got going on under her eyes. There's a flicker of her attention toward Lleufer for a moment, and a brief smile that almost doesn't look plastered on. "I rather wish they would get this over with," she says softly; it's unlikely anyone else will hear her.

Angelis isn't really paying attention to anything at the moment. Still got her eyes fixed on that spot of nowhere, eating her cookies and sipping her water. She moves around a little, mostly just restless, but isn't exactly pacing. She's quiet and largely lost in her own thoughts, it's taken so long to get to this point, what's a little more waiting?

"Only a few minutes now." Lleu lets the officer's hand go and pours himself a little more water. "You doing all right, Angelis? Here I was afraid that we Jarheads wouldn't be allowed to join the party. It'll be better this way, all of us keeping one another company afterwards. Moral support and all that." Ynyr does his best to help them all relax, not get too tense while they wait.

"I couldn't be the only one with crazy eyes and normal ears. That'd just be gauche," Miri says, trying to keep things light.

A few minutes later one of the Arpay nurses opens the door and gestures for them all to follow him. They're back down the hall and into the Recovery area and each to a bed. There's a nurse for each of them. Each are instructed to lay back down on the beds. Veins are tapped. IV bags are attached. "Please rest into the pillows and count back inside your own heads from one hundred to zero. Let one of us know when you reach zero." Once they are all sitting back, counting starts… Not one of them will have hit ninety three. Great drugs.

Ha, frak counting. Ynyr lies back on the bed he's assigned to and watches the Arpay getting ready to do their thing. Lleu's calmer now, tipping his head back to blank his mind. Think of something pleasant, like Piraeus, and hiking around up in those beautiful mountains with frosty cold streams, the scent of pines … shortly his eyes are closed and he's out.

Angelis blinks out of her thoughts and looks over at Lleu as his question penetrates her brain. She manages a faint smile and lifts one shoulder in a shrug. "Good good…" She replies quietly, if somewhat distractedly. Thankfully the nurse arrives, right about then and she drains the last of her water, then pops the last cookie in her mouth, chewing as she follows him down the hallway. There's just the slightest bit of hesitation before she hops up on the bed and settles back as instructed. She really doesn't like medical wards. Of any description. But drugs are amazing things.

Bennett lies down as instructed, fingertips whisking across her cheek to smooth away a few wisps of hair tickling her skin - and her hand falls to the pillow before she's even done. Out like a light.

Disappointed that she won't be able to stick her fingers in her friends' eyeballs, Miri lays down. She knows the truth about the counting backwards trick. It's a thing she's pulled hundreds of times. She thinks about pudding. Chocolate pudding, with…

<FS3> Samtara rolls Surgeon: Great Success.
<FS3> Samtara rolls Surgeon: Failure.
<FS3> Samtara rolls Surgeon: Great Success.
<FS3> Samtara rolls Surgeon: Good Success.

<FS3> Samtara rolls Medicine: Great Success.
<FS3> Samtara rolls Medicine: Great Success.
<FS3> Samtara rolls Medicine: Good Success.
<FS3> Samtara rolls Medicine: Great Success.

<FS3> Jimenez rolls Surgical+3: Success.
<FS3> Jimenez rolls Surgical: Great Success.
<FS3> Jimenez rolls Surgical+3: Good Success.
<FS3> Jimenez rolls Surgical+2: Good Success.

<FS3> Jimenez rolls Medicine+3: Great Success.
<FS3> Jimenez rolls Medicine+3: Great Success.
<FS3> Jimenez rolls Medicine+2: Great Success.
<FS3> Jimenez rolls Medicine+3: Great Success.

<OOC> Jimenez says, "So. The medical rolls were pretty key. Y'all lucked out there hardcore."
<OOC> Jimenez says, "There won't be any complications arising from the transplants. Like zero."

<OOC> Jimenez says, "Lleu, you were first on the list. The physical transplants on the ears didn't mesh with some scar tissue on his head so there are a few scar areas you can feel free to desc on your own where the skin is a touch scarred at the attachment point."
<OOC> Lleufer says, "Understood."
<OOC> Jimenez says, "All we needed for clean transplants was a good success so the rest look pretty flawless and natural"
<OOC> Jimenez says, "Here comes the fun part for you all."
<OOC> Samtara Scarrification station, Leu!

<OOC> Jimenez says, "Now, after each surgery is complete the ears will need to have part of your brains grown into them through electrical nerve stimulation. Your PC's will have to be awake for this to work properly. This is going to say a lot about your PC's abilities and how well everything takes and just what all they can do."
<OOC> Jimenez says, "It also determines how many mouth guards your char ends up biting through."
<OOC> Jimenez says, "Its two hours of pretty intense pain."

<OOC> Jimenez says, "Each of you is going to do three Body+Presence rolls. Lets hope your asses didnt dumpstat Presence. These will be done one at a time. Yes, you can spend luck on each roll. One point per roll. You cant spend one point for all three rolls."

Angelis spends 1 luck points on To not die..
<FS3> Angelis rolls Body+presence: Success.
Angelis spends 1 luck points on Still trying not to die..
<FS3> Angelis rolls Body+presence: Success.
Angelis spends 1 luck points on Fingers crossed!.
<FS3> Angelis rolls Body+presence: Good Success.

<OOC> Jimenez says, "So two Good Successes. One Great Success."

Lleufer spends 1 luck points on Don't Dump.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Body+Presence: Success.
Lleufer spends 1 luck points on Don't Humpty Dump.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Body+Presence: Failure.
Lleufer spends 1 luck points on Don't Do that Again!.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Body+Presence: Good Success.

Bennett spends 1 luck points on luck the first.
<FS3> Bennett rolls Body+presence: Good Success.
Bennett spends 1 luck points on luck the second.
<FS3> Bennett rolls Body+presence: Good Success.
<FS3> Bennett rolls Body+presence: Good Success.

Miri spends 1 luck points on Thank you merciful wizard god.
<FS3> Miri rolls Body+presence: Great Success.
Miri spends 1 luck points on You are as kind as you are merciful, and you have great legs.
<FS3> Miri rolls Body+presence: Good Success.
Miri spends 1 luck points on And I am certain your dingaling is much more impressive than a fingergun.
<FS3> Miri rolls Body+presence: Good Success.

<OOC> Jimenez says, "Okay so Tabi took two Goods and a Great. That's a total of 7. — Lleu took a Good, Single, and Great. That's a total of 7 also. — Bennett took two Greats and a Good for a total of 8. — Miri did one Amazing and two Greats for a total of.. 10. …Goddamn Miri."
<OOC> Jimenez says, "Monkey, could you please add Three dots of Alertness free of charge to each of their characters."

<OOC> Jimenez says, "Your PC's will all sleep about 18 hours or more after the surgeries were completed. You have the option of saying the surgeries were performed earlier today which means your PCs could wake up tomorrow morning. Or tonight if you have the time and want to play with that."

<OOC> Jimenez says, "EYES: each of you got to pick the color of your eyes from all the wild colors the Arpay have. ….Your ability to see in daylight or normal lighting is unparalleled. You can read newspaper from 25 feet. You can pick out details you'd never considered before. Viewing the world is like going from watching an old tube TV and going to 4k, including color depth and picture quality. …At night? There's no weird green hue like with NVG's but even starlight will let you see /almost/ as well as you could during the day. Also unlike NVG's, you still have your depth perception. There is an immediate tactical advantage to be explored here and you all know it. For Bennett she's going to realize that she can pick out fighters against the stars at a much longer distance and even dark colors on the Raiders and ships out there are useless - they might as well be painted hot pink. For yall on the ground? You don't need the picture painted. You can probably get an idea."

<OOC> Jimenez says, "Your eyes are now Arpay eyes. Big pupils, very thin retina."
<OOC> Jimenez says, "no change in depth perception or field of view."

<OOC> Jimenez says, "EARS: Check Jimi's desc for how they look. What you wake up you have an immediate aversion to /anyone/ touching them. Its something that feels more evolved and like a safeguard - protect your ears from other people touching them. Somehow you know its extremely dangerous for others to do so. Less-so for yourself. Remember what Jimi said 'Some married couples will go their whole lives and never let their spouse touch their ears' but then again you all are not the Arpay. Different cultural taboos. As for what they do? Until I run some scenes or hand out the info on them, you can immediately 'sense' almost every living thing around you. Its like an energy. Within five or six feet. At first this might feel like a fucking terrifying overload because its a lot to take in, but is normal. It does not make you an unsurprisable ninja, but sneaking up on your chars is going to be realllll hard. …I mentioned projection. You can all now do it if someone places both of their hands on your body, skin to skin contact, above the shoulders. Neck, cheeks, fingers running through hair, or by holding the ears. To give you an idea of how serious this is, Knox is under orders to never give projections without explicit orders or permission from Command Staff. He'd pass that along to all of you. It needs ot be tested and evaluated. …So what happens if someone touches your ears? To give a basic idea, you can 'see into their soul' and everything lain bare. The person being touched is mostly protected, but the person /touching/? There's few secrets in their mind which you can now access. All the dark places, all the light places, everything you've never said but only thought. the person touching your ears will probably feel fucking terrified and want to let go. As an OOC point of rule on this: You cannot, under any circumstances, ever force a PC to touch your char's ears. Or trick them into it. Don't screw around with this one. If you feel you would want to or need to do it, let me know. But trust me, this is not a route you want to take without a lot of training. Consider THIS your first warning on that. You will only get a second when you request to do it. If you follow through then the consequences and fallout are on you."

<OOC> Jimenez says, "(Has Knox done projections without permission? Of course. So, you know, grain of salt that part.)"

<OOC> Angelis says, "so …. how does it work with sparring? Like, if someone is grabbed in a headlock, or whatever? What would happen then? I'm assuming that our chars can choose /not/ to project?"
<OOC> Jimenez says, "Projection is an active choice you make."
<OOC> Jimenez says, "It takes focus."
<OOC> Jimenez says, "You can't be involved in a fight for the death and throw a projection."
<OOC> Angelis says, "Okay, so it's not something that can happen by accident or anything like that."

<OOC> Samtara says, "Query. What if one of them is wounded and their ears are part of the damage? We have to be able to treat them."
<OOC> Jimenez says, "Yes. Part of your brains are now in your ears."
<OOC> Lleufer says, "I imagine the Arpay have lots of experience dealing with damage to the ears, being a combative people."

<OOC> Jimenez says, "The other thing is that even though most of the danger is on the person touching your ears, not ALL of it. There is still a threat to you guys that's left sort of unqualified but sort of evolved and felt. You know its out there, just not what it is."

<OOC> Jimenez says, "Sam, to answer your question, I'm way ahead of you. Ever wondered why the Doctors have such strict guidelines and codes about touching ears? Because sometimes they are going ot have to and sometimes they are going to see things. Feel things."

<OOC> Angelis says, "But I thought that was not an involuntary thing?"
<OOC> Jimenez says, "It takes focus, yes"

<OOC> Jimenez says, "Suppose you're head-shot and in and out of it and aren't thinking clearly. The Doctor needs to touch your ears to get at the wound."
<OOC> Jimenez says, "You could do it on accident. Happens. But generally yes, it needs to be intentional and focused. One does not 'drive by' and get inside."

<OOC> Samtara says, "Ok, I can work with that. SO it's not just going to spill over on anyone treating them."

<OOC> Jimenez says, "Like Lleu said, the Arpay are combative. Head wounds are part of life. Doctors have strong oaths about protecting their patients because they aren't jut protecting their health, but also their trust."
<OOC> Jimenez says, "A Doctor steps out of line to break that trust, they won't live very long."

<OOC> Lleufer says, "So, when we wake up, will our eyes be covered for a length of time to heal? Will the ears be sore and healing for a while also?"
<OOC> Jimenez says, "eyes should be fine since the surgeries went so well. just avoid staring at darkness and then bright lights for about a week."
<OOC> Jimenez says, "Lleu's ears might be a touch sore, but everyone else is fine. Take a motrin and they don't hurt anymore."

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