Captain Ekho Lin
ekho.jpg Lin, Ekho
Captain Navy
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Science Officer
Age Sex
42 F
Hair Eyes
Black Black


It's not always the straight road that leads you to the right end. Born and raised on Aquaria, Ekho Sato grew up along the coast just a hop, skip and a jump away from Heim. No fancy fare here, but good salt of the earth people, and, thankfully, she's carried that down to earth nature with her. The first in her family to go to college of any sort(a matter of great pride for her parents), Ekho received an appointment to Fleet Academy Picon in the sciences track. Four years of hard work and dedication on, and she looked to be set to end up working some deep space expedition, before she unexpectedly requested to be allowed to enter Flight School.

Ekho lacked the bravado usually seen in most (hopeful) viper sticks, but made up for it with grit and determination. Upon graduation from the Viper pipeline, she spent the better part of a decade moving from wing to wing. She looked to be making a fairly decent career for herself, all things considered, until she met a boy. Upon her marriage to Galen Lin, a raptor pilot, she requested a planetside MOS and settled in for another decade and then some of service. And then, at the end of the road, she finally did find herself that deep space expedition.

Immediate Family

Name Relation Notes Status
Galen Lin Husband Raptor Instructor, CFA Caprica Unknown
Ava Lin Daughter Age Nine Unknown
Evek Lin Son Age Five Unknown
Jerom Sato Father Longshoreman Deceased
Anae Sato Mother Housewife Unknown
Amori Sato Brother Refrigeration Technician Unknown
Mat Sato Brother Marine Unknown

Recent Events

Service Record & Medals

Year Rank Station Notes
1980-1984 Midshipman Colonial Fleet Academy Picon BSc Biosystems Engineering
1984-1985 Ensign Flight School, CFA Picon Viper Pipeline (20 months)
1985-1988 Ens-LtJG Escort Carrier Bay of Rezaei (CEC-200) Viper Pilot, VF-51, "Screaming Eagles"
1988-1991 LtJG Battlestar Triton (BS-39) Viper Pilot, VFA-25, "Fist of the Fleet"
1991-1993 LT Battlestar Deimos (BS-93) Viper Pilot, VFA-147 "Argonauts"
1993-2003 LT-CPT CFAB Nike: Caprica Fleet Science Station Gamma
2003- CPT Battlestar Orion (BS-114) Science Officer

Recent Logs

The Girl

Her Boy

And Who Came After

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