Major Richard "Bumper" Duke
Duke1.jpeg Duke, Richard
MAJ Air Wing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position DCAG
Age Sex
38 M
Hair Eyes
Dark Brown Gray


Richard Duke is a man that has been in direct contact with different types of aircraft and grew to love them. He's a Viper Pilot first and Flight Trainer coming in close second, having worked as one for the CFAB Hermes in Picon. Normally, he's known as approachable, social; but during his first months in Orion, he has been keeping to himself, be that while having chow or while having a drink at the local bar. Things are slowly starting to go to normal, slowly…

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Immediate Family

Name Relation Notes Status
Phineas Duke Father Agricultural Pilot - Business Owner Active
Stella Duke Mother School Teacher Active

Service Jacket

Year Rank Station Notes
1983-1987 Candidate CFA Picon BSc Aerospace Engineering
1987-1989 Air Wing: Vipers CFAB Hermes, Picon 20 months, top of his class
1989-1991 Ensign Battlestar Universal VF-319 "Chaos Rockets"
1991-1993 LTJG Battlestar Universal VF-319 "Chaos Rockets"
1993-1996 LT Battlestar Atlantia VF-47 "Invisible Arrows"
1996-1999 CPT Battlestar Atlantia VF-47 "Invisible Arrows", SL
1999-2003 CPT CFAB Hermes, Picon Chief Viper Instructor
2003-2004 CPT Battlestar Orion VF-777 "Lucky Strikes"
2004-(current) MAJ Battlestar Orion Deputy CAG

Physical Features

Richard Duke is definitely a tall guy, he stands at around 6 feet with 2 extra inches and weight about 180-190 pounds. He is actually slim looking, but athletic, good muscle tone, good definition but not bulky. His hair is short, giving a very faint hint of waviness, the color could be said to be medium to dark brown, it really depends on how one looks at it. He has very expressive grey eyes, and slim eyebrows over them. The bridge of his nose is not very slim, having some thickness to it and it ends in a button like tip, with narrows nostrils to each side. He is often seen wearing a one-day type of beard, lighter in color than his hair. His lips are thin and his chin has a squarish look to it.

On the Grid

Known Associates

File Image Name Notes
Phin_icon.png ENS Phin McBride One of my students when I was working at the Airbase as an Instructor. Well, at least he was for a little while, I left before he finished his run. Good kid, has a lot of potential.
Ceres_icon.png CPT Ceres "Redux" Delacroix We first met when she joined the Invisible Arrows, I was her SL until I left that station to work at the Air Base. I would say we established a nice friendship back then, and I think that is what didn't push her away when I wasn't at my best here in Orion. There are a lot of things for which she deserves my thanks, a lot.
Cole_icon.png LT Aristides "Janitor" Cole When an inferno was engulfing both of our Vipers, we made it out alive. Good pilot indeed.
Cassie_icon.png LTJG Cassiopeia "Redeye" Pitera Another student of mine, this one got in trouble during the Academy, for which I sent her on cleaning duties. Regardless of this, she has good potential, and I'll make sure that she is pushed in order to reach it.
Eric_icon.png CPT Eric "Hipshot" Haldor Good pilot, good soldier. It seems he has his own views on things and that's always a good thing. Following orders is needed, and he does. But in addition, quick thinking is needed, and he does have that.
Aios_icon.png LT Daniel "Talkshow" Aios The LT is good at what he does, this goes without saying…and I can only hope he takes my advise and doesn't bring personal troubles to the cockpit.

Extra Info

  • Sad Panda: He was a sad panda during his first months in Orion, were you one of the kind souls that got him to talk a little more?
  • It's you!: Old squadron mates perhaps? A lot of money was offered for this mission, lots of interest. Perhaps your char knows Duke.
  • The Professor: Perhaps he was your Viper Instructor? That's always a chance!
  • Triad: You play? He has taken an interest in Triad since he first joined the Universal, it is a nice way to waste time.
  • Drinks?: During the first months in Piraeus, he was often found at the bar, enjoying a drink by himself. During those first months, he used this as a process of healing and it became a normal thing for him. Right now, he keeps this in check, but at one point alcohol found him hitting rock bottom.

Logs and Memories

WD Event: We're All Fine Here- >The Air Wing lands after action, having seen the devastation on several colonies. And they're missing a pilot. _
(afton augie bennett cassandrap cassie ceres cruz duke event hektor-ward holtz jess knox lennox logs madeline petra phin sera wd ygraine zander)

PWD #02: We Need To Talk About Ari- >Duke has a meeting with Iphigenia concerning Aristides Cole, and learns something about himself in the process. _
(duke iphigenia logs pwd social)

PWD #04: Counseling Hurts- >Gen helps Duke deal with a few things. _
(duke iphigenia logs pwd social)

PWD #05: Retinue Review- >Duke calls Cole in for his review. _
(cole duke logs pwd social)

PWD #06: Punching is the Best Medicine- >Ceres finds Augie in the gym, and decides to open up to him. Via punching. _
(augie ceres duke gwen logs phin pwd social)

PWD #07: Charlie's Run aka 'Frak Me'- >Thank you Petra, for the title. A night out for…a healthy portion of the crew at Checkpoint Charlie's. Dancing! Drinking! Fights! _
(afton bennett cassie duke hook kelsey lennox logs madeline noble petra phin pwd sebastian sera social ygraine)

PWD #13: How Things Are- >The D-CAG calls Captain Kostopolous in for a one-on-one chat. _
(duke logs pwd social thaddeus)

Total (posted) log count: 38.

Total (posted) memoir count: 2.

Visual Reference

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