AWD #206: Dueling Vipers
Dueling Vipers
Summary: Several Viper pilots(and a pilot-in-training) meet in the sims for some practice.
Date: 31/07/2013
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Flight Simulators
The Air Wing has access to flight simulators to train pilots off the ground in combat maneuvers and situations that are hard to replicate with regular dogfight practicing and this is their home. A rectangular room, the hatch opens up beside the bank of computers that control the simulations and what is seen by the individuals when training sessions are in progress. The sims are actual cockpits cut out of old frames and installed here to function exactly as the real thing, right down to oxygen plugs for suits. In front of each cockpit, complete with armored glass, are LCD screens that cover most of the front view to the front and above. There are two Vipers, two Predators, and one full-cabin Raptor available.
AWD #206

A pilot's time aboard a battlestar is taken up by a lot of duty hours that don't actually involve flying. Some on physical training, some on paper-based study and mission review and prep, and a lot of practice. Phin is in the sims for practice today. He steps through the hatch, in his flight suit to get the proper 'feel,' even if the environment is all computerized.

Warren pushes into the sim room a notepad under his arm as he glances about here and there. He moves over towards the monitors glancing at Phin already being at work there. He takes a seat for a moment, watching the other LT work the stick out there in the simulated black.

Agrippa is already in the sims and it appears that he had just ran one earlier, a solo one, the last couple of days the young Viper Jock has been keeping to himself, until that Viper meeting where new assignments were handed out. Right now, Punchdrunk is sitting in one of the sim pods, just writing away on an octagonal pad, though if one would step closer, they would see that he is just doodling idly.

Holtz is here as well, though he's not in one of the sim cockpits. Instead, he's over by the simulators' central computers, with an open binder and several sheets of paper spread out on the desk in front of him. The binder contains a notebook upon which he occasionally scribbles down a line of scrawled handwriting; the air around him smells faintly of smoke from the cigarette clutched in his left hand.

Having served her On-duty time doing Raptor training as required, Maia is now on her Off-duty time. Arriving with her own notepad, she looks around at the others gathered already and nods to the Viper Jocks. "Hey hey.." Her greeting is very informal, her steps a little slow, she looks dog tired, but she's here! Slipping into an empty sim pod, she glances to either side and does a double take as she catches sight of Grippa. "Hey, Slick."

Phin isn't working yet, though he does pick a sim pod to lean on. "Who won, Grips?" he asks Agrippa with a half-grin, when he sees the other pilot already post-faux-mission. If he notices the doodling, he comments on it not. Maia gets a wave and, "Hey." He looks intrigued as the Raptor pilot picks out a Viper pod.

Warren glances over to Holtz there by the monitors, "Major. How's the sims going sir? Seems I'm not the only one hoping to grab some sim time befor the squadrons sim run." He grins a moment and glances up at Maia's entrance and gives the woman a nod for a moment, "Hey."

"Who do you think?" Agrippa says to Phin at the other pilot's question, a grin appearing as his usual bravado present, perhaps only a touch subdued, but just a touch. "Though the simulated deckies would have my skin after they see what I did to their Viper." When Maia joins them at the sims, Punchdrunk looks over and nods his head, "Hey Centerfold, finally up to joining us for some real learning, eh?" He then looks back to Phin, "She's been studying hard, Viper books. Gonna be one of us one of these days."

"She's cross-qualifyin', Lieutenant, not transferring," Holtz murmurs distractedly in Agrippa's direction as he examines another sheet of paper before scrawling a fresh line of text into his notebook. A moment later, though, he looks up, squinting at Maia. "Though that reminds me, Lieutenant Kane, we ain't scheduled your final simulated exam yet. You do want to get into a real Viper at some point, yeah?"

Phin chuckles. "The simulated deckies never complain about the dents. I'll say that for them. Yeah, I know." He nods to Maia, as to her Viper study. "Been looking forward to see how you handle it, Centerfold. The feel's real different. I mean, from what I remember. I haven't driven a Raptor since flight school. Didn't have any kind of touch for it." He seats himself in the pod, though he keeps the faux-canopy up. Observing Holtz, and whatever the SL intends to do at the computer.

Once seated in the Viper pod, Maia looks over at Phin, returning the wave. "Heya Dolly. Time for some serious training." Looking at the interior, she takes a deep breath, preparing herself mentally for it before grinning at Warren, then Agrippa, responding to the latter. "Yeah, thought it was about time. So tell me how do I start this toy?" The teasing remark is accompanied by a wink. Swiveling her head to look at Holtz, she grins. "Not yet, Sir. I'm ready to schedule any time. I'm sooo ready for a real Viper."

At their Squadron Leader's correction, Agrippa manages a chuckle, nodding his head, "Right sir, cross-qual." He does look back to Maia and says with his usual cocky grin, words most likely teasing, "Though you know once you go Viper, you don't want to go back." When Phin chimes in about testing for the Raptor pipeline back in flight school, Punchdrunk smirks and pretents to grip a wide steering wheel, adding vroom vroom noises though it looks like he's driving a bulk truck instead of a Raptor.

Wouldn't be the first time a Major overlooked a LT's question, certainly wouldn't be the last time it happened. Either way it doesn't seem to phase Warren much as he heads for a viper pod himself before he slips into it looking over the controls a moment, setting his pad aside as he gets comfortable.

Holtz grunts. "We'll see," he replies mildly. "Anyway, let's shoot for sometime this weekend, yeah?" Suddenly he remembers someone had been talking to him, and his eyes snap over in Warren's direction. "Fine, Toast, just fine. In fact…" His eyes flick back to Maia, and then the others as his fingers tap idly on the surface of the desk. "As long as you're all here, why don't we get somethin' going?" It's said as a question, but when a major asks something like that, it's not really a question. "Care to join, Centerfold? Three on three, 'll give you a bit of practice as flyin' with a team."

Holtz grunts. "We'll see," he replies mildly. "Anyway, let's shoot for sometime this weekend, yeah?" Suddenly he remembers someone had been talking to him, and his eyes snap over in Warren's direction. "Fine, Toast, just fine. In fact…" His eyes flick back to Maia, and then the others as his fingers tap idly on the surface of the desk. "As long as you're all here, why don't we get somethin' going?" It's said as a question, but when a major asks something like that, it's not really a question. "Care to join, Centerfold? I'll run the computers while you lot do a little two-on two. Give you some practice with flying as part of a section."

Settling in, Maia turns her attention back to Agrippa when he makes the joke. For some reason, she winces at it and lifts a shoulder. "So they say," but a cocky grin follows just after leaning forward a little to respond to Phin. "Yeah I've heard the controls are touchier in a Viper than a Raptor. Don't laugh at me if I wobble. A lot." Holding the stick, she nods to Holtz, "Weekend's perfect yeah, I'll definitely have some off duty time to dedicate however you want to use it." Yeah the suggestion gets a thumbs up. "Count me in."

"Cool by me. I was just in for target practice, but you don't get much out of it without a wingman. Who wants to fly with me?" Phin grins, but he adds. "Since I don't think any of us have our assigned regulars today."

Warren glances back up towards Holtz, "Sounds like a plan Major. Oh need to talk to you at some point after this, tomorrow or whatnots fine depending on how long this takes. Got some ideas the DCAG told me to talk to you about." He grins and smirks a moment before he punches a few things up on his viper pod, "So whats the teams Major?" He glances over towards Phin, "Lietenants verse?"

Holtz nods when Warren mentions needing to talk to him later. "Sure, Lieutenant. Door's open any time." He grunts again, taking a drag from his cigarette as he looks over the four of them. "Well, I don't have a dog in this fight," he says with amused twitch of his lips in response to the Toast's question, "so divide yourselves up however you like. You're both section leaders," he adds, nodding to Warren and Phin, "but if one of you don't mind playin' second fiddle for the evening, it doesn't matter to me."

Leaning back into the seat of his sim pod, Agrippa grows silent as the others speak about teams and whatnot, waiting to see how this will play out.

Wellll there was a question on the table, Maia looks between the other three, then Holtz. "Ah I don't mind being chosen last, you guys go right ahead and partner up however it is you usually do. I'll take the loser." She gives an easy smile, to the Phin, Warren and Agrippa. "I'm along for the training."

"I think I do better as wingman than front. Though I'm told that's among my problems," Phin says wry. "Besides, I'm curious which vector you think is best to kill me from, Toast. And you might do better at showing Centerfold attack angles than me. Grips, let's tear it up. Like we do."

Warren glances up towards Holtz in response to the second fiddle bit, "Hey who told you about my old callsign Major?" Theres a grin and smirk as he glances over towards Phin, "Up to you Dolly. If you want me at your back I got it. If you want to grab the others I'm cool with that too. Both work." And then comes Phin's reply and he gives the man a nod and glances over to Maia, "Looks like you're with me Centerfold."

"Will just be like back on Picon, Dolly, when we danced with those Sabers." Agrippa says as he finally sits up when it looks like the pairs are split up and he will be with Dolly. With that, he reaches forth and begins hitting a couple of buttons in his sim pod, prepping it for another run, this time with the others.

Makes sense to me, Dolly, really I don't mind who I'm with." Switching her attention to Warren, she smirks. "Good luck, Toast. I've got your six." Tossing a playful wink in his direction before chancing a glance at Agrippa, then Dolly, and finally focusing on the pod. Time to shine. Hopefully.

"Dolly and Punchie against Toast and Centerfold, then," Holtz replies with a nod as he jots down a final scribble in his notebook. The stub of his cigarette is put out, and he moves the papers aside as he starts punching commands into the keyboard in front of him.

When the four Viper pilots are all ensconced in their cockpit and hooked into the simulation, the screens come alive with one of the more basic simulations in the sim computer: open space. The dull bluish-grey sphere of Tauron before the Fall is visible in the distance not far from their position, but there doesn't seem to be any debris or other complications in the area for them to deal with.

Phin affixes his helmet securely and seals himself in the pod. "Punchie, Dolly. Course laid in for standard orbit. Staying well above atmo. See anything but clear skies out there?"

With the simulation started Warren grabs the stick as things come alive. He thumbs the transmit, "Centerfold, Toast. Stick close and keep your eyes peeled. Remember, I'm your lifeline and you're mine. We're not here to show off, we're here to work as one, just like you and your ECO cept we're in separate birds with guns." He eases the viper out, looking over for Centerfold's viper as he does so before glancing to his dradis and the black to see if he can spot the others.

"Dolly, Punchie. Scopes are clear right now, I'm on your wing, ready for high orbit." Agrippa says in response to his wingman's words. Eyes are immediately searching, looking outside of his canopy though from time to time he would glance down at his DRADIS for a moment to catch any blips, "Think bossman is going to be joining them since he isn't with us?"

Listening to the advice, Maia takes a few more breathes, releasing them, barely able to contain the excitement, she very lightly loosens her hand on the stick, moving into the position she'd seen the Vipers take so many times, flying wing for Warren. "Toast, Centerfold. Will do, looks clear out there so far." Indeed there is a slight wobble as she over guides with the touchy stick, so she corrects gently, mentally trying to psyche herself up.

"Now, Punchie, that would hardly be fair, would it?" Holtz's voice crackles over the com, sounding vaguely amused. He might not be in the simulator himself, but he's clearly plugged himself into the simulator's com channels. After that, though, he clams up, apparently content to merely observe… for now, at least.

Phin chuckles into the little pod wireless. "I wouldn't be surprised." And he does check his DRADIS for extra contacts. "C'mon. Let's make them chase us." Rather than seeking out whatever he can pick up of Warren and Maia's position, he throttles forward and just starts flying fast. Edging a little closer to the planet, though he still keeps in the vacuum of space.

When Holtz's voice comes through the comms, Agrippa can't help but chuckle, "No, it wouldn't be, Storm. But in a fight, especially out here, fairness never really matters, definitely not for the tinnies." When Phin comes up with a plan, there is no argument coming from Punchdrunk, "On your wing, Dolly. Time to shake the nest." His own hand goes to the throttle and pushes it forward, matching his wingman's speed.

Warren he smirks a bit at Maia's wobbling, "Centerfold, Toast. Rogger that. Watch the stick, she's quicker than what you're used to. Think of it like yourself instead of your bus. You want to move one way it'll move that way, no delay, no slide, you're just there. Soft easy movements." There's a pause as he shifts his trajectory, heading more towards the planet, "Alright, lets see if we can find them. Call 'em out if you see em. Don't just dive in, we'll work together on em. You know the weave there Centerfold?"

"You mean we can't have Holtz?" Just enjoying the time in the simulated Viper, Maia keeps as steady as she can. "Toast, Centerfold. "She is at that, she needs a gentle touch it seems. Typical female. So moody." Heeding the offered advice, she just holds on and trusts the Viper to do as she controls. "If I see 'em I'll call out." Eyes flicker over her DRADIS, looking for anything. "Read about it, never tried it before. I've got your six, just trust me, if you can."

"Punchie, Dolly. I think they're onto us," Phin says, eyeing his DRADIS and the points that've probably picked up their positions by now. "Coming about, targeting their lead. Let's do it."

DRADIS shows two hostile blips and it is definite the opposing Vipers, looks like targets have been spotted. "Dolly, Punchie, I see them. Following you in for a head on pass, targeting their lead as well." There is no more joking around from Punchdrunk as it looks like the engagement is about to start, and it could end just as quick if one wasn't paying attention. Once the klicks between the two closes into firing range, Agrippa presses down on the firing stub, sending out a burst of fire.

"Centerfold, Toast. I trust you, you're my lifeline. I'm yours," Warren says as he glances at his Dradis and out to the simulated black. "Contact! Two bogies, bearing 305 mark 116 carrom 212. Alright Centerfold, lets see what you can do. I got the lead element, take its wing and draw it off. If we let them just focus us down we'll be scrap," he states calmly as he hits his thrusters, angling himself in and thumbing the firing stub himself.

"Toast, Centerfold, I see them, I've got the wing with no intentions of being scrap. We'll get 'em." Likewise, Maia hits the thrusters, careful to go easy on the stick.

<COMBAT> Warren attacks Phin with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Phin attacks Warren with KEW - Light wound to Weapon.
<COMBAT> Maia attacks Agrippa with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Agrippa attacks Warren with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Holtz has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

Phin aims his cannons on Warren's guns. It's on-target, but not terribly punishing. He turns sharp, changing his angle. "Punchie, Dolly. Looks like you picked up a tail. I'll take yours, you stick with the one on me." Which may play into Warren's plan of getting them to divide targets, but his move to cover his wingman is pretty automatic.

The first pass is always the quickest and it usually relies on luck as well as skill to land a shot between the lightning exchange. Agrippa's KEW burst goes wide, missing the juking Warren but the incoming projectiles also misses him. Once Phin's new orders comes in, Punchdrunk answers back quickly but brief, "Copy that, Dolly." With that, he kicks in his maneuvering jets, flipping his Viper around and then kicking in the afterburners to kill off the forward inertia he had built up. After a hard burn, Agrippa is back on Warren, intent on pulling him off of Phin.

With incoming fire Warren hits the stick, shifting hard to avoid the bursts coming in from the pair of vipers he's up against. It appears to be just a round or two too many as he takes a hit. He glances though the cockpit out at his viper, "Centerfold, Toast. I'm hit, but good job. Alright lets see if we can pull them appart. I hope you read up on the weave, lets execute it. You swing out I'll take yours, and you come around and I'll paint your target." He hits the stick again coming around, waiting for Maia's tail to come into view before pouring out the fire before breaking himself to lead his tail to the slaughter.

Mannn she was off! When Agrippa remains untouched by the kew, Maia corrects, lining up for the weave. About to ask how he was faring, he beats her to the punch and assures his hit wasn't so bad. "Looks like I've got a backdoor too now, going to attempt the weave. You ready?" As soon as Warren breaks, Maia goes for the move in, pressing the firing stub and breaking away in an evasive maneuver, part of that weave she'd read.

<COMBAT> Warren attacks Phin with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Phin attacks Maia with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Maia attacks Agrippa with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Agrippa attacks Warren with KEW - Critical wound to Cockpit.
<COMBAT> CREW HIT! Warren - Light wound to Left Leg.
<COMBAT> Holtz has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Viper-2844o has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Warren has been KO'd!

Phin switches his targeting to Maia, trusting Agrippa to deal with whatever on his tail. Which more or less works, lucky for him. He doesn't have so much luck with his target, however, Maia able to evade away from the KEW fire he aims at her.

One thing that Agrippa is in combat is aggressive, if the odds are not stacked against him, he'll try to take down the opposition as fast as he could to thin the numbers in his side's favor. Having trust in his wingman to handle whoever is on his tail, Punchdrunk matches Warren's maneuver rather closely and lines up for a leading shot. Then calmly, his finger presses down on the firing stub once more and a burst of KEW spews out of his triple autocannons, penetrating into the cockpit section of the 'enemy' Viper. "Dolly, Punchie, scratch one bogey. If mine is still on me, I'll fly bait for a bit while you nail her."

<FS3> Phin rolls Alertness-5: Good Success.
<FS3> Agrippa rolls Alertness-5: Failure.

"FRAK!" The word exclaimed but not in the private comm there, so about everyone in the sim room can hear it. Oops! The following curse words, courtesy of Maia, are spoken much more quietly. Determined not to give up, she prepares to break away, keeping Agrippa in view. Intending on doing her own break away, she presses the firing stub, releasing the bursts of kew before breaking away to try and avoid Phin's shots at her.

Holtz watches as Warren's blip disappears from the monitoring screen. With a grunt of consideration, he leans back in his seat… and then stands, walking quietly around the edge of the room to an unused simulator pod. Clambering in, it's quickly linked into the simulation in progress and activated; onto his screen pops an image of three Vipers locked in combat. A thin smile tugs on his lips as he targets the trailer of the two-man element.

<COMBAT> Phin attacks Holtz with KEW - Moderate wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Maia attacks Agrippa with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Holtz attacks Agrippa with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Agrippa takes careful aim at Maia.

Phin, by contrast to Agrippa, isn't flying all that aggressively. But he is focusing on keeping himself in one piece, slipping tight and low below Warren's shot. It was definitely a vector adjustment, so he might just have been taking the math-brained pilot's advice. "Punchie, Dolly. Nice splash! Try and lead her around. I'll…" He trails off, as something new pings his DRADIS. "…scratch that. Something else is coming at you. Adjusting angle to hit." And he does, too. Maybe as much to his surprise as anyone else's.

Warren slides the canoppy open and pushes out of his pod, grabbing his notepad on the way out. He heads over to the monitors where he see's Holtz has vacated. He smirks a moment then sighs a moment before he takes up the squadron commander's position watching the monitors as he scribbles notes down on his pad and watches the rest of the battle play out.

Holtz is bearing straight and true on Agrippa's fighter, and the younger pilot isn't even moving to evade. It's almost as if he couldn't miss… until suddenly his mock-pit rocks with simulated fire. It's enough to ruin his aim, his shots passing harmlessly over Agrippa's canopy. He snorts into the comms. "Good thing your wingman was paying attention, Punchie." He smirks as he twists around, bearing in for another pass. "Centerfold, Storm. Check six and evade, you've got a trailer."

While Maia has not made any hits, she's not taken any either, yet. With no intention of beginning now, she intends to attempt another evasive move after releasing more fire towards Grippa's Viper, but feeling more like a sitting duck up here. That is until she hears Holtz. "Storm, Centerfold. Gotcha, Storm." New life to the party, she's no longer flying solo.

Kicking his Viper into a rightside skid, Agrippa has his head turned and focuses on leading Maia along so he bring her into his wingman's sights for a good angle shot. The young Viper jock also has something up his sleeves, ready to turn the tables on the remaining hostile Viper. However, the new update from Phin causes Agrippa to change tactics as he pulls back hard on his stick, going into a tight loop. The quick adjustment helps him evade both bursts from Holtz and Maia. "Thanks for the warning, Dolly." The loop does give him a nice angle to fire off a burst from his autocannons at one of the Vipers that was hunting him.

<COMBAT> Phin attacks Holtz with KEW - Light wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Maia attacks Agrippa with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Holtz attacks Agrippa with KEW - Moderate wound to Tail (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Agrippa attacks Maia with KEW - Moderate wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).

Phin does push his fighter into a more aggressive posture, now that he has some idea of what he's dealing with. And now that the 'enemy' is focused on his wingman. His aim is good and his guns connect, but it's a pretty glancing shot across Holtz's bow. "Punchie, Dolly. Might want to try some evasive moves. Storm likes to kill shit. It's one of his better qualities." He fiddles with the in-pod comm, so that's broadcast to everyone.

In this exchange, Agrippa's Viper finally takes a hit as some projectile punches through bits of his tail section. His own comm remains on private with Dolly though as he kicks his fighter into a scissor maneuver, returning to evasive before pushing his burners a bit, trying to create some distance. "I copy Dolly, gonna lead them away a bit more if both continues to chase, see if they are too focused on chasing me. Then I'm going to one-eighty and hit them."

"Stay on the evasive, Centerfold…" And then Agrippa turns on the evasive, and he shakes his head. "Check that. See if you can't knock this trailer off my tail." By that, of course, he means Phin. "I'll see if I can't finish Punchie off." By this time, he too has switched to a private channel with Maia. He touches his afterburners, zooming off after Agrippa.

Warren is sitting at the control consoles currently jotting down notes, looking more than frustrated at the moment. Holtz, Agrippa, Maia, and Phin all are in the pods in the simulated black. The monitors show them all facing off. He watches it and listens in, his former pod open as he whispers to himself, "Come on centerfold, you got his, come around on him, you can do it"

Unable to avoid the looping attack, Maia feels the shudder of the sim when she takes the hit. Her hand shifts ever so subtly on the stick and the wings wobble until she gets it back under control right away. "Frak," she whispers to herself, hoping no one had seen. "Storm, Centerfold. Taking Dolly."

<COMBAT> Phin attacks Holtz with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Maia attacks Phin with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Holtz attacks Agrippa with KEW - Serious wound to Weapon.
<COMBAT> Agrippa takes careful aim at Holtz.

Phin goes harder after Holtz but, now that Holtz is onto him, he can't get a proper weapons lock again. He's still unscathed in this little bout so he sticks with the more assertive flying posture he's been working. Even as Maia focuses her own attack more firmly in on him. "Punchie, Dolly. Gimme a holler, man. You OK?" He is indeed in a virtual pod, flying a two-on-two combat exercise.

The evasive maneuvers isn't enough as Holtz nails a very nice shot on Agrippa's Viper, punching into one of the autocannons of his Viper, slagging it. "Frak, Storm just landed a good hit on me. One of my weapons are out, still flying though. Gonna try to turn the tables on him, right now, Dolly." Giving his wingman a heads up of what he's trying to attempt to disrupt Holtz's momentum and focus. Engaging his maneuvering thrusters again, Punchdrunk flips his Viper around and while the inertia carries him backwards, he sends off a burst of KEW fire from his two remaining autocannons before flipping back to his original vector.

Bennett slips in rather quietly, in the midst of what looks to be a training run for a few pilots. Dressed in crisp duty blues, with a file folder in one hand and a cup of tea in the other, the bus driver looks like she was hoping to get a bit of paperwork done in peace and quiet. She pauses by the hatch, for the time being, to watch.

Warren glances over to the hatch as he hears the door open and spots bennett. He waves her over to the command consoles watching everything thats going on. "Punchdrunk shot me down. Storm dropped in to take my place apparently. Its him and centerfold against punchdrunk and dolly," he explains to Bennett as he keeps taking notes, glancing at the readouts and displays of whats going on.

Holtz swings and jukes his fighter as he notices Phin on his tail. As it happens, his maneuvers put him in a perfect position to get an oblique shot on Agrippa; the burst from his cannons stitches along the target's wing, turning one simulated cannon to a simulated wreck. He repositions his fighter on Agrippa's six, waiting for the other pilot's flip to carry him into Holtz's sights.

"Woo!" The cheer can be heard as Maia does her private celebration when Holtz manages to get a hit on one of the fearsome duo. Managing to get behind Phin, she pushes the firing stub to try and get Dolly off Storm's six, remaining conspicuously silent on the comm.

Bennett smiles when she catches sight of Warren, and pivots on her heel to approach the Lieutenant. Settling against the edge of the console, she glances over his shoulder at the notes he's taking, then back up as the sim indicates that Holtz has scored a solid hit. "You know, I never could get the hang of those crotch rockets," she murmurs. "Centerfold's holding her own quite well, though."

<COMBAT> Phin attacks Holtz with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Maia attacks Phin with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Holtz attacks Agrippa with KEW - Moderate wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Agrippa attacks Holtz with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Holtz has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Viper-7359d has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Agrippa has been KO'd!

Phin still stays in one piece, but his swing at Holtz is another miss. "Frak…" he mutters, off-mic, trying to adjust his targeting vector. Like a lot of his gunnery work, it has a far more mechanical look to it than his flight handling. "Punchie, Dolly. Sorry, man. Can't get a lock…Punchie?" He's still paying attention to his wingman. Enough to see that what's going back on the other side of his six Isn't Good.

Warren glances over at bennet as she comes closer, "Oh well I know you love these crotch rockets anyways" Theres a smirk before he looks at the displays and sees Agrippa go boom thanks to Holtz. Theres another grin and almost a sigh of relief if he wasn't still frustrated at himelf. He does lean over and whisper something to bennett though as he watches.

It seems like Holtz was able to read his mind as Agrippa lines up for the shot but the exchange. KEW fire crisscrosses but the ones that flew true was the more veteran pilot's. It wasn't a devastating hit but enough penetrated the fuselage of the Viper that it hits the fighter's powerplant. This causes a chain reaction, resulting in a bright explosion as Punchdrunk is shot down.

Maia cannot hit anything! It's driving her crazy.. Learning to fly and shoot and evade all at the same time was easier said than done! So much more practice was needed before she'd become accomplished at this. When Phin goes on the defensive, Maia goes on the offensive, determined to try and at least make another go at it.

And indeed, Agrippa's flip carries him right into Holtz's line of fire. Agrippa's shot is cut off mid-salvo as his ship vanishes in a digitized explosion, and Holtz dances around the few rounds the other pilot does get off. Veering away, he nods in satisfaction. "All right, Centerfold. One left. I'm sitting the rest of it out. You against him, let's see what you've got, yeah?"

Bennett manages to keep an almost entirely straight face at the non sequitur from Warren. Almost. Her eyebrows raise slightly, and her lips give a little twitch when he speaks something quietly to her. "Is that so, Lieutenant," she demurs, blue eyes on the dance of simulated vipers now that it's down to Maia and Phin.

"Later, Storm," Phin says wry over the common mic. He changes up his targets on the one dot left on his DRADIS, but his flight patterns stay on the defensive. Which means he doesn't hit much, but it keeps him in good sim repair. He does turn out of it a little, to try and take Maia more straight-on as he comes around for another pass.

Warren smirks at Bennet watching the pair left in the sims shoot and miss in their first real pass at each other. He grins, "I think thats so Captain. Or can you prove otherwise?" He glances at the monitors, despite the light banter, still looking frustrated, "Come on Centerfold, come about, you got this. Come on, shift your angle, roll…thats it…hit the trigger, you got him."

As Holtz disengages from the furball, he deactivates his mock-pit and heads back over towards the computer. He lights a cigarette, takes a seat next to Warren, and resumes observation. As he does, he offers a nod to the nearby Bennett. "'Lo, Butch, come to watch the fireworks?" Unlike Warren, though, he offers no words of encouragement to the screen, simply content to watch in interested silence.

Keeping herself locked onto Phin, Maia goes into a more evasive stance than she'd previously been holding. "Thanks, Storm," she replies through the mic, but is attempting to keep herself steady while firing and avoiding the fire she knew was coming from Dolly. "Here we go.." In the Raptor she'd gotten used to talking with her ECO, so now she's just talking to herself.

Bennett sips at her tea while she watches the show, and in a similar fashion to Holtz, keeps her thoughts on the proceedings to herself. Something Warren says — or perhaps doesn't say — causes her to speak something quietly to him. Then with a brief touch to his shoulder, she looks to the approaching viper squadron commander. "Not precisely, though I enjoy watching your pilots being put through their paces. As I was saying to Warren, I am hopeless in a viper."

Now that he's flying alone, and so is she, Phin doesn't bother to mute what she can hear of his in-pod wireless. "Looks like it's just you and me, Centerfold. Let's dance." For that turn, at least, they mostly dance around each other. His own dodges are fairly practiced, but he can't conceal a "Huh" of surprise when she manages to outrun his guns. "Not bad." And he focuses his attack a bit more.

Definitely Maia isn't so experienced at this, but at the moment it didn't matter! "It's harder than it looks when you guys were out there drawing fire and taking them out one at a time, Dolly. Trying to do it all at once is going to take a lot of practice. At least I know where I need work now." She had dodging down pat it seemed, at least when she concentrated more fully at it. Allowing a margin of it to slip to the firing instead, she takes aim, pressing the stub and hoping for the best!

<COMBAT> Phin attacks Maia with KEW - Light wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Maia attacks Phin with KEW - Moderate wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Holtz has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Viper-3417n has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Maia has been KO'd!

Warren glances to Holtz as he sits down his frustration obvious as he speaks, "Welcome back major. Sorry you had to jump in so early. I rolled too far and let those rounds hit me right in the cockpit, thats my fault, I'll work on it. Centerfold's doing well so far though." He glances up to Bennett and smirks a moment before glancing at the screen seeing the hits register and for a moment he's almost elated, then he sees the results and sighs starting to stand up.

Phin leaves himself open for a shot that the virtual deckies would be complaining about, if they had to repair his virtual Viper, but he doesn't try and spin away from it this time. Instead, just turns some so the thicker part of his hull might absorb some of the damage and looses his guns on Maia when she comes at him. It's still not a particularly impressive hit, explosives-wise, but he tries to get it in a spot that'll hurt.

Just goes to show her.. break the concentration from defense and go offensive, it costs. Lesson learned. She may have hit him, but she'd sacrificed her own defenses for it. Powering down her own sim, Maia also looks a little frustrated. "Well done, Dolly. Gotta figure out how to do it all at once. I'll be sim'ing it up a lot from now on." Opening the pod, she climbs out noticing Agrippa was gone, but Bennett was there instead. Giving a lopsided smile, she nods to her, Holtz and Warren. "I need a lot of work."

"Show me someone who doesn't, and I'll call bullshit," Bennett answers Maia with a grin. "You did quite well. When do you plan on taking your formal qualifications for the vipers?"

Holtz pulls on his cigarette, leaning back and blowing a smoke ring before looking over to Warren. "I wasn't planning to at all," he says mildly. Then, a shrug. "Eh, you'll do better next time, yeah? And if not, I'll put you on double CAP so's you can sharpen your reflexes a bit." He smirks, looking back at the readout just in time to see Maia's blip disappear. The simulation is over.

Holtz stands as the simulator pods shut down and the canopies open. "Well done, you two. Good shooting to you also, Lieutenant — " that's to Agrippa " — but be careful not to get tunnel vision out there. If I'd had better aim on my first pass, you'd have been smeared before you even knew I was there. Most of the time, it's what you don't see that kills you in the cockpit, yeah?" A turn back to Warren. "Agrippa did hit you in the worst possible spot. But you were right, you did carry through too far on the roll, an' it cost you."

Finally, eyes fall on Maia. "Don't get cocky against a more skilled opponent, Lieutenant. You'd have been better served to stay on the defensive, focus on your evasive, and wait for an opening. Sooner or later, your enemy will make a mistake, overextend himself… watch for it. Be ready for it when it happens. A good pilot can create those opportunities for herself, but it takes experience and knowledge you don't have yet."

Warren glances over to Maia as she gets shot down and pulls out of the pod. He calls out, "Ceunterfold, you did well. Don't sell yourself short. We all need work all the time. First, you followed orders, you didn't leave your wingman chasing after people. Once we get you all worked out on the stick and certified….I'd take you as my wingman anyday." He glances over Holtz a moment looking more than serious, "Yes sir, rolled too far. I'll be looking over that and running some more sims on that attack run getting it right. I left my wingman out in the wind by rolling like that. Won't happen again."

Phin pops his pod canopy open and gets his helmet off. He doesn't look particularly triumphant. "Thanks. You, too," he says to Maia. "Your handling was really decent. Especially for not having been in a real Viper out in the black before. I thought I wasn't going to catch you there for a minute." Which he still can't help but sound surprised about, but it's in a pleasant sort of way on her part. And maybe a bit self-recriminatory on his. To Warren, "I think I got pretty lucky Grips took you down early. Not sure how long I could've lasted otherwise."

Bennett doesn't even bother to join in on the talk about viper maneuvering; she's a little out of her league there. Which isn't to say it doesn't intrigue her. She glances between the other pilots as they converse, sipping her tea quietly.

"Not for awhile yet, Sir. I want to make sure I'm good and ready and won't be risking a Viper when I go out." Responding to Bennet first, until Holtz addresses her, Maia gives him her full attention, slipping the half grin off her face. "Yes Sir." She'd let her attention slip just that bit and failed it. "I'll do that, Sir. This weekend, I've got duty early on, but after noon, I'll be off duty, think we can do it then?" As soon as Warren calls out, she looks over at him and that same smile returns, giving him a quick thumbs up. She'd enjoyed getting in the practice against other Viper pilots, looks like nothing was shaking her mood. "Thanks, Toast." High praise indeed, an offer for her to be wingman. As Phin alights, the grin that tugs at her lips can't be resisted. "Mind some more practice tomorrow?"

Warren nods to Maia a moment, then again to Holtz and Phin. To Phin he nods, "Punchdrunk's a nice shot, and I screwed up. I failed centerfold. I got shot out and left her hanging and Storm had to stand in." He glances over to Maia, "Sorry again about that. Should have rolled better and not given up that shot to them and left you without a wingman."

Holtz nods. "Call it Sunday afternoon, then. Take an hour after you get off shift to shower and get something to eat, then meet me here," he says to Maia. He falls silent after that, though, smoking his cigarette as he listens to the others talk.

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