AWD #304: Duck the Goose
Duck the Goose
Summary: Pilots and Deckies collide. No blood is shed.
Date: 21/04/2016
Related Logs: None.
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Hangar Bay
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
AWD #304

With all the new arrivals of late, deck is working overtime to get orientations done, get the new aircrew up to date, and generally keep the day to day work ticking over a well. Add to that a bumpy landing that's going to require a section of the bay to be hammered back flat it's not the most stress free of days. Toby's particular flavour of stress is a FOD walk over the landing sight, to make sure they've got all the fragments, and now he's heading back towards the rest area with a wheelybin full of fragments of viper undercarrage.

He's only seen the hangar as a bleary thing after Orion crews arrived to sweep up new units. Rourke makes his way along the flight line, taking in the raptors with a low whistle. Sure, some of them are the ones from Crandall, but seeing more fresh units make the pilot consider the line a little more as he makes his way along.

Laine is currently enjoying a little off-duty time, wearing the double tanks sans jacket. But what does he do while off-duty? Comes to pester the deck crew of course, or maybe he's just exploring, or maybe he does have an ulterior motive. He's striding along the lines of vipers, only slightly glancing in their direction. As a pilot he can't help but look them over as he walks by, but they're not the reason he's down here, not today.

The recently-transferred Captain was given an order. Kind of. Mostly. I mean, when a Colonel tells you to bring a wishlist to a meeting, you had better have something in hand. Thus, with some time to spare between her own orientations and that of meeting the other Vipers in her new squadron, Arrington has made her way down to the flight deck with a clipboard in hand. There's a sidelong glance to Laine as she spots him in his off-duties, but Epiphany passes him by and starts her hunt for someone who Lives and Breathes Deck.

Toby had just about got one set of pilots trained, and now there's a whole rack of new faces to contend with. Laine's dress is noted, and there's a briefly moment where he checks to see if the officer is sticking to the designated walking route before he just offers a brief nod and a "if you're the one who bounced earlier then you'll need to come back tomorrow. We're not going to get the bird back on the line before then." It's short, curt, but not particularly rude, just matter of fact. The Captain is eyed briefly, but then brass are always best watched. Noting the clipboard he smells trouble and makes himself busy by calling over to Rourke instead, "you looking for a bird in particular Lieutenant?"

"Just checking on the bird brought up from Picon. She has pieces of my old Jallopie in it. And I know, up here, there's no assignments, I was just telling her goodbye before letting her return to the flock." Rourke offers and he notices Epiphany, tipping his hand into a salute. "How do, Goose." he offers with a slight grin. "When you have a moment, I want to talk to you about a thought I had last night."

Laine looks over to Toby as the man addresses him, fixing a big bright smile onto his face. Maybe he hasn't served on a ship before, because well, he's just sticking to the walking routes, but he's also lingering a little. "No, I'm just looking for some.." Something. Someone. The last part of it doesn't come out as he spots Goose. He snaps to attention, even if off-duty, maybe her comment yesterday did sink in. "Sir." It's a little stiffer than one normally gets out of him, but it's an effort being put forth.

Well, that looks like the sort she needs. Which means Toby has another of those pesky pilots aiming his direction. This one with Captain pips on her uniform. When Rourke calls out to her, she tilts her head slightly. "I'm just looking to have a chat with one of the experts out here." Hey, maybe she knows how to at least be polite to deck. Laine's call earns a glance and a brief tilt of her head. "Just mind you keep clear, Chewtoy. Wouldn't want to see you earning a note in your file within the first week."

Yes, good, let the flyboy distract the brass, then those that work for a living can get on with, well, working. "Try PO1 Francis by dispatch, she'll know where it's berthed." See, Toby i helpful, and moving on. The salutes are met with a faintly amused look and he shakes his head slowly as he pushes the bin closer to it's destination. He speeds up, just a fraction when he hears Epiphany's comment though, that combined with the clipboard, very bad news. Maybe, just maybe, he can outrun it, she hasn't afterall, asked him to stop yet.

"Well, I have a deckhand right here, Goose. Maybe he can help you out." Rourke is quick to sell out poor Toby as he gives the poor knuckledragger a grin. "Thanks for the advice, I'll go find him." With that, he's moving along, leaving Toby a soft piece of bread for the Goose to snack on.

"Yes, sir. No notes, sir." The man has a way of making even the most innocuous comments sound awkward, combined with a look of just generally being up to no good, well, one might wonder how he survived the academy in one piece, much less flight school. "I'll get out of your hair." Well, whatever that some was supposed to be he seems to have forgetten it by now. Instead, he seems keenly interested in catching up with Rourke, not nearly as still with the LT as he is with the captain, his shoulders relaxing a little as he moves away from the potential bloodbath.

Shifting the clipboard slightly, it can be seen to have a few scrawled notes. No official page on it, at least. Just lines and notes, some of which have been crossed out or edited. Epiphany snorts faintly at Rourke's words, shaking her head after the Lieutenant. The woman's pale gaze shifts to Toby, then. "Crewman, if I could-" Yep, ensnared. The 'board is tilted slightly, but not enough to share fully. Just that she has Things. "What would help you help the air wing? And yes, I know the pilots are the biggest issue." Either she's heard the 'joke' too many times or it's not a joke to her. "I'm talking logistics."

Under a damaged Viper is another of those knuckle draggers- Diomedes Alexios. His booted feet can be seen poking out as he makes himself known, "Damnit!" he shouts, "They crushed the pump! This is going to take forever, we're going to have to flush the whole farking fuel system…" *THUNKTHUNKTHUNK* That may be percussive maintenance. More likely, its Dio punching the crushed piece of Viper out of bitter distaste for its inability to take a hit.

"Her." Toby replies flatly to Rourke, an unfavourable word or two floating around his head with regards to the Lieutenant as he does so. He keeps half an eye on Laine, just in case he takes himself into a work area without the appropriate PPE, but Epiphany gets most of his attention. "You know what Sir," he replies quickly, thinking on his feet. "Give me thirty seconds to get this stowed away securely and I'll introduce you to PO Alexios, he's been here longer than me, and has a better insight into such things." Once the bin is delt with he leads her back towards the damaged viper and gently taps the bottom of Dio's boot to get his attention. "PO," he starts, rather more formally than he might usually to his mate, "got a Captain here wants to talk logistics."

Dio scoots out from under the Viper, wiping his hands off on his coveralls as he looks up to Epiphany, "What now?" he asks, "Logistics?" he sits up, and his hands are still pitch black- a tattoo, it seems. One of many on the man's body. He stands, and looks over towards Epiphany- then over to Toby. He switches to Tauran. <You son of a…> its mostly playful, though- "How can I help…" A pause as he looks to the pips. "Captain?"

Pass the buck. Epiphany was an instructor at Caprica's flight school long enough to know this game. The woman, at least, weathers it with good humor. She taps her pen against the clipboard before gesturing to Toby to do what needs be done and lead the way. Once introduced to the PO, she tilts her head. "Alexios, was it?" Pen, gesture to clipboard, then to the man. "I'm taking stock of some things. Particularly as they pertain to the Air Wing. What could Deck use to help keep these birds and their pilots flying? I can't make any guarantees, but I'm putting together a list." Which means she's likely spoken to other departments, as well.

There's nothing like a rousing game of Pass the Pips as Rourke watches the deckhands pass around the Captain, and he can only give an amused shake of his head as the pilot continues down the path towards the flight office in search of his former bird so he can tell it goodbye.

Is, for the record, wearing black gloves, although in his case they're a pair of work gloves, rather than Dio's tats. <Just being responible and passing it up the chain to an NCO> he replies in kind, although even thoughs who don't know Tauran hould be able to tell that he's teasing his fellow knuckledragger. Hi tone and the grin give that away. Allowing his expression to fall back to something more seriou though he asks "you after airwing specific stuff, or do you want to hear about all our stalled ide-projects as well?"

"Yeah. Diomedes Alexios." Dio replies, "A pleasure, Captain." he begins, as he takes a moment to breath in slowly. "You know, I'm not so good with logistics. All I want is mutual respect." he states. "A little give and take goes a long way." he says, with a nod. "It takes a lot of work to keep these birds flying pretty- and me and my boys work our asses off to make sure you and your kids fly safe."

Laine moves down away from the amusing conversation, eyes lingering in that direction, because he's curious. But he's not getting into that soup. Instead he crosses his arms over his chest with a heavy sigh. And then he spots Rourke, and the most dangerous thing pops into his head. An idea. "Hey, LT." Definitely less formal. "Can I ask you a favor?" He's back to grinning in that slightly manic way of his.

"Right now, crewman, just the Air Wing specifics. The Colonel expects a wishlist from me this evening and as I've been aboard only about four days, well." Epiphany shifts the clipboard slightly. "Came up with the lot from Picon." Like Rourke and Laine. To the introduction, the brunette nods. "Arrington. Or as Shaft over there said-" a glance down the flight line, "Goose." She glances to her clipboard and makes a sort of quiet grunt. "Yeah, well. I'd like a few bottles of Leonese wine to appear in my bunk. Pretty sure getting deck and wing to get along for more than a day is outside of my or the Lords hands."

"What's up Chewtoy?" Rourke asks as he relaxes on his heels slightly, stopped in his search for the moment by yet another question. Stuffing his hands in his pockets, he looks back to Laine and tilts his head. "I mean, the Captain's here, she's probably more willing and able to get whatever it is you may need."

"And here I thought the Wing loved me." Dio states dryly, a hand coming up to rub over his shaved head- over the laurel wings tattooed on the sides of his tanned flesh. "Ever since I punched that skinjob you all were hiding in the face." he says with a wicked grin, "Anyways, to business- in all honesty we need more tools. Some of these are gettin' really, really worn down and we've had to juryrig a few. In particular when it comes to those boys who work on the avionics- not my thing, I'm a mechanic- but I've heard them grumbling. My boys need the basics- we're holding things together with spit and tape."

Toby lets Dio speak, he's the senior after all, then nods once to the captain. Not being able to rant about the projects he has to think about his responce for a few moments before he replies, "more trained hands, obviously, that'd make life easier. Better communication. No point all of you knowing a raptor has a strange thunk when you engage the ftl but no one ever putting it on the postflight, that sort of thing. Oh, and to be fair, it hasn't happened in a few weeks, but make sure your bright young things don't get it into their heads that they can come and tinker with their birds. That wastes hours of everyone's time."

"Knox, I presume? I've met the… man." Epiphany's voice is dry. If she just came in off of Picon, chances are she's had some lovely times fighting the other Six models. And more. The ship's own past with the skinned models is something she only knows by a new trickle of rumor and the reports she was given. Mostly the 'We know you want to shoot our JTAC in the face. Please don't shoot our JTAC in the face.' report. She looks from one man to the other and there's some notes added. "Tools. I can put in a word. Production chances are slim, but if recon crews can be asked to look out for certain things." She looks to the clipboard, then over to Toby. "To be honest with you, crewman, anyone coming up from Picon is likely going to be thrilled to have proper deckies. I know I never want to try to take parts off a tractor to use on a bird ever again." So she was a barnstormer sort, then. "But postflight checklists, that's a request I can do something about."

Laine looks over towards the captain, then back to Rourke with a look that practically screams. 'Are you crazy?' "Yeah, no, not this type of request. I'm looking for something and I'd hope you can keep an eye out for me." He rubs the back of his neck, it's not a usual request. "A violin. I don't need one acquired for me, I just need a line on one, I can get it myself." Well, no one ever said Chewtoy was all that normal.

"A violin?" Rourke about laughs at the idea. "Laine, I'm trying to secure a set of color pencils at worse, art supplies at best. I've about gotten to my last pencil." he admits with a sigh. "My notebook may soon have to come to a close." he admits. "But if I hear anything, I'll let you know. Rumor has it that there's an ECO that may have a lead on what to get that's out of the ordinary."

Toby shakes his head to Epiphany, "nah, he punched the Nine who used to fly in the wing, I think," although he does look over to Dio for confirmation on that, "I punched the Six." Colours nailed firmly to the mast there. "If thats what your boys are used to on Picon Sir, then let 'em know sharpish that the Master Chief will 'ave 'em if they try it here. Well meaning we know, but causes more harm than good, and since we don't allocate birds it could be anyone they kill, not just themselves."

"Oh yeah, if I see one more pilot down here trying to boost their birds, I'm going to break some heads." Dio states, nodding over to Toby- "I get it that you folks get attached to them, but honestly- those are *my* birds. If *anything* goes wrong with those birds- its *me* and mine that get shit on." Dio says, nodding over to Toby. Its clear that on Deck, there's a lot looser chain of command- then again, Dio looks like a thuggish, tattooed criminal from Minos. "And no, it weren't Knox. It was the woman- Ceres. Though I did hit another skinjob with a mess tray. That was a fun day- dented his head." he states, "In all seriousness, though, Toby's got the right of it."

"Woah." Clipboard held up as if to fend the two knuckledraggers off. "You're talking to a flight instructor here. I'd rather never touch a bird other than to fly it again. They're given warnings. It's a disciplinary action if they're caught at it in my experience. We did it on Picon because we had no other choice. Not a one of the folks I flew with liked it. If that doesn't warn someone off-" Epiphany shrugs. That's out of her hands. "Tools-" gesture to Dio with pen, "and checklists," point at Toby. "Those I can do something about."

"That's be perfect, thanks." Laine for a moment looks like he might go for the hug, instead he just lets out a small whoop that might reach the ears of the captain and the two deckies. He's as glad as if he has one in hand now. "I'm pretty sure my old one is sitting in a heap of slag back on Caprica." He doesn't sound overly torn up about it either. "And if I hear anything about some art supplies, I'll let you know."

<Stop giving her my name,> Toby quips to Dio, <she might remember it, or worse, write it down>. Then, back to colonial standard he nods to the comment about the mess tray, "a One I believe, although no one really punched him on account of him having a gun and being in the middle of using it at the time."

"Alright, well, I'll see what I can do, Chewtoy." Rourke rubs his head. Why not try to scrounge up a baby grand while at it. Or a decent cheeseburger from a fast food joint. Either would be just as challenging. "Anything else?" he asks, ready to move along to continue with his task.

"Yeah, like its the first time I've been shot at." Dio says with laugh, "Didn't stop my crazy ass, did it?" he grins again, he might be a little crazy- or maybe he has balls the size of a planet. Maybe its a bit of both. "Yeah, that be the two major ones. Tools and some communication." He looks to Toby, <Faaaark you.> Again, its a tone between friends and comrades.

"No, no. Sorry to keep you, sir." And eventually Laine does remember his place. It's getting to be a bear learning to be on a tight run ship. "And thanks." He hooks his thumbs in his waistband as he looks back towards the three further down the hanger, still itching to hear a few words of their conversation.

The Captain seems largely satisfied with this, even if the Tauron chatter is causing her to eyeball both men a measure. She adds a few notes to the clipboard before stepping away. "As you were, crewmen." At least they're free of Officer. It's Rourke's turn then, however. Oh, she heard that whoop from Laine, but she's letting him be. He's off-duty and it's not like the deck isn't loud anyhow. "Shaft. You needed something?"

<Oh, heads up mate,> Toby notes to Dio as he eyes Epiphany's retreating form, <Colonel Petra is back onboard, mentioned something about a shake up of Deck, but wouldn't say more.> Then, as Laine is spied he nods to the pilot, "you needing anything Lieutenant?"

«Like we need any more bullshit to deal with down here. Whatever, he's the brass, we jump like the ugly monkeys we are.> Dio replies, with a shake of his head. <Hey, I got a hold of some liquor. You up for drinks after shift?> he wonders of his fellow Tauron- as always, its best to not ask where Dio got "something".

Chewtoy seems lost in his own world right now, staring after Goose as she leaves the deck. Though the call out to him snaps him out of his drifting thoughts. "Ensign." He taps his neck where the pips normally would be. "Sorry, I'll get out of your hair." He jerks his thumb towards the corridor. From his accent he sounds Caprican, and upper class at that, but still he manages a bright grin for the pair. "Just glad to have a deck crew here." He takes a few steps backwards before turning and heading to the corridor to continue his search.

«Frak yes,> Toby replies without hesitation, "I'd better get moving for now though, of the Chief will wonder what's kept me. I'll see you after shift though mate."

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