PWD #03: Driftwood
PWD #03: Driftwood
Summary: In the aftermath of his troubles with Ceres and Augie, Daniel turns to Iphigenia to air his grievances.
Date: 02/01/2013(OOC Date)
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Aios Iphigenia 
Pool - Battlestar Orion
The floors of the whole room — including the bottom of the pool — are made of poured concrete, and the pool itself is designed to accommodate barriers and other obstacles used to simulate operations in high-pressure environments. A large sign on the aft bulkhead warns visitors that no lifeguards are available, and that swimming is done at each person's own risk.
Jan 02, 2005

With readiness standards being enforced, some members of the Air Wing are afforded time to themselves. Desperately needing a place where he can find some quiet, Daniel Aios has descended into the bowels of the ship to find the pool. Floating on his back, alone and wearing a regulation pair of swim trunks, he stares up at the ceiling in wonder. His eyes slowly bounce around the speckled reflections that play over the ceiling of the room as he breathes slowly and lets the minutes tick by.

It's coincidence that Iphigenia opts for this particular time to go swimming. Or perhaps not so much swimming as floating. Well, maybe some swimming too. She enters quietly, seeing a figure in the pool but perhaps not recognizing it immediately since he's laying out, and enters from the far side to begin to swim the shorter width for a few leisurely laps.

The waves churn a bit more quickly than they were before, and the dull sounds of hands and legs cutting through water are more than enough to let Talkshow know that someone else is in the pool. It signals an end to his meditations.

Brushing a hand free from the water, he slicks his hair back and rights himself to stand in the water. With a quick whip of his head, he slings the water from his hair and cranes his head over the waves to catch sight of the new pool-friend. Iphigenia. "Good afternoon…" He says mutedly to her.

Iphigenia stops mid-stroke. "Oh…oh! I'm sorry." she looks sheepish as she treads. "I wasn't trying to disturb you." Her hair is braided back tightly to keep hair from clogging the pool filters, and she's not quite chin-deep.

"Oh No! No you weren't disturbing me. I merely stopped floating and felt it was rude to not say hello after I noticed you." Daniel replies, almost grimly. Something not settling well with the man has definitely driven him into self-imposed exile. He wades closer towards the wall of the pool, motioning to her. "I'm not in your way, am I?"

"Not at all. I'm a bit out of shape, so the shorter laps are probably best to start with." she explains. "I used to float like that myself, in the pool at home. It used to drive my sister quite mad."

"There's definitely an element of peace to it, isn't there?" Daniel replies, moving to rest his shoulders against the wall. Each of his arms rise to bar across the lip of the pool, and he tilts his head back to stare once again at the ceiling.

"And you look like a man in need of contemplation." She swims over to take up a spot next to him, folding her forearms over the edge and resting her chin on top of it. "Is everything alright?"

"My father taught me that pride was the downfall of everything. That too much pride, or aversions and attachments involving, were the undoing of every good man ever born." His voice is strained by the backwards tilt of his head, pulling against his throat. Finding it too difficult, he lowers his head and looks over to her. "Just…a spot of humiliation and frustration, really."

What is there to say to that? Nothing, so she just looks at him, expression interested but she doesn't verbally pry.

Oh, she wants //details? The look Talkshow gives her seems to say. One eye narrowed, the other beneath a cocked brow. The look doesn't last long. Instead, he runs his tongue over his teeth and lets out a sigh. "I had a conversation with a gentleman this afternoon who offered me a cigar and a friendly conversation, and then slowly over the course of the conversation started slipping me hints about a girl that he's seeing, being rather smug about it." He shakes his head ruefully, switching gears. "Ceres, the other day, said she owed me an apology and didn't say for what. Well, I found out. Can you see where this is going?"

"I saw her with someone in the rec room yesterday evening." Gen confesses. "It wasn't my business, and I was rather torn about not wanting to facilitate any unhappiness on your part and giving you means to brace yourself. I hope you'll forgive me. "

"Oh, no, at the very least you are terribly, terribly guilty of being thoughtful, Gen. The fact that she's seeing someone isn't the embarassing part. No, that's…natural and to be expected, I suppose." Daniel peels his arms off of the wall and turns to face her, opting to leave an elbow over the lip instead. "But the smug method of his delivery to me, luring me in socially as he did. It was just embarassing, and the games, Gen, gods the games…"

Iphigenia looks hesitant to speak for a moment. Then, "I've known Augustus a little bit over the past months. He comes in to pray now and again. He's…crude, and undiplomatic, and very blunt, but I've never known him to be smug. Ceres is your hot button and your break up was very hostile." Which makes her sad, actually. "Is it possible that the complications of your feelings may have caused the conversation to be misinterpeted?"

"I…asked myself that after the conversation took place, but that smug grin on his face and all of the euphemisms to pet names and having a great girl, and then finally the what happens happens?" Daniel frowns and shakes his head bitterly. "No. I don't feel that I was misinterpreting the situation. I don't think he intended to end up having a hostile conversation with me, but at the least his lack of ability to communicate muddied the waters."

"I think you might try writing to Ceres, maybe a few months after your transfer. Distance might make her more willing, and people are remarkably more reflective on the written word, which you know."

"I don't see much point to it anymore." Talkshow replies, resting his hip against the wall to his right. "I've a talent for introspection and I think I've the right of this situation at whole. I…was optimistic to meet a woman who would appreciate my company, and had hopes that when the reality of this important relationship in my life, Jamey, would be mentioned that it wouldn't foul things up. It did. This, with Ceres? Love her or hate her, the hard truth is that this is her reactionary, angry thing that she's doing, and I have very little control over it. It does not change that I have a son, and for as much as I care for her, I can't wish my son away nor allow him to be. This is who I am, and therefore this it never was going to work." He smiles quietly. "It's better that I keep on this path of moving on."

"Alright." His certainty speaks volumes, and she doesn't press the subject. "It pains me to see my friends suffering." Of course, it pains her to see anyone suffer.

"As it pains me to suffer." Daniel replies with a slightly theatric fleer to his voice. His smile, wan as it is, is a sign of strength. "But, I think this entire situtation is a result of misperceptions. You of all people, with your psychology degree, could probably teach me volumes about where sometimes the heart goes where the head won't. I'm not so much hurt now as I am…concerned. She seems self destructive, and I can only hope I didn't cause this in her."

"I think she's trying to be honest with herself. Which can be hard when one is trying to differentiate between wants and needs." Gen seems easy with not delving into it too much. "I'm hoping you'll still have time to go down to Piraeus before you leave. If the stars align, I might go with you. Assuming you didn't mind."

"No, I wouldn't mind at all. In fact, I'd prefer to go with you and visit the site of your impending temple. At the very least I'd like to walk around it and for you and I to speak plans about documentation. I've got a bundle of letters in my locker that I'm going to leave with you. This was going to be our project, writing about Piraeus." A soft chuckle escapes his lips. "Are you comfortable with being the sole, artistic chronicler of this world, Miss Arden?"

"I won't be able to do it the justice your pen will, but I'm game to try." she says, a smile curving her mouth and reaching her eyes. "Who knows, perhaps I'll learn something."

"You're more than welcome to write to me and we could trade writing segments. I could send you little writing exercises. We could make an experience out of it." He brushes a hand over his chest, forcing a stray, cooled drop of water to fall to the pool. "Just know that I'm quite jealous for what you have ahead of you."

Iphigenia points out, "You know I won't be able to talk about Piraeus in our letters? They'll be heavily censored."

"Unfortunately. However, you won't have to even tell me code. I'll know what you're writing on, and there's nothing wrong with writing about nature. There are ways, and if they don't like the content of the letters I could always find something to write to you. We're creative." He shrugs. "Are you going to be okay out here, all on your own?"

Iphigenia tilts her head to the side, and fortunately she doesn't take offense. Or if she has, she makes no show of it. She seems to think it's funny. "Do you honestly think that I'm so delicate?"

"No. I think you're no more delicate than I, but it's nice to know whether or not the people you care about are going to be okay when you're gone." Talkshow fires back, nodding softly towards her.

"I'm going to be sad that you're gone, and happy that you'll get to see your son. But I'll miss you terribly." she grins at him.

"I'll miss you terribly as well. I think you've quickly grown into being one of my best friends on this ship. It's amazing we haven't spent more time together." He presses off of the wall, slowly swimming towards the center of the pool. "So, I never did ask, what are your plans after this next eighteen months?"

"I'm not sure. Probably another tour, unless something spectacular lands in my lap." she admits. "I don't tend to worry about it too much. I'll always have a home, after all."

"I'm telling you this in confidence, Gen, but part of why I'm so…rigid about this transfer back to Caprica is this concept that the last of my life is beginning. Here I am, transferring back to Caprica to raise my son, I'm an unwed thirty-five year old man. I believe I once explained to to Ceres as looking down the barrel of my eventual retirement. By all means, I'm not old, mind you…" Daniel trails off, watching her from one of the more shallow areas of the pool, finding it easy to keep his head above the water. "…but I don't feel so young anymore. It feels like a great deal of track has been lain, and I'm about to be strapped to it."

Iphigenia blinks at him. "That's /ridiculous/." she says assertively. "If you're a destined bachelor at thirty-five, I'm a doomed spinster at thirty-one. Just because you've got standards doesn't mean that anything can happen. That is the wrong attitude to take, Daniel." she's a little peeved, her lips pursing. "You're just moving from one stage to another. It doesn't mean you shut down and shrivel up."

"Of course, no it doesn't mean I'm going to shrivel up. It's not as if I ever had the lives that some of the other pilots here do, with their loud parties and their…" He stops himself, rolling his eyes. "Goodness, I sound like my father, scowling at franchise restaurants." He laughs and leans back, floating through the water on a path that will take him back towards her. "But I do feel that pull, Iphigenia. I feel this sort of strange uncertainty about my future. I'm due for a happy ending."

"I quite wanted to sock you in the nose for a moment, there. But as my mother would say, blood is terribly difficult to get out of one's white lace gloves." she says. "I'd say you are as well. I hope you get it. A place in your son's life, a companion you feel strongly for." Then cheekily, "Have you considered a dog?"

"I've always wanted a dog, but in all fairness I never had the heart to keep one. I've always been flying about on rotation. Penelope ended up getting one after the divorce and Jamey's crazy about them." Daniel replies as he floats past her, laughing and sending a small splash towards her. "But as for a companion? Honestly, just now I wouldn't settle any less but for someone that I could talk to and hope that something blossoms from it. I'm not so interested in the games people play when dating."

"We had some beautiful dogs, but they were really my father's and Oscar's to lavish affection on." Gen admits. "If you take on a permanent position, that option will open up for you. Though I hope a four legged companion doesn't suppliment a two legged-one." Now she's teasing, though she promptly becomes more serious. "Are you certain there isn't anything I can do for you, to help with your legal matters?"

A genuine, yet rare gut-laugh emits from Daniel's throat. Unable to laugh and float at the same time, he rolls back to his feet and reaches out for Gen's shoulder to steady himself. "Oh, Gen, when you say certain things, you ambush people with them." He beams and then retrieves his hand back, almost hestitating to to so. "Well, for starters, don't write any letters suggesting that I've supplemented two legged mammals for four legged ones. That might cause issue, but could you honestly write a letter of personification? We're friends, and I'm sure your opinion, despite being a psychologist, is still biased, is it not? Perhaps just a little?"

"There are other chaplains." she points out. "On board the Orion. I might not be able to write the latter, but I can certainly ask one of my fellow chaplains to do so."

"I would appreciate that." Daniel replies. "And then, of course, your time and companionship before I have to fly out. I've…not many friends here, and you're one of them. If this bloody high-rotation ever finishes, I'd like to enjoy what time I've left."

"Why is that?" she asks. "You're perhaps not as um…exuberant as Aristides Cole, but I don't see why it prevents you from making friends."

"I'm just a quieter person, perhaps? Don't get me wrong, I know how to dance and despite how surly I can get, I assure you I'm not a wet blanket." His lip pulls into a toothy grin. "But let's face it, without a college, it's not often to meet a girl that appreciates literature, or make friends that don't mind throwing a few pints back and…I don't know. Perhaps I should nudge Cole for a few pints."

Iphigenia grins broadly. "Perhaps you should." she says. "Though actually, Ari Cole doesn't drink But if you want to talk, he'll listen."

"He doesn't drink?" Daniel blinks. "How is that possible?"

"You'll have to ask him yourself." Gen says, in the firm sort of tone that seems to involve priestly business. Then, "Another man for you to talk to isn't a bad thing."

"There arent many, no there aren't. I'm not entirely comfortable around the DCAG, and aside from all men, Lennox is an absolute sweetheart." He suddenly smirks. "Did I tell you that when I told her that I was thirty-five, she huh'd and said she thought I was thirty? OLD."

Iphigenia laughs. "Oh, dear. And youth is wasted on the young, isn't it?" She grins. "But fortunately, we still are. Lennox…is that the one who flashed you?" Her tone becomes slyly teasing.

"Yeeeeesssss." Talkshow replies, looking away and to the side with a blush to his cheeks. "Yes, she was." He dares to look back to her, narrowing his eyes to her. "You stop." He dares, one of those don't make me get the firehose versions of please stop.

"Well," she says mock-blithely, "A nice young thing might put a spring in your step." Her grin grows wider. "Perhaps you could talk her into a bit of an ahoy." Why yes, her tone is suggesting exactly what one might expect. Also, she's kinda laughing at him.

Talkshow brings his arms up and splashes a handful of water towards her. "Now now is this the Chaplain pimping out other pilots?" He laughs, hissing the words out in hushed tones. "I've heard of this best way to get over is to get under theory, and I find it fascinating, dear Gen. Do I come across as too restrained?" He splashes again.

Iphigenia splashes right back. "You're the very soul of restraint aboard this ship, Leftenant." she replies, smacking her hand against the water to send a spray in his direction. "And well, if you outpaces you, you can blame it on your age." Beam.

Oh. No. She. Didn't. Catching a face full of water, Daniel laughs and splashes back, quickly advancing on her. "Oh there'll be enough of that, thank you." He starts swimming after her. "I'll show you outpaced…"

Iphigenia gives a warning look…and then starts swimming. "We'll see, old man." she calls out, but there's only so many paces to the pool.

It's a slow, awkward race as their laughter fills the pool until finally near one of the edges, Daniel gets his arms around Gen's hips. Tugging her back, he puts as much of his weight as he can into an attempt to dunk her beneath the waves.

Iphigenia does attempt to get free, being squirmy and not succeeding well. Down she goes…but instead of flounding, she attempts to curl her fingers around one of his ankles and yank.

Elated by a minor second of victory, Daniel lets out a yelp as he's dragged under the water with a sputter and a flail. He hooks his legs against Gen's under the water and flaps his arms to try to get back above the water. Bursting free like a block of ice cresting from beneath the ocean, he takes in a deep gust of air and holds to her shoulder, pressed in close to her.

Iphigenia comes up for air with him hanging off her, and after sputtering she bursts into laughter. "Oh, now I have to save you?"

"Save me? Oh, no, who's going to save you?" Daniel tries to twist his leg around her, laughing and fighting with her a little bit. In the blink of an eye, the rigid author has been turned into a child again, trying to dunk her once again.

"You - " but she doesn't get to finish as down she goes, twisting as best she can under water to try and drag him down by the arm. It's a lot harder to get away with than grabbing his ankle.

Pulled down by the arm, Daniel twists and turns beneath the water as he tries to gain the upper hand. Kicking and swatting to get a toe-purchase on the bottom of the pool, he eventually finds purchase and pushes up and back to the air above with a gasp. Coughing and laughing with an arm wrapped around her wribcage, his lips part in a brought smile, blinding with water. He's close to her. Awkwardly close, and his arm holds her gently to his chest.

Iphigenia is laughing against his shoulder, and when she finally calms down. For a few moments she leans against him, and then tries to step back. It's very tentative.

Water streaming from the top of Daniel's head, he's temporarily blinded, but from their closeness, he can tell the difference between an accidental lean and one intended for him. Still blinking, trying to see, his cheek brushes against hers as she starts to pull away, and he follows, leaning in to press his lips to hers.

Iphigenia goes very still, like a startled animal. She kisses him back, but there's still something very held back about it, though until the tips of her fingers brush his jaw. For a moment it seems like she might push forward, but then she steps back. There's no doubt she's pleased, but there's a sense of wait, wait, wait a minute.

Daniel lets her pull away, and the arm around her waist softens to allow her to pull away as far as she needs. He reaches to his eyes, wiping away the water from his eyes without opening them just yet. "I've still got to go to Caprica." He whispers, but not in a mournful way. It's just a statement of fact. He's going to leave. This is now.

"Yes." she agrees. "And there's too much here, right now. You just broke things off with someone, and you still feel anger over her being with someone else. And you are leaving." She sounds…possibly infuriatingly reasonable. "We'll be writing letters for almost eighteen months. Do you think you could wait to kiss a woman for that long, if it turned out she was worth it?" She's not demanding anything. Just proposing a scenario, so to speak.

"Depends…" Daniel replies softly, a smile translating through his words. "…do you mind kids and dogs?"

Iphigenia lets out a little laugh. "It's really more of a matter of whether or not a child likes me, and I am rather fond of dogs." She radiates of pleased.

Eyes opened, finally able to get a look of Iphigenia close up, Talkshow slips into her view and locks his eyes onto hers. "That's a…really good answer." He lets go of her, moving just slightly away from her. It's not a retreat, it's an acceptable maneuver. He smiles. It's a genuine smile. "This is going to make getting post exciting again."

"And this way, if…circumstances change, for either of us, I think we already know we are best of friends. That will not change." she says. She doesn't know what's coming, and what she thinks may come…feels very far off now.

"Right, this is actually, strangely perfect. We get our correspondence, but we don't break our necks anywhere. In the end, I get to be who I am." He replies, letting her go to stand in the pool before her. The rigid, tense Daniel Aios has been replaced with someone not so nearly as burdened as he was before. "I really will miss you, Leftenant Arden." He says, laughing softly in memory of his over propriety.

"And I suppose I'll miss you as well, Leftenant Aios." she replies, pitching her voice to be the blithest she can manage, though her expression is delighted and wistful.

"Oh, look at you, letting your posh flag fly. Try saying that three times fast, by the way." Daniel replies, nodding in the direction of the end of the pool. "What say you and I get some dinner and over a notebook we'll trade addresses, do the ground work ahead of time?"

"Sounds rather excellent." she says with a chuckle, and she too heads for the end of the pool.

Allowing her to swim first, Daniel waits a few casual seconds and then follows after her, swimming freestyle towards the edge of the pool.

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