AWD #003: Draining the Blood
AWD #03: Draining the Blood
Summary: A series of intersecting lives, changes, and revelations in the Recovery Ward, post warday. Noble and Andromeda bond. Madeline gives away her ring.
Date: 07/01/2013 (OOC Date)
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Recovery Ward - Battlestar Orion
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
Jan 07, 2005

The recovery ward is a much more peaceful place right after lunch. The doctors give out painkillers like candy, and sedatives too, meaning the people screaming in pain and anguish are all taken care of.

Leaving a stubborn Corpsman that has refused as much as an aspirin despite KEW to the chest, and has made a point out of doing what she can to help out. Which is why she's only now sitting down for the morning, face slightly pale and wane, but expression determinedly stubborn as she washes her hands after re-bandaging a burn victim from one of the air wings.

"You know…" Simon Noble starts as he nears Andromeda's bed. Wearing his off-duties, he's got a small electronic device in his hand and a buldge in his pocket, apparently bringing gifts with him. "…you keep moving around like that, Drama, and you're going to be in here like three times as long, right?" Simon says to her, quietly enough so that it doesn't sound like chiding. He takes liberties and sits on the edge of her bed. "How you doin?"

"If I don't have something to do, I'm going to start tearing throats out." Andromeda counters testily, "Starting with that bitch doctor that I caught offering an patient booze." She shakes her head, grimaces, and almost raises a hand to her chest, but stops herself. "Sorry. I hate inactivity. Especially in these situations. I'm being careful of my injuries. But there's a lot of stuff I can do to free up someone that could be doing better things."

Noble is given an quick once-over. "You look.. whole." She tells him, "Thought I saw you take a few shots. Armor do it's job, then?"

"Yeah…check it out." Simon sets the electronic device down and lifts up his shirt to show the two horrible bruises on his chest. Never mind the bandage wrapped around the back of his hand, the two obvious gunshots seem to be rapidly healing but rather…purplish-green. He drops the shirts.

"Yeah they had me in and out of here after checking me for internal bleeding. Maybe twenty minutes, so I've been running around and holding down the fort." He motions to the electronic device. "I brought you my music player. Figure if you're gonna bored you might as well get a few movies in that aren't family entertainment. I've got like…ten on there."

"Nice." Andromeda compliments the bruises with a chuckle, and then lifts the hospital gown to show her bandages. Because KEW to the chest is hideous, and certainly needs to be bandaged. She's wearing pants under the gown, of course, and the bandages preserve her modesty. But it's clear to see just how torn up she was.

She drops the gown. "Bear came by. Told me the casualties. We were damn lucky. That was a frakking bloodbath." She shakes her head. And accepts the entertainment device. "Good. Maybe if I have something to watch besides those damn family movies I'll keep from killing someone."

"Gods Damned, Andromeda. I didn't see you get hit but I heard you go down, you should have called out to me or something I would've helped you scramble out. Well, I'm glad you aren't on the KIA list and thanks for watching my back when I took those hits. I knew you wouldn't have left me back there." Simon admits, reaching out to lightly punch her in the knee.

"So how long are you in here, and how's Madeline doing? I haven't been able to visit until now, so I'm trying to get this all done in one sweep just in case Kreskas keeps on my heels."

"That damn Raider hit me." Andromeda admits, "Armor got the bulk of it, though. And I managed to patch myself up enough in the field to keep it from really getting ugly." She punches him back, careful for her chest. "They were gunning for the medics, though. Afton was the only one that didn't get hit, and it wasn't from lack of trying." She nibbles her lip. "Command needs to keep that in mind, next ground engagement." She shakes her head, though, dismissing those thoughts from her head.

"I should be out of here in a couple of days. Less, if I can get a doctor to sign off on light duty permission. Mads is doing okay." Andromeda shifts topic easily, "There was a bit of trouble when she first woke up from the coma. But once they got pain killers in her, she was able to settle down. She was asking after her tags, though. Med staff says they didn't take'm off her on arrival. If you could ask around?"

"Frak her tags, Andromeda, she's looking for her husband's ring, which I have with me. I heard she was out cold and was gonna wait for her to be awake, but if you see her awake and I'm not here, tell her I've got what she's looking for okay?" Simon nods solemnly as he folds his arms across his chest. "I saw a ring in the dirt and grabbed it. Sera knows where it is, too, okay? She saw me put it away."

Thinking it all over, Simon brushes his hands through his hair and shifts on the bed, careful to not move it around too much. Bringing a knee up, he cups his hands over his knee and shakes his head, almost bitterly. "So you got problems. Cylons know we don't operate on oil changes and you've got a bad doctor. You need me to put anyone in a headlock?"

"No. I filed a complaint against the bitch." Andromeda replies, sourly. "I also got MP to go over this place for contraband, and demand a breath analysis every time she's on shift." The Corpsman grimaces. "If anything happens to me, though…" She hesitates. "Then do what you think is right." She's not going to tell Noob to kill her doctor, per se, but maybe break a kneecap or two? Maybe?

"I'll let her know. But it'd do a whole lot of good if you're the one to deliver it." The Corpsman grimaces, and does lift a hand to her chest, closing her eyes and gritting her teeth with determination. "Frak. So Sera, eh? Still just friends?"

Noble leans back so that he can get a better look in the direction of the Nurse's station, mouth stretching out just a little as he does an awwwwmmmmm "Well I don't frakkin see her, but if you want you could give me a call down to stand guard while you sleep. I'm not gonna give up the sleep I'm getting, but I get maybe three hours for Ded-Head and you're my wingman, Drama." Noble turns back to her, making a growl-face. "Besides, last thing I need is some douchebag bunkmate that ain't my girl.

Simon then chews his lip, giving Andromeda the look. "I don't know. We've been keeping an eye on each other since this whole thing started."

"I don't think she's going to smother me in my sleep." Andromeda tells Noble dryly. The two are sitting on Andromeda's bed, talking. The Corpsman is wearing the gown top, but has put on a pair of pants, saving her the humiliation of her ass hanging out for all to see. She looks pale, worn, but stubbornly refusing to give in. About what you'd expect. "I'm more worried about her showing up drunk as a Scorpio dock-whore and ODing me when I'm not there to double check her dosage. I figured when I filed the complaint the bitch would leave me alone, but she seems determined to be my doctor, even if I don't want her to be."

She then snorts. "I'm sure you two are." She says, almost teasingly, "Especially since the bunk above you is empty and no one's there to say otherwise."

Sera practically prances into the recovery ward, wearing the sort of smug smile that's usually reserved for older brothers plotting a specific brand of torment. It constrasts sharply with the rest of her which, admittedly, looks like holy hell. Her hair is frazzled, there's grease all over her face, and considering the fact that there's grease, and ash, and dried firefighting foam, and blood on her orange coveralls, there's a fairly decent change that they haven't seen the inside of a washing machine since the first shot of the war was fired. Which makes total sense, given that her normally tan skin is pale, and there's circles under her eyes, and she looks positively exhausted. Exhausted, and like she's about to go inflict some horrible prank on someone. Because that's totes the appropriate way to deal with nuclear holocaust, right?

"No, I'm serious." Noble retorts, giving a shake of his head. "I mean, I'm not gonna bullshit you, Drama, you're gonna know if I've got a girlfriend and vice versa. It's not like we can tie a sock around the door handle. Dates are dates, but it's not like that. I like her, I think I always have, but I can't tell where her comfort zone or whatever is and I don't wanna frak it up." Simon murmurs quietly, bringing a hand up to slip his dogs tags back beneath his tank tops. "I don't want to push her. If I do I'll lo—" He turns his head at the sound of footsteps, eyes sharpening on the form of Sera.

"Drams. Is that a good sign or a bad sign?" He asks, raising an arm to get Sera's attention.

"Unless she has a whiskey bottle full of antifreeze, I'd say it's a sign that we should be worried." Andromeda replies to Noble in a low mutter, before getting to her feet with half a wince. "What'll be will be, Noob. But the world's already come to an end, and you never know when those frakking toasters will find and kill us. Hate for it to be with stuff unsaid."

She claps his shoulder in a bracing fashion, putting a bit of her weight onto it as she gets to her feet, and then raises an arm to greet Sera.

"There are entirely too many nurses in this ward for me to get away with drawin' a dick on Snackcakes' forehead while she's sleepin'," Sera announces, as though this were somehow a problem. Or actually her plan. She's probably full of it. She usually use. "She fell asleep on me earlier and everyone knows that's the rule. You fall asleep at the party, your friends draw dicks on your face. Axiom of the universe."

One hand reaches up to brush some frazzled hair back out of her eyes, before she shoots them an exhausted grin. It's forced, and obviously so, but sometimes? It's best to leave a person in denial for a little while. Don't poke sleeping bears, and all that. "So you, too, Jones? I'm startin' to get the feelin' I'm the only person that didn't get the day off today."

Instinctively, Simon steadies his shoulder so that Andy can use it for leverage while she rises. The moment that Sera starts talking about drawing dicks on people, he cracks a broad grin and looks to Andromeda, giving her a knowing wink. "Oh Ess-Jay, you know they reserve a horrible place in the brig for people caught drawing cranks on people in medical beds, which is exactly why if I'm ever in here, I'm paying one of the Privates to stand guard because you, lady, are a dick-drawing type." He flattens his lips and gives her a shaking head filled with mock disapproval.

He lets Jones answer the question and picks up his movie/music player from the top of the bed, waving it at Sera, mouthing the words lent it to her. He drops it to the bed and resumes his arm-fold, letting the women-folk chat it out.

"Raider KEW to the chest." Andromeda shrugs at Sera dismissively. "I'll be out of here in a couple of days. Earlier if I can bully someone into signing off for light duty." Andromeda glances around. "Wait for about half an hour. They just got back from lunch. Typically, they spend an hour after lunch actually doing their jobs, and playing catch-up from what they left til they got back. Then they loaf around for an few hours in the front, watch a movie or two, and then turn over the ward to the next shift." So speaketh experience.

She snorts inelegantly at Noble. "Don't mind Noob. He just has a trauma about dicks on his face since he choked on his first one."

"It was horrible. I don't recommend it." Simon fires off, not missing a beat. "Drama's got a huge one."

"Bigger than yours, carrot patch." Andro retorts right back.

"You'll never be a bigger dick than I am. Just sayin."

"But I'll have a bigger dick."

"He's right, though. I would totally draw a dick on his face, aimin' right on his mouth. I'd advise him to lock his doors at night, but fortunately for me and my skills as an 'artiste', we don't have any." In short, they've been warned. And with that, Sera settles down at the foot of Andromeda's bed, plunking her butt right down on top of the nice, clean sheets. Seriously, the girl's got to be the world's worst nightmare for keeping sickbay sterile, at least with that much tylium-fuel smell coming off of her.

She stretches, trying to work the aches out of her arms and her back, especially the small of it. She buries one fist in deep, rubbing with her knuckles. "No doors here, either. Just the curtains. So if you two would like me to stand guard while you go at it, let me know. I can see where this is headin'."

"Maybe if you start frakkin' Bear." Noble retorts, holding up a finger to Sera as if to say gimme a second here. He looks seconds from gut-laughing. He scoots just a little to make room for Sera, but not so much that they won't be hip-to-hip. Sure, there's plenty more room, but who needs it. "I'm gonna con Bear into camping in your bunk, and when your asleep I'm gonna bribe Sera to draw dicks on your faces. You want a bigger dick? You'll get three hundred pounds of it."

Simon looks to Sera, lowering that finger. "So wait, you'd REALLY draw a dick on my face?" He cracks a grin. "You do that I'll draw one on yours. You know I'm that stupid."

It's okay, Sera. Andromeda isn't using her bed. "Bear did come sniffing around in here." Andro chuckles at Sera. "Him? Please. Like I told Bear, I prefer men." Burn. She snorts. "Bear came sniffing around here yesterday. Considering he couldn't remember Mads' name, I doubt it was to visit her. Scared him off when I dug in to that alcoholic bitch."

Ahhhh, miscommunication. It's a wonderful, wonderful thing. Sera's grin falls when Andromeda's tone darkens. "Don't talk shit about what Madeline did that night, Jones. You weren't even there, so you wouldn't even know, and none of it frakin' matters now. Just back off," the deckhand snaps, a flood of color filling her face so fast it almost resembles its normal shade. Her temper, it seems, is even quicker than what she tries to pass off as wit.

"Oh hey hey hey, no Drama and Madeline are tight, and she's been keeping an eye on Madeline the whole while she's been down here." Simon replies, placing a hand to the small of Sera's back, leaning in a little closer. "She's not calling Madeline an alcoholic bitch. She's calling that redheaded Doctor an alcoholic bitch. Drama here's had to file a complaint because she was drinking on duty."

"Huh?" Jones blinks at Sera. She then jerks a thumb at Noble. "And giving alcohol to patients. That could potentially have internal bleeding. Although I stopped that shit." She eyes Sera. "I don't give a frak about people's drama. I don't have time for drama, and it's counter-productive of my job. And Madeline is one of my people." That last is said with finality, as if it meant more than anything else she could say.

The deckhand's eyes narrow slightly for a few seconds, before she reaches up and rubs a hand over her face. She rubs so hard, it drags her eyelids down, for half a second, exposing the raw pink skin around her eyes. What was left of her good humor is swiftly fading, instead replaced by exhaustion. "I… shit," she mutters, as the introduction to an apology. "I'm sorry, alright? I thought you meant her, and she's had enough people givin' her crap about everything under the sun even before she landed herself in here."

"Hey, it's alright. None of us are on our game right now." Simon replies, rubbing Sera's back and giving a slightly pleading look over Sera's shoulder to Andy. He mouths the words she's tired and shifts his eyes between the two of them. "Hey, Sera? I told Andy about the ring. I know you guys can't get into my locker but in case I'm not around I want everyone to know where to find it. Any was saying that Maddy was askin' for her dog tags, so she's looking for it, but I'd hate to just leave a ring out here in the open."

Andromeda shrugs one shoulder. "No sweat, Rutlii. We're all tense, we're all tired, and we're all nearly at our breaking points." Andromeda says easily, "If we stay at Con 2 much longer, though, people's tempers are going to start to fray." She said no drama, so no drama she's going to give. She looks around the recovery ward sourly. "Mine's frayed all to shit. I want out of here."

"The next time I catch her up, I'll let her know. I was tryin' to tell her earlier, but she pretty much passed out, like I said. And Knox was standin' around doin' his whole Marine ooh-rah warface bullshit with her, so I didn't think it was the best time." There's something of an eyeroll from Sera — not the epic one, just a hint of it, a pale shadow of the one that ought to get stuck with her eyes in the back of her head. "Seriously, if I were you, I'd just enjoy the frakkin' sleep while you can get it."

"It was adorable." Andromeda chuckles,

Quietly, the EKG announces a stir of movement from Madeline's bed as the latest dose of pain meds start to wear off, and the young songstress turned JTAC starts to open her eyes slowly. "…mrphle." It's a statement of fact, really.

Simon pulls his hand from Sera's back to face-scrub and glance in the direction of Madeline's bed. Frowning, he looks over all of the equipment and then looks back to Sera, beside him on Andromeda's bed, and Andromeda, who has opted to stand. He leans back, placing a hand on the other side of Sera's hip while not actually wrapping it around her hip. It's just there so that he can lean. Support is essential.

"Drama? Sera's right. You should get the sleep while you can. We're at Condition Two but you never know when that's gonna step back to One, and you're gonna need to be rested for that." Simon replies. "And then y—" Simon catches his breath and looks back over to Madeline. "Someone get in front of me, quick, seeing me first thing when she wakes up is gonna scare her."

"I'll sleep when I can." Andromeda replies dryly, "But I'm use to making do with limited sleep. It's part of being a medic." The Corpsman then snorts at Noble, giving him an elbow into the side as she gets to her feet to greet Madeline. "Hey, Mads. Oorah."

"Don't worry, Simon," Sera advises him with a smile and a flexing of her dangling feet, back and forth and back again. "You still have your clothes on. And she's drugged. So I don't think she's goin' to run screamin' or anything. And if she does, it'll be pretty easy to chase her down and drag her back in here. It's not like she can leave her dance partner behind." There's a nod to the IV drip Madeline's hooked to, hanging from a rolling pole.

"Oompha." Madeline offers groggily as she stares out, clutching her Sandy doll still. "Ungh. What time..?" she asks gently, looking around in confusion. Time and days are all running together while her wounds mend. "Sera.. hey." she offers to the girl. "We're sisters now, or something." Clearly, clearly drugged out of her wits. "Izzat Noble? You two get married yet?"

"Yesterday," Sera retorts. "You missed the party. And all the good booze. Which I drank by myself, since all of you were in here, whinin' about your booboos."

"Attagirl." Andromeda gently pats Madeline's cheek, and with a wince, falls back to let her talk to her friends. Ow. Damn Raiders with their KEW gunning for medics. She snorts at Sera, and goes to sit down on her bed again, careful for the grease stains.

Noble blinks. The strange part about being a red-headed person is that when you blush, your entire body becomes a red-thing. How sweet his tight-lipped smile cracks into a toothy grin, which he casts towards Sera awkwardly to judge her reaction. "Frakkin paid meds. I'm gonna show her the monkey." He mumbles to Sera and points to Madeline, as if to say she's goofy, right?. Clearing his throat, he looks back to Madeline and gives her a little wave. "What she said. We got married yesterday. Spriiiise."

"Will you frakkin rest already, Andy?" Madeline manages to slur, and then grins at the other two. "Oh good. Name one of the kids after me, okay. I'll spoil them rotten."

"You better mean that hideous tattoo, Noble, and not your dick," Sera mutters up at him, giving him this look. Apparently, it is not funny to cheer your sick friends up by whipping it out in public. "The first one is bad enough. Gods." And then, lower, "Just give her the ring back while she's still conscious, alright?"

"Of course I mean my amazing monkey tattoo, well the first of them, and not my DICK Sera, dang." Noble mock-scoffs and rolls his eyes, giving her a nudge as he rocks away from her hip and comes to the floor. Digging into his pocket, he steps over to Madeline's bed and pulls something out of his pocket.

"Hey Mads." He lowers his voice. "Down on Cap you dropped something and I saw it. I picked it up and wanted to make sure you got it." He opens his palm, showing her a cleaned-off and lightly scuffed ring that she usually wears around her dog tags."

"I doubt she could hold a magnifying glass in her current condition." Andromeda agrees, and gives Madeline a quick wink. "Time enough to rest when everything's fine and dandy, soldier." She tells her genially, even as she's settling back down on her bed with a wince.

Maddy takes the ring in her hands. It takes a few moments, but new tears come to her eyes, thanks to the drugs lowering what defenses she had. "..we weren't too far from where he died." she says quietly. "Where we were vacationing. I saw him.. in the smoke and the fire. After I was shot, as I laid there. He came to me. He offered me his hands, said to come with him. That I should come with him and see our baby." the tears roll gently down her face. "…and I needed to let go." She moves her hand and presses the ring back into Noble's hand. "Take it, please?" she asks in a plead. "It's a good ring. Give it to someone you really love. Pass along the love I once felt." she closes her eyes again, hand slipping out of Noble's.

What Madeline says to Simon about kicks him in the stomach, as the tears in her eyes and the pain on her face drags his lower jaw down a few inches. He takes the ring back, but his eyebrows furrow and his breath catches in his throat. "Oh girl…" He says, frowning and hurting for her. Dumbstruck, he slips the ring back into his pocket and looks from Andromeda to Sera at an absolute loss for words. "…I'll just hang on to it." He murmurs to Madeline and takes a step back, looking to the others and placing a hand down on the mattress next to Sera.

Ever seen a guy react to a girl crying? Like, that flail-handing fit of not knowing what to do and just wanting it to stop because holy shit, she's having feelings and… and… and… please make her stop crying? For one brief second, Sera looks exactly like that guy. And then she swallows, her expression settling into something more neutral. No, not neutral. Mothering. "Heeeeey, now," Sera says quietly to Madeline. "Don't go talkin' like that, alright? You're all kinds of doped up, Madiekins. And you're goin' to feel totally different in a few days. All patched up. You'll see."

Madeline leans up and whispers something to Sera. Just for her own ears as she drifts off to sleep.

Madeline is awake, making everyone uncomfortable with her Made for Lifetime post-comatose speeches. Sera is currently fouling up Andromeda's bed with Noble, while the Corpsman leans against a wall, face pale and strained. SOmeone has refused her painkillers. She probably has the driest eyes in the house. Then again, her first marriage involved a seventy year old man with three other wives who got handsy before the wedding date.

Looking like he could use a stiff drink, the blushing on Simon's cheeks has long passed and has been replaced with a grim, almost funerary tone to the man's features. Thumbing the ring in his pocket, he slips his hand back out to the non-pocketed world and sits one hip on the edge of Andromeda's bed. With Sera and Andromeda keeping watch, he lets out a quiet sigh and scratches the back of his neck. Awkward indeed.

There's a sound of the door before a rather tall Marine clad in the usual uniform of the Military Police, ducks in. There's a brief glance inside the recovery ward, and he gingerly starts to make his way on over towards the gathered marine beds. Unaware of any previous conversations, the MP is making his way over towards Andromeda's bed first. Taking a big swallow, before he is looking back towards Noble, and perhaps the scarlet.

"Son, you're acting as if you just saw your first tit." yeah-not the most appropriate response, but it might break open the awkward moment. Eyes sliding to Andromeda. "How you coin' Jones?" See Cruz has a purpose to be here, besides stealing booze.

"I've seen boobies before, thank you." Simon whispers to Cruz, recognizing the voice, reminiscing on conversations he had with the other boys when he was eleven.

Cruz is given a lift of the Corpsman's chin. "He saw mine just a few minutes ago." Andro helpfully tells the MP, "Or rather, the bandages over them. He didn't see me take the KEW." She's pale, and her face is taunt, suggesting she's still refusing painkillers. Amazing what you can do if you say it's against your religion. "I want the frak out of here already."

Whatever it was that Madeline said to her before passing out, Sera just… she blinks a few times, and wraps one of her hands across her face to block out the rest of the recovery ward for a while. Yeah, she needs a minute. Maybe two. Eventually, she just pushes herself up off of the bed that Andromeda ought to be occupying and mumbles some excuse or other.

"So they get it out?" Assuming that large bit of metal didn't just cut through her. Cruz waits for an answer before he is shaking his head. "They are not going to let you out, unless you cooperate." the MP says after clicking his tongue rather quickly. "You look like utter hell, honey." the Yparanan accent showing. "You need to take something." A glance is given to Sera as she pushes up and moves. Eyes sliding back to Noble. "How do her wounds look?"

"I got it out in the field." Andro tells Cruz dryly, "It missed major organs, and there was very little internal bleeding. What little there was has been taken care of. They're just keeping me here for observation in case there's anything they missed, and to give time for the impact wounds to heal beneath the suture." She rolls one shoulder. "I'll be out of here in a few days, tops. Less if I can get'm to sign off on light duty rotations." She then scrubs her face. "If I take anything, I'll be too out in what little ways I can. So I'm not taking anything. They sneak me sedatives when I get too uppity, though." She keeps half an eye on Madeline as she drifts off, and glances away from Sera and Noble, letting them have a moment to compose themselves.

Reaching out to Sera, she slips out of Noble's grasp and heads for the door, leaving the man chewing at his bottom lip. "They're not all visible. We're all pissed off right now and it isn't gonna get any better." Simon replies, bitterly, to Cruz and Andromeda. When he turns back to see Madeline asleep, he flattens his lips and drums his fingertips against his forearm. "But this is the third person in twenty minutes suggesting you take the drugs and get some rest, Andromeda Jones. We need you out there. You're like…better than I am, and you know I'm sloppy seconds in terms of combat readiness."

"Just take it." Cruz says with a shake of his head. "Take the sedatives and just smile-boom they will have you out and on rotation in two days tops." Spoken with an air of experience. "Did you keep it? That round? You could offer that up-for luck." Or whatever you crazy multigod people do. A glance is given to Cruz and he's whistling. "That's part of living in the shit hermano. Either you get scarred up-or you die ugly." As for the rest there's a snort, but it lacks weight. "Everything gets better. But Grief? That shit doesn't melt away easily. It takes a lifetime for some folk. And sometimes you die from it-or with it." Arkadios says. Eyes watch Noble for a moment before he is clearing his throat. "That your first time?"

"Think it was in my gear." Andromeda rubs at the back of her neck. "I'll harass a clerk and see if it was. I'm not big on good luck charms and such." She then tactfully drops the topic of religion, aware of Cruz's silliness with one god. Pfft. As if. "Tall, dark, and ugly's right, Noob." Andromeda says, "I still have nightmares about Velos, years later and that was nothing on this. We don't heal from those wounds; we learn to live with them."

"Yeah. This was my first." Simon replies to Cruz, glancing over to him for just enough eye contact to convey that he's dealing with it on his own terms. Still, Simon's angry about something he's not talking about. Snorting, he scratches his chest. "I need a cigarette. Anyway, no, it's alright, Drama. It's just one of those things that come with the job description. I guess we're not guarding tollbooths anymore, are we?"

Cruz snorts. "We've never been guarding tollbooths out here, hermano. We've been guarding a damned cradle. A big big cradle-and now we're the bough left holding it." And there he moves to find a bulkhead to lean on. "I didn't see Valos. I was on another Colony during that shiftiest." Cruz admits. "But, I was on Tauron during the pacification. My first frakkin' tour and I managed to get wounded and imprisoned by an enemy of the Colony." A grin there, though it's more or less worn. Something that comes up out of nervousness than actual glee over the topic. "I haven't let go that shit. No one does. But one thing you can't do is keep that shit inside you." A nod to Andromeda "You'll die quicker that way."

"I need a cigarette, a drink, and a reasonably healthy man with good hygiene." Andro says with feeling, agreeing with Simon. She shakes her head. "Valos was messy. I ran triage with little kids wearing bombs attempting to kill the wounded. Medicine with a gun by my side." She grimaces, "I hope we don't have to go back. I really, really do."

A few moments pass and Simon finds that he's been staring at the wall, nodding off into this distance. All words of letting things go, or not, fall onto deaf ears until Andro mentions kids. He blinks and looks back over to them, clearing his through. "I should get back." He announces, starting to slide off of Andromeda's hospital bed. "Drama, you want anything while I'm out? Food?"

There's a glance to Simon before he is looking back towards Andromeda with a faint shrug. "Get her something to keep her in her bed. She gets up too much and they'll keep her in observation much longer." Cruz states before he is looking back to Andromeda. "Oh, you know we're going back." he says softly. "We have to."

"Drain cleaner. In a whiskey bottle. You can leave it over there where the Good Doctor will find it." Andromeda says sourly, but shakes her head. "No, I'm good, Noob. Thanks for the distraction." And she lifts the little entertainment set he left with her. She sits down, and uses one foot to push Noob off the bed the rest of the way, turning back the grease-stained sheets Sera left her with. "Drink a 40 for me, though."

She grimaces at Cruz. "I know. But hopefully with a little more planning and a little less Scorpio Cowboy Yee-Haw."

"If I can pry one out of lockup without risking brig for Condition Two, you know I'm gonna drink my ass off." Simon replies to Andromeda and gives Cruz a little wave. Shoved off of the bed, he huffs softly and skulks towards the door, leaving the two of them alone. Quiet Simon…is never the best of Simons.

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