AWD #595: Downtime and Delegation
Downtime and Delegation
Summary: Lleufer Ynyr comes to speak with Doctor Jimenez about his downtime after surgery, if approved, and other related concerns. Jimenez proves to be more perceptive than Lleu would like her to be about a certain Airwing Major.
Date: 06/02/2017 (OOC Date)
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Lleufer Jimenez 
CMO's Office, Deck 3, Battlestar Orion
Durable gray, industrial weave, carpeting covers the floor from wall to wall in this small, utilitarian and ruthlessly organized office. The left and right walls are covered in white boards with metal filing cabinets stacked side by side beneath each board, the tops of which serve as additional space along with room for a coffee maker and cleaning supplies. A pair of uncomfortable looking chairs take up the floor space to either side of the door and a heavy desk with a worn looking chair made equally of battered looking metal consume the rest of the space not occupied by shelves. Above the desk is a printed poster listing the periodic table of elements alongside a wall mounted lightbox for inspecting x-rays and other images.
Thu Aug 24 13:32:32 2006

Jimenez is in the make-shift office she's using temporarily while stationed aboard by her own people. The office looks much the same as the last time he was in there. Computer monitors, a couple of box-like devices, then the regular items like masks, gloves, a rack for the lab coat. She's sitting at her desk, hand supporting her head. She's staring at the monitor. That blank expression. She isn't looking at what's on the monitor so much at at the general item or someplace just beyond it. ..Well, lady has seen some shit in her life. No surprise she has her own thousand yard stare.

Lleufer arrives wearing his MP uniform and sidearm. He looks around the Sickbay and then looks in through the CMO's office hatch to see if Samtara or Becks is there. Ah yes. The Sergeant raps his knuckles very lightly on the hatch frame and seeing it open with no one else in for a meeting, his baritone speaks low in Arpay, "Doctor Jimenez, do you have a moment?" Yynr comes in no further than that until he knows he is welcome and not interrupting. It is then that he notices her stare, one he's had many times himself and seen in the faces of his fellow Marines far too many times over the past year or more. Leu takes a step in, his voice even lower, "Are you … all right, Doctor?"

Jimenez looks up after the address and question if she's alright. It isn't sudden or jumped. A slow blink and her eyes slide to him. "No, but its a function of the job and the duties I have. I will persevere." The smile of hers very slowly returns and she gestures to the chair in front of her desk. "Take a seat, please. What can I do for you, Sergeant?" She uses a term in Arpay for his rank that he hasn't heard from her before, but he understands it instantly. Its almost like a familial characterization of the rank. Like 'Jonathan' versus 'John'. Platonic affection from the maternal doctor.

A faint nod, then Lleufer stands at attention and lays his fist over his heart twice with respect for proper greeting as well as acknowledgement. Quietly he takes the offered seat. "It's probably not anything I can help with but if … you ever want to talk about stuff that goes on around here, I'm a decent listener, Doc. Not about patients or anything just .. stuff." He offers her a touch of his lopsided smile and relaxes in the chair. "This may be a little premature but I thought I would come by to ask, if Major Ommanney signs off and approves the surgeries, how soon do you think you and Doctor Nadir want us? I'd like to know what to expect, which procedures first, and so forth. I know we already covered a lot of it but I got permission to dedicate much of my current duty shifts to training Doctor Nadir. I have her on the firing range daily, hand to hand practice, PT, and plan to embed her in some of our Marine training exercises down on Picon. Run her through a killhouse, and we don't have much time left. If I'm not going to be up for doing that, I need to delegate others to assist."

"Lleu, thank you," she says with further affection at the greeting and tap of his heart. She doesn't return it, but somehow he can tell that its just fine. He see's her. It isn't meant to be a salute. "I will make you a deal, Sergeant. If I ever get to see Piraeus, I will let you introduce me to this thing called vodka. I have heard many a story about Checkpoint Charlies." It may not be sharing, but getting a drink with a Rear Admiral might not be a bad gig. The shift to topic has her listen and nod along with him. "Absolutely. I'm unsure if Doctor Nadir has told you yet, but her and I are going to have a fist-fight before she leaves. If she can't keep up with me or beat me, she isn't going." Jimenez clasps her hands. "From signature to sedations for the actual transplants? Forty-five minutes. I'll need five minutes for more paperwork, five minutes to have them countersigned by Commander Chapman and returned to us. Fifteen minutes to get to the Arpay ship, ten minutes for a physical. Five minutes for results, five minutes to bring the parts out of stasis. First cut is made when you're sedated. Then we wake you back up and grow the nerves." The painful part. "You'll have the Arpay transformation done first. If we do your nerves and head first, it will take months to do both operations. The reason is that you'll have nanites in your head, working on your brain, repairing the damage that's been caused. Now, they should be fine through the elective ear and eye replacement and painful nerve growing, however I'm unwilling to risk your well-being on a 'should'. It simply isn't good enough. The nanites could short out or be reset or something. In the rest of your body that's a non-issue. In your head, that's potentially dangerous. make sense?"

Checkpoint Charlie's makes him smile, "Sure. Piraeus is a beautiful world." A slow nod, and then a soft laugh, "In that case I better teach her some dirty tricks, hadn't I? If she only has two weeks left though, it's cutting it awfully short to what she really needs months of intense training for." Ynyr does sound concerned. Then he quiets to listen.

Yeah, he's a little uneasy and shifts position as Lleufer listens, his heart rate a little faster. It's scary stuff and it's not going to be fun at all. A slow nod, "Yes, I understand." He licks his lips before he goes on, "You should also be aware… the Airwing officer who's also volunteered. Major St. Clair is going to be very … afraid. I don't much like medical stuff myself and some of this scares me as it is, but she's going to be … " Lleu doesn't quite say terrified, and instead smiles thinly, "She's a friend of mine. We are kind of counting on giving each other some reassurance through this process. I thought you should know." Ynyr hesitates, not wanting to say too much.

"I gave her something that is helping her learn at an accelerated pace. The effects are temporary but the skills are lasting. It will be like getting five to six months of intensive training in three weeks." Becks seems quite confident in both Lleu and Samtara. The rest of the admission has her nod slowly. "You should both be scared. I'd be concerned if you weren't. This will radically change your lives from the moment you wake up back. But telling someone who is scared that its okay to be scared has limited effect." She looks down to her hands, then back over to him. "You're more than friends. Friends don't describe relationships like that to others if they are friends." There's a low smile. "I will arrange for you both to be next to each other during the painful section. Being able to touch each other.. should not.." She considers. "Hmm. Well it might." She quirks a brow. "I would not recommend holding hands or touching each other. It may produce unexpected results with nerve production. Bio-electrical currents can become stronger and more in sync. In effect, you may develop a bond you may not always wish to have. Do you understand?"

Ynyr gives a faint nod to Samtara's accelerated learning, "I hope so, Doctor Jimenez. Doctor Nadir is also a good friend of mine. She's … done a lot for me, and despite a recent train wreck, a misunderstanding, I feel obligated to help Samtara as much as I can. I owe it to her." Lleu knows perfectly well that Jimenez may have read his full medical file and know about his attempted suicide, and his on going counsiling. But he doesn't mention it. "We really need her to make it through this and come back to us."

Then Lleu is listening again. He can't help but tense, thinning his mouth and watching Beck's all the more closely. He is suddenly wary. "No, I don't want to even be in the same rooms during that part, Doctor. I don't want to be able to hear her pain, nor is she going to want to hear mine. Just afterwards, it would be good if we can check on each other. See that we each get through it all right." Yeah, Becks touched on something there.

The Marine clears his throat, "Holding hands and all, that's fraternization and it's against regs anyway. Especially between an officer and an Enlisted like me, Doc. I've just known her a long time and I happen to be aware of her … concern." Phobia, really.

"I need her to come back also, Sergeant. If she fails to return, I'm stuck here. As much as I enjoy your company, I am not a Colonial. If she dies then I will be unable to return to my people and certain individuals will try to label me a traitor. Personally, I would like to see my husband once more." There's a ghost of sadness to her smile. So far from home, Jimenez looks every bit the alien but she really isn't much different from anyone else here. She loves her family. "If that's your wish, it can be arranged. After your nerve growth, I would be surprised if either of you were capable of more than sleeping. The body generally shuts down. The brain suffers a lot of trauma and needs to rest. You'll both probably be out for at least eighteen hours. If you don't sleep, we will force you to sleep lest the brain swell. After that, you two can be moved to be near each other or placed wherever you like."

"Well, if something happens and Nadir can't come back, we'll find a way to have another CMO so you can go home, Doctor Jimenez. Nobody here would want to keep you away from your family longer than necessary." Not that Ynyr has any authority to enforce that but he tries to reassure her. He shifts in his seat, "That would be … my opinion because I don't want to add having to hear someone else's suffering on top of mine. But maybe you should ask St. Clair what /she/ wants. If I'm wrong, and it would make it easier on her, I'll do what ever she wants. She's an important officer, Commander of her Squadron." Lleu twists his mouth, "I'm sure I will want to pass my ass out after that, I agree. No argument from me."

All right, that answers some of his questions but not all. Ynyr thinks about it, "So, I could expect to be out of it for at least 24 hours, maybe day and a half minimum. How long for the eyes? I need to coordinate with Ensign Flynn so she can assist Doctor Nadir with her training while I'm incapacitated."

Becks smiles flatly a touch. "Nice of you to say, Sergeant, but the admiral's conditions were clear. If Nadir does not return, I will be staying. You all would have lost your fleet's chief medical officer. She is irreplaceable. But I would be next qualified." Jimenez keeps it fairly straightforward. Its not her ideal and she likely really did not want to have to agree to the terms, but she took them. Likely she's counting on people like Lleu to make sure she can go home one day. "I'm aware Major Saint Clair is her squadron commander, Sergeant. I've looked over the file." Her smile lifts slightly, but seems tired. "I appreciate the gravity of what is going to happen. I know you all have no way to know if I will turn you all into Arpay Slaves or weapons or whatever else I have heard whispered. but the fact is that you're hopefully going to go through with the operation and whatever happens will happen. Restating the Major's position will not alter the future. It will prove whether the Arpay intentions are honorable or not. But if they were not, why do it here? Why not just have kept you back at Arpay for years and sublime you into our culture and send you back as ticking time bombs? After all, you were only gone a few days by your fleet's estimation." Jimenez rests back in the chair. "Eighteen hours if you don't need to be forcibly sedated. Give or take. You'll have full use of your new organs, but I would not expect to be fighting for a minimum of three days. Likely five. The first few days will be scary. You will see and hear things you never saw before. Your world will flip. Your tactile connection to the world around you will become personal. You won't simply sit up and return to duty. There is certainly an adjustment period. Major Saint Clair will not be flying for at least a week, my orders. Likely two."

"Oh." Ynyr had no idea that it was the Admiral's conditions to let Samtara go. Lleufer listens gravely and does not interrupt. He shifts his jaw and thinks about it, "I … don't distrust you. For the reasons you have stated, for the weeks we have spent together, and because Doctor Nadir has also gone over everything. I know there are risks." He grimaces at the time that will be lost, "All right. That's what I need to know, thank you. Means I have even less time to train Nadir so I'll set things up for the others to keep her busy and training when I can't do it myself. We can't afford for her to loose even a day if I can help it." Lots to think about. The MP Sergeant moves to stand, "I really appreciate all you are doing for us, Doctor Jimenez. If this goes through, I'll follow your advice and do as I'm told to ensure a swift recovery, and not push it. Thank you."

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