AAR: Downed Raptor Investigation


11 June 2005 (AWD #156)

FR: LT Maia Kane
TO: RADM Louis Jameson, CMDR Gillian Faulkner
CC: LTCL Marcus Petra, MAJ Phoenix Straton
RE: Reconnaissance Mission Resulting in Discovery of Downed Raptor


We were assigned a reconnaissance mission over an area of recently contested territory against the Cylon invaders. Since the area has a decreased Cylon presence, the opportunity was available to scout out the previously unmapped territory. Two Vipers were assigned to fly escort for a single Raptor for this mission.

During the reconnaissance, we have found the expect debris from the aftermath of the recent engagements, nothing that appears salvageable. Further into the flight, LTJG Damon picked up a contact on click out, and upon approaching the contact, it was a downed Raptor.

While the Raptor crew was investigating the downed bird, a single Cylon Raider scout entered the area and both Vipers moved to intercept before it could flee and return with reinforcements. LTJG Agrippa was able to take down the Raider on his first salvo, buying time for the Raptor crew to touchdown and investigate the downed bird.

The results of the brief investigation of the downed Raptor by LTJG Damon revealed that the Raptor pilot was killed in action and the ECO was missing, most likely wounded. The location of the downed Raptor has been marked.



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