PWD #41: Double Slam
Double Slam
Summary: In which the McBride twins catch up over breakfast on Virgon.
Date: 26/11/2012 (OOC Date)
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Bear Phin 
Lumby's — Near Virgon Spaceport
Greasy spoon diner.
November 26, 2004 (PWD #41)

Lumby's is the kind of greasy spoon chain that no one will admit to thinking serves good food, but everyone seems to end up at the night, or morning, after a bar crawl. The one out by the main Virgon spaceport back to the anchorage is no different. It's a little after ten in the morning, but breakfast is served all day, and most are still having that.

Phin and Bear spent the night planetside, finding more places to drink after most who'd come out to The Royals bar were done drinking. They're all still technically on leave, so Phin's in no great hurry to get back today. Right now he's sitting at a booth, squinting at a menu. And wearing aviator sunglasses inside, because light is painful. This makes reading the menu a bit harder. "Frak. What comes with a full-court slam again?"

"Bacon, hashbrowns, and a loaded sidearm to help my brains finish exploding out of my head," Bear grumbles. He's got his aviators on as well, and his head propped on the heel of his hand, staring blankly at the menu. He yawns hugely without bothering to cover his mouth, and rubs at the top of his head, buzzed hair at least looking as neat as ever, too short to look anything else. "Hey, have you still got my phone?"

Phin neglected shaving today so, apart from his shaggier haircut, they're working the identical thing at the moment. "Umm…" He is unsure what the answer to that question is, so he checks his pockets. "Yeah. Apparently I do." He pulls it out. He checks it before handing it over, and starts laughing. "Did you give that redhead with the weird Hades tattoos your number last night?"

Bear's brows lift just over the edge of his glasses. "What?" he asks, "Redhead with Hades tattoos?" He rubs at his hair again, and finally shrugs, "I don't know, maybe? I remember something about tattoos. Trying to get her to show me a tattoo?" He shakes his head and then regrets it, wincing. "Why?"

"Looks like she decided to show them to you," Phin snickers, making use of the zoom feature on the phone's picture viewer before handing it back to Bear. It's a vaguely porny photo of a very tattooed and pierced ginger chick. "I have never seen a girl with that pierced."

Bear reaches out more eagerly for the phone. "What?" He lifts his glasses to squint at the screen and laughs, zooming and then zooming a little further and laughs again. "I knew a girl on Sagittaron with one of those," he grins, "Maybe I better give this girl a call. I wonder what the frak her name was." He drops sunglasses again and starts typing out a text, looking up when the waitress arrives and ordering coffee, lots of coffee, and a massive pile of food.

"Is that a ferret she has on her shoulder?" Phin asks, after he's surrendered the phone. As for her name, he shrugs. "No idea. Might as well, though. We've still got some time before we disembark for this mining mission. Or whatever. I wonder if I got any numbers…" He checks his pockets, and is unable to locate his phone. "Frak. Maybe I left it back at that motel we crashed in last night." He doesn't fret too much about that yet. There's greasy food to order. "I'll have one of the full-court slams with bacon. And, yeah, lots and lots of coffee."

"Uhhh—" Bear leans closer, shakes his head, "No idea, man. Wasn't really looking at her shoulder." He grins again, finishing his message and then flicking through others from the night. "I think this one might be for you," he says with a laugh, passing the phone over. This one is a classic duckface-and-cleavage selfie by a bottle blonde whose number was typed in as 'Loves Phin's Bangs'.

"Really?" Phin grins as he takes the phone back. "Blonde. Well, close enough. Not bad. Maybe we can double with her and your freaky-piercing girl before we leave orbit." Their coffee shows up first. Phin dumps a couple sugars and some creamer in before starting on his. "So, how was life back in the 'Bay? Did we talk about that last night?" His brow furrows. "What the hell did we talk about last night? It all gets kind of blurry after we got into the pub with those funky Virgon shields of armor on the wall."

Bear laughs, and says, "Yeah, maybe. Dunno if she looks like a girl who'd get along with a girl with freaky piercings. But it'd probably be a win if they fight, too." He reaches over to take his phone back, but sets it on the table to guzzle a mug off coffee down in a couple quick gulps. He pours another cup and sips it more slowly, and finally takes off his sunglasses. "No frakking idea," he admits, "We might've. It was alright, I guess. The Bay's the Bay, you know? Same shit as always. Fun for a while, but frakking expensive."

"I'm not sure I even remember what the beach strip is like," Phin says. "Never did spend much time there. Except to try and pick wallets off drunk tourists." He smirks, and gulps from his coffee cup. "I haven't been back since that summer before I left for the Academy. Didn't have many cubits to spread around then, either. I guess it might be interesting to go back some time, after we finish the eighteen month hitch wherever the frak we're going. See some shows, play the cheap Triad tables, act like a stupid drunk tourist."

"It's more neon than I remembered?" Bear shrugs, "And packed. Like frakkin' packed, all the time. Lines outside every club, ten deep at all the bars. It's nuts, bro. I worked the doors a couple places, and did some spinning at a couple of the smaller joints. So I can hook us up when we get back and everything. But it's kinda rough, I don't know. You gotta pick the right games if you don't wanna owe to the wrong people, you know?"

"That's the Bay. No shortage of the wrong kind of people to owe," Phin says, grin turning very wry. Another gulp of coffee. Their food arrives, just as greasy as one would want. The first thing he digs into are his pancakes, which he dumps a liberal amount of syrup and butter onto. "You glad to be back? In the Corps, I mean."

Bear has eggs and sausage and hashbrowns with a mass of melted cheese on them. He mixes it up with a fork and digs in. "Yeah," he says, "I mean I still hate waking up at the ass crack of down to run stupid frakking drills and shit and getting yelled at for not spit-shining my boots, but— yeah, I guess I am. 'cept for how now I have to watch out for your sorry ass," he grins, reaching over to give his brother's head a shove. "How's this air wing shit, then? You liking flying around in your tiny planes with all your prettyboy friends?"

"Hey, I didn't watch out for my own sorry ass too bad these last few years," Phin says, while he's chewing pancakes. "All the same, it'll be nice to have you around again, assface." As for the planes, he holds up his hands and makes little finger gun gestures. "Pew pew." His smile widens, getting decidedly boyish. "Yeah. I like it OK." He loves to fly, at least. "Glad I finally get to do it for real. I thought training would never end. I'm not really sure what it'll be like so far. Not like we're flying patrols around the anchorage. I've just been getting my paperwork and intake stuff done."

"I don't know, man, look at you," Bear gestures, "You've got frakking bangs like a little boy band guy, you became a viper stick, you've got egg on your nose…." He grins, and shovels more food down his throat, eating at a remarkable pace when he isn't talking and even when he is. "Man, there's so much frakking paperwork. All that shit we have to sign? What the frak are they even mining that's that gods damned secret?"

"I do not…" Phin wipes his nose with a napkin. Then shoves his bangs out of his eyes, so his haircut looks moderately less boy band-ish. He finishes that with a weak, "Frak you." He starts making a breakfast sandwich of sorts, using his remaining pancake as a base, and stuffing it with hashbrown and bacon. He rolls it and eats it. "I dunno…" He talks around his mouthful of food. "It's weird, isn't it? I mean, it's not obviously just babysitting a mining convey. They don't give you double hazard pay for that. You got any guesses? I was thinking it might be some weird R-and-D project, like that you couldn't do too close to civilian areas. Or something."

Bear laughs and turns back to eating, scraping the side of his fork along his plate. "Yeah, maybe something R&D," he nods, "Or some weird hippies starting a commune on some moon or station somewhere we've got take out and they don't want press on it. Aliens, maybe?"

"Aliens. Yeah, right," Phin laughs. "Even the ones humans built're gone now. And I doubt we'd get hazard pay for guarding a hippy commune. Unless it's for dealing with people who never bathe or shave." His bangs flop back into place, and he shoves them away again. "I was thinking of getting a haircut, actually. Maybe." He smirks. "Since we're going to be serving together. So we could frak with people."

"Hippies like those frakkers on Sag, maybe," Bear replies darkly. He gulps some coffee, and then looks up and grins. "Man we haven't done that in forever. You remember that time with those girls from the diner?" He laughs and wipes his fingers on a napkin and then his jeans, "Or with that priest? Yeah, go for it, it'll be fun."

Phin chuckles, swallowing some more of his breakfast creation. He washes it down with more coffee. "Shit. Yeah. I thought that priest's head was going to pop when he figured out what was up. Yeah. It's been forever since we've had the chance. It'll be cool." He flags the waitress down for a refill of coffee and is quiet for a moment as he re-sweetens it. Without looking up from stirring he asks, "So…you ever talk to Mom at all? When you were back in the 'Bay." He hasn't since he left Scorpia, far as he's said.

Bear laughs and says, "Yeah I thought he was gonna have a heart attack or something." Speaking of heart attacks, he reaches over to steal a last scrap of bacon off Phin's plate and washes it down with coffee, shaking his head. "Nah," he replies. Changing the subject! "I should send that redhead a pic back," he says, pulling his phone back out and shoving it into Phin's hands, "Here, take one of my abs." He lifts his shirt up and flexes for the camera.

"Good. I mean…not like anything's ever going to change, right?" Phin shrugs. And is happy to go with the subject change. He takes the phone, turning it around so he's pointing the camera in the right direction. "OK. But if you want to send her a dick shot next, that's got to be all on you." Focus. Click!

"Oh, it is allll me," Bear replies and then laughs. He takes the phone back to check the photo and then taps away to type a message and send. "So anyplace else worth doing around here?" he wonders, "Only got another day or two til we ship out of here, better make the most of it."

"Some of the native Virgons've talked about cool clubs in Boskirk and stuff," Phin says "Cover's probably steep, though, and I haven't gotten my first regular pay slip yet. We could check out the mountains. There're supposedly some sweet climbing cliffs. Or try and get tickets to an All Reds game. Ain't quite the 'Stars, but it'll do."

"Hey, a Reds game'd be good," Bear says, "Maybe we can scrape up some tickets at the stadium. Or let ourselves in." He grins, and then says, "Yeah, that'd be good. Let's see who they're playing, maybe we can get a line and win us some drinking money, go hit the clubs after."

Phin raises his right hand to waggle his fingers. "Don't know if I've still got the touch. Haven't tried in years. I've got enough for tickets, though. Don't need to sweat that kind of thing anymore." He picks up his fork again and moves his food around on his plate, scraping the remnants of it into enough for another mouthful.

"Look at you, throwing money around," Bear laughs, "Thank you, sir." He grins and flicks a spot of egg off the table at Phin. He drums his fork on the edge of the plate for a minute, obnoxiously, and then sets it down and kicks back, propping feet up on the booth bench beside Phin and slouching, pulling dark glasses back on and shutting his eyes. "Man, I need another drink."

"Yeah, I'm respectable people and shit now," Phin laughs. "Hey!" The egg hits the middle of his forehead. He retaliates by launching a small wad of hashbrowns from his fork. "Frakker."

Bear snickers and lifts a hand to shield his face from incoming missiles. And then eats the missile once he's caught it. "Come on," he says, reaching into a pocket and digging out a battered wallet to toss some cubits on the table, "Let's get out of here."

"Yeah, I'm ready to bail," Phin says, glugging the rest of his coffee before getting to his feet. "Hey, call my phone. Maybe somebody'll pick up if I left it at one of the bars last night." He grunts as he stands up from the booth, stretching. "This was fun. I've missed you, assface."

Bear scrolls through and hits call, holding the phone up to his ear as he slides out of the booth. He claps Phin on the back and gives him a couple brotherly thumps, before laughing, "Holy shit, some girl's got it. Hello? Hey, yeah, where'd you get this phone? You what?" Laughing some more, he slaps Phin on the shoulder again and leads the way out.

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