AWD #080: Doormat to All
Doormat to All
Summary: A discussion on types faith and friendship
Date: 27/03/2013
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Iphigenia Toby 
Chapel, Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The chapel is one of the few quiet places to be found on a battlestar. Even rarer still, it's one of the few places that doesn't look like it's part of a battlestar. Heavy blue curtains have been hung from the walls, obscuring the bulkheads. The lights are kept low, adding a certain mystery and gravitas to the space. The central altar is made of a pale grey wood, as are the several rows of pews which extend from it. Laid against the far right wall is a long, low table with several rows of simple white votive candles to be used as vigil lights. Centered among them is a brass plate for burnt offerings from supplicants. Several cushions rest on the floor before the table, where the faithful may kneel to offer their prayers to the Lords and Ladies of Kobol. On the left wall are several compartments which have been sectioned off for private use.
AWD #80

This is one of those times when the chapel is seeing an upswing in attendance. But it's also mid-morning, and even an upswing has pauses. Gen has just completed a brief departmental meeting, and the chaplains and chaplain's aides are dispersing to their various duties, leaving Gen to shuffle some paperwork and let out a small sigh as she eyes the bandages on the backs of her wrists. Rumors are circulating that Captain Cole attacked her, and she's been fighting those rumors at every turn.

Dressed in his off-duty sweats and showing all the signs of having spent a good long while in the fitness centre immediately prior to entering the chapel, Toby is also showing war wounds. ALthough in his case there are limited to scuffed knuckles or the sort you might get by committing repeated acts of violence against innocent, inanimate objects. Like punch bags. It doesn't seem to have helped him find the inner peace he was looking for though and so, semi-exhausted, he's trying a new strategy, praying for divine guidance. Or divine retribution, that would be entirely acceptable too. There's a faint frown as he arrives at the chapel only to find a meeting in progress, but he is at least about to look on the bright side as he realises that as such, he's more likely to be undisturbed. He glances quickly to the areas set aside for greater privacy, but that'd require going through our around the chaplains so instead he opts for what appears to be a quiet corner at the back.

Once the meeting dissipates - the objection seems particularly fierce from the Ares contingent - Gen eyes her paperwork, but seems more inclined to be of direct help instead. So she walks over to Toby with a tired but sincere smile. "Hello. Can I be of service? I'm Sister Arden."

Has meet a fair number of the followers of Ares over the years and while he's not able to focus enough to block out the noises of his surroundings it is in some ways comforting to know that some things never change. By the time he's joined though he seems to have settled a little and is muttering under his breath in Tauran. THe flow suggests something ritualistic, a prayer or similar, but he breaks it off at the greeting and glances up towards the Sister. There's a quick blink before he replies, "that depends, Sister. Can you tell me the will of he who saved us with the shedding of blood?" There's a harsh tone to his voice, although as she is no doubt used to dealing with such things, it seems to be a general anger, rather than something directed specifically at her.

"I cannot." is Iphigenia replies smoothly. "I would not presume to speak for a god I do not worship, and in turn does not speak to me. But all are welcome here, so if what best suits your needs is privacy, I can abide." Truthfully, she wouldn't have interrupted him if she'd realised he was praying.

Toby listens in silence to the reply. It's the one he'd expected, largely, but that doesn't mean he didn't hope. "He may Sister," he replies after a few additional moments of pause, "he may not. Who's to say he did not move you to come over here?" He's not making that as a serious suggestion, nor as an attempt at mockery of what he assumes are her own views. There is still that general edge to his tone though, that suggests that is one of say, Ares guys, had descended to take a different line then he'd have been fully game to vent. Hearing it in his own voice though he pauses again, taking a deep, steadying breath before continuing, "thank you though. We can not always be sure of such a welcome."

"The role of chaplain is to be friend to all crewmembers." Iphigenia says. She doesn't engage in any sort of argument about what may or may not have bid her to approach him. "I'd be a poor example if I didn't hold to that. Though I truly did not mean to disturb your prayers."

Toby gives the faintest of shakes of his head at her final statement as she says it, meant to indicate that it is of no great concern to him at least. "Do," he starts slightly awkwardly, "do you know of any others? Onboard that is? We have a bad habit at times of assuming the worst and keeping our beliefs to ourselves but that does mean we can miss each other in passing." He waits for her response but then something that she had said earlier clicks in his head and he tilts his head towards her questioningly, "all crewmembers?"

"I'm sorry," she says with genuine regret, "But I don't. Would you like me to refer anyone who does come to me looking for fellows of faith that share your beliefs to you, though?" And then, firmly, "Friend to all." She smiles, however faintly.

Toby nods shallowly in understanding, then a little deeper in consent, he's no other ideas of where to start. Or noe that are workable anyway. Her clarification brings a slight hardening of his features though, "You have my pity," he states simply the previous tone edging back slowly, "that can not be easy given the circumstances."

"You're free to give it, but I do not require it." Iphigenia replies amiably. "'Friend to all' isn't the same as 'doormat to all', you know."

Toby gives a short, quick nod at that reply, he's not entirely sure, 'have it anyway' is an appropriate response so he keeps his mouth shut for a moment while he tries to think of something better. "Needless, I hope your gods can give you the strength to endure such a task. I know I would certainly need the help of mine if such an attitude was demanded of me."

"I suppose we'll continue to see." says Iphigenia. Her tone isn't easy-breezy, but it would seem from her position, she is bearing up well. "Was there something I could help you with? I know I'm not clergy of your faith, but my assistance doesn't have to be pastoral if you simply need someone to talk to."

Toby takes the hint with the change in topic and gives another quick shake of his head. "No, thank you" he replies initially, before adding, "I'll keep that in mind." He's not sure he'll take her up on that at all mind, but he will at least remember it. Glancing up as if looking for a clock he then changes the subject himself, "I have duty soon, and should shower. Have a good day Sister."

"Quite. Good day." He never actually introduced himself to her, but it'll be hard to forget his face.

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