AWD #279: Don't Fall Off the Treadmill
Don't Fall Off the Treadmill
Summary: That and other fitness tips, as time between fights over Picon is burned in the fitness center.
Date: 12/10/2013 (OOC Date)
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Fitness Center — Deck 3 — Battlestar Orion
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
AWD #279

With the unrelenting schedule of actual combat over Picon, the fitness center isn't as crowded as it is during stretches of downtime. A few crewmembers are still making use of it, though. Not like there's much else to do, on the rare occasion you've got downtime that's not just spent in your rack. Phin is one of them. He's presently on one of the treadmills, jogging away at a quick clip. His eyes are red-rimmed and overly bright, a sign of the stims that're now being handed out to pilots pretty routinely.

In other circumstances, Skyler Almaeda would have been on the injured lists for longer. Or even the light duty lists. However, as combat continues and there's a need for pilots- she was pushed to recover faster from her injuries gained all those months ago. Likely the woman's own stubborn nature had a part in it as well. Her schedule, however, has been kept just as busy as the rest. If only to get her fully up to speed and keep her on par with the others. So the woman makes her way to the treadmills and steps up onto the one next to Phin, punching in her workout.

Rahab has been looking rather tired the last couple of days, as the number of runs he's had to go out on has run him ragged. There's hardly been time to eat, sleep, much of anything. So it's odd that he might be in the gym. Well for one, it helps keep him awake. Two, prevents him from getting too stiff or sore sitting in a pilot's chair day in and ay out. So he's sitting in a weight machine, arms pushing the pair of padded bars to the center infront of him, which then lift a stack of rectangular weights. He keeps his eyes closed, as if the workout somehow keeps him relaxed.

On one of the exercise bikes, Jason is pedalling onwards, while staying entirely still. He seems to be pushing himself a bit extra today, although he has a bottle there, and taking a sip every now and then. Doing so right now, he looks to the people at the treadmills. A nod to Phin, before he looks to the woman that took the treadmill next to him. There's something familiar about that one.

"Hey!" Phin pipes. Probably to Jason for the nod, or maybe Skyler when she takes the machine nearby, though it's a general sort of greeting. "Usually don't bother with these machines. They, like, murder your knees. And it's dead boring just running in place. Couldn't get to sleep after I got off duty, though. Seemed like the best way to just wear yourself out, y'know?" He pauses briefly in that babble of unsolicited information to take a gulp of water from a bottle he has handy. All while continuing to jog.

Ygraine arrives from the Recreation Hall.

There's a glance over to Phin and Skyler looks momentarily confused. Likely not expecting someone to strike up chatter. She's used to the fitness center being a place of dedicated focus. Either to wake up, wear out, or get assigned PT out of the way. "Funny thing is," she's saying as she finishes queuing in her workout, "they don't teach you the alternate ways you can use these until you've got an injury that requires them in recovery." And when her machine starts up, it's at a slow pace. Slower than most use it. The reasoning becomes apparent soon enough as she steps onto the belt and starts walking it- sideways. As it carries her down, the inside leg reaches up and over to bring her back up. Like climbing a hill one side-step at a time.

Rahab leans back in the padded seat he's in. The weights on the rack come to halt for the last time, then pulling his arms away from the bars and leaning forward to rest for a small moment. A yawn gets covered before getting up to make for his towel, wiping his face off. Glancing back at the rack, he eyeballs the number of weights that he had been working with, then over to the now empty bar on the leg press machine. Worked the arms, might as well get the legs done since he's thinking about it. Walking across the fitness area, there's only a sparse glance to those on the bikes before continuing on. Large, heavy circular weights are started to be piled onto the bar.

Ygraine is at last, not only released from sickbay, but released from light duty. There's still a little bruising on her neck, but that's just cosmetic and she's grinning in anticipation as she walks in, her gym back slung over her shoulder.

"That's why I usually prefer using this one," Jason remarks, gesturing to the bike he's sitting on, as he slows down the speed a bit now. There's a brief smile, before he adds, "Besides, less chances for falling off the bike. Had a bit of an accident with one of the treadmills back at the Academy."

"Alternate ways?" Phin swivels his head at Skyler quizzically. And watches her treadmill sideways. "Huh. That looks uncomfortable. Did you ever fall off doing that? I saw a dude fall off a treadmill once. Looked seriously harsh. He was trying to talk up this woman over on one of the stair machines and wasn't paying attention to what he was doing and - like - bam!" He stops 'jogging' for a second to try and demonstrate, and has to scramble to avoid getting treaded off the machine himself. He manages to recover, though. "Whoa! That what happened to you, Supes? The falling off, I mean. Don't know if a woman was involved. Hey, sir!" That to Rahab, as the Raptor pilot passes on the way to more weight work.

"I told you not to use that one." Skyler's words are spoken louder, intended to reach Jason. "It was for Carlos, not you." That should cement the familiarity. She seems to be doing well enough with the sideways movements, but her hand does reach out now and then to the bar to retain balance. To Phin, she responds: "It's not that uncomfortable. It strengthens additional muscles around the knees. Just gotta keep it on a lower speed." There's a smirk as she watches him try to demonstrate and her attention is pulled to Rahab. Nostrils flare slightly and she's suddenly stepping to either side of the band, making a circle to face the opposite direction and work the other leg.

"Oi, Phinny." Yggy calls out across the gym area, though she doesn't appear intent on going near the stairclimbs. Jason gets a nod; Skyler, a passing and curious gllance. "Gonna work th'bag a bit. Ya get tired and wanna spar or somethin', let me know?" Girl's got a backwoods Leonese accent like nobody's business, all freckles and cheer as she drops her bag, opening it up and pulling out tape to start wrapping up her hands.

"Afternoon." is the one-word reply from Rahab. Man of few words, that one, though it didn't sound like he was grumpy or anything. Rather, sounded a bit tired. Likely, he didn't even notice who he was saying it to, busy with weights. He continues to rack up the weights on the leg press bar, then sicking down in the chair that has him looking up at the ceiling, putting his feet against the wide plate. Pressing up, he unlatches the lock that then allows the rack to slide down. And that's what he does, presses the weight back and forth with the legs. The Captain doesn't skip leg day, no sir.

"Is it afternoon?" Phin takes Rahab's note about the time as a hint to look at the wall chronometer. "Huh. Though it was still earlier than that. Who's Carlos?" Either Skyler or Jason are who the question's directed at, in theory. Though he squints at Skyler a little longer. "Hey! Haven't you been on injured reserve for, like, ever? I knew you looked familiar." He's all proud of himself for remember. "Yggs! Hey!" He hops off the treadmill at her greeting. "They let you out? That's awesome!" He pads over to meet her, right hand raised for high-fiving purposes. He's peppy right now. And clearly on drugs, but that's a third of the air wing at any given time, with the present situation.

There's a brief pause as Jason hears the words from Skyler, "You told me…" he begins, before he blinks a few time, studying the woman for a few moments again, and then grins broadly. "No wonder I thought you looked familiar…" he replies, with a chuckle. "Where have you been hiding all these years?" Nodding a bit at POin's words as well, before he adds, "*Someone* was playing a prank, and even though I wasn't the target, I became the victim." Looking to Rahab, he offers the man a brief grin. "Afternoon, sir." A nod and a grin to Ygraine as well now.

"Carlos was an annoying bastard who thought his bad grades were just a way of making the rest of us feel better." While Skyler often got into trouble, it was usually in a Robin Hood sort of way. Unfortunately, her COs rarely saw the karma in the situations. Especially when they affected others. "Just got released from light duty, in fact." Her back may be to the others, but she can still conversate. "Hiding? After my first assignment, someone had the bright idea to send me to Picon for additional training." And we all know how that went.

"Hey, Captain." Ygraine calls out to Rahab, and pauses from wrapping her knuckles to return Phin's High Five. Once she resumes, her brows hit her hairline as she watches Phin with a great deal of amusement. "Buzzin' like a bee, ain't ya?" she asks, her grin growing. "Gods, it makes me wish I could take video right now. Need t'burn off some of that energy?"

Rahab tilts his head backwards to get a look up at Ygraine from the akward angle. "'Shake." he replies in greeting. "Up and around, I see. Good to see that they were able to stitch your head back onto your shoulders." he grunts in the process of his workout. He has to grip the handbars at this point, trying to give himself leverage to keep pushing the weight up. "Pain in the ass to clean up my control panel after you decided you wanted to up and bleed all over it. Next time, I'll zig where I should've zagged." On a more honest note, he adds, "Still. Glad to see you're alright."

"I'm high on life! Also, amphetamines." Phin grins, just a little abashed, at Ygraine. "Fell asleep on Alert shift a couple times. Kind of…wasn't working. These are helpful. Gotta admit. Couldn't get myself down when I hit my rack after my shift ended though, so, yeah." On that note he heads back to his treadmill. Though he just spends a while gulping from his water bottle, not quite getting back on yet. He grimaces when Skyler mentions being sent to Picon for 'additional training.' "Better than some places, I guess. At least you ended up here. Gods know we need everybody flying we can get. What's your name again?" He cannot place her face with a name just now. Pinging around as he is.

"Carlos was an ass," Jason replies, before he nods a little, "Could have ended up a few worse places than Picon. Back home, for example." A brief moment of pause, before he offers a grin to Phin. "Her name is Trouble," he offers, a bit lightly.

There's a slight twitch of lips at the mention of home. Still, Skyler's face resumes it's mask. She snorts at Jason's offering of her 'name.' "Thankfully, that never stuck. Out there you'll know me as Fox." Which, really, can be about as bad as being Trouble. The woman reaches over and punches the stop button, stepping off of the treadmill and a few paces away. She starts to stretch, glancing over the area. Dark eyes linger on Rahab a moment before looking away. "Skyler. You can call me whatever you want, so long as it's not too early in the morning. Or night. Or whenever I'm actually getting some sleep."

Ygraine flashes a smile at Rahab, entirely wolfish. "Aw, Dogmeat, I just thought ya needed a splash of color. And besides, be fair, it got all over my console, not yours." To Fox, "Hope that don't confuse anyone too much if we get a call out for an 'F' designation; do ya ever get mixed up with Foxtrot?" Speaking of foxtrots, her gaze slides over to Phin. "Man, we gotta burn some of that juice outta ya blood, Phinny." Back to Skyler. "Ygraine Vashti. Milkshake. Nice t'meet ya."

"Bright red has never gone well with drag military brown." Rahab comments with a final grunt, reaching over to lock the saftey in place so he can get out without it coming back down to crush on him. "Sure, all over your counsel, but I had to clean that crap up. And let me tell you, you have a knack for bleeding into everything that requires a toothbrush to clean out. Me and one of the techs for a good two hours. Skyler's callname distracts him for a moment, looking over there. Clearly, he hadn't really seen her there up until this point. The expression he wears is vaugely odd. This time is a longer moment to rest, taking a seat at an empty bnech to let his heartrate down.

Phin chuckles when Jason names Skyler as 'Trouble,' though her actual name gets a nod. "Fox. Cool. You can call me Dolly. Or Dolls. Or Phin. Or McBride. Or Lieutenant. Whatever works. So they got you flying again?" More water is gulped. He notices her looking at Rahab and, curiously, also looks over at the Raptor Captain. He doesn't seem to see what Skyler found so interesting, and squints, like that'll help him find it, and the Raptor captain's odd expression just makes him squint more. He does it long enough that he's probably technically staring.

"Hey, at least you weren't stuck with nothing to do?" Jason remarks to Rahab, before he nods as Skyler introduces herself. "No matter what names stuck and what names didn't, and all that's happened since then, it's good to see you again," he offers to her, before he grins to the others again for a few moments. Starting to step up the spead a bit on his bike now.

"Hasn't happened yet, but I swear… if you've just jinxed me." Skyler's smirking all the same. The woman moves to an area with matting and kicks off her shoes. She begins to move in various limbering type poses. There's a hint of yoga in there, for those that would recognize it. "Doll… wait, Dolphin?" She seems to find that humorous, affecting a bit of a laugh. This sets her off-balance and regaining stable footing keeps her from noticing both Rahab's look and Phin's stare. Jason's words do however cause a glance over and she blinks. "Damn. Here I thought you'd be horrified and asking for a transfer." The flash of teeth betrays the humor behind her words.

Ygraine pats Dolly's cheek wryly, and seems about to address Skyler again, when she gets that expression best described as 'Did I leave the iron on?' "Crap. I'll be back in a bit. Bennett wanted me t'take care of signin' off on my back t'duty paperwork and I think I forgot a page. Later, y'all!" With that, she dashes off.

"I swear, that's one is so scattershot, I'm amazed she's such an ECO whiz." The way Rahab says it, it sounds like it's compliment in good humor rather than something that's meant to be a cut down. There's a rack of dumbbells nearby, and that's where he heads to next. Clearly, it's just one of those days where he works out until he passes out. Two thirty-five pound weights, their ends with a octagonal shape are picked up, setting one between this feet and beginning to do curls with one arm.

"YES!" Phin is so happy that Skyler made that particular connection about his callsign. "Like my name!" He seems quite content with her assuming that's where he gets it from. Ygraine gets a quick, "Laters, Yggs" as she dashes. "Are you OK, sir?" That last to Rahab, even if the man has moved on to more weights. "You looked like you saw something weird just then."

Jason is unable to hold back a chuckle as he hears Skyler. "Nah, if I did, there'd be just a little time before you'd end up following after or something." Spoken with a wide grin, before he looks in the direction of the departing Ygraine. "Good to see you back on your feet." Nodding a bit as he hears Phin's question to Rahab.

"Sometimes the best ones at their job are useless everywhere else." It's a somber moment from Skyler as she relents and finally lets the Captain into her part of the conversation. She finishes her stretches and heads towards a machine that Rahab had vacated earlier, adjusting the weight alottment. Sitting down, she casts a smirk towards Jason. "I can't help it if I'm so magnetic you keep getting caught up in my field."

"Just got a lot on my mind." Rahab utters simply. "And I can't really remember the last time I slept properly. Couple of days ago." Pause. "I think." Considering he came from the Picon resistance, it's likely been a lot longer than that. There's a glance at Skyler out of the corner of his eyes. "Maybe. But those kind of people are only useless so long as they keep believing that. Sometimes, it's not always their fault. Can't really hold it against them if their boss makes a bad call, can they?" he offers absently, now using both weights to do double-side curls, lifting both weights, starting at his sides then upward till his body makes a T shape.

"Huh?" Phin blinks at Rahab's talk of bad calls. But he just shrugs rather than asking anything more beyond that. He finishes what's left in his water bottle, and trots over to get himself a refill. He's starting to look spent, pep wearing off, so he's maybe not exactly eager to return to his machine. "Did you guys say you went through Academy together?" This random seems to reoccur to him, and he looks back at Skyler and Jason.

"We all make bad calls every now and then, sir," Jason offers to Rahab, before he adds, "Sometimes, good things can come from it as well." A grin is offered to Skyler. "Always knew you were just like some kind of electromagnet or something." There's a nod at Phin's words. "We did. Feels like it was a lifetime ago now."

Though she's about to start working with the weights, Skyler pauses, listening to Rahab. There's a slight grunt from her in acknowledgement. Apparently, for the first time today — perhaps the first time in months — she's struck without something to say in response. The woman shifts back then and starts her own work. Shoulders flex with each movement and she stares forward, keeping focus. "Jason had the ill fortune of starting Academy at the same time I did. On the same planet. Going to Flight School, now. I place the blame fully in his court for that."

Rahab goes through the routine of his dumbbells, which really doesn't seem to be that long since since he's already worked his arms. His few things, a water bottle, a towel, and his watch are picked up. "You all have a good evening, and stay alive out there if you get called out. Need a hot soak before I even attempt to get back into a flightsuit." And that sounds like where he's headed as he casually leaves the gym.

"I came up through the Academy on Leonis. In Milkshake's class, actually." Phin gestures a thumb in the direction the ECO departed. "Did flight school on Picon after that, though. It's weird flying over it again now. Some things look the same. Just enough to remind you of all the things that don't, y'know?" More water gulping. Followed by an inclination of his head to Rahab. "Later, sir."

Rahab leaves, heading toward the Pool [PL].

"Later, sir," Jason offers to the departing Rahab, before he grins at Skyler. "Well, someone had to make sure the right way in life was found, right?" Nodding a bit at Phin, "Strange feelings, stuff like that," he agrees.

"Right way, eh?" Skyler's words are a bit distracted. She's staring off after the Captain. Inhaling slowly, she gives up on the weights and steps up and away from them. "Still not sure I've got that figured out. I don't think it's possible." She glances over to Jason and Phin, jaw tight for a moment. "I've got something to ask Dogmeat. I'll catch you two later."

"Uh, later," Phin says, this time to Skyler. He exchanges a look with Jason that's all 'What up with that?'

Skyler leaves, heading toward the Pool [PL].

"See you later," Jason offers after the departing Skyler, before he shrugs a little at Phin, as if to say he doesn't know. "Hmmm…"

Phin shrugs, chugging more water, and then breathing out as he kind of sags against the wall. "Well, whatever. Guess they'll figure it out. Anyway. Starting to feel like I might actually be able to sleep. I think I'll hit the showers, then try my rack again."

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