Lieutenant Donovan 'Sparky' Corric
BSG%20Donovan_zpsldcje9z8.png Corric, Donovan
LT Air Wing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Viper Pilot
Age Sex
29 M
Hair Eyes
Brown Grey


Donovan Abernathy Corric, son Major Aeric Corric and Doctor Elle Corric. His mother, Elle Corric, was a nurse. She was killed when the hospital she was working at was destroyed by a damaged fighter that crashed into the wing she was assigned to. Donovan lost his father, Major Aeric Corric in the same war. His father was a Major and a while flying CAS, close air support for encircled ground forces, was killed in action when his Viper was shot down. Donovan had no other surviving relatives, mostly due to the same reason he lost his parents and so, he became a Ward. Raised in a home with other orphans who had lost their families, these children were taught, educated and raised by the government.

Donovan endured basic training as all cadets did. He graduated some weeks later was accepted to the Officers Academy. Even in OCS he found he was an avid marksman. He consistently scored above average with his sidearm and other small arms. Due to an altercation with another pilot cadet, he was nearly washed out of flight training, but after his review board he was allowed to remain. His 'punishment' was his pending assignment was canceled. He was set to be assigned to the Battlestar Valkyrie BSG-41. He was instead assigned as a ground based pilot in the Colonial Planetary Defense Force. He saw some combat there and a clean record allowed him to rise to the rank of Lieutenant. He was assigned to the Battlestar Orion BSG-114 only a few days before the Jump.

Recent Events

Donovan was only assigned to the Battlestar Orion a few days before the Jump and has been here since.

Donovan was assigned as a Viper pilot to VF-777 "Lucky Strikes".

MD #235 - Callsign Court was held and Donovan was dubbed 'Sparky' by his peers.

MD #244 - Colonial Medal of Valor, June 25, 2049, Mission: Golf-51

Service Record & Medals

*Initial Flight training, accused of striking a fellow Cadet. Injury to Cadet Anders resulted in a medical discharge. Denied pending promotion and reassigned at the end of Flight Qualification.
*First Duty Assignment. 11th Forward Fighter Support Group, Leonis. As Lieutenant JG, cited for bravery and valor above and beyond the call of duty. Placed himself in harms way providing CAS for Marine ground force resulting in personal injury. Citation added by Garrison Commander for action at next station due to short suspense for follow-on assignment to BSG-114 Battlestar Orion.
MD #244 - Colonial Medal of Valor, June 25, 2049, Mission: Golf-51

Recent Logs


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