MD #212: Don't Throw the Books
Don't Throw the Books
Summary: Yari and Atticus meet again, and even agree on something.
Date: 06/11/2017
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Library - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The metal stacks of books start near the door and run the entire length of the room, which is almost forty meters. The room is twice as wide and there are several corridors that lead down the rows. Near the door is a desk clerk manned by a Crewman from Supply, but farther back, in the quiet of the room, are generally several other people milling about. Towards the rear are several seating areas with tables and chairs. There are sections covering a broad topics and individuals can also look at maps, rent videos, and even games. In addition to their hard-copy collection, hundreds of thousands of titles are also available digitally, either for use in the library on one of several touchscreen consoles or downloadable to a personal device.

It's study time. After a practiced, ten minute pace through the rows of shelving, Yari's assembled an oldschool stack of some textbooks detailing anatomy and physiology /and/ pharmacology. She's arranged them neatly in a corner of the table she's slipped behind, opened one to a page last left, and begun. Doesn't take long though, for the chill of the space to override the sensory sharpness of crisp paper under her finger tips, and Recruit Sawyer finds herself struggling to keep eyes open, pupils focused. It's not that she finds the endocrine system particularly dull, just that her run 'round the deck earlier today has sapped what was left of her energy.

Atticus gets more time in the library each ay than he does in the gym, although it's a new development, so the ship's librarian is still giving him and his escort a few odd glances. Once they're inside the library and out of the hustle and bustle of the ship's corridors, his handcuffs are removed, and he's allowed access to a reasonable selection of the books and recordings available. Not all though, not by any means. His initial selection includes a little of the colonial history he promised Lleufer he'd read, but also a trashy detective novel. Still dressed in fleet issue jogging trousers and sweatshirt he finds a place at a table and gets comfortable. He's not yet clocked exactly who the other crew member at the table is, but surely that won't matter. I mean, they're just here to read books right?

Yari's head snaps up, frizzed bun bobbing back to attention when the shapes of other bodies close in on her position. She's awake! Really! It takes a minute, but eventually the reality that /those/ uniforms aren't here for her sets in. Also slow to absorb is what company they do keep, but when it clicks…
Yari's chair scrapes back an inch, legs tensed, one hand gripping the table's edge while the other reflexively slaps the heavy book closed. No, this woman's not educating herself…Then she relaxes. Marginally. Something nags in her brain, some talk she'd heard circulating around about the prisoner. Access. He can go places, now. Uncertain eyes flit from the sight of him sitting there up to the officers, then back.

The two MPs don't appear to be expecting trouble, but that doesn't mean they aren't prepared for it. One sits herself down close by Atticus, but out of arms reach, while the other stands a distance back. They're both quiet for now though, as Atticus behaves himself. As for the knight, he had just buried his head in the colonial history book (work before pleasure) when the thumping closed of Yari's tome grabs his attention and he looks up. It takes a moment, but then he recognises her from their brief encounter in medical and becomes more wary, lest she try to poison him again somehow. This of course makes the MPs wary too, but they're not intervening for now. He takes a few moments to weight up his options, but in the end decides to pointedly just turn slowly back to his book. She's not going to drive him from his seat now he's comfortable.

"So it's true," Yari does not return to her book, not wholly. The text is opened anew and she flips through to a diagram of the thyroid gland, but doesn't /really/ look at it. "You've been permitted a change of scenery." It's a matter-of-fact statement, tweaked with a strained attempt of light-hearted tone. "S'good for the brain, I suppose. I see you can read." A second nervous glance goes his way. "You went to school?"

Atticus looks up again as Yari speaks, clearly trying to work out if it's worth answering or not, but in the end he does. There's a single, slow nod to confirm that yes, he has been granted time out of his cell, and then he explains as well. "An hour a day during night shift in the exercise hall, and up to four hours a day here. I promised the Gunnery Sergeant I'd look at some colonial history," hence the open book in front of him, "but I suspect four straight hours would be a test for anyone, " hence the trashy detective novel. Petra can be a really bad influence sometimes. As the question about school is posed he nods, "I could read before the machines came."

A certain MP shows up to check on their POW he hasn't been by to see for a while. The Master-at-Arms is in his usual on duty uniform and carrying a dataslate. Lleufer looks around the Library and quickly spots at least one, or possibly both, MP's right away to tell him where he may find Atticus. The Gunnery Sergeant makes his way in that direction and sees his long term 'guest' apparently speaking with Yari of all people. Ynyr stops as soon as he sees her and says nothing, waiting a moment to judge how the two are interreacting before he might interrupt.

"How old were you?" Yari fires off, barely after he's finished the last sentence. Her stare is focused down and forward, looking without seeing at the chart detailing thyroid function. "When they came, how old? I was just five, when we moved away to Piraeus. The machines hadn't arrived, yet. Everything was as it should be, and we were sad to go. I suppose it doesn't matter anymore, but I cannot help but wonder — how long ago did our former life collapse…"

The prisoner hasn't spotted Lleufer yet, his attention is on Yari, but at least one of the MPs does quickly acknowledge their boss' presence. There's a blink from Atticus at the speed of Yari's reply and he eyes her for a moment, almost as if he's looking for a trap in her words. He doesn't find one though, so a few seconds later he replies cautiously, "I was twelve. It was three years after my father was assassinated." Not exactly to the day that is, but more generally. "Where is Piraeus? And where did you go there from?" He figures if she's allowed to ask questions, then so is he.

Lleufer side steps and makes himself comfortable in plain sight, should either of them look his direction. Ynyr folds his arms, dataslate tucked under an elbow, as he leans lightly against a tall book case. Most of the media in the library is digital of course, but there are still racks with actual bound books and it is against one of these that the Gunnery Sergeant waits as he listens to the two. Being civil towards one another even!

"I don't know," Yari answers back quietly, no zing of petulant snark in her voice. Not yet. "Was twenty years ago that Mum moved us along and all I knew of our destination, or cared to know, was that it meant Da's grave was going to be too far to visit, anymore, and that I was promised a barn full of kittens and goats to befriend, when we reached Gram's cottage. Then that was home - cottage, farm, school - until the 'metal' found its way to us, too. Then it became home to strangers, and I was made to adapt best I could. Twenty years. From there, a different horde of armed strangers brought me here." A mirthless smile twitches upon her lips. "And lo, the adaptation continues." She pointedly looks up and over at the Gunnery Sgt on that note, before flipping the page in her book.

Atticus listens to what Yari has to say, but his expression remains guarded throughout. Barns full of kittens are clearly not something that has been a part of his life experience to date. The look to lleu has him following her gaze though and he seems to relax a little as he spots the Master at Arms. "Good afternoon," he greets with a faint smile, "all well I trust?" Mostly, he's hoping Lleu isn't here to tell him he can't actually be in the library after all and has to go.

Yep, he's one of those armed strangers. Yari gets a sad sort of smile out of Lleufer, as if he were real sorry if she's not happy to be here. The Gunny's Arpay eyes slip to Atticus, "All's well to see you two not throwing book at once another, yes. I really didn't want to interrupt." Ynyr keeps his baritone very low in volume. His arms he unfolds and Lleu leaves his position leaning against the book case to come over closer. A chair is snagged and for the moment he takes a seat. "Any trouble using the search systems to find the materials you want to read? Either of you?"

Yari tucks both her frozen hand between knees and hunches over her studies with a posture that'd make Titos roll in his grave. If he had one. Probably, she imagines, his corpse was either burnt to a crisp in the fires of war, or scattered to the far fields by their own, hungry creatures, assuming the same ghosts who kidnapped her and the children also set the four-legged pets free. The thought warms her insides. "No trouble," Yari murmurs. No tech malfunctions, no temper malfunctions… "These books, like all materials on board, are precious to our existence. Why would I throw them?" She might be somebody's kid, but she's not a child, GOSH! One corner of her mouth twitches again, and she blinks firmly to restore focus on the multi-syllable terminology she silently sounds out to self before she IS tempted to add, "Atticus, have you also been permitted to select your own items for supper in Mess? There really are options to appease most palates. I can be difficult to select for another's tastes."

Atticus blinks in confusion to Lleufer, "why would I do that to a book?" Chairs, those he might throw, but not a book… Damn it is he surrounded by barbarians? Books are precious. At the question though he shakes his head, he's managed so far, although he's clearly only gone for paper copies so far, and left the digital library alone for now. As Yari says almost exactly the same thing he flicks his eyes across to her for a moment, then tilts his head slightly at the question before answering warily, "I eat what I'm given."

"Good, because even though we can print up new copies easily, some of these are original editions and in a sense, those aren't replaceable." Lleufer gives a slow nod, "I'm afraid we can't have Atticus going into the Mess yet with so many people within easy reach. For his safety as much as for everyone else's. Though, I don't imagine it'd be too much trouble to give you the Mess's weekly menu list and let you choose the meals you want, Atticus. That way you could at least avoid those things you despise most." Lleufer toggles his dataslate and once it's powered up, he makes a note to remember about the Mess menu. "Also, I've compiled a suggested reading list I'll send over." The Gunny's been keeping his distance more from Atticus, or has been busy, not checking in with Atticus as much. "Anything thing you want brought to my attention before I continue on my rounds, Atticus?"

Both of Yari's brows lift innocently enough, as if to prop up her halo as Lleufer figures a way to eradicate all culinary concerns. She keeps reading for the moment, holding her tongue so as to not impede Lleu's task at hand. There's more to be said to the Knight, but it can wait until there are fewer ears to witness it, maybe. Apologizing to the despicable isn't her strongsuit.

As Ynyr mentions a reading list Atticus does flip up the front cover of the book that’s open in front of him so the Sergeant can see that he is looking into colonial history, as he said he would. He also has a work of fiction out too, but it's something right? He silently suspects another reason the mess is out is the easy access to knives, but he's not going to make a fuss about that, eating in the quiet is nice really. He starts to shake his head at the question then stops, clearly having thought of something and asks, "I'm told I passed out yesterday. That's not something I've been doing before is it?" From his tone he's curious, a perhaps just a touch worried, but not apparently overly suspicious. It certainly doesn't seem to be a trick question.

The notes entered, Lleufer lowers the dataslate and looks at Atticus. "No, not that I'm aware of. First I'd heard of it myself. They'll probably want to run you by medical, make sure there isn't anything we missed that might require attention. You feeling all right? Dizziness, anything else that might be unusual for you?"

Oh?? Must have happened when she was off /her/ rounds. Yari turns her head to eyeball this neighbouring bookworm for any missed signs of pallor or malaise.

"Not that I recall," Atticus replies, shaking his head slowly, "but I'd been talking with Commander Marcus, so he might be able to say if anything seemed off. I feel fine now though." It appears to be something that's bugging him slightly, but not to the degree that he's overly worried about it. "I'm sure your guards will let you know if anything else untoward occurs." Yari's look he misses, but he doens't look any different to before, other than the fact that it appears that someone has finally had a go at taming the hair that had been largely unattended for the best part of a month.

"All right. I'm sure medical has been informed but I'll stop by to be sure." Lleufer moves to stand and powers down his dataslate. "Both of you enjoy your reading or discussion." Ynyr gives his MP's a nod and moves to head back out and back to his own duties.

Yari looks back down at her book and finds she can't recall the last paragraph read. Distractions, distractions…
Once a pointy-eared distraction has gone out of sight, she takes a deeeeeep breath through her nose, then comes out with it already. "I didn't poison you." As far as apologies go, this one isn't exactly by-the-book. "Only seasoned the fish with the most wretched combination of spice'n'vinegar I could access in so short a time limit." So it could have been worse. "But…t'was a mis step, all the same. Unprofessional lapse of judgement. Shouldn't've have done it."

With Ynyr gone Atticus had been turning back to his book when Yari's words draw his attention in her direction again. He frowns slightly at her words, not sure just what to say or how to react to whats said. His expression remains cautious though as he feels more than sees the attention of the MPs just in case his reaction is one they'd disapprove of. "It's in the past," he says slowly and perhaps a touch unconvincingly. He's clearly not about to just forgive and forget, but he doesn't seem inclined to make a fuss about it either.

"Many things are, but doesn't bring much comfort to the soul, does it?" The expression on his sputtering face sure had, though. Briefly. Yari scratches at a scarred up ear. "You represent the very thing I feared - fear - for my oldest boy, and to hear the proselytizing coming from your mouth in that moment just…" she shuts the book for the second time and stacks it atop the other two. "I know now that some of your rhetoric can't be helped. There were no clerics on Piraeus, not yet, but I saw a change in the men folk over the years, all the same. Fear is a powerful tool. Wasn't my place to hold you responsible. So…for /that/…" her jaw works a little to one side, eyes narrowing upon him. "I am sorry."

Atticus is doing okay right up to the point where she mentions Clerics, then his eyes narrow slightly and he says firmly. "My mind is my own. Despite how comfortable it would make things for Sergeant Ynyr and others I'm afraid it doesn't require much for a man to prefer law and order over chaos and tyranny." He's meaning man in the non-gender specific 'people' term, but the thought it might be heard as anything different doesn't even cross his mind. He really doesn't know what to do about the apology though, it's not anything he's ever been prepared for or experienced, so in the end he just offers the faintest of nods, repeats, "it is in the past," then sticks his nose back into his book again.

Yari shakes her head, lips pursing shut to lockup whatever retort might think to come out next. Instead, she squares her shoulders into a posture more becoming of one who wears the uniform and sweeps that heavy wad of books into arms. The corpsman marches off, disappearing into the scholastic maze of knowledge and leaving Atticus to his heavy reading.

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