PWD #05: Dog Day Afternoon
Dog Day Afternoon
Summary: Petra calls on Knox and Noble to start the mobilization of the Marines…
Date: 30/12/2012 (OOC Date)
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Map Room - Battlestar Orion
Dominating the room is the large bottom-lit map table in the very center. Ten feet across and eight feet the other way, the table can gather a large number of people around it while still accommodating enlisted and support personnel in the small riser seating behind the table. The risers are done in single-piece desk sections that run the width of the seating area and have small reporting displays built into them along with communications ports for headphones. At the head of the room are two very large LED displays that can have almost anything put on them, including projections of what is on the map table. A single computer at the support seating controls this and in the rear of the room is a large, locked case that holds maps and table models.
Dec 30, 2004

Knox is already up in the CIC corridor. There's Marines posted up here anyway but they're no longer just wearing brassards and shiny helmets. They're in tactical gear. Knox is standing off to the side near the map room hatch at parade rest. His uniform has never looked pristine but its clean. The thing just looks faded. His boots are spotless, though. That's about the only thing.

Normally wearing off-duties around the decks, Noble has been recently tagged for double shifts due to his physical assault arrest. Having been activated by Sergeant Cooper Knox, he's moving onto his seventeenth hour of duty this day. Having quickly dressed, he's been careful to tuck in his clothes carefully and dress as if he knows he'll be judged. With seconds to spare, he steps around the corner in his crisp, clean duty uniform, and steps over to Sergeant Knox. "Sergeant." He addresses the man, nodding sharply. "Reporting."

Petra arrives from the Main Corridor.

Coop looks over Noble and nods in approval. "Double duty works wonders, doesn't it?" he remarks with a sly smile. He just stands there. "She's cute." Just an innocent observation. He glances up and down the corridor and settles back on the Corporal with a more serious expression. "Been hearin the rumors about the shit going on with the Deck?"

Works wonders? Noble's eyebrow twitches as he doesn't say a word, but the two have traded quips about how much duty should be done regularly that there's no doubt that Noble's giving the you're a smug bastard look. "She's an officer, but yeah, she is. I've been getting in enough trouble, lately." Noble murmurs to the man and then nods his head sharply. "I've heard all kinds of rumors. A lot of it sounds like bullshit, Sarge."

Petra thumps his booted feet down the corridor, aiming back towards CIC as he reads something off of his clipboard. Familiar voices, however, are enough for him to look up at the conversation ahead of him. Why, just the people he was looking for! Or at least that LOOKS like the look on his face. He smiles (oh crap), "Gentlemen. Just the Marines I was looking for."

Knox, for once, seems to agree — but not with the last. "Yeah, but that's part of being a Marine. If you haven't been in a brawl you're probably doing it wrong." Both of them are standing around at parade rest. He's about to reply to the rumors remark when Petra shows. The Sergeant nods once. "Copy, sir. Heard from a Petty Officer you were looking around for us, Major." As always, quiet and only as loud as he needs to be.

Something in Simon straightens up the moment that Petra enters the hallway. "Sir." He speaks up, giving Petra a stiff nod and a salute. Switching over into disposable soldier mode, he brings his boots together and waits to be directed by the Major.

Petra returns the salute and murmurs, "At ease, gentlemen. We need to have a talk." He glances over at the Map Room door and purses his lips, guesturing with the clipboard, "Step into my office for a moment? I promise, 10-15 minutes tops." He doesn't really wait for an answer, instead stepping forward to tug the hatch door open and wave both Marines through.

Knox tosses his own salute quickly and steps through the hatch. He moves over towards the map table and takes up a position at one end, coming back to parade rest. That's apparently his 'at ease'. He looks to the Major and then Noble before looking to the table. He'll wait before saying much else.

Lowering his rigid posture, Simon turns to follow Knox into the Map Room and moves to the other side of the table. His first time in the room, he lifts his jaw and makes a quick scan of the room, looking for obvious exits as he's been taught, but also taking in the sight of one of the forbidden places. There's no armed guards with nets present, so that looks like a good sign to the man.

Petra shuts the hatch behind everyone and takes a few steps in to toss his clipboard on the map table, then turns around to lean his butt against the edge of it, "So. We have a little problem with the Marines. Namely that I seem to have a huge communications breakdown with anyone over the rank of Sergeant. As in…they don't answer me. Now, Sergeant Knox, you and I seem to be able to communicate just fine, and we even made some progress without your CO being around. Corporal Noble, considering you just got out of the brig, I have an idea you might be wanting an opportunity to demonstrate you arent a fuck up. That fairly accurate?"

"Permission to speak freely, sir?" Noble asks, eyes on Petra.

Knox keeps a straight face with the words from Petra, but the man gives a slow nod. He's not going to actually -say- what he thinks about the situation. "Copy that, Major." He only glances to Noble's request.

Petra smirks, just a little, at the request, and nods his head, "Go right ahead, both of you. This is about as private as I get a chance to get on this deck."

Noble lofts his eyebrows and spares a quick glance to Petra. "Whatever gets me off of double-shifts as soon as possible, as far as I'm concerned, sir." He shifts his weight from foot to foot and then folds his arms across his chest. "What do you need?"

Knox smirks in his own way at Noble's remark, nodding in confirmation. "What do you need from the Corps, Major? Demolition? Destruction? …cranial-rectal separation?" The last is said drily.

Petra bobs his head once, "Help me out with this, and I'll make sure the Admiral knows you helped me out when I couldn't get ahold of your COs. That ought to help?" He pauses for a moment, then folds his arms over his chest, "I need to make sure the Marines are ready. /Combat/ ready. As in, if I walked next door and got on the horn and set this ship to Condition One and said we had boarding parties on Deck 3…how many Marines, armed and armored, could we have down there within 5 minutes? THAT kind of ready." He pauses and glances at both men, "I need to know if you have all the supplies you need. I need to know drills are being run. I need to know we have folks on combat standby. Can you help me with this?"

Simon looks over to Knox while Petra speaks, staring the man down in a great fit of subliminal conversation. Noble's been after Knox for weeks at being an all-too-busy beaver, and now Petra's asking for them to bust their asses to get the marines into tip-top fighting shape. He blinks and takes in a deep breath, turning his attention back to Major Petra. He lets out the breath slowly so that it doesn't sound like a sigh. "Whatever you need, sir. CMC isn't in the business of saying can't."

Knox sighs, seeming to relax a bit. Once he knows he isn't about to be chewed for something the guy untenses. He meets Noble's gaze with ease. His eyes flick back to Petra quickly. "You want hard combat ready, sir? Or you want something that looks spiffy? We can work around absentee officers. What's what NCO's do. I think we just need to know how hard we need to push this. I don't want a Captain or Major taking skin off the Corporal's ass because we're pushing too hard and making him look bad… unless there's a reason. But that's just my preference, sir, and something we may have to deal with." Be Advised, basically.

Petra shakes his head, "I want hard combat ready. A CO gives you a hard time, you tell them to take it up with me, and I'll go introduce them to the Admiral, who will be asking them why a Naval Major had to go ask their own NCOs to give him readiness reports." He pauses, "And then I dont think you'll be getting chewed out anymore. In fact…" He pauses again and smiles, "Make SURE you let them know Command asked this of you, just to keep the Chain educated. Alright?"

Looking between the two of them, Simon, the Corporal in this equation, drums his fingertips against his forearm while the two hash out the grueling details that are designed to keep the brass off of his back. He's been activated by the TACCO directly, which means the microscope he's under could easily be placed under the sunlight and he could be burnt to a crisp. "Hard combat ready." He repeats the words quietly, nodding towards the table before them.

Knox's brow quirks. Just a little. This is an interesting development. "Can-do, sir." He smirks over at Noble. "You ready to earn Sergeant's stripes, Noble? ..Extra cash when you get out." He looks back to Petra then. "Sir, I've got Sergeant Hook and this new JTAC, Cervantes. If this readiness issue isn't bullshit and you want real prep, I'll need to know where you want me. I can work with the Corporal or I can work with the Wing. If you want me on the Corps, I can send Cervantes and Hook to talk to Major Duke, sir. Just give me an order, Major."

Petra nods once, "I want, ready for War to break out tomorrow morning, Combat Ready. Neither I nor the Admiral nor the Commander do 'look pretty'." He smiles very faintly and listens for a moment, then shakes his head at Knox, "You gentlemen are my points of contact with the marines now, until you get a CO that I can talk to on a regular basis, so if one surfaces, you send his ass my way. I'd MUCH rather not circumvent the chain of command like I'm doing right now, cause that just pisses everyone off. Decide who the best contact is for Wing and go with it. I'll warn CAG if you need me to, so he isn't wondering why he's got NCOs in his office rather than commanding officers. I'm not a babysitter, and I'm not a Marine. You two know that job better than I do, so I'm not going to tell you how to do it. We on the same page there?"

Any smirk that was once on Simon's face has suddenly disappeared and been replaced with a brow knotted with concern. Weeks of rumors have been spreading through the fleet, and Noble has been a hold-off on believing any of them, but something has changed. He clears his throat and scratches his chest, speaking up. "I'm not ready to earn anything, Knox, but we've got a grip of new punks that are going to get hit sideways with this. I'll start cracking some skulls and get them kit-checked, spread the word to their Sergeants. They're fresh enough that they're still having nightmares from boot." He shakes his head, muttering a curse under his breath. "We're on the same page, sir."

Its that first line that has Knox's smirk wipe. His eyes turret back on Petra quickly. The rest of it only has his gaze become more intense. "Circumventing the chain straight away, sir. Combat readiness. Rumors about the Wing sitting on alert. …Major?" he asks carefully, the single word asking the guy in Tactical if he wants Knox and Noble to start making assumptions or inferring things. But with Simon speaking up, the Sergeant listens and doesn't seem to have anything to add. "We're on the same page, Major."

Petra sucks on a tooth at the questions and looks, "You'll understand that there are some details I can't tell you right now, but this is a unique situation and normally this is a conversation I'd be having with your Captain or Major in charge. There is a real, perceived threat that Fleet believes to be legitimate. And while the number of people that know where we actually are can be counted on one hand, there's no way to predict what is actually going to happen in the next week or two, and I for damned sure am not going to be on a Mercury Class Battlestar that got caught with its pants down. So. Any questions?"

"No sir." Noble fires off with some bite to his voice. He gives the table between them a wistful shake of his head, and when he looks to Knox, the look in his eyes is serious and collected. It's go time. "Major?" He looks across the table to Petra. "Is this threat still on the down-low? Are we telling people that this is a drill or are we kicking them in the ass with this?"

"Oh frak," Coop breathes, staring at Petra. He probably didn't want to know that as much as thought he did. "The next week or two." It repeats in his mind like a strobe. A hand eventually comes out to rigidly gesture to Noble and then come back around his back. "I have not questions, sir," but he'd apparently like to hear the answer to Simon's.

Petra purses his lips again, "Tell people what you need to tell them to get them appropriately motivated, but I'd first go with 'The Admiral personally is going to kick our asses if we don't'. If THAT doesnt get people's nuts in a bunch, we got other problems. Rumors are already flying around because Air Wing has their act together and is running with live ordinance, so the cat's already half out of the bag. Lets not start a panic. We're all sailors and soldiers and we have a job to do." He pauses again, then finally taps the clipboard on the side of the map table, "Dismissed."

Dismissed, the magic word. With tension creeping up his spine, Noble fires off a salute to Major Petra and then turns and heads out the door. Hesitating once he's out in the hallway, he waits for Sergeant Cooper Knox to join him and falls in line beside him on their way to the stairwell. He leans his head over a little, voice clipped and hushed. "What the frak man?!?" He hisses. "Are you frakkin' kidding me? Gods-damnit man, you better not hump your JTACs planetside and leave my ass hanging in the wind with this."

Coop throws his own salute and follows the Corporal out. Once into the hallway he falls in with Noble, his brain already going a hundred miles a minute. Even as Noble hisses at him, Know just looks straight ahead. "Relax, Simon. I'm not going to frak you with this. You need the opportunity. This is deep shit we are getting into. Tell me what kind of help you need and I'll assist. This ain't time for grudges, gotcha games, or childish crap. We're on it. I just needto know how you need support."

Walking alongside Knox, Noble's in the process of having a hushed conversation with the man on their way to the stairwell. "I don't need the opportunity, Knox, I need this to be a false alarm, but that's not gonna keep the kids from being ready if this shit's credible." Noble sighs, shaking his head and turning his eyes forward. "I need word spread to the Sergeants to have this stuff roll downhill through the team leads to bounce kit checks. Use what happened with me as a scapegoat for cancelled leaves and startup a rolling range schedule to make sure everyone's sighted properly. This short amount of time that's about as good as we're gonna get."

"You heard him, Simon. Next week or two and fleet thinks its legitimate." Knox glances at him and back forward. "Don't matter what you personally need anymore, man. Kick that in the ass. You're an NCO. If this turns out to be real, junior Marines are going to be looking to you and you'll need to stand up." They're moving at a good clip. Knox apparently has places he needs to be. "I'll get the word to the other Sergeants and do it personally on the Controllers I'm here with. I can't cancel leaves for anyone outside my group, but I can pass it around." He steers them into the stairwell. "You want me here, I take it. But I need to kick Hook and Cervantes to the wing on the frakkin triple."

Ella is coming toward the stairwell from the other end of the hallway, a duffel bag of clean laundry slung over one shoulder. She notices the two marines there and greets them with a cheery smile. "Hey there, Sergeant. Leo." A slightly wider grin at the odd nickname, but it dims a bit at the apparently serious looks on their faces. "Everything all right?"

"Fine. I'll take care of things here, but I want your word you're not gonna put in too good a word for me if this turns out to be a false alarm. They're gonna start to think that I like this job." Simon replies, crashing a forearm against Knox's upper arm. "Good luck with your crew. I'll see you on the other side."

When Ella comes into view, Simon slows so that he can fall in-line beside her. At first, the look on his face is serious, but then he replaces it with something more subdued. "Hey Ell. I just got a bunch of work dropped on me and my double shifts just got turned into triples." He crooks his bruised brow towards her. "How've you been. We missed you at New Year's."

"You get this work-up done and we'll worry about that later. I won't screw you, though. Semper Fi, brother. I'll see you in the morning." He starts to split off towards Deck 3 and nods to Ella. "Specialist. Work, work, work." Knox looks pretty serious about his work, though.

Ella nods to the departing Knox. "Take care, Sergeant," she offers, before returning her attention to Noble. "Yeah, I heard it was a real adventure," she says with a quirked smile, surveying the bruise. "Someone had to hold down the fort in Sickbay, though. Short straw. So, triple shifts, huh? You land on someone's shit list after New Years?"

"Oh, darlin you don't know the half of it." Simon stops on the landing of the stairway, ushering Ella to join him in the corner so that they're out of the way of the majority of traffic. "The bar-fight's not the half of it and I'm just jumping from one frying pan to the next. You'd think I'd learn my lesson sooner or later, right?" He huffs. "Gods, I want to talk to you and find out how you've been, it's been too long since we've talked. I've got like…six minutes, though. Are you okay? Everything been going alright?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine," Ella assures him with a smile. "I'm more worried about you, though. My life in comparison probably seems like a boring documentary about… I dunno, bird migrations or something." She quirks a smile at that before asking, with more serious concern. "/Are/ you okay?"

"Me? I'm okay." Simon replies, probably a little too quickly. The normally lax Corporal's shoulders are pinched and there's a slight bead of sweat at the back of his neck. He rubs his forehead and lowers his voice. "Well, maybe I'm not. I'm not bad, things have just been chaos all around and I'm gonna throw myself under the bus and admit I've been at the center of a lot of it. I'd go into details but they're a little too self-incriminating and I'm not so selfless that I'm willing to scare away my friends." He winks, shaking his head.

"I'll be fine. I'm just in the doghouse right now, and I'm in full on puppet mode." He adds. "You wanna walk with me? I'm sure I'll get you into trouble before long, then your documentary won't be so boring to you?"

Ella eyes him with concern, but nods and falls along in step beside him. "Like the part where the birds are all terrorized by a joyriding Viper jock? I'm totally in." She glances over as they walk. "You know I'm all about the incriminating details, though. It can't be any worse than the rumour mill. And -" she adds, theatrically. "I didn't scare you off with my confessions of grand theft auto, did I? Though six minutes might be pushing it."

"—Oh the incriminating details, I assure you, are probably way worse than the rumor mill. Lots of little forest fires, Ella. I spread them around on accident like I'm some kind of big-ass bull in a china shop." He replies, holding open the door for her at the Third Deck, letting her go through, and then following in behind her. "Ex-Girlfriend and popstar cat fight because I couldn't keep my damn mouth shut, vile destruction of video game characters, drama, intrigue, poisoned wine, grand theft auto." He laughs, shaking his head. "I kind of assumed since you'd been off on your own as much as you have that you heard the rumors and decided you and I weren't gonna hang no more."

Ella smiles at his description. "Stay away from all that? Are you kidding? Sounds like all the best parts of my favorite vid dramas." She looks genuinely contrite, though. "I'm sorry you thought I was ditching you. Didn't mean to. It's just between my shifts, your shifts, and the various misadventures… seems I keep missing you." She shifts the duffel bag to the other hand to give the one a break. "Hey, I'll make it up to you - once you're done with all your triple shifts. Maybe head down to the planet, find something fun to do that doesn't involve brig time," she says with a smirk. "Who's the ex?"

"Here…let me." Noble reaches out, trying to take the bag from her. A nearby door yanks open and a pair of marines step through, forcing Noble and her to come to a stop to give them room to move. "No, no apologies needed, things have just been moving way fast, probably faster than they should be around here. I've got a month on double duty and then after that I should be allowed back down to planetside and I'm pretty sure I'm not barred from Checkpoint Charlie's. We'll do this, though you'll have to promise me that if you hear anything too bad you'll ask me about it before believing it?" He flashes her a toothy grin.

"I've got an ex in Engineering. Petty Officer Anna Kvetsky. I was sort-of fighting with Corporal Cervantes and Anna was there drinking and she was flirting and then Madeline walked up and hair started getting pulled. Anna's asked that I keep my drama away from her so please don't go snoopin'." He laughs, rolling his eyes. "Trust me. I've been a mess."

"Thanks," Ella says when he takes the bag. She pushes against the side of the corridor to let the big marines past, then smiles at him. "Well, there's always movies or something if you're stuck on board." She does look a little confused by his summary. "Madeline pulled her hair for flirting with you? That seems pretty hard-core." She says, clearly both amused and curious. "Don't worry, I'm not going to go all crazy snooping stalker on you." She shrugs. "There was one time on my last ship where I helped one of the marines back to his bunk after shore leave left him drunk under the table. Far as the gossips were concerned, it was clear evidence of a torrid affair." She rolls her eyes at the memory. "Anyway, I've learned to take the rumour mill with a grain of salt."

"Other way around. Anna pulled Madeline off of me and then Madeline punched her, Engineers got up, shoving started happening, people started throwing punches…one, two, ten we were having the MPs called on us." Noble replies, hefting the bag of her laundry over to his shoulder and falls into line beside her again. "You know, I just got a whole bunch of movies from back home from my dad. We could crack them open in the Rec and burn some popcorn, but I warn you, not so much along the lines of chick flicks." He laughs. "Just a head's up, though, we're about to be going through drills like crazy."

Ella raises her eyebrows at the clarification. "Well, aren't you just the belle of the ball," she says with wry amusement. And okay, maybe just a tinge of jealousy, much as she may try to hide it. Then in a mock-serious voice, she warns, "I have to tell you. I don't mind guy flicks. Action movies, whatever. But burned popcorn? That's a dealbreaker."

"Oh, burn was my cool guy talk for pop. I don't mind a little bit of burnt popcorn near the bottom, but no, through and through? Burnt popcorn is nasty." Simon replies as they near the marine barracks. His cheeks turn a shade darker as he explains his situation to her, embarassed. "I don't want you to think I'm some player, you know? I mean, we're all single and whatnot, there's just drama that comes along with it. Anna and I stopped dating four months ago or so, prior to the change-over."

"It's just that smell… when it starts to go, even just a few kernels? Ick. Give me a couple weeks, I'll have the timing on the microwave down to a science." His embarassed explanation causes her to offer a sympathetic smile. "It's okay. Everyone has their share of drama. So, more drills huh? Fun fun."

Slippping into the barracks, Simon walks Ella over towards her bunk, and when they reach it he offers her the bag of laundry back to her. "Yeah. Drills. I'm about to do something that's going to get me blistered with the rest of the guys, so if you're comfortable making sure they don't destroy my bunk, I'd be ever grateful." His lips part in a broad grin and he slips his hands into the back pockets of his duty fatigues. "This time I'll choose the movie, alright? It's my turn, right?"

"I'll do my best," Ella says, though now she looks concerned again. She takes the duffel and just chucks it onto her bunk. In sharp contrast to Noble's colorful and entertaining wall, hers is downright bland in comparison with just a few photos - a gawky 8-year-old Ella and her two brothers, a small poster showing the Sagittaron pyramid team's three star players, and Ella and a few of her friends posing on a tropical mountain overlook. "Why are they going to be gunning for you, though? Do you really need /more/ drama in your life?" She nods amiably to the movie deal.

"Because I'm gonna be the one delivering a message that's gonna result in a whole lot of work. I dunno, maybe I'm just bein' frakkin' paranoid." He lowers his voice, casting a quiet look into her bunk towards the wall. When he sees the picture of her as an eight year old, he smirks and nudges his head towards it. "Cute." He laughs softly. "I just think I haven't had much time to settle down. I could use some downtime. I stirred all of this up and now all I want is a good night's sleep."

"Well, I hope they know better than to shoot the messenger. I'll keep an eye out for you, though." Ella smiles when he points out the picture. "Not as exciting as robot freedom fighters, I know…" A glance back at him, sympathetically. "Well, get some rest when you can, okay? Take care of yourself."

"Hey Ella?" Simon raises his hand to scratch the side of his head. His fingernail scratches against his temple, the strange white rose tattoo on the back of his hand pulling while he does so. He points a thumb back towards the corner of his room. "Don't be a stranger, alright? If you see my hiding in my bunk and you want to hang out, just come by. I like your company."

"Sure. Same goes for you, y'know," Ella replies, offering a concerned smile. "My curtain's always open if you need anything." She smirks at the joke.

"Just…be careful, alright?" Simon replies, a rather out-of-place comment that is paired with a flattened set of lips. He lightly baps the wall of her bunk twice and then takes a step backwards. Something's got the normally overly-lax marine spooked. "I'll see you later, okay?"

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