AWD #252: Doctors with Guns
Doctors with Guns
Summary: Two doctors and two marines meet in the firing range. Results are mixed.
Date: 15/Sep/2013
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Firing Range - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
With ten different bays, the firing range can accommodate quite a few shooters with about two dozen spectators or trainees behind them. At 25 yards, the targets can be brought forward or pushed back up to the stops before the inclined plating designed to deflect rounds up. The lighting can be dimmed down to nothing for use with night vision or flashlights, also. A large sign overhead denotes the requirement of both eye and ear protection, as well as the prohibition of all ammunition except rubber or frangible. However, there are no firearms stored here. All firearms and ammunition must be checked out from the Marine Armory in the Security Hub.
AWD #252

With a look on her face that expresses both intense concentration and a look of not exactly mild distaste, Sam is carefully reloading the gun under the watchful eye of the marine observing the action in the firing range. She does so with careful precision, though absolutely no real 'speed' in doing so, but with measured movements that further convey ill-ease with the process. A set of ear protectors are, at present, resting around her neck and not over her ears as she finishes reloading, because that's part of this -remember how to do all this- segment of her week before she eyes the target at the end of the lane that she's standing in. "Should have had more coffee," she remarks, to no one specifically, "or less," considered with a frown.

Amos is rapidly becoming a familiar face in the firing range. He's there daily, and in his brief time aboard the Orion has only not appeared when confined to sickbay. It's pistol work today by the look of it, and a box of rubber bullets. The range marshall offers him a nod as he arrives, to note that his presense has been noted and then he moves towards one of the free bays. Spotting the occupied lane he offers a friendly, "good morning Captain," when he sees she's reloading rather than firing, then moves to set his things down in the next lane along. In addition to the ear defenders and safety specs, he also has a helmet rigged for nightvision under one arm, but seeing as there's others using the area he sets that down on the floor for now.

With a conscious movement that angles the business end of the gun toward the floor before she turns away from the target she's been eye-balling, Sam tilts her head in a nod, "Good morning in return, Captain," while glancing curiously at the helmet that he's set on the floor before back up again. "Those aren't required right, the helmet I mean? I"ve worn a helmet when going on missions but never in the range, though arguably a helmet seems like a rather fantastic idea," this last is said in a rather speculative tone of voice. "Would reduce injuries to eyes and the face in general, debris and detrius tend to move at accelerated speed and expansive trajectory in situations where weapons are being employed in the first place. Hmm."

Amos follows Sam's gaze to the helmet then shakes his head to answer her question. "No Captain, they are not required. I was just going to get them to turn the lights off for a while, but it can wait until you are finsihed." As he talks he works on loading his pistol, something which he seems familiar enough with to do almost automatically while conversing, although he does just leave her to it when she starts to speculate. Once the weapon is ready he sets it down carefully, then glances down range and adjust the target to the furthest range before reaching for the PPE that is required. "If you'll excuse me one moment, I should check that everything is working correctly," and with that, he picks up the gun again, keeping it pointed down range at all times, and lets of a short, tight burst of three bullets.

Sharing another nod with Amos, Sam fits her ear protection in place once more, flexes her left hand once, twice, gives her hand a brief shake as well before she settles the gun into her hand once more and steadies herself to line up on the target. As with most things that, for her, involve weaponry she takes longer time than really necessary to run through the steps but it's with that careful precision that suggests that she's concentrating very very intently before firing at the target at the end of the lane.

Brina's on duty and patrolling the various corridors and departments strolled through and peeked into to assure everything is alright. Her path eventually brings her here and she steps in, quietly observing for now. Despite not being here with practice in mind she is given a set of ear protection to slide over her head. An advantageous place to watch is found and assumed where she merely observes for now.

Amos seems content enough that he gun is working properly, then takes a moment to set his stance and eye the target before he snaps off a few more bursts, some aimed at the head, so the torso. They all hit, although the expression on his face suggests that he's not over the moon about his groupings. Once the clip is empty he flicks the switch to bring the target closer, so he can get a better look and as it moves, glances over to Sam to see if she's finsihed firing yet or if he's best still keeping the protectors on.

Lowering the gun after firing off the first set of rounds, Sam eyes the target with a look of mild speculation before moving one shoulder then the other and setting her stance once again. She consciously angles her body again, relaxes her right shoulder and adjusts her grip, exhales again while listening for the muffled sounds of other rounds being fired from the lane that the captain nearby is working in. Another minute adjustment of her stance, trying NOT to consciously squint down the lane before firing off the next set of rounds she wants to practice with, taking her time to work though the rest until the clip is empty and she lowers the gun and methodically follows the steps to eject the empty clip, safety first and all before taking off her ear protection and rubbing the back of her neck with her free hand.

"Good thing this isn't a gun fight, Captain. You'd be shit out of luck if it were for real." The good natured jab at Amos comes from O'Connell who is still watching, the grin on her face growing wider by the moment. Poor Captain. Getting shit from the enlisted. Samtara is watched intently as well but she's spared being lipped off at.

Amos slips his ear defenders off as Sam removes hers. He eyes his own target with a practiced eye before galncing briefly at her's. Making no comment on her placings he starts work reloading his clip with more rubber bullets and sends his target back down range again. "Almost time to renew your certs Captain?" he asks conversationally as he works, it's the usual reason that non-jarheads are seen in the range after all. Then, without turning round, and with quiet obviously mock indignation "watch it O'Connell, or I'll have you babysitting the good doctor through her re-cert, with double duty if she fails."

Mahasti is quiet, slipping in to find people. Ah crap. She checks out her pistol and rubber bullets, moving to a queue "I'm admittedly surprised to see you here." she comments at Sam, setting the gun on the ledge to put on her safety goggles and her ear protectors. She watches Amos for a moment "Good morning sirs." she murmurs, taking a moment to stretch her arms a bit.

"In a fight, I'd probably have hit everything but the target in front of me, potentially the nearest tree and only the gods know what else.," Sam volunteers her own critique, shaking her left hand again as she turns and aims a wry grin at the Lance Corporal. "I think he just threatened you with scut duty, O'Connell, and I don't think you've done anything to warrant that, right?" a hint of amusement in her tone of voice even as she turns back to give Ommanney a nod, paired with that wry smile, "Indeed. And it's just so absolutely my favorite thing," dry humor that turns to a quiet chuckle at Mahasti slips into the range. "It was start practicing again or end up having some kid walking me through the baby steps again," not her preference, as her tone of voice indicates. "And I figured since I was both big bird AND a giraffe," another grin at Mahi, "I could soldier up and just come practice again."

Brina grins, the impish nature of her sense of humor showing through, that being when she finds herself egged on by Samtara. "No, sir. I don't think I did anything to merit double duty." Not that it matters. Amos can give her all the extra duty he wants and for no reason if he decides to. "I was just poking a bit of fun at you, Captain," she adds to Amos, not exactly apologizing but kind of doing so at the same time. "But hey. We can't allo be good at everything, right?" The teasing ceases with Mahasti joins and she waves, surpressing the urge to cough in embarrassment over being caught giving Amos grief. "Hey, sir."

"I wouldn't worry too much about it Captain," Amos offers with an amused smile to Samtara, "I'll just have to remember to put you in the front when we're next up against ranks and ranks of centurians. Doesn't matter which one you hit then, just so long as it's one of them." Mahasti is given a nod and a "good morning Lieutenant, re-cert time for you as well? My, looks like O'Connell will be busy." Slipping his ear defenders back on he fires off another couple of bursts, seemingly much happier with those than the previous. Safety on and weapon down again he glances back towards the MP, "you were saying Lance Corporal?"

Sam is about to ask for more rubber bullets, because honestly that's a funny phrase, when a nurse pops rather unexpectedly into the firing range. "Crewman McGregor's temperature spiked to 104," the nurse says and Sam abruptly turns in her practice stuff to the marshal in charge of such things. "Appendectomy," she says in a quiet aside to Mahasti to explain why she's bolting abruptly, "excuse me," she says in general and hurries after the nurse.

Mahasti points at Sam with her right hand "Giraffe legged chimera." she offers towards Samtara. She takes a breath, considering her posture. "I don't get your refusal to improve Captain Nadir. I get so embarassed when I look like an imbecile." she admits, the soft influction of her accent emphasizing certain vowel tones over others. "If you out shoot me, I'll do your entire scrub load for the week." she taunts towards Sam - incentive for good performance. "I had thought your favorite thing was vomit or pilot genital checks?" she asks towards Sam, observing Brina for a moment. "What is wrong with double duty? I do doubles all the time. If I didn't need sleep I'd simply stay in the sickbay all hours of the day." ,but, that would be more because she volunteers for them and actually likes them. "We may not be able to be good at everything, but, we should be good at everything we do in public." she comments, idly, loading her pistol properly and visualizing her target. "No, my certs are all up to date. All of them. Even CPR, heimlich, and general CPR. I believe my 'Elios Beta Violinist guild membership may be out of date though?" she offers, with a precise little grin. She raises the pistol, thumbing the safety before firing at the target precise wise. "Seeya Samtara." she calls over her shoulder, lowering the pistol quietly.

Brina leans around exaggeratedly, her mouth held in a thoughtful purse. "Not bad. For an old man, that is." She gives her fellow Marine a wink, officially done with taunting him and pressing her luck at the same time. "You're very good, Captain. And my apologizes for the shit talking. I really didn't mean anything by it." The one doc rushing off has her falling quiet but then she shakes her head, chuckling. Such is the life of those who are medical personnel, it seems. "How are you, Doc," she asks Mahasti, cordial.

Amos watches Sam leave in silence, then turns back to his fellow marine, not looking like he's taken her comments as anything but banter. "Old man I might be," he retorts with a wry smile, "but I'm an old man who's still stood here after more firefights than you've had hot dinners. Honestly, youth of today…" Shaking his head slightly he checks how many rounds he has left in his clip, then takes it out and starts filling it again, watching Mahasti's target as he does so. "Not bad Lieutenant," he offers with an appraising nod, the, louder, "looks like you might be in luck O'Connell."

Mahasti eyes Brina "Watch the old comments, he isn't THAT much older than me!" she scolds with a smile. She adjusts her posture. "I'm surprised she didn't send me, I get the fever victims." she admits, grinning. "I've got a long way to go before I'm anywhere near proficient enough, sir." she offers towards Amos, voice a bit loud now. "If you have any suggestions, let me know. I don't ever want to be caught with my pants down unless I'm displaying a full moon to the cylons." she offers to Amos with a wink, chuckling just a little bit.

Phew. The Captain has a sense of humor. Makes Brina very happy although she could very easily have Sergeant Yrnr to make up for it if Amos didn't. Leaning her hip against one of the bulkhead supports, the younger woman resuming her watch. "If anyone needs help with target practice I can help with that between my being on duty and my physical therapy sessions, sir."

With Mahasti asking for suggestions and Brina volunteering to help, Amos merely motions one to the other and states simeply, "then I'll let the pair of you sort of timings around your own schedules then." Job done it would seem. His own clip now full he slots it home, slips his ear defenders back on and empties it down range. Not his greatest ever, but it'd have done the job were this a real situation.

Mahasti seems quiet for a long moment "I generally ask Gunnery Sergeant Stone for help. He tends to know how to fire me up and has come to understand my limits." she offers, then again, she's been working out with the lower end marines as hard as she can physically since early August. This isn't a secret. "My schedule is flexible so long as my work gets done, however, I'm on call twenty four hours a day." she offers "Patients don't try to die neatly on my shift, it is quite bothersome." she offers towards Brina and Amos with a grin. She holds her gun up, focusing her attention for a second to fire off three shots - aiming for the head. Her posture is a bit formal and stiff but proper and admittedly by the books.

There's a bit of nodding from Brina but then Mahasti mentions training with someone else, that getting her to look at Amos a moment who gets a shrug. "I'd hate to undo anything Stone migh've accompished with the doctor's training. "But if she needs someone to help I'll get with her between everything else." Hopefully Stone won't mind a little tagteam where shooting lessons go.

"I'll leave it for you to sort with the sergeant then," Amos replies to Brina with an understanding nod. Glancing down range again he then checks his target, then looks across to Mahasti as she continues shooting. As he's relaly wanted to crack on with his night vision practice he ejects the clip form his gun, closes the box of ammo and then reaches down to collect the prepared helmet from the floor. "If you'll excuse me," he offers to Mahasti and Brina, "I have other duties to attend to." Signalling to the marshall that he's leaving he then turns and makes for the door. He'll come back later, when he can set the conditions as he chooses without bothering others.

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