AWD #249: Do You Have a Moment?
Do You Have a Moment?
Summary: Lleufer seeks out a conversation with Amos, recieves both good and bad news in return.
Date: 12/Sep/2013
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Lleufer Amos 
Battalion HQ - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The headquarters of Third Battalion, Eighth Marines is the primary command location for all Marines associated with Task Force NOMAD. The walls and desks are covered with maps, photos, and satellite imagery. Secure phones are bolted to each bulkhead, and for added insurance, each desk possesses its own encrypted wireless unit with its own independent wiring. The small room is always manned by a wireless operator and a duty sergeant, though it tends to explode with activity during duty hours.
AWD #249

--As happens now and then, Sergeant Ynyr has pulled duty in the HQ. There was some screwup down on Piraeus that made him late getting back from an overnight outing to which Sergeant Knox claimed the blame, but Lleufer is back now. The Aerilon is seated at one of the desks, speaking to someone who's come in to hand in a report, "I'll take care of it, see the paperwork goes where it needs to. I'm up to inventory the arms lockers anyway this next week. Like to have it seen to before then." The Corporal thanks the Sergeant and heads bcak out. Lleu picks up a cup of coffee to take a sip as he glances over the requisition form before he pulls up the appropriate entry page on his comp to input the request.

Amos does not, it appears, spend his entire day in HQ. He does however seem to spend just about all his time in his greens for that what's he's wearing. Again, or still, who knows. As he enters HQ and heads for the desk that seems to have become his own he diverts briefly to pour himself a coffee, then settles down to see just what has managed to be shunted onto his shoulders over night. Paperwork, not why he joined the corp, but it has to be done.

That's all right. Ynyr about lives in his greens as well, though when on duty he has his added MP accessories and brassard, sidearm on his belt. Lleufer glances up at the new arrival, "Captain," he greets. His fingers continue the inputting though typing is slightly awkward for his little finger on his left hand still isn't very usable. For a couple more minutes Lleu gives the requisition request his attention until he's completed the input and saved it. Then he leans back in his chair, "Sir, do you have a moment?"

"Sergeant," Amos replies, glances over towards Lleufer as he speaks before offering with a faint simle, "made it back in one piece this time then?" Greetings dispensed with he settles back and manages to shift a fair amount of the work that's been given him becuase 'he's the new guy' back to where it should actually be and start on what concerns him before Lleufer addresses him again. Not looking immediately he answers with a distracted "one moment," then finishes reading the sheet and scrawls something vaguely signature like at the bottom. Then he sets his pen down and glances over towards the MP, "alright, what's on your mind?"

It gives him the excuse to get up from his desk, pop his back, then take his cup over for a refill, "Yeah, turns out Knox has this place set up out overlooking Foxbat Bombing Range where you get a great view of the airwings doing their ordinance runs down on Piraeus." Cup warmed, Lleu comes to stand and lean against Amos's desk, "What's on my mind is Lance Corporal O'Connell and her performance at the SABER site assault on Picon, sir. I'd like to write her up to reccomend her for a commendation, only … I really don't know what would be appropriate for her actions. I couldn't have planted those charges without her watching my back."

Leaning back in his chair as Lleufer speaks, Amos makes a vague gesture to one of the other chairs to let the MP know that's he's welcome to sit should he so desire. "Sounds like an interesting view," replies after a sip of coffee, "assuming you trust the flyboys that is." His tone is light, almost conversational even, but then turns a shade more serious as the conversation turns to actual business. "A worthy consideration," he answers after a brief pause, "you are more than welcome to of course Sergeant, if you so desire, but," there's always a but isn't there. Although by the slight smile on his features this one might not be one of the usual hurdles. "I feel that before you set aside some of your time to do so, that you should be made aware that a recommendation has already been passed on regarding the Lance Corporal's actions in that affair."

Lleufer lets out a breath, glad to get out of even one more page of paperwork, but determined he'd push through it if he could figure out how best to go about it. His mouth eases into a smile, "Good. I was real worried about her. Hadn't worked with her before but she did real well." Lleu lifts a hand to idly rub at an itchy spot on his ear, "I'd hoped we'd get in more quietly, you know. But soon as we got up to that fence I saw they were going to spot us as one of their patrols was turning even then to come down the fence towards us from the north side. We had no cover to fall back to, no way to hide the cut fence. So I knew we only had maybe a minute to get our asses through and make a run for it. Sure as hell didn't want to get spotted still stuck outside of the fence." He never had explained what went wrong with the plan. "Anyway, if you think I should write another one up anyway to give the first reccomendation support, I'll do that, sir."

"I suspect it couldn't hurt," Amos replies and a moment's thought, "if you'd like I can dig out a copy of the one that's already gone. Might save you some time what with your classes and such." Although not right now it would seem, right now is for another swig of coffee and consideration on how to address the issues of that particualr mission. "I'd hoped we'd get in quieter too," he admits easily enough, "but there were too many surprised. Too many things we weren't aware of and hadn't planned for, and then there's the air support issue." He doesn't elaborate on that, figuring Lleufer has enugh of a tactical mind to keep up. "I'll shoulder my own part of the blame for not checking the prep work before taking you all out there, but while I'm here I intend to make sure that such a poorly planned action never occurs again. I'll be frank and say that I think we're damn lucky we didn't loose someone," most likely the MPs, "due to the lack of planning and preperation."

"Yeah, seconded. Colonel Spree /had/ said we'd have air support and then we didn't. Or maybe she meant later, for the actual invasion." Ynyr thins his mouth, "I'm used to following my orders and not taking part in the actual planning. Then again, I was trained to be an MP, not a full on front line combat soldier. "The Adar setup on Caprica really wasn't any better and we only got our butts out of there alive because Corporal Baca saw how bad our chances were and tried her best to do something about that. I still think Major Janovic's people could have gotten off their asses and helped us out more with a diversion. Apparently that mission was very important but not so much getting us back out." The Sergeant is decidedly not pleased about that. "Agreed, we need to do our own planning and not make assumptions on what we'll have to back us up, sir. And better intel. We can't afford the losses with so few resources."

"Or maybe she meant for the clear up after we took out the DRADIS," Amos speculates for a moment before dismissing the thread, "what ever she meant though, we know we'll need to get clarification next time." He takes another sip of coffee as the Caprica mission is mentioned then purses his lips slightly. "I'm sorry if you got that impression Sergeant, but I can tell you that we did the best we could with the limited resources available to us at the time. Most of the resistance groups that a month or so we'd have had backing you up were infiltrated and destroyed, or worse, disappeared and returned jacked. You got what we could manage."

Lleufer hadn't known that about the resistance cells. "Major Jankovic wasn't offering any reasons. Sorry for those losses. I remember, soon as they picked us up, they made us roll up our sleeves to check the inside of our left biceps to see if any of us had been jacked. A wise precaution." Ynyr shifts his jaw before he adds quite low, "I put a reccomendation in for LC Basca right after that mission. Hadn't heard anything back on it, but … I nominated posthumusly for the Colonial Order of Honor." Lleu watches Amos, "Probably didn't go through. Too bad."

"It's not just the cylons we have to watch out for Caprica," Amos replies, grimly. "I wasn't joking with Sergeant Knox when I spoke about prices on people's heads and there is no shortage of those who'd like to claim them." Not a particularly happy though, but such is life in the occupied areas. Nodding to the coment about checking for jacks he adds, "and just to depress you further, "our best estimates is seventy to eighty thousand Jacks, although you'll likely not find anyone willing to bet against that being a low estimate, possibly very low, given the rate they've been increasing by lately" He lets that news settle in for a moment then moves back to the comments about Baca, "if there is no word in a week, then I'll chase it up and see what's become of it. Same with Lance Corporal O'Connell."

Yes, those are sobering numbers. Ynyr gives a grim nod, "I hope to Gods we won't be too late again, like we were on Pallus. Every passing day … yet we have to plan and do things carefully." Lleu twists his mouth and looks at his cup of coffee, "Anyway, please do send me a copy of what you know was submitted for O'Connell, sir. I'm sure I didn't write up Baca's worth a damn since I really don't know what I'm doing." He smiles thinly, "I should get back to my duties and let you get back to yours. Thanks, Captain."

"You'll have a copy by the end of your shift," Amos states with a faint nod, likely before, but it'll depend on factors not entirely under his control. Eying the work awaiting him he agrees that it's probably time to get back to it and offers in parting, "good day Sergeant," before draining the remains of his cup and setting it aside so he can get on.

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