ALT #339: Do You Fight Professionally?
Do You Fight Professionally?
Summary: Talk of 'before' and 'after' in the fitness centre.
Date: 11/Dec/2013
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Alysibeth Toby Fischer 
Fitness Center - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
AWD #339

After walking about on the ship day in and day out, Alysibeth is in the fitness center on a nautilus machine working out, more than just her leg muscles this time. She is outfitted in a simple fitness exercise outfit of t-shirt and shorts with sneakers on her feet. The sweat band on her head keeps her hair that is now down out of her face. She is sweating a bit so once in awhile she grabs up her towel to wipe off and a sip of her water from its bottle. Not too many are at the fitness center as the evening rolls on.

Toby may be spending a lot of time on planet of late, but the lack of space down there right now means he's still sleeping in his bunk and thus, returning to the ship each evening. He's a little earlier up today than normal though, and there's still time to kill before it's time to call it a night. As such, he needs something to do and, perhaps rather predictably, he's decided to kill the time in the fitness centre. He's dressed in hi sweats, although he seems to have discarded the the hooded top somewhere along the way, and walks in part way through wrapping his hand and knuckles in protective bandaging. This does mean he isn't wearing his normal black gloves, but nor does he seem to be aiming for the store of boxing gloves. His fellow knuckledragger is given a brief nod as he spots her, but then he's on his way to the punch bags, the heavy ones.

Alysibeth hears movement to her right so her head turns in that direction. She spots him in return, giving him a grin. "Do you fight professionally?" When she has a moment, she gives a wave to him. The nautilis machine stops so she can get off. "It is good to see you again." She doesn't talk much because she doesn't want to interrupt his training or exercise. Her steps take him to the right side of his mat to watch him.

Finsihing wrapping one hand and starts on the next as he watches Alysibeth approach. He's just about done as he speaks, and gives the bag a gentle push with a closed fist while he listens, it's been a few days at least since he's giving it any attention, and best get used to any changes before he starts putting too much force behind his blows. At the question about fighting he shakes his head once, one eye on the bag, one on her, "only if you count this war I guess. There was the odd bar brawl before.. " before what doesn't really need to be said, it's just become a general 'before' "and occasionally putting a marine or two in their place." He glances down to the mats at his feet, just in case she was wondering what their place might be. "Mostly it's just a way of killing time, or letting of steam. Youknow how it is."

Alysibeth watches him avidly, "No, I don't know how it is. I don't usually let off steam. If I'm upset, I sing about it or I get lost in repairing something." She bites her bottom lip. "What is so much fun about brawling? You can be injured severely that way." There is confusion in her face. "Don't you worry that the right blow to your head could cause more than just a concussion?"

Apparently content that there aren't any odd lumps in the bag that might threaten his hands Toby takes a half step or so back so he can warm up his shoulders and elbows without actually hitting the thing. That comes next. Alysibeth gets a briefly surprised look as she replies but he isn't going ot argue it, choosing instead to consider it for a moment then states, "I guess singing is your release then." He runs a few stretches through on one arm, then switches to the other. "Never found yourself just wanting to re-arrage someone's face though? Keeps things less complicated keeping a lid on it until you've got one of these infront of you mind." He reaches one arm forwad to tap the bag gently with his knucles, "picture their face and go. That or just get lost on the rhythm of it, it's a good work out on its own too." Stepping back up to start on low impact blows he considers the question about concussions and such. "Not really, same as I don't worry about falling out of my bunk and smashing my head open on the deck, or getting caught in a hot landing with no safe shelter. Shit happens, the last year has proved that, no point refusing to take a risk becuase it might backfire, that's no way to live."

"Singing is something I love to do, just like repairing something. I knew someone when I was younger who did repairs on small electronics. I was shown schematics and taught lessons about electrical hardware. It became a perfect match for me so I took classes in mechanical engineering, avionics and even ordnance. I had this fascination about weaponry, well more the operation of it and not the shooting part." Alysibeth grins softly. "Once in awhile does my work frustrate me. And even sometimes singing frustrates me." Then she shakes her head, "I'm quite tolerant of people. I'm an Aquarian and quickly I had to learn tolerance of others because of the Summer fests." She snorts softly, "As a child, I would get riled up by the way others acted and spoke, but as I grew I learned to understand more about other people. Their words, feelings and actions stopped bothering me." She shrugs her shoulders, "Well some precaution isn't too much to ask. Just taking too much risk seems rather deadly."

Toby is Tauran. His accent says it, his tattoos say it, his temper says it and it's hardly something he makes any show to hide either. He has precisely no idea what an Aquarian summer fest invovles, but he nods slowly anyway, figuring it must involve lots of people in a small area for a while or somesuch. He still keeps thepace of his punches slow, very much still in the warmup phase of his workout. "Must admit," he offers, in the usual laconic manner he has when talking about his past, "wasn't much of one for classes myself. More of an 'on the job' type. As for frustrations though, well, this is how I work 'em out, but to each their own." He slowly starts to increase the level of force he's putting into his blows as he asks, "hows the deck? Still keeping busy?"

Alysibeth is standing a few feet from him while he exercises with the punching bag. "Summer fest swells the city more than double-fold. Lots of lights, glitter, tourists and a whole lot of chances for chaos. As a local, I learned who the vendors and entertaners were quickly so I knew who was safe to go to. I kept from those who were far too drugged up that they couldn't speak coherently. Very bad crowd that often ended up in the hospital." She goes on explaining Summer Fest in Aquaria. "Then just the rowdy audience that at times became a mob which had to be calmed down. I stuck to the stages or the food vendors, helping where I can. Plus I got free food that way." She nods to him a few times, "Well three viper's have been outfitted with their weapons. And I have two raptors to work on in the next day or so. I also have a lot of junk parts that I'm trying to figure out which is reusable or which will become an art sculpture."

Toby ahhs quietly as Alysibeth explains, nodding a couple fo times at the descriptions given. "Nearest city to me was Antioch," he states, "but that was hardly close. Didn't have anything like that though, least wise not that I recall." It's possibile that a careful listener might pickup a hint of bitterness in his tine there, but he moves on quickly. "If it's viper parts they'll likely want 'em for the factory. Either reuse 'em for new birds or melt 'em down for reuse the metal." He's speculating there mind, it not being his area at all, "sounds like things are ticking along as normal though. Thats good."

Alysibeth furrows her brows as her head tilts. "Well if ever we get a chance to swing by Aquaria again, I'll show you about Summer Fest. Mind you, you may feel very penned in. The crowds are enormous but I have no doubt you could just glare in their direction to get them to give you space." She grins. "Well not all the parts I have are metal. Most are plastic or a composite of ceramic and platic. Not something to melt back down. But good for making into something silly, I suppose." She shakes her head, "I don't know about the rest of the hanger bay, just the stuff I work on. I have been working on the backlog for a few days with about twelve hour stretches. I am not sure what the others are doing. Do you?"

Toby mutters something that might possibly be a 'thanks' but it's hard to tell, his attention is certainly focused forward for a few moments as his mind flicks elsewhere briefly. Then, blinking back into focus again offers a faint smile, "can't say I spent any time on other worlds but yeah, probably should do my bit to remind people why they shouldn's mess with Taurans now there's less of us to cover everywhere." Yeah, there might be a smile there, and he might be trying to keep it light, but it's a smile that doesn't reach his eyes as he moves on once more. "Yeah, your wiring and frak ain't going to melt well is it. Guess I spend too much time with the airframe guys, I'm starting to think it's just my lot and them. Mind you, one of the ECOs has a nice line in whittling wood, you could try something similar with your plastics?"

Fischer steps into the fitness center, looking around for a few moments as he moves over toward the treadmills now. Moving a bit slowly, looking a bit tired, but his expression still looks quite content now.

Alysibeth grins wider. "Well, I think people will be fascinated by you on Aquaria. Aquarians also like meeting different people. Well, I do but I'm not as social as many of the others." She snorts softly, "Well I can't have wiring all held up by lots of metal else it can disrupt the whole electrical system. Much of it is held by lightweight ceramic and composite material. Plus a very thick hard plastic is use in the areas that don't hold heat in." She asks him, "I only know stories about Sagittaron, my birthplace. And I've lived on Caprica for my studies before enlisting. I've not visited other places. So what is Tauron like?"
When Fischer enters, she looks up to where she hears the movement. Her hand goes up in a wave to him out of politeness.

Toby flicks his eyes to Fischer as he spots the marine, and gives the man a brief nod as Alysibeth offers a wave. He starts pushing both the pace and force of his workout now though, fists impacting on the bag with dull thuds every few moments. It means it's harder to look at hsi fellow tech as she speaks, but he does flick his eyes across from time to time to let her know that he is still paying attention to what she's saying. "Never been their either," he offers when she mentions Sagittaron, "nor Caprica, I msut admit. Not greatly travelled I'm afraid." For a while though, there's no reply to her final question, maybe he hadn't heard it? Nope, actually, there's a short, but marked increase in his punches which then dies off before he stops entirely and puts one hand to the sides of the bag to stop it's swing. Able now to turn and give her his attention properly he wipes the sweat from his brow with the wrapping on one hand and gives his answer. "What's Tauron like?" he starts, struggling a little to keep his voice level and together, "last I saw she was doing a fine impression of a nuclear fireball. She's still burning, even after all these months, more like a sun than a planet PO, more like a gorram sun." Yeah, that was hard to say, and now he's done so he turns away again, starting up with the punches again.

"Hey," Fischer greets the others, listening to their words for the moment. Not saying much more, as he offers something of a half-wave in return, he moves onto the treadmill, starting off at a slow walk now.

Alysibeth frowns grimly. "I'm sorry to bring up a sore subject. I meant before." She sighs loudly, "I'm Alysibeth. If you prefer to call me by my rank, I'm okay with that as well but we're not on duty. Some call me Liz, Lizzie, Aliza or Beth. Oh, I forgot, I had one call me Allie." She cringes. "I'm not too fond of Beth either but I put up with that when someone does." She adds, "But you don't have to talk about your homeworld if you don't want to." taking a step back.
To Fischer, "How are you doing?" is the quick question she asks.

Toby keeps his focus on the bag for a few moments longer, venting those frustrations into the canvas until he feels he can actually usefully contribute to the conversation again. His jaw is still slightly clenched though as he offers a nod as the wide array of name options are given, considering for a moment which to use before settling on the first one she gave on the grounds that, well, it was the first. "Toby," he offers in return, a quick sideways glance as he does so, "although most of the lads just use Shackleton. Either works." He has no great preference really, so long as it's not Tobes or Shacks. There's a faint nod as she notes that she's not going to push the topic of conversation but then he lets Fischer take up a new one. Marines have to be good for something right?

Looking up from the treadmill, and his slow steps on it at the moment, Fischer nods as he hears the question. "Me? Quite well at the moment. Got to spend some time down planetside. Took my little girl fishing again." A brief pause, before he adds, "How about you?"

"Toby it is then because that is your first name. More personal, if you don't mind." She asks Toby, "What did you do before enlisting? I know everyone here is from all different walks of life. Sometimes I'm curious as to how they came to Orion."
A wide smile goes to Fischer, "Wonderful. That sounds like you had a great time. Did you catch anything? I'm doing good as long as I'm busy with work." She is an odd-duckling.

Toby gives a brief sort of half-shrug to indicate that he doesn't mind, there's a reason he didn't vocalise the two varients he dislikes after all. "Before Orion?" he paraphrases, still working on the bag infront of him, "I was with Spree's resistance on Picon for a while but then.. well then shit happened." There's a brief sideways glance, although if it's to Fischer or Alysibeth it's likely unclear, "I ended up down on Piraeus and it was either sit down there twiddling my thumbs for the rest of the war or enlist." THe next look is definitely to the marine though as he mentions fishing, asking in a vaguely conversational tone, "that at the lake then?"

Fischer nods, "We only caught one fish this time. Brought it home for her grandmother to cook." A momentary pause, as he takes a few moments to turn up the treadmill's speed now. "Yes, down by the lake. There's a few good spots for fishing there, if you know what to look for."

Alysibeth doesn't intrude in on Toby's personal life now. She isn't one to upset a person. "And you prefered being a deck hand instead of something else? Sounds like you'd be good in other positions here. I'm sure you fight well from what I've seen." A finger wiggles at the punch bag he is using. "No interest in piloting?"
"Was the fish tasty?" asking Fischer. She gives him a few nods. "Don't suppose you could show me those few spots? Be nice to learn to fish and actually catch something."

Toby is not known for his regular appearances by the lake and so merely nods at the answer given, willing to believe it without question, although he does say, "I hear the Admiral fishes there too sometimes, reckon that means it must be good." Alysibeth's query causes a few moments of thought though before he gives a shrug. "The marines can suck m.." he stops himself sharpish there though, with a faintly apolgetic look, now isn't the type of conversation for that level of crude expressions. "Knuckledragging fit best," he rephrases, "I'd done similar work before and I doubt you'd find anyone onboard willing to put my up for officer so there goes piloting. That and they tend to want some kind of education too, fancy degrees and the like to show they know how to push paper around a desk."

Fischer nods, "It was quite tasty, but that might come just as much from the cook, I suppose." A brief pause, as he hears Alysibeth's question now, nodding a little, "I might be able to do that, at some point," he replies. Then looking towards Toby as he listens to the man's words now.

Alysibeth arches a brow, "So just brawling is what you do best or boxing like this? Why not go pro then? Sounds like that would make you feel happier than being a deck hand. We sure appreciate you down there but that doesn't give you the release like this 'knuckledragging' does."
Alysibeth nods her head once, "True, means I'd have to ask how the fish is cook too." then there is a sigh as she steps away from both of them now to find a spot for her to sit. When she plots down on a mat, she drinks a bit of water a little lost in though.

"Depends what the situation calls for I guess," Toby answers with a sideways glance to his fellow, "if someone starts something in a bar I'll use what I need to." He juts his head briefly towards the padded sparring area, "over there, then I generally go fists only. Ain't no pro's around these days though I reckon, I mean, there's a pro-pyramid player in the marine ranks but no games for her to play in now." Slowing up a little so he can wipe some sweat away again, "besides, I'm in this to help kill cylons. Can't do that in here." A faint shrug and then, "I guess you're just going to be stuck with me a while longer."

Fischer turns up the speed once more on the treadmill, before he nods a little at Toby's words. "Yes, there is… I haven't thought about that…" A brief pause, before he adds, "And we're all pros at our work, right? Otherwise we'd probably lost this war already…"

Alysibeth pulls her knees up to lean on them, "Well I mean when this is over, perhaps go pro in brawling. But I do not feel like I'm /stuck/ with you. Do others here feel that?" She chuckles softly, "I am usually hidden in the background, Toby. I come out to play with others once in awhile. I work with them but most just pass me by. You sound like you are unforgettable and not always in the best of light. And I think you like it that way. If I need someone to bodyguard me, I'll count on you. Well for someone is more proficient in fighting than me."
She points a finger at Fischer, "Very true! We are all pros. Because we do get paid and we keep this battlestar running smoothly with the many missions it has going on."

"Something like," Toby replies to Fischer, giving the marine a faint nod as he does so, "something like." Feeling his muscles start to tire he slows his workout a bit more, winding down slowly. "After? I guess we have to see what we have left when all this is done. No point making grand plans yet I don't reckon, anything could happen before we're done." Hmm, cheerful. Then, as he stops punching entirely, "dunno what the others think. You'd have to ask 'em. Reckon Chiefs Rutlii and Martin dispair of me from time to thime though, they might count themselves as stuck with me I guess." Another shrug and he adds, "I don't really give a damn if people remember me or not, I'm just not going to stand there and take any bullshit they might happen to try and spoon out. Part of the reason I don't reckon you'd find anyone putting me up for brass."

Fischer finishes his warmup routine now. "After…" Letting out that word, a bit slowly.

Alysibeth stands up then shrugs her shoulders, "I don't think you're all that bad, Toby for anyone to feel /stuck/ with you. A lot of pain there." There is a sorrowful look on her face when regarding Toby. "And I'm not here to judge since I can likely guess you wouldn't care what I think anyways."
She bows her head to Fischer, "It was good meeting you. I should get back to a few schematics." Her hand goes up to wave at Toby. "Whenever you want to chat. Even if it is chatter over work, I'll be right there. See ya." but already she is singing a song as she leaves the fitness center.

"Strange word isn't it," Toby offers to Fischer, "barely seems real does it. Same with 'before'." Thats about as close as he's going to get to philosophy though and he turns to give Alysibeth a nod to acknowledge her departure. "Catch you round," he offers as he starts a few warm down stretches, then, once he's happy he isn't about to sieze a muscle up, he starts for the exit as well, unwrapping his hands as he does so on the way to a well needed shower.

Fischer nods a bit as he hears the others. "Take care," he offers, before he moves over to one of the other parts of the room, to do some weight training now.

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