AWD #584: Do No Harm
AWD #584: Do No Harm
Summary: Dr. Nadir responds to a request made by the TACCO. A tense conversation follows. Oaths are discussed.
Date: Thursday 26/Jan/2017 (OOC Date)
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Elias Samtara 
Office Compartment - Battlestar Orion
Generic working space.
Sun 13/Aug/2006

One deck up from CIC, and there's the small office compartment where Elias is said to be working. The hatch is closed, and the yellow 'in use' placard is in place beside the door. The usual administrative personnel are at work up here, but that's about all that seems to be going on.

With a perfectly creased slip of paper in on ehand, and a look of grim resolve on her face, Dr. Nadir traverses the ship to the office where the major is reportedly working. She sends a single look around at the staff at work outside the hatch, tugs her uniform jacket with her free hand to make sure everything is squared away, then raps - loudly - on the hatch and waits.

There's a short pause after her knock, then Elias' voice calls out from beyond the hatch, "Enter." Inside he's seated behind the desk, with his clipboard and a stack of papers before him, pen in hand. The smell of stale cigarettes hangs in the air and there are three crushed out butts in the ashtray, but at least he's not smoking right this second. Seeing Samtara, the TACCO stops writing and sits back. "Doctor Nadir. Did we have the medication I requested?"

Stepping over the hatchway, Nadir takes the necessary strides, measured, to th efar edge of the desk before she halts. "Medication is defined as a compound or chemical substance which, in correct doses and accompanying therapy and medical observation improves the quality of life or health of the patient. You asked me for a timed poison with a defined window of opportunity to administer a cure. Lets clarify the terms, Major, so there are no mistakes."

"Yes." Elias makes no bones about agreeing to the definition, even if he didn't choose to phrase it that way. "Do you have it?" he makes a quick check of his wristwatch, mouth turning down in a faint frown. "Time is running a bit short, Doctor."

A subtle flex of her jaw sets the muscle along the right edge to twitching, visibly. "I swore an oath. Do. No. Harm. With my skills, my training, my surgical expertise. I swore an oath. You are asking me to violate my oath. You are asking me to break that bond. Give me a dammed good reason," the words are grated out, "and I mean a damned - good - reason for this request. Otherwise you can find another way to kill our people on your own."

Elias lifts a hand to rub at his face, takes a deep breath, and then slowly lets it out. Only then does he offer a response. "Yes, Doctor. I understand what I'm asking. I wouldn't be asking if it wasn't necessary." He pauses and glances towards the ashtray. "I thought my message was clear? We're going to be in contact with the Cylons. We need to make absolutely certain that … vital personnel aren't taken prisoner. I guarantee no one will be using this 'poison' without full knowledge and consent."

"I told Dr Jimenez that we were honorable. That when we give our word, we keep it. That we are worthy of being helped. That we gave our promise to the Lines, and that we won't betray that word, that promise. I told her that we are worthy of being saved. And you ask me to break my sworn oath, and in the doing, possibly kill the very same people I am sworn to defend," Nadir shakes her head, slowly, each word grated out in a cold anger. "If we break our word, we don't deserve to be saved. We have to earn this," she reaches into one of her pockets and stares down at a small container holding two doses. "Dr. Jimenez has offered me a chance to train, serve and work with her people on the front lines of where they are already fighting their war. And I'm informing you here and now that I'm taking the offer. I'll be asking Dr. Jimenez to serve in my place while I'm gone. You wanted me to be sure not to say or do anything to screw this up? That's a factor. You can ask her, next time, and see what she says," the fury is not quite as controlled in her voice, but she contains it a good 90%. "Make it an order, sir."

Somehow, he seems to have known a lecture was coming. The young Major settles in to listen, folding his hands atop the desk and sets his gaze on the Doctor. The part he didn't expect was the bit about Sam serving with the Arpay. This causes Elias to blink in surprise, and then his lips compress into a thin line. His only obvious response to the Doctor's rising anger is a very weary look, and then a slow nod for her demand. "It is an order," he says in a carefully level tone. "and I take full responsibility, Doctor." The TACCO sits forward and holds out his hand across the desk, palm up. "I haven't been informed that you would be cross training with the Arpay," Elias ads, trying for something less confrontational. "But I wish you the best of luck, Doctor."

"The hell you will," are Nadir's words in return. "I take responsibility for all medical decisions that come through my sickbay and any damn time I dispense so much as a aspirin. I object to this order, sight unseen with regard to the individuals in question. Further, these doses are a general approximation for standard body mass and absorption rate." She leans forward and slaps the pill bottle on the edge of his desk. "And you are being informed, in real time. I will be sure to copy you on all further stages of the process. I'm sure Dr. Jimenez will have a series of official documents to correspond with this transition. If that will be all?"

"Very well," Elias says, his voice curt this time. It's clear he isn't going to argue, but it's taking some effort. There's a glance down at the bottle that is smacked onto desk, then the TACCO looks back up with a grim nod for the warning about the dosing. "Understood." He simply nods again for the expected transition proceess before settling back in his chair, leaving the pills where they lie. There's a rather long pause where Elias says nothing, merely studies Sam with a level look. Then he finally answers her question. "One more thing." His mouth quirks into a small, wan smile. "You disagree with my decision." He tips his head to indicate the poison. "You're angry. I understand, and I apologize. I want you to know that I respect you a great deal, and wherever our paths may lead, and it's been an honor serving with you Doctor." And then he gives a final nod, indicating he is now done. "That is all."

The majors words do not exactly blunt the edge of Nadir's anger so much as turn the key to allow something worse than anger to be glimpsed. Resignation. "We have to earn this, Major. I'm asking you not to do this. Asking. That is all. We have to be worthy of being saved." She unbends enough to run one hand over her face. Weariness visible and maybe a trace of something more brittle than even that. "The process will take a few weeks to prepare for, and - relative time - I should be gone 5 weeks as we measure time. A year, as they measure it." She can't seem to quite hit that neutral tone she normally uses, and settles for something close. "Jimenez says to make you aware that it will be me coming back, but changed." She turns for the hatch then pauses, "The honor has been mine," she adds before shoving the hatch open to step through and close it, with adequate emphasis, behind her

Elias is clearly relieved when the Doctor's anger starts to fade, and there's an acknowledgement of her point with a simple, "Mmm." He seems resolved and unwilling to argue, and his own expression suddenly goes guarded as Sam rubs at her face. There's a thoughtful nod for the relative time she'll be gone, but no protest or comment. He'd rather leave whatever peace they've managed unbroken. "I understand." And then there's a nod farewell, just as she's closing the hatch. "Good bye, Major." Clang.

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