AWD #101: Dissension in the Ranks
Dissension in the Ranks
Summary: There's a domino effect when the death of the recent POW is discussed and misunderstandings are compounded.
Date: 17/April/2013 (OOC Date)
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CAG's Office
A nine foot by none foot office. Most of the floorspace is taken up by a desk and filing cabinets.
AWD #101

As always, Phoenix's office door is open. Coffee is brewing on one of the file cabinets, and several herbs and other similar plants sit happily atop those same cabinets. Phoenix is at his desk, working on the seemingly endless stream of paperwork that comes his way as CAG.

Leading the way, Maia is still dressed in her fatigues, her expression somewhat grim. Stepping inside, she looks around the office, somewhere she'd never spent any time, before her gaze settles on the new CAG. "Sir." Offering a nod, she walks over towards him, "Reporting as ordered."

Similarily dressed, Jason makes his way in a few moments after Maia. "Reporting as ordered, Sir." Looking around the office for a few moments now, he studies the surroundings, before he looks to the CAG, expression a bit distant, it might seem.

"I'd say at ease, but I see you're both already there." Phoenix says with a bit of a teasing half smile. "I'll need names, and ranks." he says as he stands himself and begins to refresh his coffee, opening his personnel files soon after. "Either of you two want some coffee?"

Maia quirks her lips into a half smile, relaxing marginally in response to the teasing smile from the CAG. "Maia Kane, Lieutenant Junior Grade." Speaking for herself, but looking back at Jason briefly and offering a nod in greeting to him as well. "Coffee sounds like a life saver, especially coffee that smells as good as all that."

"Springthorpe, Jason Evander. Lieutenant, junior grade. Service number three-six-eight oh-six nine-five-six-seven, sir," Jason says, perhaps a little more formally than intended. Relaxing a bit as that is said, he considers for a few moments. "Some coffee sounds rather good now, sir." Offering a nod and a smile in greeting to Maia.

Phoenix's coffee- beyond being fresh- has an herbal addition of some type that gives it a sort of almost floral slight sweetness, despite being dark as night. Two mugs are poured, placed on the desk near Maia and Jason, the CAG refreshing his own as he finds the files he seeks. He sits, nodding towards the chairs opposite him as he opens one and reads through it. MAia's file is first in his hands. "Take a seat." he says to both. "This is largely informal. A meet and greet."

Without waiting for a second invitation, Maia walks over to the chair furthest and has a seat, tucking her booted feet underneath the chair. "Thank you, Sir. Smells good." Lifting the mug, she takes in the aromatic fragrance of the dark brew. "So contrary to popular belief, nothing terrible?" Leaving the seats beside her empty for the others.

Jason nods a little as he seats himself at the other seat now. "Thank you, sir." Taking a sip of the coffee, he looks around the room once more, before he offers a smile. "Tastes good too."

Vadim can only take so much time left rotting in sickbay. This morning when he woke up, he was found that his collarbone and shoulder didn't hurt as nearly as much as it was yesterday, so he was able to convince the doctor on duty to give him an early parole, albeit he's been stuck putting his right arm in a sling. But he's still here, in his durty uniform. And that's around the point he pokes his head inside the hatchway to the CAG office. "Room for one more, Sir?"

"I need to meet my pilots if I'm going to potentially order you into deadly situations. You need to look me in the eye and see my seriousness. Its a matter of respect- for you, and for me." Phoenix replies, "Lets start with you, Lieutenant Kane. Tell me about yourself." he nods towards Jason. "My thanks. Its not the rocket fuel that Colonel Petra seems to enjoy, but it gets the job done." He looks up towards the newcomer. Luckily, Phoenix has three chairs across from his single behind the desk. "Always. Take a seat, Name and Rank and we can get these meetings out of the way. Coffee?" Phoenix asks of Vadim, while he stands once more to begin searching files.

"Yeah?" Maia queries to Jason about the coffee, but she doesn't take a sip yet, too hot, though her hands remain wrapped around the cup. Comfortable now in her seat furthest away from the door, she regards the CAG, until another walks in and she glances over, noticing Vadim. "Captain, you make an early escape hm? It's good to see you getting around well." Okay, back to the CAG. "I'm a Raptor pilot. At the moment. I'm working on earning the cross qual, learning to pilot a Viper as well. I prefer Predators lately though my first love will always be the Raptor." About herself… hmm. "Ah," there's a moment's pause while he searches files, but then she forges on anyway. "I'm up for any mission you want to put me in, regardless of what it is." She doesn't go into her more personal records. They are all in her file.

"There's coffee?" A freckled face framed by blonde braids peers into the hatchway, and then she leans against it, her flight suit stripped down so her tank tops are visible, tied off at the waste. Ygraine's big blue eyes are hopeful. "I heart coffee. Hey Big Boss." this to Vadim. "Bigger Boss." Phoenix.

Jason nods a bit as he listens at the moment, sipping his coffee. Vadim gets a nod in greeting, and a half-smile, before he looks back in the direction of the CAG now. Taking another sip from the coffee, before he looks to Ygraine as he hears her. "Good coffee too," he offers.

"Certainly, Sir. Ioselovich, Vadim A. Captain, serial number 842-73-4201." Vadim rattles much like he's done for the past twenty plus years having the job. "Considering I've been drinking nothing be water in sickbay, anything would be better at this point, sir." Taking a seat next to Maia, he nods at her. "I was able to convince the doctor that I'm not beyond being put on light duty until the sling comes off.

"That's good to hear, Lieutenant." Phoenix replies, "Trained in Raptors myself, though as an ECO. Used to do some training over at Leonis. Plenty of good pilots went through there. I'm told my Survival throwdowns were both loved and hated." Largely, because Phoenix is *way* into survival- and his knowledge of bushcraft and hunting made most every night a cook-out. If you could handle the bugs. "I do try to keep a fresh pot going when I'm in the office." Rumor has it he's *always* in the office. "You'll need to find a chair, I've only got three." The CAG says as he nods towards the three now filled chairs, with a nod to Yggy. "Coffee will be here when when you come on back with a chair of your own." He places down two more mugs- one for Vadim, the other for Yggy. "I wasn't expecting a whole party of you, but we'll manage." The Gentleman CAG of Orion nods to Vadim, finds the file and pulls out Yggy's as well. Four new files on his desk. "Now, Lieutenant Kane- back to business." he says, with a quiet smile. "Tell me your feelings on the current events on Orion."

Ygraine hears the magic words, and those magic words are survival throwdown. She perks, even prior to pouring her coffee, and seems ill inclined to drag a chair in. She just picks a clear section of hull and leans, bracing the sole of one foot against it for support once she's fetched coffee for herself.

Remaining silent while the CAG tells her about himself, she offers a nod here and there, letting him know she's listening. As soon as Vadim has a seat, she glances over and grins in response to the diagnosis. "Sounds good." Though her attention is quickly back on the CAG. At the last 'invitation', she stiffens. Nothing like being put on the spot. "Events? Last night I helped deliver the prisoners to Picon in which one of the prisoners, a pilot, an ECO and a Marine were all killed by unfriendly fire, Sir. The day before that I was out with the Captain and Squire over Picon in a Predator, offering air support. If you're talking about the meals in the mess, I protest. If you're speaking of the Tribunal regarding the skinjobs, I have the most unpopular opinion to that and would prefer keeping it to myself. Sir." Well.. he asked.

There's a bit of a pause as he listens to the CAG's words about himself, Jason shrugs a little, although there's a brief pause at the mention of the survival throwdowns. He listens to the rest of what's being said, unable to hold back a chuckle as Maia mentions the meals in the mess, before he goes quiet again, glancing between the others present, and taking a small sip of his coffee.

Slipping into the office, having just come off of Alert 5 but still dressed in his flight suit as he throws a quick salute and settles into a nice quiet spot, chewing on his gum casually as Tavin joins the meeting.

There's something of a frown on Vadim's face when Maia brings up the topic of the skinjobs. Something that could border on unsettling, but the frown seems to make up for that just fine. But until it's his turn, looks like he's not going to share on the matter. The Captain doesn't appear to be in any kind of hurry to speak up. And while he may not exactly be 'new' in terms of how long he's been on the Orion, being sociable on the ship is. So being quiet looks be to second nature to him.

Kelsey follows Tavin in, still in her own suit. Medevac flight from Picon or something. She's got all of her gear and her helmet dangles in her left hand. She glances around to everyone and steps to a corner to avoid getting in the way.

"Huh." Phoenix says, largely to himself as half his wing seems to show up in short order. "If you all want coffee, someone will need to grab some more mugs from the mess. I only keep five." he says, as he looks over. "I had hoped to get you all together privately, as that idea seems to have flown the coop, I'll play it by ear. How about the lot of you ask questions of me."

Not really having any questions to ask, Tavin remains one of those faces in the crowd types, all quiet and only observing things for now.

So off the hot seat. Maia visibly relaxes. Questions for the CAG? A grin flashes across her face. "What are your feelings on the current events on Orion." Countering with the exact same question.

Trying to think of some kind of question now, Jason shakes his head a little as he isn't able to come up with anything in particular. So for now he just listens, as Maia seems to come up with a question. Studying Phoenix a little to hear the answer.

Phin was wandering down the corridor, in his flight suit, so he must be near to going on shift. Not apparently on it just now, however, because he pokes his head into the CAG's office as he passes. Eyeing the crowd. And lingering on the outer edges of it to rubberneck, of course, because something must be up.

Vadim leans back very carefully in his chair, titling his head to the side to get a bit more comfortable. "Is there anything in specific you're looking to see out of the squadron, sir? I somehow have the suspicion that things may be changing in the near future, so if there's anything you're looking to see done…" he leaves the rest unsaid. There's a tilt of the head at Maia. "That seems like it's going to be the topic of the day for quite some time."

"I've inherited a mess." Phoenix replies to Maia. " I've got a suicidal pilot in the brig. I've got another who's done shit that would earn any one of you a medal and did so against what amounts to her own people. I'm the fourth CAG you've had in short order, and honestly, I'm just hoping I can earn your trust. The Lords know you haven't had a reason, yet, to trust the man or woman in this position- seems like they're ready and willing to bail out when shit gets a little tough." Phoenix pauses a moment, lifting his coffee for a quiet sip, blue eyes gazing across his desk at the pilots who've assembled. "As for what I want- I want my squadrons to be the boogy-men of Cylon legends. If the toasters even have stories like that- and if they don't, I want you lot to forge them. I want my wings to be *dangerous*. Willfully, and knowingly *dangerous*. I don't care where you come from. I don't care who you were before war-day. Frak, I don't even care if you ain't wholly human- I'm looking for men and women of action, who are able to put themselves on the line again and again and come back with stupid grins on their face for the trouble they've caused our enemy."

Another short pause, Phoenix looking up quietly, "And before any of you ask on my opinion of Ceres- I want you to remember that we had our entire compliment of Raptors on the ground in a perfect situation to permanently cripple us. And, she stayed down there and very likely saved the life of MAjor Holtz. I'm a man who believes the weight of actions outweigh those of words. If any one of you did what she'd done, you'd damn well be certain you'd have gotten a medal. Instead, she's in the brig. And seeing as we need all the pilots we can get- that makes me angry. So, in short: I want my birds to be deadly. And I want my pilots to be terrifying apparitions the toasters will *never* forget. Regardless of outcome."

"So… exactly how are you planning on earning our trust, sir?" The words come a bit quietly, as Jason hears the CAG's words, glancing between the others again now. "I mean, each time, someone says they're going to be there, before something happens to take them out." A bit of a shrug, as he takes another sip of his coffee.

There's a long drawn-out breath from Vadim, and just for a moment, he glances and looks at everyone else there. "Sir," the usually Captain starts, plucking out an old tarnished and dented cigarette case. "I guess you haven't quite heard the news yet. Major Garrido was killed last night when the Raptor she was on crashed." It's a very slow and careful motion, how he pulls the cigarette out and puts it between his lips. "All hands aboard the Raptor was lost, shot down as she was being transported to Picon." Another glaces at Maia. "Lieutenant Kane was there, she can give you a first person account if you so choose."

Kelsey listens to what Phoenix has to say and a little smile creeps across her face. She's not as tall as some of the other pilots so it might be lost to all but a few people, but she sighs happily. Apparently that's what she wanted to hear. Vadim's comments where not and a hand slips to cover her mouth as she looks down.

Several things said bring an unreadable expression to Maia's features. The very first one is the suicidal in the brig. Replacing the coffee on the desk, she wraps her arms around herself, her jaw tightening. At the mention of the heroic Ceres, and him speaking as if she's alive, she realizes he hadn't heard a word about the transporting the prisoners to Picon she had mentioned just a few minutes ago. When he continues on about forging the path, more about Ceres, she listens. Listens then nods, not inputting another single word until he has finished speaking. Even then she changes her mind and remains quiet. She's sitting in a chair furthest from the door. Vadim beside her and Jason beside him. The others are standing or leaning around and the room smells like coffee.

Phin is hanging sort of on the threshhold to the CAG's office, in his flight suit. He looks like he was passing by and has stopped to crane his neck in at the CAG, and the many other pilots. His arms are crossed along his chest as he listens to Phoenix, taking those orders in and sort of rolling them around in his head, from his expression. And expression that changes when Vadim speaks. Blue eyes widening in shock, a short exhale that's something like a stifled gasp escaping him. He looks to Maia, though he doesn't ask any questions of his own right away.

Finally deciding to make is way to the new CAG's office as there was an open invitation, when Agrippa peeks into the room, he is surprised to see that it is already packed with other people. For a moment, Punchdrunk is quiet as he doesn't want to interrupt while in his head, he is trying to decide if he should just turn around and come back another time when Phoenix is free.

Phoenix's face darkens. The man looks down in silence. "I want one of you to plan a Memorial service." he says, "One of you who knew her better than I." he takes a slow, deep breath. "She was one of you, her actions in life spoke of her loyalty to you. She deserves nothing less than that in return." He closes his eyes a long moment, a prayer stuck in his throat for a quiet moment. "Does anyone disagree with that assessment?" he asks, since most have decided to show up enmass. "I would hope not. I'm the new guy and I could see just how damn much she was willing to sacrifice for you."

"I can't say I really knew her. Just of her." Vadim admits, sparking the flint to his lighter. "But I'll see that it gets done, sir." Not him, certainly, he didn't even know her personally. "No, no problem at all, sir. She was an officer, that's enough for me. I'm not here to toss around bias. She wore the uniform. Even if she was skinjob, given her clearence and rank, if she had wanted to do something against the Orion, she would've done so by now. The fact that we're still here?" Another shrug, exhaling smoke. "Maybe I'm naive, but it's enough for me."

Kelsey doesn't say anything from her corner, she just stares at the ground with that same saddened expression. Something is whispered to herself and then goes quiet to listen.

Agrippa stays long enough to hear the words of the new CAG though and that causes the Viper pilot's expression to tighten a bit, it's obvious that the Ensign does not agree with the words of the CAG and the new Raptor Captain. But for now, he just remains quiet, keeping his opinion to himself and lingering a bit longer by the doorway to the Major's new office, leaning against the open portal which means he is also half blocking the hatchway.

Ygraine has been silent for some time, and then matter-of-factly, the farmgirl says, "She saved Storm's life. Good enough for me."

"Sir," Maia inputs matter of factly. "She has a husband. I assume he will be the one planning her memorial service.." Eyeing him a little carefully now, she uncrosses her arms. "Otherwise, I would be glad to plan it with the Captain."

Phin uncrosses his arms, to brace one palm against the wall. "No, sir. No disagreement." He murmurs at Phoenix's statement, though low as it is, it's clearly audible. He looks up at Vadim when he speaks about the memorial. Something in the man's words make him frown, though there's no real anger in the expression. Just somber and thoughtful. All he says is, "I'd like to help, Captain. If you don't mind. I mean, if you need another hand…I'd like to do something. But, yeah. Her husband'd know what she would've wanted better than us."

A brief whisper, and otherwise, Jason keeps his expression neutral for now, otherwise, just listens to what's being said at the moment. Shrugging a bit to himself as he looks between the others for now. Whatever he's feelings about this is, he keeps it to himself.

Vadim raise a brow at both of them, snorting exhaled smoke. "When I say, 'I'll see it gets done', means that I'm going to make sure that whoever knew her best be the one that does. I have no intention of making some kind of service for her. I didn't know her, I don't think it'd be right if I did. So if her husband or one of you wishes to contact him and make the arrangements, then by all means, do so."

Phoenix nods to Vadim. "Go see the Chaplin. Get it done, Captain." he says quietly, "She deserves a proper send off- if any of you think different, you can tell me in private." he says softly. "Her actions were of the highest level of courage, and loyalty to people of this wing. She had countless chances to cripple you, each of you and she chose not to do so. That *should* mean something. It does to me, and I hardly knew her. First time I met the woman, she was behind bars. Turns out that was the last time, too." He takes a moment, silent. Quiet. "Of course. I'm sure he'll be going to the Chaplin as well. *I* want this to happen, regardless of whom else is involved. The Wing needs to respect those of us who've fallen, and the wing *needs* time to mourn for those who will miss Ceres. However, time to move on." Phoenix takes a moment, standing to refresh his coffee before he sits again. "To answer your question, Lieutenant." Phoenix says towards Jason. "I honestly haven't figure out the best way to gain your trust. All you need to know is I won't be sending any of you anywhere lightly, and since I don't have family left in any colony- you're it. That, and I'm too stubborn to just let the lot of you off the hook for anything."

There is a nod from Luc as well, as he stands around casually almost, though face thoughtful. "No arguements." He offers from himself. "All lost are mourned. So far we lost three of the airwing in that crash." He offers his before falling silent. Since that is all he has on that. Not having known her too well. Crossing his arms and finding something to lean against as he is quiet now.

"Sir." Maia inputs again, this time with an angry look. "There was also another pilot, an ECO and a Marine who was killed in the crash." Irate now, that he had glibly skipped over them. Standing, she lifts her chin. "May I be excused?"

"I want a memorial for all of them." Phoenix replies, "We respect our fallen." He reiterates, nodding towards Maia. "Dismissed."

With the focus on the Cylon skinjob, Agrippa just shakes his head slightly and was about to ask about the others that were part of the Air Wing that was also lost, but Maia beat him to it. So for now, Punhdrunk remains quiet instead of voicing it, waiting to hear the CAG's answer.

The berthings for the Orion's Air Wing are the same as what one would find on any other Mercury-class Battlestar, though they are distinctly different from the rest of the bunks on the ship. These bunks are separated not into sections of sixty, but by squadron. That means that there is a little more room to move around with only twenty to twenty-five pilots in one bunkhouse. Some officers have brought a small rug to sit in front of their bunks, but the tables and chairs are standard military issue. At the rear is a small couch that was probably new when the ship left anchorage and seems to have been kept carefully clean. The crest of the Gentlemen Ghosts has been painted onto the wall behind the couch, as well.
AWD #101

As soon as Maia had quietly left the meeting, she'd headed straight for Raptorville and to her bunk. Not that she's sitting on it, but she's stomping back and forth as she paces, trying to cool herself down. Anger doesn't even begin to cover it. She's livid.

Having stood by the entrance of the CAG's office, Agrippa saw the expression that Maia was wearing when she passed through the exit hatch and soon after, with the meeting breaking up, he turns to follow the Raptorette out. When he steps inside Raptorville, he sees that she is already pacing and winces at the mood she is in, "Maia." Is the simple greeting he offers at first as he walks past some of the empty bunks that belongs to others of the squadron. "Seems like I missed some sort of meeting."

Phin also retreats from the CAG's office. And follows Maia, perhaps more out of a lack of anywhere else to go than anything else. He's not that close to being on shift. "Umm…Centerfold…" Muttered as he ducks into Raptorville. Though that's as far as he gets. He doesn't seem sure what to say. Mostly he just looks deflated by what he just heard, and a little dazed. He does offer a "Hey, Grips" to Agrippa.

Pausing mid-stride, Maia notices the other three and just like that, she visibly deflates, shoulders slumping. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything. I'm not against Ceres, but he's in there acting like she was the only one who died. What about Lieutenant Donna Markov, Lieutenant Chuckie Stephens, and the Marine?" This time there isn't anger in her voice, but disappointment. "The Pilot and ECO could have ejected, they had time. Wasted (the pilot) said that she wasn't leaving the prisoner… She went down with her bird."

And Vadim came after to make sure that no lockers were harmed in after-effects. Besides, he really didn't have much else to say to begin with. But then Agrippa intercepts him and he decides to simply not bother at that point and alters course, heading for his own bunk.

"Dolly." Agrippa nods his head in greeting to his fellow Strikes pilot while the Raptor Squadron Leader is given a brief glance before his attention shifts back to Maia. When she speaks, Punchdrunk nods his head understandingly, "It seems like he's not the only one, the focus seems to be more and more on the skinjobs instead of each other. We're losing sight of what's important, our people, the ones /we've/ lost and the ones that are still fighting." It may have affected Agrippa more since he was originally from another Battlestar, over Caprica.

"I don't think…" But whatever Phin doesn't think, he keeps to himself. He finds a convenient bunk to lean against, heavily. Leaning is good right now. "I didn't know them well. Too may people I can say that about, all things figured." His head turns briefly to note Vadim's entrance. He offers the captain a nod, for lack of any other appropriate acknowledgment. About the skinjobs, he says nothing.

Vadim just looks over all three of them. Not in a friendly way either, in a very Captainly way. He's still smoking that cigarette, by the way, but he doesn't say a single word. Instead, he just makes for his bunk, going for his personal locker.

"I know Redux has done a lot for everyone but so have a lot of other people. I am all for them being one of is if they get through Tribunal, I'd even testify on Knox's behalf if I hadn't pulled my sidearm to protect Ceres in the corridor. It would look bad now if I tried helping. But I don't like the way our CAG completely ignored the other losses." Eyes move to the Captain now, catching the not friendly look. "What, Captain? You disagree with me?" Lifting her chin in challenge. Realizing she was being belligerent somewhat, she sighs. Looks at Phin and Grippa. "Am I wrong?"

Agrippa did not get a chance to fly to Redux when he came onboard the Orion so he doesn't have any personal views on what kind of person she was, only flew against her once in the sims. But he had been somewhat vocal about his own opinion of the Skinjobs that hid their identity until the massacre in the Mess Hall. "No, you're not wrong. Until the Tribunal is over, they are still Cylons and prisoners of war. We have regs for a reason and the brass are finaly going through the procedures. I'll be the first to say it if necessary but the lives of our fellow human pilots are more important than skinjobs, until they are declared by the tribunal otherwise."

Phin looks back at Vadim when he's looked at, in that captainly way. His own expression is lieutenant junior grade-y, in that it's half-searching for…something from the man. Reassurance, maybe, or something that will put all of this in proper perspective. To Maia, he shrugs. "I don't think you're wrong. I just…I don't know. I don't know the Major. It's not for me to speak to what he meant." He doesn't seem angry, though. Somber, but not angry. About the tribunal, "Lieutenant Colonel Petra says it's all a just a show. That the folks on Picon have already decided to execute them."

It's hard to tell if Vadim looks angry or not. Since he tends to keep such a neutral expression all the time, it's always difficult to tell just where he stands on something. And he was willing to leave things as they were and let the junior officers have their talk. But Maia speaks up. "I don't care what your opinions are, Lieutenant. So you being right or wrong doesn't exactly have much bearing on what I think. But if you want to get snippy with the Major, guess who gets to hear about it. And I don't need him telling me how I need to adjust your attitude." However, that's all suddenly lost when his hazel eyes snap hard at Phin. -What- did you say? The decison has already been made?" The Captain eyeballs the Lieutenant now, clearly the focus of his attention at this point.

"Ceres will never get her Tribunal now, Grippa, since she's dead. Unless she downloads into another body. If she does, she retains her memories. Like of Orion. And the bad Cylons can get their hands on her. This is what scares me about them. I don't know if they are more important, Grippa, but they aren't the only ones who died." At the bombshell from Phin… "For show? Are you kidding me?" That wasn't expected."Knox.. Frak no!" Glancing back at the Captain, she nods just a little sheepishly. "Sorry," she mutters.

"The Colonel said that?" Agrippa says to Phin, obviously surprised that the TACCO had that opinion of how the Tribunal will go. "I'm not sure how he could predict that unless he means that the people on Picon will have a hardened view against the Skinjobs. If that's what he means, then he'd be right, Picon got hit with nukes, billions were killed on our Colonies. When you get front row seats of the devastation and the loss that the Cylons caused when they hit us with the surprise attack, you'd be less incline to trust a Cylon too. Especially if they hide their identity until it was found out through other means, then you begin to wonder what else they had been hiding."
Agrippa does turn his gaze back to Vadim for a moment, nodding his head when the Captain shows the same surprise about what Petra said though the Viper jock appears somewhat neutral about the comment about Maia being snippy, "Perhaps the Major should gage the mood and thoughts of his pilots first about the Skinjobs before trying to shove down our throats how he believes we should feel about it, sir."
Finally, Punchdrunk looks back to Maia, wincing and shaking his head, "I heard, the Raptors got jumped by Cylons from the ground. I'm glad you goto ut okay though and I'm sure she'll download. They may know about Orion but they shouldn't know about our locations, right? It's the ECO's that plots the jumps?" He does grow quiet when Centerfold mentions Knox.

Phin shrugs at all the eyes on him. "I don't know. He just…seemed frustrated the decision had been taken out of Orion's hands, is all." A little nod to Agrippa. "I figured that's what he meant. And I mean…can't say that's wrong. Billions everywhere got hit with nukes. Not like they're going to find a friendly crowd." The prospect of Ceres downloading just makes him frown, a lot. He's leaning against an empty bunk, looking more tired than anything else.

"I'm going to act like I didn't hear you questioning the Major while in uniform, Ensign." Vadim states once, and from the sounds of it, only once. "Whatever the Major's opinion is, it's his to have, that's your problem if you felt like the views were being pushed on you. I may not totally agree with them but there's little point in arguing the piddly shit." That said, his focus is still on Phin. "Intersting, since I just got in the mail today that I'm supposed to be one of the judges on Miss Naomi's trial. So it sounds to me that if this is all joke, I'm being taken for a ride just like everyone else. And I really dislike those kind of jokes."

Perhaps a good 10 or 15 minutes after Maia enters, the hatch is opening again, but rather than a member of the Wing ducking his head and stepping in, its the LTC whose ears are likely burning. Pushing the hatch closed behind him, he scans the faces he can see with a murmured, "Gentlemen, ladies….Maia, Abbenshire said you needed me to come down here, but she was sort of vague on what's going on?" Perhaps catching wind of the last couple of comments, he shoots an odder look at Vadim and Phin, but doesn't say anything to them.

Behind Petra is Luc. Walking in with slow steps and raising a brow as he draws to the side. Taking notice of the greetings and the appearances of the others. Himself mostly having an almost bored look on himself. Or sad. It's hard to tell. Especially when he opts to not say anything. Not wanting to interupt the going ons inside.

"That's my point exactly, Grippa. She can download and the CAG specified a memorial for her while blatantly ignoring the other casualties." It's what had angered her in the first place, well part of what finished it off. Maia continues her pacing again as she hears about how it's already decided. "Knox deserves better than that. He deserves a fair chance." Hup, two, three, turn, hup two, three, turn. Lifting her head, she stops the pacing again. "I said that exact same thing to Knox after I left him in that little hell hole of a hole in a rock that Picon claims is a cell with a bucket and a bedroll and rock all around. It should have never left Orion." Eyes rest on the Captain now. "I wasn't getting snippy with the Major, I very politely informed him there were other losses on the ship as well as Ceres then asked if I could be excused." Her lips quirk in a lopsided smile. "I guess I came across as a…" Right. So, how about those Red Devils?
As soon as Petra walks in, she turns to face him. "I did, as soon as I left the CAG office. I guess you realize there is a little dissension in the ranks at the moment. I left to avoid conflict."

Hearing the words from the Raptor Captain, Agrippa only smirks but keeps anything else that he may have said or wanted to say to himself. With the arrival of the TACCO as well though, the Viper jock is more or less in permanent silent mode as rank is arriving.

Phin might look a little surprised by Vadim's words. But he doesn't have time to dwell. Hey, there's a senior officer. He snaps to attention and even salutes. As not-required in the berths as it might be. "Lieutenant Colonel, sir!"

Stepping in as well now, Jason heads straight over in the direction of his bunk, moving to retrieve something from there. A bottle, it seems. He pauses for a few moments as he overhears Vadim's words now, but he doesn't say something about that. Taking a sip from his bottle, he shrugs a little. "Life's a laugh, and death's a joke, sir." That offered to Vadim, shrugging a little. "And we're currently taking part in the biggest one available." Another sip now.

Petra arches one brow at Maia's words, but first murmurs a low, "As you were, Dolly…" when someone comes to attention. Glancing around at the other faces and looking for a second like he smells 'ambush', he continues to direct his questions to Maia, "There's been dissention in the ranks since I told the entire task force what Cooper Knox was. I'm going to assume something more specific has happened that prompted you to call me, however. Does someone want to elaborate, or did you call me down here so I can take a break from CIC to get stared at?"

In thanks to that previously disasterous meeting, Vadim is really not in the best of moods right now, likely wishing with all of his fiber he had never started to venture outside of his bunk. This is what you get for ducking his head outside, and then getting dragged into things. But when Petra enters, he like everyone starts to clam up. But then, something seems to cross his mind, and he steps forward. "Sir. Major Straton had a number of us see him in his office. Through the course of the…conversation," he pauses, claming himseld down with a drag from his smoke, blowing it away from everyone, "I think the Major of inadvertently upset a few of his personell by seeming to focus solely on the death of Captain Garrido. Others may of taken issue with the idea that the loss of skinjob took precedence over the loss of human personel. And finally, we may of heard that coming trials, one of which I found am judging over, is more or less for show and that the accused are already DOA." That said, he sighs. "So, yes sir, all that may of contributed to a bit dissension in the ranks, but I wouldn't call it serious. Perhaps more like," a glance at Grippa and Maia, "…philosophical differences."

"It's a wonder you made it to the rendevous point. No wonder you were on the wrong side of the crevace." Tavin and Yates are at it again as they come into the Raptor berthing. "Swear, ya'd get lost with a map, directional finder, and a tour guide to show ya the way." There's a wink towards his fellow redhead and a nudge with his shoulder. "Here we are, yer home sweet home. That'll be 27.50 fer the ride."

"I was never lost," comes Yates's immediate reply, "I was merely - briefly - geographically misaligned," said as she lightly elbows Tavin in return and pats down her pockets. "I have half of a oatmeal raisin cookie," she is offering that in lieu of that asked for 27.50 but falls silent as she and Tavin enter the room, really quiet in fact.

Casting a look at everyone who was so vocal before falling silent, Maia lifts her shoulders and takes the few steps to close the distance between her and Petra. Only.. when the Captain speaks, she politely remains silent until he finishes. "It happened like he said, except I had told him about what happened when the Raptor went down, I was transporting Doctor Tamsin, Prisoner of War at the time. He focused solely on Ceres, ordering us to arrange a memorial for her. I mentioned she had a husband who would more than likely see to that, where he countered by listing all of her accomplishments and reinforcing that she was to have a memorial service. I agree, she should. Yet he continually overlooked the other casualties of the pilot and ECO and Marine who were all lost." Glancing at the others when they walk in, she nods but looks back to Petra. "The pilot could have ejected, so could the ECO, yet the pilot blatantly stated she wasn't leaving the others. I just disagreed with the way he went about it so asked to be excused from his office."

After the Raptor Squadron Leader fills Petra in on what they had been talking about followed up by Maia's addition, Agrippa also pipes in as well, "And sir, memorials, are usually for those who are dead. Cylons… can't die, sir. They just pop up again, from what we've been told. Memorials for the slain pilot, ECO, and Marine should take precedence, sir." His own two cubits thrown into the mix.

Tavin gladly accepts that half a cookie and captures Yates' hand in his own to fall quiet as well. Better to listen at the moment than to make things any worse with one of their arguments as he listens to the conversation and throws a glance at his fellow refugee pilot.

Keeping his bottle in hand now, Jason looks between the others for a few moments. Pausing a little bit as he hears what's being said, he's unableto hold back a bit of a grin at Petra. "But isn't it a liberating feeling being on display, sir?" he asks, with a bit of a shrug, before he shrugs again at what's being said. "I don't think I like him," he comments, a bit absently, taking another sip now.

Phin de-attentions, crossing his arms along his chest again, though he doesn't quite resume his dejected leaning. About Ceres, he says nothing. A little shrug about the trials, though. "I just said…that you'd seemed like you were frustrated the matter was taken out of the Orion's hands, sir. And that you were maybe…pessimistic about how things were going to go on Picon." He exhales. "For what it's worth, I don't think Major Straton meant to dismiss the others who died. It just…I don't know."

Luc shrugs and finally says something at least. "I think the prisoner took precendence rather than it being a skinjob. Honest mistake. Though I agree. He should had mentioned them. If only a few words. Such as asking who might had known them." He shrugs and chews on his tongue. Quite visibly. Tilting his head about the situation about the tribunals, but not saying much on that.

Petra straightens up a little more as he listens to Vadim, a furrow starting to crease over his brow. He doesn't try to interrupt, but its fairly clear that something he said at the onset bothered him. He links his hands behind his back, shifting his attention to Maia when she elaborates, to watch her face intently, then on to Agrippa and Jason and Phin as well - apparently waiting to hear what everyone engaged wants to say before he offers anything.
He sucks on a canine tooth for a moment longer, then sweeps his gaze back around to the other faces as he offers, "Unless someone heard Major Stratton specifically say there was no memorial to be offered for our lost flight crew, don't be putting words into his mouth, or mine. Ceres Garrido did not die as a pilot, she died as a Prisoner of War, and POWs are not specifically provided for, for memorial services. I suspect that Major Stratton was well aware of this, and so he focused on making sure she was given one anyway, though I can give the Major a small nudge that he should make sure such efforts are indeed taken care of for the pilot and ECO we lost as well. Its not Air Wing's responsibility to take care of a Marine - Lieutenant Morgan will have that in hand." His opinion on the tribunal he doesn't quite address just yet.

"I think that's the point of contention, Sir." Vadim states, another draw taken from his cigarette. "Some here believe that Captain Garrido does deserve one, others, do not. And I think that issue alone might be enough to cause divsions. Divided personal loyalties and the like. Although," he raises his voice enough to make sure everyone else listen can hear, "I don't intend on that becoming an issue." No, that wasn't a veiled threat at all. But back at Petra, he shakes his head. "However, Major Stratton didn't even know about her death until I told him. Nor did a few who had been in the meeting. I believe they were under the impression she was still being held in the brig."

"Well I know that there's reasons we blow stuff up." Tavin responds to something that Yates says to him as he moves slightly so that she can peek in on the gathering and then gestures to one of the bunks, "We can go higher so we can get a better view?" he suggests as he prepares to move if she wants. "But if ya ask me, folks died. We both know that. How many memorials ain't we not held since the war started? Never had the time, Claire." he gives her an odd look, voice dropping again to speak quietly to her again.

Yates shakes her head slightly but remains where she's standing on the edge of the crowd, one of the few in the room who can't actually put face to name for those who've been lost.

Tavin keeps quiet with the other ginger, the pair of them sharing quiet words betweem them as they discuss whatever it is they are discussing as they nudge shoulders on occassion.

Petra clears his throat softly, "If you dont think Ceres Garrido deserves a memorial…don't go?" He says that in a tone of voice that implies he thought that was an obvious answer, "It won't be official fleet business because, as I said, POW, but you can do whatever the hell you want on your own time. As for whether Ceres is truly gone or not, my understanding of the process means we wont be seeing her again. The Collective will catch her when her consciousness returns to the basestar and 'box' her, which is a fate a lot worse than any death I could imagine. She wont surface again."
He pauses for a moment, then elaborates, "The move time was not advertised, because unfortunately I have multiple reminders that I cannot trust everyone on this crew to not try to take matters into their own hands, and while I have uncomplimentary opinions on the whole Tribunal process, its the law and I will follow it and do my best to make sure they get there for their day in court."

Phin is hanging by by an unoccupied bunk, arms crossed, looking kind of uncomfortable. "I really don't think the Major meant any disrespect to the pilot and ECO lost," he says again. Though he seems reluctant to say anything else to the room at large, particularly where Ceres is concerned. Though he can't help but shudder at Petra's description of the 'boxing' process.

"A memorial's stupid." This from the redhead male sitting on the bunk as Tavin speaks up. "She was one of yers? Ya know what ya do? Go out and do what she woulda wanted done. Scrag some frakkin' Cylons. It's what we did on Picon. When I thought I'd lost Claire, my first thought was 'it's gonna take 100 Cylons' to make up fer her loss, and then maybe I can start mourning fer my friend. Think about that. 100 Cylons. Cause that's the odds. We ain't got time for memorials. We need to pound. And pound again. And keep frakkin' pounding until we can't because their ain't a Cylon left to pound or cause we're dead." he says simply. "I'll mourn fer myself when it's my time. But fer now, we have many many other things to do." Something Claire says causes him to pause and his hand leaves her to hug her tightly with one arm.

One thing Agrippa knows is that now isn't the time or the place to debate whether Ceres is going to be boxed or whether or not they will see her again. For now, he only nods his head at Petra's words. The Ensign doesn't appear to have anything else to add to the discussion though he is certainly interested in seeing what will happen at the Tribunal, "If we have our officers being selected to act as judges on the Tribunal, I don't see how this whole thing can be a farce, sir."

Ygraine steps in after her brief meeting with the CAG, letting out a little whistle at the sight of so many people in Raptorville. She heads to her bottom berth, tilting her head in invitation to Phin if he's so inclined, and stays silent as she listens to the others talk.

Just like that, the righteous indignation that had been burning bright in Maia's gaze gives a last flicker before dying completely at the words of the Colonel. "No, he didn't specifically say there was to be no memorial service for the others. Actually.. I'll have a talk with him, I think it was all blown out of proportion." Vadim catches her attention, but only briefly, she had never made any secret of the fact she was pro-cylon serving with them for the most part. "We all need to stick together." Those words are murmured quietly, then she backs off the topic as quickly as she had mentioned it, lacing her hands behind her back, standing at ease in her fatigues.

Jason shrugs a little as he listens, but doesn't say anything now, draining the rest of the contents from his bottle. Shaking his head as he looks at the now empty one, he tosses it lightly onto his bunk, as he looks around for a few moments now. Keeping silent.

After a moment Luc just sighs and decides to step on out. Giving a look to each inside. Nodding to Ygraine as he leaves and passes her.

"That's up to them, Sir." Vadim shrugs. "I never knew her, so therefore I feel nothing on the matter one way or another, I'm just voicing my thoughts on how I think the wind is blowing." There's a nod at Phin. "I don't believe there was disrespect in what the Major had intended either, more like it seemed like the topic of the former Captain taking precedence. I doubt there was any intention to downplay the others who were lost." He waits a beat for a moment longer. "I just have one more question, Sir." the Captain notes. "In your opinion, do you believe that these trials are going to be fair ones?"

"If we had individual memorials for every person who's died since this war began, we'd never stop," Yates says softly from where she's standing alongside Tavin. "No, we don't ignore the dead. But we can't spend every waking hour mourning them, one service after another until we're bleeding from a thousand little cuts, from the grief. Yeah, you all need to recognize what you've lost, those you've lost. But there's whole worlds out there that are so much radioactive bedrock. I didn't know your pilot or the crew that went with her, but I knew the friends i had with me when Picon was attacked, and they're dead. Those of us who fought with everything that we had at hand, including rocks, because every damned thing is a weapon if you use it right, didn't have time to hold memorial services. We were to busy trying to stay alive so that we could keep fighting. Make each life cost as much as possible, right? But make sure that the other bastards lay down their lives first."

Petra turns his head to specifically focus on Agrippa, "I never said this was a farce. I have a poor opinion on the outcome. Half of each Tribunal panel is going to be from Picon, and it doesn't take a leap of logic to know that the only Cylons Picans have seen are the ones trying to kill them." He pauses, glancing back at Vadim before continuing, "Even crew and officers on this very Battlestar, who have seen first hand what Cooper and Ceres did for us and I am still confronted by people that think they don't even deserve a trial. I myself have been attacked on this ship for my order. If people they worked with and fought beside have that opinion…not much chance of someone who doesn't know them having a better one, is there? So no, I dont think it's going to go well for either of them - but I'm putting my own career on the line for Cooper, so if they're going down, I'm sure as hell not going to stand by and watch it happen."

Phin mutters a "Hey" to Ygraine, nodding slight to her and taking her up on her invitation. He flops down to sit in her bunk, slouching so his arms rest on his knees. "What happens to a Cylon who's boxed, sir?" is what he asks Petra. "I've heard the term before, I think, but I never asked her and…I don't know." He shrugs.

"Dunno, but it sounds pretty…final." mutters Ygraine as she stretches out behind Phin, shifting onto her side and sort of curling around him so she can participate in the conversation.

"Sir, I think us Picans earned the right be just a little biased. But if yer sayin Spree ain't fair…" Tavin says with a frown, as he looks down at the bunk and leans against Yates. "…that ain't true either."

Silent now, Maia just looks between each of them who are speaking, the arguments, the opinions that vary. Finally, when everyone has had a say again back and forth, she takes a step forward. "I feel like I started this and I didn't mean for it to come to this. I was upset because I saw what happened, I heard the pilot refuse to eject and go down with his Raptor with Ceres on board. Then I heard Ceres over the com, asking us to tell Knox and Dr. Tamisn she loves them. To tell her husband she would come back to him if she could. She uttered a prayer that Dr. Tamsin said meant she wasn't expecting to come back. When I relayed the message to Knox, he said the same exact thing. Ceres wasn't coming back. And her last words were of love for her family. Nothing bad, nothing all Cylon-like. She was a normal person like the rest of us. We are all here in this room members of the same race but at that time, she was acting more human, more forgiving than anyone in this room. I take the blame for taking something the CAG said wrong and for that I apologize. We need to pull together now and fight the war as a unit. We're stronger together, all of us." With that, she looks at Petra. "I'm sorry it came to this, sir. I take full responsibility and I will apologize to the CAG."

Muttering something under his breath, Jason glances around as he listens now. "Sounds like they put you in a box," he remarks to Phin, with another bit of a shrug. Shaking his head a little at the rest of the words spoken by the others now.

Petra lowers his voice at Phin, "Imagine being trapped in a sensory deprivation tank, not being able to feel, see, hear…anything. Never getting hungry or tired, not aging, not sleeping…forever. It goes beyond any kind of torture I could dream up, and I like to consider myself an imaginative guy." He turns his head and glares at Tavin, and just like that, the LTC's anger is up, "I'm sorry, Ensign, did you just say someone has the right to be biased in a military court of law? I sure as frakking hell hope I never see you sit council on any poor bastard's fate then, because they are screwed." Pursing his lips, he looks around at the rest of the officers, glancing at Maia, and takes a moment to contain his irritation before he asks in a more even tone, "Was there anything else I can clear up, or something I still need to see about addressing with Major Stratton?"

"I had the common sense not to volunteer fer it, sir." Tavin states simply. "Ain't my place." he shrugs his shoulders, but doesn't give voice to the rest of that thought.

Phin takes a deep breath and lets it out slow as Petra describes the concept of boxing. He nods, leaning back a little against Ygraine, and says nothing. A slight shake of his head at the TACCO. He's out of questions.

"Easy," Yates says quietly, nudging Tavin with one shoulder and casually edges a step ahead of him and nudges him slightly back.

"That's…" Vadim doesn't really know what to say to that, so he just shakes his head. And before he can say a word to Tavin, Petra gets to it first. He does however throw him a pretty dirty look suggesting he should thank his stars the Colonel is currently in the room. "I believe in the law, Sir. And I believe in judging impartially. But if I know the decision is going to already be made, I don't know what my impartial opinion is going to matter sitting on a judging community." The idea of a illeven or rigged court proceedings seem to unsettle him. "It may be pointless, but I'll do what was asked of me." A headshake at Petra. "Not from me, Sir, no."

Ygraine doesn't say anything at all, but it's clear that she's having a similar reaction to the description that Phin is having. Her general opinion, it would seem, is not readily offered, though she does note, "The lottery was random, wasn't it? I mean, ain't that the point of lottery? So I guess it's where fairness applies."

"Colonel, I don't think the Ensign meant the biaseness on the court of law, just Picans in general, sir. Those that did accept duty of being a judge on the Tribunal, I am sure they will uphold the integrity that Colonel Spree had shown." Agrippa pipes in as Petra suddenly shows anger, hoping to head it off quickly as one misunderstanding could lead to another, "But for Picans in general, and any other survivors from the nuking that the Cylons gave us, no one should be surprised that they don't view any Cylon very favorably and no one can blame them for what they feel, sir."

"Nothing more from me in regards to Major Stratton." Maia quietly reassures the Lieutenant Colonel, taking a step back now, pressing her lips together as her gaze flicks between Tavin, Petra and Agrippa in turn, but keeps her opinion to herself now. Completely.

Petra takes in a deep breath and lets it go, addressing Vadim and Agrippa, "Noone is saying the decision is already made. Perhaps the Lords and Ladies will shine on this moment and open the minds of all of those presiding over the Tribunal and let them judge fairly on the individual merits of each case. What I am saying is that I will not be surprised if the outcome is unfavorable for the prisoners. Do not read more into it than that." He waits a moment more, but seeing as how it looks like there are no other questions, turns to reach for the hatch and step back out into the corridor.

"Nothing here," Jason replies to Petra, shrugging a little. After all, it would be highly unlikely that he'd share anything if there was either, but still, he doesn't say anything now.

Yates secures the other redhead behind her, and Tavin really has nothing else to say at the moment. And not a word came from Ron Weasely that day.

Vadim nods at Petra. "I'll try to keep that in mind, Sir." This night is offically a wash for the usually soft-spoken Captain. One who appears to hate, utterly loathe getting upset about anything. When Petra turns to leave, he returns to his locker, pulls out a duffle that holds his exercise gear and other such things.

Phin offers Petra a parting "Sir" that more or less serves as a goodbye. After that he just sits quiet for a beat, sinking into thoughtful silence.

Maia just walks over to her bunk and sinks heavily on it, sitting there in silence for a long, long moment. Finally, she gathers her shower kit. "It's been a long day, I'm hitting the head." Rising again, head downcast, she walks out.

Jason just shakes his head a little. "The only real question about the CAG would be 'How long does this one last?'," he says, a bit absently.

Yates glances slowly around as the meeting breaks up before venturing: "Without setting everyone off again, can someone explain - in a hundred words or less - what just happened?"

Phin gets a chuckle out of Jason's comment, in spite of himself. Whatever black humor he dredged from that doesn't last long, though. To Yates, he replies, "The Raptor carrying Redux…carrying Ceres Garrido to the Cylon tribunal on Picon was shot downduring the prisoner transport. She was K-I-A, along with Wasted and Chuckie." The Raptor pilot and ECO flying her. "And their Marine escort. We all kind of got word of it when we were at Major Straton's office and…I don't know. Not the kind of thing you really want to process around…people. Is all I think happened."

"Oh." Tavin offers as he steps back next to Yates, but is mostly quiet at this point as he listens to the conversation around him and offers a frown. "Sorry about snapping off.. but ya know. I am a Pican. And yeah.. it's hard to think of a Cylon as something other than a killer."

"And they cracked Virgon open and Tauron is glassed and Leonis is a prison planet. What was your excuse again?" Ygraine drawls wryly to Tavin.

Jason nods a little at Ygraine's words. "They tried cutting my home in two…" Spoken a bit quietly now, before he shrugs a little bit again now.

"So you all just hugged them and accepted the skinjobs right off the bat? Mighty big of ya. Hard pill to swallow, takes a lot of water. I ain't gonna go off causing any trouble I ain't supposed to though. Millions of other tin cans that do want to kill us. So. That's my excuse. Sir." Tavin says simply.

"My home planet got nuked too, man," Phin says to Tavin with a slight shrug. "I don't think anybody meant to slag off Picon." He seems about to leave it at that. And then, he doesn't. He just sort of starts talking. "She wasn't just a Cylon. She's been flying with squadron since Warday. She took out plenty of toasters, got shot down doing it, but she wanted to go back. She wanted to keep fighting. She saved Major Holtz's life down on Picon. And…we were friends, I think. Whatever the hell else she was. I think that was real. Even if I maybe wasn't a very good one to her at the end. And I think…I think she wanted to be different, to be better than what she'd been made to be, and that's something even most people can't manage to do and…" He seems to realize his words are just kind of running one over the other, and makes himself stop. "I don't know. Whatever. Maybe it doesn't matter now. I just…I can't think of her as just that. Think whatever you want."

"My point is, Throwback, shruggin' and sayin' you're from Picon doesn't make your anger any more or less righteous than anyone else's." Ygraine says. Gently, she puts her hand on Phin's wrist, like she can keep him from getting overwhelmed.

"And i spent a month in one," Yates remarks in that Gemanese accented voice of hers. "The world is changed, all of the ones that are left. This is the new reality. Cylons that look human? That act human? Did any of us get to say when and where we were born or to who and when?" asks she. "Maybe they didn't either. But its a damn thing to just take in stride. Hell of a learning curve."

And this time, it's Tavin's turn to take Yates' hand and laces his fingers with hers. "Claire and I both got to watch the second sunrises on Picon. And everything that came after. It's a hell of a curve. We ain't lookin down at anyone, and we hope ain't noone lookin down at us. Just give us time to figger this out ourselves."

"Yeah. Hell of a curve," Phin mutters in agreement with that. He seems to have talked himself out, apart from that. He nudges his shoulder gently back against Ygraine. A little signal that he's good. Or, well, that he'll get there eventually, at least.

"Frak this…" Jason mutters, meant for himself. "I'm out of here." Shaking his head a little bit, he heads off in the direction of the door now, not looking back at the others.

"No argument there." Ygraine says agreeably, her fingers sliding off Phin's wrist with ease. Then, "Exit Stand-Up. Pursued by a bear." What?

Yates gives Ygraine a sudden grin even as she nudges Tavin with her shoulder, "And…. cut!" she quips, amusement colouring her voice. "All the same, sorry for your loss."

"Roll credits." Tavin gets prompted by the nudge and nods. "Yeah. Sorry about that." he adds genuinely as shakes his head.

Phin almost says something in parting to Jason, though Ygraine's comment stops him short. He can't stop himself from laughing, just a little. He half-shurgs one shoulder at Yates and Tavin. "Thanks."

Pausing for a few moments as he hears Ygraine's words, Jason offers a shrug and turns for a few moments, offering a brief grin as well. "Well, frak the bear as well," he remarks, shaking his head a little bit, before he heads out of the room.

Ygraine turns to Phin then, giving him a grin. "Look at ya, slummin' it in Raptorville. Whodathunk?"

"Take it ya ain't over here often, Dolly?" Tavin asks with a grin at Phin. "I ain't usually slumming over here either, but Yates gets lost on these things, so I was leading her back. This is her first Battlestar station."

"Yeah. It's not even so bad here," Phin replies with Ygraine with a wink. "Can't believe the rumors, I guess." He does stand up from her bunk now, idly stretching his shoulders. "I might have to come back sometime. Got a shift to get to now, though. All the corridors kind of look the same, but you get used to it after awhile."

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