AWD #280: Disoriented
Summary: Stone comes by the Sickbay to check on his wounded fellow Marines. He speaks with Kostas and Lleufer wakes up disoriented from his head wound. Samtara gets thrown around and Stone has to subdue the injured MP Sergeant.
Date: 13/10/2013 (OOC Date)
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Sickbay, Deck 3, Battlestar Orion
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue.
October 13th, 2005

Coming by the sickbay is Stone. Taking a look around as he moves towards Lleufer, as he's the first marine he spots. Gesturing to a nurse. "How is he looking?" He asks, as well as studying the man, giving a wave. Perhaps trying to see if there is any reaction.

There are several in here. Brina's in one bed resting but looking recovered enough that she'll soon be released to the Recovery Ward. Kostas is still in bad shape over there, only just downgraded from Critical to Serious condition with a very nasty blown out neck all bandaged and braced. Still breath'n though. Fischer's probably about due to leave, others still in various states of shot up to hell, especially Captain Amos Ommanney. And then there's Ynyr… Lleufer lays off in his own area with a curtain to partition and keep things quiet.

A nurse will meet Stone when the Marine comes in to ask about his fellows. She looks at Lleu, "Better. Finally woke up an hour or two ago though he's sleeping now. Worried he'd stay comatose." She lightly touches the right side of her head to indicate where the Sergeant had been hit, among other places. "Came in with frostbite, dehydration, suffering minor radiation poisoning and early malnutrition from lack of rations. Light lung infection, but he's stablized now." The nurse looks around the room, "Most of them were suffering similarly if somewhat less Critical. Except that one." She indicates Kostas who's still looking pretty bad.

Stone nods as he looks around. "Ah, I see. So most of them should be healing up fine?" He asks her. "And him waking up here does seem to bode well for the guy." Then looking towards Kostas. "Keep me updated on them all, please. Especially those that are worst off." He says and smiles. Always worrying for the marines, being in charge or not.

The nurse looks back to the Gunnery Sergeant, "Ensign Kostas will make a full recovery. Sergeant Ynyr…" she's much less certain and looks it. The nurse thins her lips as she looks towards where Lleufer lays silent, "We don't know how much brain damage he's suffered yet. It will take time to see. I don't expect he'll be returning to duty any time soon."

Stone nods slowly. "I see." He says before sighing. "We'll do our best. I am sure those that are worst off will all need some help in recovering. As I said, please keep me updated on them." Giving all the injured a look, shaking his head a bit. "Thank you." He offers to the nurse. Staying around in the room a bit longer. Moving around to check on those in here for a bit longer.

Kostas has been dozing semi-sitting up, though one of the nurses kindly took the notepad and pen she was holding and has placed them on the beside tray for her at some point. The Ensign has an unhealthy looking pallor, packed and bandaged on one side of her neck, splinted and bandaged on her left hand, IVed and taped on her right. A voice gets her to stirring, though she frowns in pain briefly before opening her eyes and glance about.

Noticing Kostas coming to makes Stone give her a nod before moving a bit closer. "Ensign. How are you holding up?" He asks curiously. His eyes always moving and studying. Assessing how the person is while speaking. Giving one glance around the area as well before focusing on the conscious one.

"Holdin' up all right, Staff Sergeant," Kostas replies. She doesn't nod, neck and body still on the stiff side. Her eyes take scope of the room as well, and she gingerly shifts on the bed, warming up, forcing stiff and sore muscles into movement. "What's th' word?" Her eyes move to the clock, squinting, and the back to Stone.

Stone nods, "Good. Nothing too bad then, I hope." Noticing the stiffness as well, but leaving it be for now. It is an understandable thing after all. "Well, sergeant Ynyr is still looking bad. He woke up briefly so that is a good sign. But right now we don't fully know how well he'll be doing. For now he's in the hands of the medical personnel." He offers, looking over to that man. "The others are back and forth from what I gather. Hopefully they will be doing alright." He says and looks back to Kostas. "Make sure that you recover though. Rest up and regain your strengths. There's not much you can do worrying about them. They are in skilled hands so all we can do is trust in them." He offers and does offer a tiny smile to the ensign.

"Yeah, he was stirrin' earlier. Good sign." Kostas' expression is inscrutable for the moment. "Well, we didn't lose many this round. Be nice t' know how them civvies doin' but…guess ya don't always get t' know that. Hopefully Doc and Cruz be up t' duty soon too. What I wouldn't give fer a ground report 'f current ops…but guess that can't be helped neither. Hopefully they shelled the shit out'f em."

Stone nods, "It is a good sign. And yeah, hopefully. We do what we can. And I will see what I can find out as well. As I said though, for now you should focus on getting back to full strength. Then you can help out in any way possible." He offers and smiles a bit. "I should keep you too long though. I think you'll be wanting your rest, right?"

"Job don't stop when you laid up," Kostas half-grins. "Just ask th' old man about that. Bitin' it an' paperwork, th' only sure things you got comin' when ya hit th' O paygrade." Kostas mouth purses a bit. "Well, thanks f'r stoppin' by. And we doin' what we can, Sarge, don't think nobody's in a great hurry t' pound ground until we all standin' without fallin' right back on our asses again."

Stone chuckles and nods, "True enough. But there is more work for those being at full capacity." He suggests and grins. "And of course. I'll be coming back later to check on you all again." Looking around a bit. "Nurse, were there more people in the recovery ward as well?" He asks curiously. Not sure if he should show up there or not though. Nodding to Kostas' last words as well. "That is quite true as well."

"Dunno 'bout that," Kostas grimaces. "Rather be freezin' my ass shootin' canners than wrestlin' with AARs, but them's the digs." She shakes her head slowly, pulling her notepad and pen closer, to start scratching out aforementioned rough draft. There's probably marines everywhere at this point, though only Ynyr and Kostas have "Serious" condition tags over their charts.

Ynyr stirs in his bed, the first sign of movement out of him since he was brought in from Santos Ridge. It's not much, the faint sound of … something. An faint alarm starts sounding, not the same as before when he first woke up. A nurse helping someone with eating looks up and stands to go and check on him.

Stone nods to Kostas. "True enough, but we do what we can no matter the situation. I understand you though." He says, clenching his fist. Which still is not completely back to normal. Probably never will be but it is good enough to use almost as normal. As Ynyr stirs Stone let his gazee go there. Raising a brow. Giving Kostas a gesture before moving to Lleufer. Just signaling that he'll check on what is going on. Not being in the way of the nurses though.

Fischer stirs in his own bed at the moment, one hand going towards those ever-present photos by his side as he sits up a bit. Not looking around at the others yet, it would seem.

The nurse finds that Lleu's pulled his IV drip out. Needle and all, then tried to throw it away from himself or dropped it. His wrist is bleeding and his eyes are open, breathing not restfully. He paws at the oxygen tubing at his face to be rid of it. The nurse is trying to quiet him, "Now, don't do that. It's all right, Marine. You are in sickbay, on board the Orion. You're home, safe. Let me help you." Ynyr doesn't seem to want it, trying to turn his head away from her, too weak to shove the woman away, yet.

Kostas is in no shape as of yet to try to run over there, though she's partially sitting up and scratching away at the report. As the nurse moves over to help Ynyr, she looks over with a grim press of her lips, in solidarity with the other marine perhaps, but doesn't call out yet, not while he's disoriented.

Having been in her office, maybe or maybe not actually getting paperwork done, maybe closing her eyes to do a intense study of her inner eyelids, Nadir is jolted awake by one of the on-duty nurses who alerts her to the status of the marine (to be treated last, at all times). Pushing to her feet, wrapping the lab coat around her as she moves, Nadir makes her way across the sickbay to where Lleu is making a mess for the nurses. "Marine," she says in a crisp voice, "at ease. You're on the Orion," one hand actually landing on the Marine's shoulder as she speaks. Physical contact, check. Firm tone of voice, check.

Stone does move a bit closer. Glancing to Fischer as well, giving him a nod in passing but his focus on the disoriented Lleufer. About to speak up to try and calm the man but Sam beats him to it. Moving to the man's side. "Stand down, sergeant." He does offer though, but letting Sam go ahead. Just hoping that his own marine voice will get some recognition from Lleufer, despite his state. In case he does not recognize Sam's voice that is.

The MP doesn't seem to know where he is or what's going on. Who are these people?! The Cylons have him, don't they? Going to jack his ass! Somebody lays a hand on him and Ynyr grabs Dr Nadir. His grip is not strong but his other hand flails out and grabs the IV stand, pulling it hard to knock her with it since he has no weapons to defend himself. His breathing is rough, alarms blipping and sounding off on his monitoring machines. The nurse staggers back looking shocked and frightened. For all intents and purposes, Lleufer looks to be doing his best to hurt or force Samtara off of him, gaze wild.

At the signs of violence, Kostas looks up sharply from her report. "SERGEANT YNYR!" Kostas uses her battlefield bellow, and though it's hoarse from exposure and…well…neck surgery…it's got all her force of command. "STAND DOWN. We are OUT OF BATTLE and on the ship." She can't get up, but hopefully Marine training goes deeper than the fog.

Patients who wake up, disoriented and not calm are not unusual, especially when handling after-action post-combat care. The alarms blipping, beeping and sounding off warnings is more than enough to let Nadir know that the marine is not going to remain calm and stay reasonable. When he sends the nurse staggering back and gives her a good shove off as well, Nadir almost - but not quite - trips over her own two feet and staggers back against the next nearest bed and leans there for a moment. Hearing Kostas, at battlefield bellow, giving Ynyr a more audible reminder of where/when helps settle her down a bit as well, but she isn't leaping right back into the fray, she's pulled the rest of her nurses away as well with a wave of one hand, signaling all of them back. Another few seconds and her staff is poised to bring the MP's in, as needed.

As Lleufer does resist the attempts to get him to calm down Stone does move to his side to be able to keep him in bed. To hold him down. "Stand down, marine!" He calls out. Trying not to hurt the man, but also make sure he can't cause harm to others or, for that matter, himself. Everything going quite fast that he has little time to focus on the others. Other than asking, "Is everyone okay?"

The shouts make Lleu roll his eyes, trying to look around. The privacy screen blocks his view though Kostas's voice … and then Stone is getting a hold on him and pinning him. Ynyr tries to thrash at first but it's too much for his injured head, dizzy. He turns his head and tries to throw up but there's not been anything in his stomach for days, and damned little for days and days before that. His struggles cease beneath Stone's weight, trying to get his breath.

The startled nurse looks to Samtara, "Sedate him, Doctor?"

Nadir eyes Stone and Ynyr for a silent moment, drawing calm, collected, calm around her again like another coat to lay over her lab coat. "Perhaps," she says quietly, straightening subtly and drawing to her full height, shoulders squared. "But if we sedate him, he'll only have to try to find calm again when he comes around - again. Stone," she doesn't even SUGGEST that Stone back off, "get his attention if you would. Try to get him to respond to rank," she nods toward Kostas, "even if he isn't knowing where he is, his training is such that it runs through everything all the same, if I understand the concept correctly."

Kostas watches as Ynyr's restrained, and then dry heaves, brows furrowing. Her eyes move to the monitors, but there apparently isn't alarms going off, and having had her own battles with IVs and restraints after sedation, there's a look of hard sympathy there. "We made it out, Ynyr," she calls. "Rest easy, Sarge." There's a dappling of sweat from the force of her earlier yell—big lungs she might have, but they're not going to be able to use her throat to its full capacity at the moment.

There is a nod from Stone as he speaks. "Sergeant, this is staff sergeant Stone. Stand down. You're on Orion." He offers. Apparently not being a gunnery sergeant any more. Nodding and grinning at Kostas' words. "Indeed you did."

Lleufer lays there, still pinned by Stone. He doesn't say anything, doesn't acknowledge, trying to focus on people. Breathing. But he also stopped trying to eject his stomach and bile up through his throat at least. He swallows, looking pale.

Seeing that Stone wasn't launched into the air like a flying-marine, Nadir moves forward again, this time making sure to put herself in Ynyr's line of sight. "Sergeant, do you recognize where you are?" she inquires, making the questions simple, pointed. "It's 13 October, we returned from planet two full days ago now. The good sergeant," she nods at Stone, "is going to release you once you have your bearings again." She waves to one of the nurses standing ready, "Ensign," she glances toward Kostas, "would you mind if we move you closer to the Sergeant?"

Kostas pulls her notepad and pen into her lap from the wheely side table that's next to her bed, but nods to Nadir, clearing her throat. She's still sweating like crazy, but looks at the floor, as if gauging how to slip out under her own power. "Nope, that's fine, Sir." she answers. "Walkin' 'r ridin'?" She looks prepared to do either. "When ya get th' chance, I got somethin' t' discuss with ya too, but it c'n wait."

"Riding," Nadir answers promptly and signals to the nurses standing ready to get all of the attached equipment unhooked and Kostas is on the move within a minute. Making things happen - now - is Nadir's specialty at times.

He's rather spent, and moving around made his head throb painfully, sickeningly. Likely the room spun around something crazy. Ynyr's making no moves to struggle now, resting and watching people. If he's comprehending anything that's been said to him, he's not making it obvious. His wrist still bleeds where he ripped the IV needle out but it's slowing. Stone's got some of his blood on him but Samtara might have gotten free without. And then they are bringing someone else's bed closer. Lleu turns his head to watch, wary.

Stone does hold him until they will be certain of Lleu calming down. Not seeming to mind the blood. Nodding to the words offered by Sam. Just staying quiet for now, oddly enough. Focusing on the task perhaps.

Once Kostas is moved, Nadir nods to the Ensign, "Of course, tomorrow perhaps?" she asks, turning the question back to Kostas regarding discussing something. This said she walks back around Lleu's bed and reaches for the arm that's bleeding from where the IV was ripped out. "You're bleeding on my floor, Marine, I'd rather you didn't do that. It isn't sanitary," pausing to put on a fresh set of gloves before she'll apply pressure and a clean bandage to where the IV was stripped out.

"ASAP, actually, Doc," is Kosta's quiet reply. "But take care of Ynyr first." Once she's brought in nearby, possibly within the Sergeant's field of vision, she observes him quietly, though makes no sudden movement. More of a quiet calm presence, than trying to get in his space—either physically or emotionally. She takes a few more breaths, picking up her pen again and looking down at her notebook with an under the breath, "Fraggit." More than likely directed at the poor innocent inert paper.

Samtara becomes Lleu's focus as she comes forward and takes his hand. Whether Stone is still holding him pinned to the bed or not, he doesn't resist her. But he does watch her closely without signs of recognition per say. He glances to Kostas's voice, then his gaze wanders aimless, disoriented. Tired. For the moment he doesn't want that needle jabbed back into him but cleaning and taping up the bleeding? Not a problem. Softly, he tries to say something but it comes out mangled.

"ASAP doesn't necessarily sound like a good thing, Ensign," Nadir replies as she cleans Ynyr's arm, fixes a new bandage in place and turns off the beeping machinery that surrounds him. "Alright," she says in a low voice, studying Ynyr's face rather intently. "I want a head CT and blood panels drawn, bring me the results as soon as they're run," she says of the nurse who preps Ynyr to be moved immediately, one nurse ready with a sedative to jab the sergeant, also, if need be.

"It ain't. And time-urgent," Kostas confirms, continuing to concentrate doggedly on her paper. She's been at it most of the day, off and on, even if she's dropped off to dozing a few times, her fingers and gown stained in odd places to prove it. That must be some frakkin' seriously boring report of whatever, if it puts even the writer to sleep. She looks over at Ynyr again, as he speaks, frowning slightly, once more in empathy, it would seem.

"I need a cup of coffee then, Ensign," Nadir replies as she sees the Sergeant off for additional testing, "one moment," and treks back to her office, snags a full cup of coffee and returns with a spare one for the Ensign. "Did you want cream or sugar, or are you a no-coffee type?" she wonders of the Ensign before setting the offered cup of coffee on the tray beside the Ensign's bed and drawing a chair over, easing down into it, and studying the ensign over her cup of coffee.

Lleufer is wheeled out, quieter now. They will insure that he doesn't struggle and mess up their CT scans. At least there won't be any sounds of attempted violence interrupting their discussion for the next little while.

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