AWD #228: Discussing Skinjobs
Discussing Skinjobs
Summary: Lleufer runs into Phin in the Fitness Center and conversation turns to skinjobs and what happened to Lleu on Piraeus.
Date: 22/08/2013 (OOC Date)
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Phin Lleufer 
Fitness Center, Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
August 22nd, 2005

There's not a huge crowd in the Fitness Center, but it's one of those places on the ship that's used enough for both training and recreation that it's rarely many. So there are a handful of crew scattered around at the machines, weights, and free exercise mats. Phin is among them. He's currently playing one-on-none with himself at one of the Pyramid hoops. Mostly just dribbling and shooting. He has the look of one who knows the rules without possessing more than mediocre skill at the actual game.

Lleufer has come off shift and after ditching his MP gear, he's come to work out and hit the pool. In so far as his injuries will allow him. Still, the Marine is up, using a cane lightly and no longer wheel chair bound. His left arm isn't in a sling anymore either though he's still careful with it. He stops inside the door and stepping aside, starts to remove his over shirt and belt. These he lays aside before the Aerilon starts to go through some of the storage lockers, "Anyone seen a racket ball? I need one."

Phin shoots! And scores. It wasn't a particularly hard shot, though, so it's not as impressive as all that. He picks up the ball again, turning at the sound of Lleufer's voice. "Hey, Sarge." He looks around, finally indicating an equipment bin. Probably the same one he grabbed his Pyramid ball from. "You looking to start a game?" He can't help but sound skeptical, given the man's condition.

"No, doctor's orders that I find a small racke tball and start squeezing it in slow reps of five. So how many I can work my hand up to over the course of a day without it aching much." The Marine wanders over, starting to walk more normally but still using the cane to steady himself. "Trying hard to get my ass fit in time for the Picon stuff. Hit the firing range too, before or after the pool. How'd your exercises go yesterday?"

"Exercises? Good. It was just a sim run, though," Phin says. "Only so much you can get a feel for things when you're fighting against a computer. Maybe I should ask my SL if I can try and set up some atmospheric drills. Strafing ground targets, dropping dummy bombs, that kind of thing. It's a real different feel, flying in gravity instead of out in a vacuum. Anyway. You figure you'll be healed up in time?"

Lleufer gives a nod, "Yeah, Colonel Spree said you boys will be needing to drag your asses over the grass tops at Picon, lite the grass on fire, right above ground level. She said you'd need to be practicing for that. I don't think sims would do much good for that, but I'm no pilot. Get some of us in to blow shit up." Lleu smiles, "Bet the prettiest ass on board I'll try my damnedest to be fit. Doctors have got me on all the excellerated stuff so doing best I can." He picks up the racket ball he found and idly, carefully tosses it from hand to hand a very short bit. Most of his left hand is working but the pinkie doesn't grip.

"It lets you practice most theoretical conditions in situations where you can't smash a million-cubit piece of hardware into the ground," Phin says wry. "But, yeah, feel's not really the same." He watches Lleufer work with the ball, idly dribbling his own Pyramid ball. "Direwolf, right?" he asks, of the Marine's injuries.

He adds, "Think I heard you mention that sometime before."

"That makes sense." About the sims. Lleufer leans a hip against the bulkhead as he starts to try a few squeezes of the ball with his left hand, "Yeah. Tore my left arm up pretty bad. Damaged the Ulnar nerve, which effects the outer two fingers of my hand. Can't feel anything, but lately tingling like crazy and starting to itch. Doctor Mahasti said the treatments are working and the nerve's trying to reconnect, regrow. Rest of my hand is fine, arm's healing. Took a chunk out of my thigh but that's only muscle."

Phin winces. "Those things are frakking nasty. Friend of mine crashed on the planet's surface last year, ended up camping not far from a group of them while she was waiting to be rescued. They tore into her pretty good. I would want to stay far away." Another pause and he asks, with curiosity he can't conceal, "Were you really out there with that…the Cylon?"

"Was that Chief Petty Officer Afton? I just ran into her out in the hall a bit ago and saw her scars." Lleufer does the reps and pauses, gaze flicking back to Phin, "Doctor Naomi Tamsin, yes. I'm assigned to her escort from time to time. MP thing, to keep an eye on her, but it's also my orders to keep her safe. She's doing valuable work for us these days." He shrugs, "Whether or not she can be trusted, I don't know. But I ordered her to get her ass up a tree and she did, but when two of those beasts took me down, Dr. Tamsin lept from that tree and killed one of those wolves. I think she saved my life, Phin."

Phin shakes his head. "Wasn't the petty officer I was thinking of, but I think she was the one who rescued my friend after her Raptor went down. So, same difference." He frowns at Lleufer's account of the skinjob's actions, but it's more thoughtful than anything else. "Yeah. I don't know what to make of them. I just try to avoid her, truth be told. How'd she kill it?" This piques his interest in a morbid way. "I thought those things were huge."

Another five squeezes of that ball are started and Lleu ignores that his little finger isn't working. Yet. "Yeah they are frakk'n huge. I shot one almost dead but the other got a hold of my arm. It happened pretty fast and I had to use my knife on it. Then the other one was on me, took a hunk out of my leg and got me in the shoulder. I managed to almost kill the unhurt one and she put her arms around the one I'd shot and broke it's neck when she landed on it's back. She's stronger than she looks." The Marine puts the ball into his good hand to rest his left arm, "I was down by then, pretty bloody. She finished off the one that was still living by using my knife to cut it's throat. Then she helped get my bleeding stopped, helped me back to our vehicle. I'd likely have bled out before evac would have arrived but she drove me back." Lleu frowns, "Wasn't my best day ever. They surprised us."

Phin lets out a short, low whistle at the tale. "Damn. Yeah. I can see why you'd be grateful. I mean, I don't know whether to trust the skinjobs or not, but the ones who requested asylum haven't done anything to harm us so far. Not that I can see, anyway. Doesn't mean they won't but…" Shrug. He's going in circles, which he seems to realize, so he throws the Pyramid ball at the hoop again. Like a tension release. Miss! He grimaces, jogging over to wrangle the ball from where it bounced off to.

The Aerilon watches Phin and nods, "Aye, Lieutenant, sir. I don't know. Knox sure has proven himself. Whatever he was before, he's a Marine now. We look out for our own. That man's done a hell of a lot to save a lot of our asses. I'm less sure about Doc Tamsin, but I grudgingly have to admit… I owe her. She could have stayed up in that tree and let'm finish me." Ynyr looks at the small ball and starts to toss it back and forth between his hands. Try not to drop it, start a short distance to pass it back and forth.

Phin gets his ball back, but he doesn't try to score anymore goals with it. "Yeah. There was one of them…planted, I guess, is as good a way to put it as any. With the Air Wing for awhile. Viper pilot. Her callsign was Redux. She died on Picon, though. After…I mean, after it came out about what she was. I don't know. Didn't care for the idea of serving with her after it came out, but I've got to admit, can't think of anything she did for us other than help us tangle with Raiders. Back when we all figured she was human."

"Captain Ceres Delacroix." Lleufer's baritone answers. Yes, this MP has been doing his research to read up, though he's been on the Orion since right before the war broke out. Not that he ever hung around Airwing much. "Didn't know her any. I know her name mostly from Knox himself, and what I've read up on her since." Cop's curiousity to investigate, sniff around. He idly goes back to trying another five reps on the ball with his left hand, "A lot of crew hate them, no matter what they do. Certainly not much trust but shit, can be you blame'm? Entire worlds wiped out, families lost. Hell, don't even know if my folks 'n siblings back on Aerilon are dead or alive. And Aerilon's had it easy, compared to many or most." Lleu lifts his chin at Phin, "Where you from, Lieutenant?"

"Scorpia." Phin punctuates saying his home colony by throwing his Pyramid ball again. It makes it into the hoop this time. Albeit barely, bouncing off the rim and into the goal. He shrugs. That'll do. "Didn't have much family back there. Just my mom. And we hadn't talked in a few years." His tone is pretty carefully neutral about that. "But…yeah. I hear things're better back there than some places. Still got survivors, at least."

"Yeah. I hope they are all right. Especially my kid sister." Lleufer says more quietly. He thins his mouth, focuses on what his hand is doing. Examines how his little finger tingles and is numb at the same time and Gods-damn-it, won't bend with the rest of them. Third finger is frakked up too, up the outside. Nerves are funny like that. "Never been to Scorpia."

"It's got some nice parts to it," Phin says, bending down to pick up his ball again, then doing some more dribbling. "Spent my last few years on the planet in the capitol, Celeste. Came up through an Ares School there. Didn't get to see much of the city itself, but the parts I saw weren't bad. Wasn't too far from the mountains. Got to go paragliding a few times during the summer. What's Aerilon like? Never got there, either."

"Heard the water's nice some places. Captain Bennett about laughed when I said I'd never been sailing." Lleu smiles a little, "Never seen the ocean on Aerilon. Lots of fertile plains, good land for growing things. My family's from the mountains, raise horses. Piraeus reminds me of home though station dirtside is a lot wetter, greener. The plains though are different. Go on, and on, and on for days. Land ripples like the sea with wheat, corn, whatever's planted far as you can see. No trees out there much. I always liked the mountains better myself."

"Yeah, I was born on the coast, actually. This place called Argentum Bay." It's a fairly popular tourist wastehole, if you're into that sort of thing. Phin shrugs. "Never been, either. Could never afford to go, even though tons of boats would park in the bay during sailing season. Went surfing sometimes, though. You could kind of jury-rig up a board without too much trouble. Mountains? Nice. I always preferred that kind of country, whenever I got a chance to see it. The land around Sheridan's nice for camping and fishing, if you're into that kind of thing."

"I am," Ynyr smiles, "Hunting, survival, that kind of stuff. It's why Doctor Tamsin requested me on her detail. I'll go back down as soon as I have leave to do so. Love it down there, aside from those direwolves." Lleu grimaces. "Anyway, I shouldn't keep you from your game practice, sir. Got the ball 'n going to go do some pool work for a while."

Phin lets out a soft "Heh." "I'm not sure it's much of a game. Never was very good at this." He'll keep at it, though. "Good luck with the rehab. Hope you're healed up in time for us all to get frakked up again on Picon." It's kind of a joke, except probably not.

Lleufer collects his shirt and belt to take with him when he goes to change into swim trunks. He grins, "Yeah, but I hope to be doing some of the prepwork before that if I can get my ass in line soon enough." Not a lot of time. The Sergeant picks up his cane as well and heads on to the pool.

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