PWD #31: Disco Is Not Dead
Disco Is Not Dead
Summary: Pranks. The Head. With glitter.
Date: 05/12/2012 (OOC Date)
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Cole Phin Theo 
Head — Deck 2 — Battlestar Orion
The Head is the area on the Battlestar to find showers and bathrooms and this is one of many throughout the ship. Male and female crew members share the area equally as space is at a premium on fleet ships. There are half a dozen shower stalls and enclosed toilets as well as urinals along the wall. The room, an L shape dogleg, has the entrance open into the sink area. There are four sinks on the left and four on the right sitting back to back in the middle of the room.
December 05, 2004 (PWD #31)

The Orion is all but empty; Anyone that possible could has gone planet-side to enjoy the (snerk) good weather. The except are those that've drawn shift, and most of the scientists that are allergic to daylight. Silly things.

Theo is finishing up his nightly skin care regime. He's done the exfoliation, he's put on serum, and even gotten the first layer of eye creams on. Now he's massaging something that smells like tea tree oil into his skin, standing at the sink in just a towel. He's athletic but not insanely so. Good muscle, mostly built for vanity. And he's just got one tattoo, a peacock on his shoulder with the tail feathers falling down his back in a cascade. And he's singing softly to himself, a hymn to Apollo. He has a very impressive voice, a rich baritone smooth and well trained.

And yet Aristides was neither on the flight board, nor on the planet it seems, for in he comes a-waltzing (this time not literally) carrying the mesh bag that contains his shower supplies. Cole's seems quite light compared to the luggage Theo must lug around to do his manscaping, just sort of an all-in-one body soap and shampoo and that which is required for good oral and armpit hygiene - all military issue. No frills, this one. The towel on his shoulder is pulled off, and idly he starts to twirl it until it starts to twist loosely on itself. With Theo in his sights, it's a fair chance that whip of sandpaper terrycloth is headed in that direction.

To catch Phin up, Cole has just walked into the head. Theo is on the final lap of his nightly skin care regime, applying some tea tree oil to his face. He's wearing a towel, his peacock tat visible on his shoulder, with a spray of peacock feathers going down his spine. "Oiy!" He yelps as Cole smacks him with his towel, frantically grabbing his towel to save what dignity he possesses.. And what protection it lends him from the rattailed towel the Viper-jock is wielding. Pale gray-green eyes narrow at Cole. "Don't make me take mine off too."

"Looks like you're only holding it up by benefit of your coat hook, anyways." Cole's eyes flick down to Theo's nether region. Made you look. There is a wide grin splitting his features as the stick jockey flips his towel-cum-weapon back over his shoulder and continues his tromp towards the shower. The hymn that the ECO was singing moments ago gets picked up by Ari, only his version is done at a much more jaunty whistle. One of the shower stalls in back gets opened and he chucks his mesh back inside before starting the mandatory pre-shower disrobing which occurs in hops to take off his boots, akimbo elbows to shoulder out of his shirt and then he finally disappears into the little booth leaving his clothes in a puddle outside.

Phin is showering. As one does. He wasn't singing or whistling just at that moment, however. He's just finishing in a stall not too far from the one Cole eventually wanders over to, and he turns the water off just in time to hear something of the towel violence. He winces and manages to, successfully, stifle a chuckle.

"Hey, this is a coat rack, not some tiny little hook." Theo knows how to be one of the boys. And he grabs his crotch through the towel, shaking it at Cole before smirking. As the Viper jock goes into the stall, he goes to put some underwear on. Mostly to stifle his smirk as he waits for the man to start soaping up. The problem with using military issue shampoo/body wash is that the bottles all look the same. No way for Cole to know that Theo switched his bottle for one that was treated with glitter. Pink glitter. As he slides into his boxer briefs (non military issue, kthnx, with one of those pouches on the front designed to.. ahem.. lift and separate) he gives Phin a wink and a smirk, even as he rolls his now-unneeded towel.

There is the hiss of water as Cole switches on his shower head, and the whistling continues as Cole goes about whatever rituals he takes it upon himself to do in the shower. "Hey, if you're saying your tree has forks in it, more power to you, man." There is a gargle and spit noise and the faint click as Ari pops open what presumeably is the body wash/shampoo combo. There is silence now inside the booth, Ari paying no attention as he squirts an ample amount of the wash in his palm and starts scrubbing it over /everything/ with eyes closed to avoid getting suds in them, of course.

Phin's brows arch at Theo, and he might be a little wary as he gets out of the shower. Just might. He cannot stay in the stall forever, though, so he does. "Is that why they call you Peacock?" he asks the ECO with a smirk as he towels off. His own tatt visible, though the one on his arm is the only one he's got. He sticks near his stall, perhaps so there are limited angles of attack via towel. Once he's a little less wet he wraps said towel around his waist and goes over to reclaim his clothes. His underwear was totally supplied by the Colonial Navy, poor soul.

Theo winks at Phin, giving the other Ensign an all-clear. Ensign solidarity, yo. "That and a couple of other reasons." He tells Phin dryly, "But yeah. Mostly because I'm so damn cocky. In every way." He laughs, and leans back against the sink while he lets his skin absorb the oils, watching Cole soap up. He smirks even wider when the pink glitter is spread all over, catching the light juuuust right.

Some where in the midsts of rinse/lather/repeat, one Aristides P. (The Janitor) Cole opens his eyes. And that's when he notices…why, he's sparkling. Like some fanboy teenager wannabe vampire. "What….the…..frak!? Sonofabitch." He spins this way and that, craning his neck to see that he is now, in fact, pink. His palms start scrubbing his skin insistantly, trying to wash it away. He hasn't yet connected it to the fact that it came from the very body wash bottle he's opening yet again, this time in effort to de-glitterize himself. "Shit's everywhere! It won't come the frak off…" He squeeze the bottle again, only to notice this time that his palm is full of glinting tiny shards. "Gah!"

Phin puts on his boxers before he actually heads to the mirror to groom, though otherwise he doesn't bother getting fully dressed yet. He's more or less shaved still, so his prep work just includes some deodorant. Theo gets a snorted laugh and a shake of his head. Though, at all the ECO's smirking, he mostly just looks confused. Until Cole starts swearing. Then he turns his head, all, "What the frak…?"

"Look! You're so clean you sparkle!" Theo's voice is full of laughter, even as he gathers up his stuff to beat a quick retreat. Phin is given a very Cheshire grin, full of teeth, as Theo hops into his off-duty uniform, shirt on backwards in his haste.

There is a moment more of scrubbing with just plain water, when Cole hears Theo's voice. Something about that tone is just so /damning/ isn't it? Determined, the Viper Jock emerges from the showerstall, in all his dripping wet/nakkid/sparkling glory. He has his twig in his hand, pulled out of the way, so his berries are visible. "Look boys!! DISCO BALLS!"

"Holy shit…!" Phin exclaims. Or tries to. It's hard to say much coherent when you're doubled over laughing. He'll need a moment.

"And they say disco is dead." Theo says in a completely conversational tone. "Oonz Oonz Oonz." He then grabs his bag, clothes still half on, and darts for the door, prepared to run while the two pilots, as is the wont of pilots, are distracted by the shinies.

Phin recovers, kind of, though he's still gasp-laughing. "It's…uh…a look, sir. Very Scorpian. Like a showgirl." He shows no urge to chase Theo, though he does hasten over to where he's left the rest of his clothes.

There is a little shimmy of Cole's hips, making things south of the border do a little waggle to and fro as well. It's like a prism, casting the reflection of light in the pool of water gathering at his feet. Distracted for a moment, he almost doesn't catch that Theo is bolting. Looking kinda guilty, dontchathink? "Oh no you don't!" Wet feet slap the deck as the pilot takes off in a full sprint after Theo. "COME GIVE ME A HUG!" Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies, afterall. No doubt all of airwing will be glittering in the coming days, by innocent transference alone.

Although Theo is no slouch when it comes to running, he isn't at his best when he's laughing at the glittery naked viper-jock that's chasing him, determined to dry hump him into glittery borgness. We are the Glitter Borg. Resistance is Futile (and sparkles). "Don't you dare!" He laughs, "I just finished exfoliating!" He then stumbles, almost tripping but saving himself with a hand on the door out of the shower.

Phin gets dressed as fast as humanly possible, because he does not want to get caught up in glitter herpes. He finally grabs his shoes and socks without even bothering to put them on and makes a break for it. Still chortling.

And it's that stumble that may well be Cole's saving grace, and Theo's nail in the coffin, for it gives Cole just enough time to speed past Phin and gain some much needed ground on his assumed attacker. No innocent bystanders (Phin) were harmed in the making of this glitter bomb. Yet. YET. "C'mere, plum. I want to dust you with my SUGAR." An arm reaches out to attempt to snag Theo at the waist and draw him in for some vigorous how's-your-fathering.

Slippery as an Aquarian spider-eel, Theo dodges Cole's attempted snag, laughing. "Hey now, keep that shit to yourself!" He laughs, "I didn't do it!" The lie comes easily, smoothly, but is spoiled by the fit of intense laughter in his eyes. "Phin! Help me!"

"Sorry dude but…frak no," Phin chortles. Before completing his fleeing. He is so not getting in the middle of that. He leaves the hatch open as he goes.

When Theo manages to slip out of his near grasp towards the hatch, Cole makes it a few steps into the corridor before he finally relents in the chase. There are certain things that just aren't worth the brig. Besides, chafing is starting to occur. "I'll get you next time, my pretty! And your little dog, Toto, too!" That, and a well placed roll in Theo's bunk when the ECO isn't around later? Might leave a little sparkling Ari-shaped wet spot to remind him that THIS ISN'T OVER. Cole gives Phin a little nonchalant up-nod on his way back to the shower to re-attempt deglitterfication. "Bro."

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