ALT #349: Direwolf Stew
Direwolf Stew
Summary: Jena and Leightner take a break from their work in tent city to eat and are briefly joined by Toby
Date: 21/Dec/2013
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Tent City - Piraeus
A temporary settlement that's popped up on the outskirts of Sheridan proper. Most of the population of a couple of thousand is housed in tents, though more than a few shanties made of a combination of sheets of scrap metal, plywood, and yes, even blankets and packing cardboard have appeared. Their area is in no way properly planned, and is largely impossible to navigate for those who do not spend considerable amounts of time there. At best, the areas seem to exist in clusters delineated by some sort of familial bond. (Taurans may well recognize these as rolga. Outsiders, good luck your first few times there.
AWD #349

Jena walks quicker with him as he quickens the pace, grinning in return. Accepting the stew with a gracious smile of thanks. With bowl in hand, she squats down, not seating herself with the snow on the ground and steady falling. The pair are near a fire and have been working with the refugees. Jena carrying supplies while Leightner worked first aid. They are taking a break at the moment, having a hot bowl of stew and something warm to drink.

Leightner settles down next to Jena, holding the bowl of stew, setting the cup down, in a similar posture. Spec Ops and Marine training have that in common. He takes a bite of the stew, and looks to the woman, "Direwolf!" She nods. And Leightner laughs, looking to Jena, "Direwolf stew. I love these people." He grins at her, chewing.

Toby has today, found himself usful helping shift and distribute firewood. He's picked up a few splinters along he way but his gloves have stopped the worst of them most likely. Walking between a row of tents with a bundle of sticks over one shoulder and another under his other arm he chats in Tauran to another who's similarly laiden as they move between the make-shift fireplaces, dropping off wood as they go.

"….Direwolf..stew?" The question is whispered almost vehemently and Jena slows her eating, peering into the bowl and opting for the bits of vegetables and gravy in there, scooting the meat bits to the side. "Mmm," she tells them with another of those smiles and looks around at the workers between bites. At first Toby just is one of the workers moving around, but then she recognizes him. "Hi Crewman." The name she's always called him. "It's been awhile." That's all if he's near enough to hear.

Leightner grins at Jenas reaction, and says quietly, "I'll have what you don't." He looks over as Jena calls, "Oi Toby. Sup mate?" He is in fact in uniform, though heavy field cold weather, his medic brassard is prominantly displayed, and he looks ready to sprint off the first time someone shouts medic.

Toby glances towards where Jena and Leightner are to be found, then turns back to his companion and offers a few more words. Given the quick questure towards where the two POs are and the way he breaks off from path he'd been walking, it's fairly safe to assume it was something along the lines of 'I've got that one'. It only takes a few moments for him to pick his way through to them and he promptly rolls the bundle off his shoulder and sets it down within easy reach of the fire nearby. "Keeping busy?" he asks the pair of them conversationally, although the first time he says it it's instinctively in Tauran and he has to repeat himself in standard once he realises the mistake. "Doing alright," he replies to Leightner, "lots to do, you know how it is."

"Sure, Ian." Jena continues picking out the vegetables then offers him the bowl, patting her belly with a smile. "So full. That was so good, thank you." No way would she offend any of the people around her for anything. Wolf was too close to dog for her though. When Toby approaches, she straightens, stretching a little, twisting each way. It had been a long morning of lifting and carrying. "Trying, I'm just here helping during my off duty hours."And indeed she's in jeans and a heavy coat with boots. "Yeah, lots to do, but can you believe the amount of people saved after believing there were very few?"

Leightner only speaks Standard and Virgonese, and that strange halfway point between them where his accent dwells. He nods, "Oh, Aye. Keepin me field time down here lately. Been chartin tha expansion by tha stitch, compress, broken finger an sprained ankle." He grins, "Lotsa small stuff, keep tha med centers clear."

Toby nods briefly to Jena, then asks with a faint grin, "so it's not your new bunk mate scaring you off then? I'd watch out if I were you, or you'll be surrounded by knuckledraggers before you know it." Then to Leightner he holds up a gloved hand and asks, "how about splinters?" Not that it's a serious request mind, but it wasn't on the list. "Hopefully we can keep it to the small stuff, once the ground ices over I reckon there'll be a few broken bones, but the more we can get sorted before then the less there'll be I hope." Scanning the nearby tents for a oment he then adds, to both, "not that they'll all down here yet, last I heard there was another half again."

If Leightner takes the bowl, Jena continues stretching, trying to loosen back up a little. Physical labor was always fun. Flashing Toby a grin she lifts her shoulders in a shrug. "You mean I still have a bunk on Orion?" She's teasing of course. "I spend as much time down here as I can, but I've not taken the time to get to know my bunkie yet, just a few nods or grunts in passing." There's a solemn nod to Toby again. "Yeah, we were there when they were found and I tell you, I couldn't believe the sheer number of them there were."

Leightners head cranes and he sets down hisand Jenas bowl. Nono, you don't make a half serious request about even splinters. Leightner points to the side of him opposite Jena, "Over here." He says, rising to his full height. "Show me ye hands, where ye got splinters?" He nods, "Aye, still about a thousand in space. Just no room in tha settlement fer em. But still, it's bettern them caves." He nods to Jena, shaking his head a little, "True thar, luv." He'll get to looking at Tobys hands as soon as he can get at 'em.

Toby tilts his head upwards to indicate Orion, then states with a shrug, "I'm sleeping and eating up there. Figure there's enough pressure down here that I'm better not adding to it." It means grabbing sandwichs at breakfast to take for lunch, but he's surviving well enough on them it would seem. Leightner gets eyed for a moment, but he realises quickly enough that it's going to be more hastle than it's worth to procliam that they're nothing. "Fine," he staes as he drops the other bundle, "but I can't hang about long. Too much to do." That said he stripes off his gloves and offers his palms for inspection.

"When I am on duty, I do medical work here, when off, I help with the rest." Jena watches Leightner ready for the medical stuff and smiles. Always on top of things. "I'm going to get back to work, but thanks for the warm food and conversation." She nods toToby when he gives him to Ian. "Good idea to get it over with. Now that he knows he'd follow you around plucking splinters where there weren't any." Jena is off duty, Leightner? In his uniform… so Jena just brushes her fingers over his shoulder and smiles. "See you a little later when I take a break."

Leightner leans over Tobys hands, as a set of small tweezers in his fingers pulls, feeling the splinter and plucking it out. This. Right here folks, this is why Leightner does needlepoint. The tweezers pause and he looks to Jena, smiling, "I would too. I'll see ye later, love. When we got some time." That's a smile for evil intentions, before he looks back to Tobys palm and finishes pulling splinters.

Toby has most of his attention on Leightner as he works his magic, but does glance across to Jena as she announces her departure. "Catch you round," he offers, then, at the interchange between then, "just remember to keep it down when I'm trying to sleep eh?" One the corpsman seems happy with his hands he gives his gloves a quick visual inspection, just to make sure there aren't any splinters stuck in those as well, the slips them back on. "Cheers mate."

Leightner nods, clicking the tweezers twice at Toby with a smirk as he crouches to reclaim the bowls of stew, and look at Jena leaving. As he crouches there. Yeah, not hard to tell what he's watching. He slowly rises, and looks back to Toby. "Direwolf stew." He says, smiling, innocent as he takes a bite.

"A culinary delight I'm sure," Toby replies as he glances to the bowl. Yeah, he guesses what has Leightner eye, but he just seems faintly amused by it all, and waits for the man's attention to return. "You kill it yourself," he then asks, "or are you merely a benifitary of Tauran skill?"

Leightner chuckles, "Only a beneficiary, but ye can only fix people so many times before tha grans make ye sit an eat ta say thanks." He points toward another rolgas camp, "At tha Cappis they're workin on Gradvius taffy an sweets." Yep, he knows the layout of the shanty town. Likely Jena too and they're possibly the only non taurans who do.
They might need to be silenced.

Toby nod slowly as he moves to pick up one of the abandoned bundles of wood. "Good to know," he states with a faint grin, "guess this load'll be for them then." A quick glance is given in that direction then back to the corpsman, "thanks mate, by the way, for all your work down here. I know it's duty and all that frak, but there's many as wouldn't."

Leightners face loses most of it's expression, "Virgons gone, but Taurons about as habitable now." He looks around, "Havin people brought back from that, living, really. to settle down and live. That's worth doin all of it for."

Toby reaches forward with his spare hand to pat Leightner on the shoulder a couple of times. "Three thousand less to avenge, not a bad start is it. We'll get 'em though mate, don't worry. Each and every one of the bastards. We'll get 'em, and your people and mine will have their rest."

Leightner grins broadly at Toby. "I'll be looking forward ta being a forgotten Hero of future generations no one remembers." Revenge: Tauran Candy.

"Something like that yeah," Toby replies with a nod and a faint smile. "Just so long as there are future generations, cos lets face it, I dunno about you but I don't figure anyone was going to be noting me down as one of histories heros before all this either."

Leightner chuckles, nodding, "I'll go along with tha." He nods, "I'll se ye later, Toby. Gonna go make me rounds, check up on everyone."

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